The Pentagon has revealed the “secret” of the efficiency of supplying the Armed Forces with spare parts

The Pentagon has revealed the “secret” of the efficiency of supplying the Armed Forces with spare parts

The US Department of Defense fears that the country's authorities will not be able to adopt a budget for the 2024 fiscal year [due to internal political disagreements]. This will lead to paralysis of the government and disrupt military supplies to the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

As Pentagon procurement chief William LaPlante explained, in 2013, the 13-day government shutdown shut down the F-35 production line because officials were absent from their jobs and unable to sign contracts for components for the aircraft.

In his words, as quoted by USNI News, the American defense industry is successfully coping with increasing production and the momentum cannot be slowed down. Thus, the military-industrial complex is on track to supply 57 thousand 155 mm shells per month by next spring and 125 thousand per month in 2025:

We may lose money until May. As a result, the industrial base will be disrupted.

As the official noted, the condition of the Armed Forces of Ukraine depends on the uninterrupted supply of materiel. At the same time, an effective logistics model was built in Ukraine. Here, Washington could not apply the supply scheme typical of the US Armed Forces, which uses the institute of representatives of field services of manufacturers.

Instead, the Ukrainians switched to remote maintenance to maintain the combat effectiveness of existing systems. In addition, they did not wait for permission to begin 3D printing the necessary spare parts. They violated intellectual property rights, but they started printing all the necessary parts this month. What's happening is impressive

- the official noted, revealing the “secret” of effectively providing the Armed Forces with materiel.
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    1. +1
      20 September 2023 19: 40
      Don’t go to a fortune teller, this department head has his own little gesheft from the gunsmiths.
    2. +10
      20 September 2023 19: 43
      How can you “print” hydraulics for a gun’s knurling device or a compressor for an internal combustion engine?
      Centerum censeo Washingtonum delendam esse
      1. +8
        20 September 2023 19: 50
        Well, since it was possible to dig up the sea, then making a tank out of plastic is nonsense!
      2. 0
        20 September 2023 21: 02
        Quote: Master2030
        How can you “print” hydraulics for a gun’s knurling device?

        Well, three of the axes have a fiberglass knurl, so...
        1. +5
          20 September 2023 21: 12
          And what does this change? Fiberglass is a composite of fiberglass and polymer resin. What, someone learned how to print with composite materials?
        2. +1
          21 September 2023 07: 40
          fiberglass knurl

          So you can’t just print it, just glue it entirely
      3. +2
        20 September 2023 22: 04
        Quote: Master2030
        How can you “print” hydraulics for a gun’s knurling device or a compressor for an internal combustion engine?
        Centerum censeo Washingtonum delendam esse

        Naturally not, but a 3D printer in addition to a lathe in a field workshop will increase equipment repair capacity.
        In the USA there is currently a boom in such weapons production. The fact is that in the United States it is prohibited to buy and sell automatic weapons without a license, and the number of licenses is limited. This is how craftsmen circumvent this ban by creating such weapons on their own, which is permitted by law. Few people can afford to buy a milling and turning machine, but a 3D printer is a completely different matter.
        1. +2
          20 September 2023 22: 24
          Quote from Escariot
          A 3D printer in addition to a lathe in a field workshop will increase equipment repair capacity

          Stop writing nonsense already... in the field workshop, as you called it, the main operation is the replacement of components and parts. Everything that requires deeper intervention goes to the rear, and more often to the factory. Your TriDePrinter is like an umbrella to a fish and a newsletter to a wolf.
    3. +1
      22 September 2023 11: 35
      No, guys from the Pentagon. This is not your effectiveness, this is our ineffectiveness in reconnaissance means. Well, you gentlemen, “striped”, don’t worry, we are learning quickly and working on our effectiveness. And the latest strikes on the deep rear of the Ukrainian Armed Forces are confirmation of this. Wait and it will arrive.
    4. 0
      22 September 2023 12: 38
      I thought that Americans only knew how to print dollars, but it turns out they can print spare parts for weapons. Probably, as soon as the last Ukrainian runs out, Americans and Ukrainians will start printing on . . . recourse
    5. 0
      25 September 2023 13: 19
      I don’t know what’s going on with 3D printing, but the issue with the Ukrainian artillery has been resolved. I remember the conflict in Donbass, when only lazy people wrote about the poor training of the Ukrainian Armed Forces’ artillerymen. Well, they waited, now no one dares to open their mouths about the effectiveness of the Ukrainian Armed Forces’ artillery. Just like the enemy has a "hunger" for shells. All that remains is to wait a little and the combined strikes on the Russian Armed Forces will be completely saturated: with cluster munitions, UAVs, operational-tactical missiles, anti-ship missiles, aviation together with excellent reconnaissance (satellite, gunners from the "Zhdunov", aircraft and UAVs), super-Internet with operational tablets, effective operation of the DRG on the territory of the Russian Federation, excellent communication via encrypted channels. Against the backdrop of constant air defense overload, the number of attack weapons reaching their targets will increase multiple. Consequently, strategic objects (bridges, control and communication systems, warehouses, railway junctions, factories, command posts, military-political decision-making centers). Preparations are underway for such a scenario, now only reconnaissance and alignment of objects on the ground. Against the backdrop of an unprecedented increase in the production of weapons by NATO countries, artillery fire will claim more and more lives of defenders RF. All this against the background of victorious reports and the lack of work in the deep rear to identify and destroy weapons, warehouses and key players, as well as operational decisions on fire procurement, technical intelligence and plagiarism wherever possible, weapons and ammunition, communications and software , capable of at least equalizing our capabilities with the enemy in failed issues, and not waiting for someone, somewhere, to finally master and be able to produce the necessary quantities in the required quantities. Such is the utopia in the views and actions of those in charge, when unthinkable deadlines for the release of the necessary are stated , measures to prevent the buildup of the enemy’s strike power are ignored, in my opinion, very harmful from all sides.

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