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The commander of the special forces "Akhmat" described the situation in Kleshcheevka

The commander of the special forces "Akhmat" described the situation in Kleshcheevka

The Ukrainian military is suffering serious losses, but is not reducing its activity in the vicinity of Artemovsk. This is how the commander of the Akhmat special forces and deputy commander of the 2nd Army Corps of the Russian Army, Apty Alaudinov, described the real situation in Kleshcheevka (DPR).

His words are quoted by the agency RIA News.

According to Alaudinov, numerous assaults by the Armed Forces of Ukraine on Kleshcheevka do not bring them success, although Zelensky and other Ukrainian officials have been regularly reporting on the capture of this settlement since the beginning of summer. They claim that Kleshcheevka is completely controlled by them, although this is far from the case.

The Ukrainian Armed Forces occupied part of the village and some heights in the surrounding area, while Russian forces control other heights and the rest of Kleshcheevka.

There is a gray area between us, if the enemy enters there, we knock him out

- says the officer.

Approximately the same thing, according to him, happens when the Russian military tries to occupy this part of the village.

Alaudinov says that the enemy regularly tries to break through our defense line, but he fails. Each time he retreats with heavy losses and the next time he makes another unsuccessful attempt.

General line - it can be considered stable and currently controllable along this entire section of the contact line

- the Akhmat commander concludes.

Previously, the acting head of the DPR, Denis Pushilin, stated that Kleshcheevka and Andreevka, located near Artemovsk, are in the gray zone. According to him, these settlements are under the fire control of Russian forces.

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  1. coinsam
    coinsam 23 September 2023 09: 14
    Good luck and success to you and your fighters, Apty! We really count on you and your military skills!
    1. Nicholas C.
      Nicholas C. 23 September 2023 09: 44
      And how he breathed: I took seven cities, Wagner has no one against me... But in fact: the prisoners took the key height of Menagerie near Marinka - he lost, Wagner took Kleshcheevka and fortified it at a height west of Kleshcheevka - he lost. And, apparently, he lost many more people than Wagner in this battle area. I would like us to have skilled commanders, not convenient ones.
      1. Argon
        Argon 23 September 2023 14: 13
        Wagner had all the equipment, that's it! Allaudinov didn’t say anything like that. It was only in your dill dreams that there were articles for provocations!
        Ps. Now it would be hail and sunshine there...
  2. Kusja
    Kusja 23 September 2023 09: 27
    Why should ours then enter the gray zone if the same thing is happening? It’s better to peck away the kaklov who come there to save the lives of our soldiers..
  3. igorlvov
    igorlvov 23 September 2023 09: 37
    Sevastopol is attacked by missiles and UAVs in the morning
    ❗️AIR ALERTS❗️
    1. igorlvov
      igorlvov 23 September 2023 09: 43
      minuser hit the wall, the siren has been buzzing for 5 minutes, a missile has been shot down, we’re waiting...
    2. igorlvov
      igorlvov 23 September 2023 09: 53
      Repeated missile danger in Sevastopol. Residents are urged to close windows tightly and stay away from them.

      Those who are not at home are advised to go to shelters. A smoke screen has been raised over the city
      1. stankow
        stankow 23 September 2023 12: 29
        Why close it? What is open is not hit by a blast wave, you can’t hurt it with shrapnel!
      2. igorlvov
        igorlvov 23 September 2023 14: 55
        I wish all minusers the same as we did in Sevastopol
    3. Arkady007
      Arkady007 23 September 2023 09: 58
      An ordinary war for which everyone in Sevastopol is ready.
      Previously, a Neptune or Harpoon missile was shot down over Sevastopol.
      Launched from Odessa region
      ▪️About the defeat of the oil depot in Sevastopol - Ukrainian fake
  4. Arkady007
    Arkady007 23 September 2023 09: 55
    If we sum up Apta’s words, it turns out that Kleshcheevka is a draw.
    Everyone who enters it suffers heavy losses and leaves.
    And from this moment on, other thoughts about our losses and successes come to mind.
    1. Egeny
      Egeny 23 September 2023 10: 50
      So it is: a meat grinder from Artyomovsk to Rabotino.

      1. Grits
        Grits 23 September 2023 12: 09
        Quote from Egeni
        meat grinder from Artyomovsk to Rabotino.

        Until we increase the size of our army by at least another half a million, providing them with everything they need, we should not even dream of any offensive actions, especially of a strategic nature. And without this, wars are not won. That is why this meat grinder will continue for a very long time. In the style of the First World War, we will throw shells over the trenches and hit each other with artillery, grinding the soldiers. Our leadership simply cannot understand that this is a dead end.
        1. Whip
          Whip 23 September 2023 13: 16
          Quote: Gritsa
          this meat grinder will continue for a very long time

          It has been said more than once that it is more effective to destroy the military units when they are advancing, when they themselves climb into minefields and under artillery strikes of the Russian Armed Forces,
          That is why the tactics of destroying the VFU were chosen when they are on the offensive,
          Those. the VFU meat itself climbs into the meat grinder and smashes its heads against our defenses,
          And this meat is already running out.
  5. Carlos Hall
    Carlos Hall 23 September 2023 10: 54
    The Chechens will resist along with the rest of the Russian army. They resisted for a long time and inflicted heavy losses on the enemy.
    1. Alexey Lantukh
      Alexey Lantukh 23 September 2023 18: 10
      Actually, according to reviews, Chechens are good warriors, real men. They just have a different, male upbringing. It’s not like our boys under their mother’s skirt are under 20 years old. That’s why they didn’t previously hold the lines on the heights west of Kleshcheevka, which is not advantageous for defense.
      1. The comment was deleted.
  6. musorg
    musorg 23 September 2023 11: 51
    If you can’t go up the mountain, is it better to go around?
    1. Argon
      Argon 23 September 2023 14: 17
      If you have the strength to get around and not get surrounded, then taking it is not a problem! So, if you practice frequent encirclement, the spirit of the soldiers is not very good. Always on the lookout for whether we will soon find ourselves in a cauldron...
  7. The comment was deleted.
    1. esl462
      esl462 23 September 2023 20: 16
      Another "daughter of an officer" ...
    2. dump22
      dump22 24 September 2023 15: 50
      Belushka - please don’t be offended and don’t despair, it’s just that there are crowds of thoughtless “hurray-patriots” sitting here. For them, if not “hurray,” then it means TsIPSO.

      PS I gave you a plus.
      1. The comment was deleted.
  8. igorlvov
    igorlvov 23 September 2023 16: 29
    site of fagots Chechens you don’t care about Sevastopol, then wait for the answer in Sevastopol
    1. igorlvov
      igorlvov 23 September 2023 16: 31
      a fork without a soft sign, a fork with a soft sign, so at the hundred-meter race in Sevastopol we will