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Russian air defense destroyed a Ukrainian guided missile and two drones during an attempt to attack the western coast of Crimea

Russian air defense destroyed a Ukrainian guided missile and two drones during an attempt to attack the western coast of Crimea

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Ukrainian military formations tried to repeat a complex missile and drone attack on Crimea, using both Drones, and British-made air-launched cruise missiles. Much to the regret of the Kyiv junta, Russian air defense again showed its best side, destroying all air targets.

According to the military department, on September 22 at 10:30 the enemy tried to strike targets on the peninsula using aircraft-type drones and an air-launched guided missile. The air targets were detected by air defense systems off the western coast of the peninsula and then eliminated. There was no damage on the ground and no one was injured. This is confirmed by some Russian resources, citing data coming from Crimea.

September 22 this year At about 10.30 Moscow time, an attempt by the Kyiv regime to carry out a terrorist attack was stopped aviation guided missiles and UAVs against objects on the territory of the Russian Federation. Duty air defense systems off the western coast of the Crimean peninsula discovered and destroyed one Ukrainian guided missile and two aircraft-type UAVs

- it is spoken in the message of the Ministry of Defense.

The day before, Russian air defense repelled a combined attack using drones and missiles in the Sevastopol area; Kyiv really wanted to strike military targets, including the Saki airfield. Despite the fact that the attack was repulsed, Ukrainian information dumps, headed by TsIPSO, tried to disperse the fake news about the alleged destruction of a large number of Russian aircraft at the airfield, but soon died out, since there was no evidence of this.

It is worth noting that recently Ukraine has begun to carry out drone attacks along the coast of the Krasnodar Territory. A strike has already been recorded drone according to the oil storage facility in Sochi, today a Ukrainian drone was intercepted in the Tuapse area.

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  1. BorzRio
    BorzRio 22 September 2023 13: 29
    There is information in the cart that the Black Sea Fleet headquarters was attacked by missiles and there was a hit... If this is true, then isn’t it time for our president to explain to the people where he is leading us and what will happen next?
    1. Arisaka
      Arisaka 22 September 2023 13: 40
      I just don’t understand, do you consider the territory of Crimea invulnerable? For me, it’s rather unclear why the headquarters is in a building, and not in an underground bunker with an entrance 100 meters away. In the modern world, any building is under threat, and air defense is not omnipotent, unfortunately.
    2. Reindeer
      Reindeer 22 September 2023 13: 48
      I wonder if you understand that your question sounds like “Why are they shooting at us?”?
    3. AVA77
      AVA77 22 September 2023 13: 49
      Well, if in a cart, then it’s on guard.
      And so, for starters, you ask from your own side what and where it ends up with you and why they didn’t intercept it.
      1. linux28
        linux28 22 September 2023 13: 55
        And if not in the cart, then who should I ask?
        1. AVA77
          AVA77 22 September 2023 14: 04
          Then ask the air defense, but most likely they will politely ask you not to interfere with your work and not to give advice.
          1. linux28
            linux28 22 September 2023 14: 13
            You are an expert in our advice, but I don’t give it.
    4. Russian Patriot
      Russian Patriot 22 September 2023 14: 44
      Personally, it’s been clear to me for 15 years now where Putin and his oligarch masters are leading us.
      1. AVA77
        AVA77 22 September 2023 16: 51
        Now, you don’t follow him, why are you running after him incomprehensibly where.
        1. Russian Patriot
          Russian Patriot 23 September 2023 01: 28
          Sooner or later this oligarchy's power will come to an end.
  2. Sancho da Vinca
    Sancho da Vinca 22 September 2023 13: 38
    They say that in Moscow they milk chickens! Doesn't Comrade want? Sobyanin explain himself to the people? wink
  3. nikniknik
    nikniknik 22 September 2023 15: 01
    They are hammering Crimea into all the border (in the old Goans, I don’t take the new ones into account) regions and territories. Just then a drone flew to the airport in Sochi. It’s good that the ciscerns were pussies, otherwise they would have died so much. The last time drones appeared over Moscow and the Moscow Region, our chief quickly retreated to St. Petersburg, then when a drone appeared on the border of Moscow and the Tver region above the President’s residence, he quickly retreated to the residence in Sochi. And it's not funny, it's tragic