American press: Allied pressure is beginning to affect Zelensky

American press: Allied pressure is beginning to affect Zelensky

Pressure from Western allies is beginning to take its toll on Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky. He begins to suspect that the support of the American leadership is wavering, and other Western countries are likely to follow the US example.

As reported by the American publication Bloomberg, summing up the trip of the head of the Kiev regime to the United States, Ukraine’s Western allies privately invite Zelensky to pay attention to what his country might look like after the end of hostilities, while the Ukrainian army was unable to break through Russian defenses.

In addition, the West is increasingly beginning to raise the issue of corruption in Ukraine, which is rightfully considered the most corrupt country in Europe. According to the American publication, some countries are ready to link the financial assistance provided to Kyiv in the future with the implementation of specific reforms, including those aimed against corruption.

Parallel to these issues, there is growing debate in the West about how long Zelensky can continue his activities before being forced to begin peace talks with Russia, according to the official quoted by Bloomberg.

Zelensky is worried about the results of the upcoming US presidential elections. He was also stung that he was not invited to the G2024 summit in New Delhi. According to an American observer, Zelensky regarded this as a sign that US support is becoming increasingly limited, and the XNUMX US election campaign could have a negative impact on Ukraine’s continued provision of military support to the Kiev regime.
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    1. +2
      22 September 2023 13: 39
      American press: Allied pressure is beginning to affect Zelensky
      . Everything is visible, it just may turn out to be so... what undercurrents are going on, behind-the-scenes games are being played, if it will be visible, it will be later... and even then it’s not a fact that it will come out.
    2. +2
      22 September 2023 13: 40
      "...Who needs this Vaska..."; same here...
      1. +2
        22 September 2023 13: 43
        Quote: Ezekiel 25-17
        "...Who needs this Vaska..."; same here...

        There is money, you are Vasya Nosov, there is no money, you big-nosed clown.
    3. +3
      22 September 2023 13: 41
      To negotiate with Zelensky? This is a dummy, a puppet. If one of our people sits at the same table with him, he will disgrace himself in front of the citizens of the country
      1. +3
        22 September 2023 13: 46
        Quote from: dmi.pris1
        If one of our people sits at the same table with him, he will disgrace himself in front of the citizens of the country

        Yes, all of them there in Kyiv who “sit at the table” are disgraces and puppets.
    4. +4
      22 September 2023 13: 51
      He begins to suspect that the support of the American leadership is wavering

      American support hesitates specifically for Zelensky and his thieves for plundering the money of American taxpayers, and not for the support of Ukraine as a whole; only lovers of rose-colored glasses and self-deception count on this. Just like any dictator Ze associates himself with the country as a single whole, Zelensky is Ukraine, such people are equally they think. In the USA there are different beliefs about this. I think they will throw out the drug addict and his team, appoint someone else and continue to supply them. In fact, Ze is playing into our hands, because if there was another smarter and more honest person, then the stolen money would go to the Ukrainian Armed Forces. Maybe that’s why he drives so calmly along the front hi
    5. +3
      22 September 2023 13: 52
      There is a feeling that the smelly axillary is becoming indigestible.
    6. +1
      22 September 2023 13: 52
      The only thing left is to close the Ukraine project due to its unviability, especially considering that the salaries of public sector employees are entirely financed from Western handouts (read loans, they call it aid there), they themselves say so. And Zelensky is already facing the full question of survival. I even feel humanly sorry for this scum, I didn’t know what I signed up for. If you knew, then scum is soft.
      1. 0
        22 September 2023 14: 13
        Quote: Andrea
        All that remains is to close the Ukraine project due to its non-viability

        They won’t close it - “the longer a pile of manure sits, the stronger the stink.”
    7. 0
      22 September 2023 13: 55
      This is just background information from the media. There will be help for a long time, the Yankees are not waging a war against Russia on the Russian lands called “Ukraine” in order to abandon everything so easily! Their losses are insignificant, the main losses are bitches, but anyway they are consumables, so that’s it It’s progressing as it should, albeit very slowly, but there is progress...
      1. 0
        22 September 2023 14: 03
        I think how it goes, the elections will show, but for now you can shoot a thriller there, even a comedy, online... without scenery. smile
      2. 0
        22 September 2023 14: 18
        Quote: Thrifty
        This is just background information from the media. Help will be available for a long time, that’s not why the Yankees are waging war against Russia

        Clearly this is an inflated piece of information, Ukraine is at war and will be at war for a long time, and not a single European country will be able to send as many “bayonets” to the front as Ukraine sends.
    8. 0
      22 September 2023 13: 57
      I wonder if we are still seeing Ze, Ermak, Zaluzhny, Gordon and other trash on the chassis of American Boeings in Boryspil?
    9. +1
      22 September 2023 14: 00
      No one has even started putting pressure on Monica yet. In general, what kind of crazy formulation of the question is this - how can you put pressure on a slave? If the United States needs something, they will simply call him and give him an order. Who else can push? Poland? Not in the same weight category as his owner - they simply banned the export of grain and that’s it, they didn’t impose any conditions or pressure. Who will put pressure? Liver sausage, huh?
    10. +1
      22 September 2023 14: 34
      American press: Allied pressure is beginning to affect Zelensky

      Zeliba's many years of drug use are beginning to take their toll. And the pressure from the Americans is very primitive:
      I said: I will leave in 6 hours, if the prosecutor is not fired, you will not receive the money.

      And for Zeliboba’s money ............... he will sell Ukraine again
      1. 0
        22 September 2023 14: 47
        Quote: APASUS
        And for Zelibob's money

        - Jack, what can you do for money?
        - For money? I can do... Anything!
    11. The comment was deleted.
      1. +1
        22 September 2023 18: 43
        There is a systematic destruction of the Russian army, especially artillery.
        The second line of defense has been passed. Don't rush, save your horsepower.

        Something stinks of rotten lard.... Tarasik, I hope you are now among that same HP. , which the kakels so diligently “protect”? laughing
    12. +2
      22 September 2023 15: 18
      He was also hurt by not being invited to the GXNUMX summit in New Delhi.

      Stung??? Come on! Why would that be? Well, why on earth should the world's sixtieth economy (and that one only thanks to handouts and loans) be invited to the forum of the twenty first economies? The forum is economic, purely business, they don’t talk about politics there and don’t want to talk... well, WHAT SHOULD ragged beggar Ukraine do?
    13. 0
      22 September 2023 15: 38
      Rozumiem, że powiązanie "reform" z pomocą finansową należy rozumieć zabezpieczenie spłaty wysokoprocentowych pożyczek, bo przecież bie ma pomocy są tylko inwestycje, które okażą się nietrafione gdy wygra Rosja, ci jest pewne. Dlatego szepczą, może jakiś rozbiór.
    14. 0
      23 September 2023 22: 27
      Zelensky doesn’t decide anything, he’s being carried around like a doll, just like Greta Thumberg was carried around, and before her the Dalai Lama. No pressure can be put on him because he does not make any decisions.

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