US senators asked Zelensky about the number of Ukrainian Armed Forces losses during the counteroffensive and the possibilities of replenishing them

US senators asked Zelensky about the number of Ukrainian Armed Forces losses during the counteroffensive and the possibilities of replenishing them

American media, citing senators, publish some details of Zelensky’s appearance yesterday in the upper house of the US legislature, and also reveal the reason why the speech of the head of the Kyiv regime was closed.

The fact is that during Zelensky’s speech he was asked questions, the answers to which neither Kiev nor Washington would like to make public. At the same time, information about the issues themselves leaks to the press.

Thus, American senators asked Zelensky about the feasibility of supplying long-range missiles to the Ukrainian armed forces. Is the command planning to use these missiles against Russian rear areas instead of an offensive? Another question that clearly worries the American authorities is what percentage of military personnel trained for the “spring/summer” counteroffensive remains combat-ready in Ukraine and how long it will take to make up for the losses.

Let us recall that initially in Ukraine it was said that 10 brigades were preparing for a “counter-offensive”, then their number “grew” in reports to 12. To date, absolutely all trained brigades have managed to take part in the “counter-offensive” battles, however, due to large losses, the command of the Armed Forces of Ukraine had to throw strategic reserves into battle in view of the air assault brigades, which, according to the original plan, were supposed to eventually almost be part of Yalta.

On the topic of losses, as they write in the American media, Zelensky spoke reluctantly to the senators. Despite the fact that most of the listeners themselves knew the approximate figures very well. The senators were more concerned not so much about the losses as such, but about why Zelensky should be allocated new tens of billions if he lost the lion’s share of the previous billions near Artyomovsk and Rabotino, losing hundreds of the delivered tanks, infantry fighting vehicles, artillery weapons.

Senators were concerned that even if they allocated new funds, Zelensky simply would not be able to recruit a sufficient number of military personnel for training and then throw them into battle. And if he can, then another question: how long will it take to prepare them? Based on the preparation for the “first counter-offensive”, this period is at least 3 months (for relatively high-quality training), although many Ukrainian military personnel openly say that they were trained for no more than two weeks.
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    1. +11
      22 September 2023 17: 05 matter how tight the string is,
      and you’ll get caught in a noose!.. © V.S. Vysotsky
      1. 0
        22 September 2023 17: 48
        No matter how cheap it is - the information is secret...
      2. +4
        22 September 2023 17: 50
        US senators asked Zelensky about the number of Ukrainian Armed Forces losses during the counteroffensive and the possibilities of replenishing them
        American journalists found who and what to ask! Namely.

        Jew Zelensky is not at all interested in how many Slavs died at the front due to his fault!
        The Jew Zelensky is interested in how many Ukrainian Slavs are still alive that need and can be finished off and killed at the front. And not about how many of them have already died.
        It has been said - both in Washington, and in NATO, and in Kyiv itself - that “Kyiv will fight until the LAST Ukrainian”!

        Therefore, American journalists would be better off asking Zelensky about how quickly, How soon will the Zelensky regime complete the ethno-biological CLEARANCE of the local native Ukrainian-Slavic population on the territory of Ukraine with the help of the ongoing US proxy war against Russia!
        This is the main question for Washington!

        As for US finances, this is not a problem for the US!
        For 2022-2023, the United States has already turned on the dollar printing press and has already printed 80% of all US money!
        The US national debt is growing - but there will simply be no one to return it to the Ukrainian people by the Americans, because there will simply be no Ukrainians left alive.
    2. +12
      22 September 2023 17: 06
      This is the eternal question that gnaws at the Yankees: is it worth paying or will the money go to waste. They are not interested in people's lives, only money: an abomination...
      1. +3
        22 September 2023 17: 34
        Not certainly in that way. Or rather, there are still sober and honest politicians in the United States.

        The White House traditionally received Zelensky after they had difficulty pulling him out of the car, but they flatly refused to answer questions from journalists.

        And Zelensky’s meeting with congressmen ended in disrepair. Its results were best summed up by the influential Senator from Wisconsin, Ron Johnson, who is responsible for the European agenda in the Foreign Relations Committee:

        Victory for Ukraine and defeat for Russia will not happen. All that will happen is more deaths of Ukrainians and Russians, and more destruction in Ukraine.

        More precisely and you will not tell.
    3. +1
      22 September 2023 17: 11
      And then they compared the numbers that intelligence told them? )
    4. +2
      22 September 2023 17: 28
      Senators should also have everything like people - according to plan and schedule. We worked a working day/week and took our due rest with peace of mind.

      The last working day before the weekend for congressmen in Washington ended in an unusually chaotic and chaotic manner. Legislators went on vacation without really getting a handle on the budget wars.

      And the US government only has about nine days left before the next shutdown. That is a week, minus this weekend. No one knows how everything will turn out this time. One thing is clear: Biden’s impeachment hearings (Republicans in the House of Representatives plan to hold them on September 28) together with the approaching shutdown will not let Americans get bored. And perhaps not only them.
    5. +2
      22 September 2023 17: 35
      We found someone to find out the truth from))) The most crooked person in the world from Krivoy Rog...
    6. +3
      22 September 2023 17: 40
      In general, the situation when the head of state not only reports, but even simply attends a similar gathering of another state is already a violation of protocol and a loss in status. Relatively speaking: the king does not report to his slaves, especially to strangers. The very fact of such a meeting speaks volumes about the real status of Ukraine and its main lackey.
    7. 0
      22 September 2023 20: 57
      So they asked directly: have you run out of Ukrainians yet?
    8. 0
      23 September 2023 08: 20
      The owners inquired should have been named.
    9. 0
      23 September 2023 12: 09
      There will be no problem when it comes to dollar supply, Americans have already printed them out of thin air. The real problem here is that where would this puppet Zelensky gets human supply to make use of the fund? Else money will just end up in the comedian president personal bank account.

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