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The analytical program "However," with Mikhail Leontyev 29 December 2012


What would be the event of the outgoing year for Russia? In addition to vivid political, cultural, near-political, cultural events and scandals. I would like to see something large-scale, breakthrough, related to modernization and world leadership. Today we can say that such an event - we can say that we have suffered, - we have it.

December 30 adopted the strategic submarine cruiser "Yuri Dolgoruky", equipped with new intercontinental mace missiles. The first of eight boats of the new, fourth generation, provided by the armament program. The boat was laid back in 96, due to funding problems, it was launched only in 2008. Boats of this generation are much smaller and therefore less noticeable than their predecessors. As the experts say, in class and equipment they differ from them as Zaporozhets from Mercedes. Only the United States and France are capable of producing similar systems in the world besides us.

Recall that in recent years, the problems of the new boat, the basis of the future naval component of our nuclear triad, have already been associated not with underfunding, but with technical problems, with a new promising rocket for these boats. Failures and failures on trials led various skeptics and spiteful critics to bury the project altogether.

The first launch of the Bulava missile was made in 2005 year. Then followed a chain of failures, to overcome which took 4 year. Since 2010, all tests have been successful. "Bulava" is a solid propellant intercontinental ballistic missile designed specifically to be placed on new-class boats. It has three times less mass than its predecessor, which allows, for example, on the same compact "Yuri Dolgoruk" to place 16 missiles, each carrying up to 10 divided warheads. According to its characteristics and ballistic trajectory, this rocket is invulnerable to existing and prospective missile defense systems.

"... Slowly the minutes swim away into the distance
Meet with them you do not wait
And although we are a little sorry for the past,
The best, of course, ahead ... "

This is undoubtedly a super-modern innovation system, having a direct relationship to world leadership. Moreover, in such a sphere as national security and the preservation of world peace, which should not be shy. Since, in the event of something, to deliberately avoid meeting this rocket is not possible, we wish all of humanity to not accidentally meet with it. At least in 2013 year. Happy new year, dear friends, with new happiness!
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