Deputy head of the Russian Guard for the DPR: The most difficult thing in war is to learn simple things

Deputy head of the Russian Guard for the DPR: The most difficult thing in war is to learn simple things

Deputy Head of the Russian Guard for the DPR, Alexander Khodakovsky, emphasized that the most difficult thing in war is the ability to learn simple things. Khodakovsky noted that, despite the rapid pace of technical growth of the Russian army, the introduction of advanced technical means and the development of new tactics, troops often suffer losses due to their reluctance to comply with basic rules.

According to Khodakovsky, military personnel often neglect the rules that require, for example, to wear armor and a helmet even when moving in a car, to run across open spaces, to use any available shelter, even when a short stop is expected, and never to gather in heaps.

The deputy head of the Russian Guard for the DPR also added that some military personnel with combat experience urge other soldiers not to dig in, so as not to unmask their positions, however, given that, according to statistics, about eighty percent of losses occur due to artillery fire, with the greatest danger represent flat flying elements. In addition, camouflage makes virtually no sense - with the help of reconnaissance drones people can be detected even without a thermal imager, and even more so with one. Based on this, even a small trench “lying down” can save you from flying fragments, and the soil can be masked, for example, with branches. In any case, the benefits of digging in are greater than the harm.

Khodakovsky also noted shortcomings in the training of fighters who gather around armored vehicles and walk with their guns bristling. When hit by such a structure, only armored vehicles can survive, and infantry have virtually no chance. Despite the fact that, according to modern combat tactics, chain attacks are not used, moving in heaps is a mistake that can cost the lives of military personnel, for example, when the enemy drops a landmine from a copter.
  • Ministry of Defense of Russia
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  1. +2
    18 September 2023
    We also need reminders for fighters that are regularly updated and constant training...
    1. +4
      18 September 2023
      The main thing in war is to sense danger; fear sharpens your instincts, and it never fails.
      1. 0
        18 September 2023
        People in ordinary life are deprived of this instinct. Basically, it comes at a high price, when your life is out of line with the general rules and often has value only for you. The price is too high unfortunately. And here Darwin's law comes into play.
  2. +10
    18 September 2023
    Damn, they drilled me into training in 99... you stop.... immediately dig in... 1,5-2 shovels in width, all on the parapet... 3,5 shovels in length... 2 layers (to the depth of a shovel ) for everything about 10 minutes, if thoroughly then 20. Previously, of course, it was easier without drones. Either a sniper will shoot you or they will definitely send you a mine.
    1. Msi
      18 September 2023
      Damn, they drilled me into training in 99... you stop.... immediately dig in... 1,5-2 shovels in width, all on the parapet... 3,5 shovels in length...

      I had an acquaintance who went through two Chechen wars. He always said: “...I moved the land from a nine-story building...”
      1. +1
        18 September 2023
        2nd, after the Komsomol active actions are almost over. The Chechens drove into the mountains and became partisans. After Komsomol, they offered me a job in counter-sniper/reconnaissance
      2. +4
        18 September 2023
        "...I transferred lands..."
        That's for sure! Mother earth is the best defense.
        Khodakovsky clearly noted minor shortcomings that lead to big troubles.
        Much is not visible, since it is there, but caponiers for guns, for example, are not always prepared for fire guns. But if the cannon is in a caponier, as a rule, a direct hit, or a very close one, is required to disable it. They say that positions need to be changed, why dig and disguise? fool
        It is necessary to exchange for prepared ones, especially in positional defense. Dig 10 trenches, place decoys there (a log under the mask net instead of a trunk) and change it. The mere change of position of the self-propelled gun in a cloud of dust and other unmasking factors does not at all make it invisible.
        There are a lot of such nuances, and tactical skill grows from them.
  3. +5
    18 September 2023
    You also need to inspect your fortifications using a thermal imager in order to identify glare.
  4. -11
    18 September 2023
    Wash your hands before eating. Brush your teeth morning and evening. Flush the toilet after you.
    (c) Deputy Head of the Russian Guard for the DPR
    1. +2
      18 September 2023
      Study while Khodakovsky is alive. Otherwise, when it bites, you’ll be on the platform without legs or arms asking for a handout.
    2. +2
      18 September 2023
      I read the testimonies of soldiers of the First World War. Artillery was the leading cause of death, so they started digging. During the enemy attack, the bombing continued for 8 days, and the terrain was so disturbed that the trenches went from shell to shell. Sometimes there were no more trenches and when the enemy attacked, the bodies of compatriots served as parapets for “inhabited” holes.
    3. 0
      19 September 2023
      dump22 And this too. You have no idea how dysentery wipes out entire units. Worse than art.
  5. +3
    18 September 2023
    Chain attacks are not used, moving in heaps -
    This is exactly what NATO members teach, priceless videos from them on the Internet are proof of this. This is their experience in the Middle East against the Barmalei. And we were taught the old wisdom from the Second World War: more sweat, less blood.
  6. +6
    18 September 2023
    Everything is said correctly, wearing armor is generally a problem, some people don’t want to wear it at all, others remove the plates, the argument is the same - it’s better to take more ammo, and if something happens, the armor won’t help against a bullet. Although our main losses were due to fragments. There is absolutely no point in being afraid that your positions will be revealed; Ukrainian copters have simply a huge number - it is advisable to take positions under a tree, take cover under the branches. That's how smart I am - I can always say obvious things.
    About digging in, this is generally the basics, if you stop, dig. First for shooting while lying down, then standing, then a fox hole and so on ad infinitum, even to the core of the earth in depth and to Kyiv in length.
    1. -1
      18 September 2023
      First for shooting while lying down, then standing, then a fox hole and so on ad infinitum, even to the core of the earth in depth and to Kyiv in length.
      Well, yes, people are robots. In the afternoon I took a position. I dug in all night, and the next morning I replaced the batteries and went headlong into the attack. And so 24/7
      1. +2
        19 September 2023
        What if in the morning enemy "gallop to attack"?
  7. The comment was deleted.
  8. +1
    18 September 2023
    For Americans, everything is much simpler. If the fighter was not wearing full equipment at the time of injury, as specified in the contract, the insurance may not be paid or not paid in full. There is no helmet or body armor, and the same fragment will fly into exactly this part of the body that they were covering, the fighter will lose money. It’s not just that they always flashed in full gear in various eastern countries. Meticulous adherence to protocol. request
  9. -4
    18 September 2023
    and what position they came up with for this. There has been no Lao PDR for a long time, there is only one of the regions of Russia, and not the Donetsk people’s “republic”... already, and this is all some kind of deputy of something there... SOMEWHERE THERE... well, it was not in vain that he curried favor and betrayed)..
    He betrayed the oath to the USSR Armed Forces (the boy was born in his 72nd year, so he served conscript in the USSR 90-92 and in the Tula region, i.e., in fact, he also took the oath to Russia and gave it, which he then betrayed, because he later ended up in Ukraine..... repaint in time - like not to betray?... defected to the bitches..... because independence began - but even there...
    oath of the Armed Forces of Ukraine - betrayed
    defected to the SBU - these have THEIR OWN oath) - betrayed them too in 14)
    Another oath to the DPR - betrayed.... as in Russia they gave a position)) Immediately he took the Oath again)
    He's an interesting shot) media combatant))) wonderful "patriot")

    and he’ll be a better storyteller than our Vasilich)
    “It’s written on my military ID: my official position is sergeant-major, my official rank is ensign.” But I was a conscript, so I had the rank of senior sergeant.

    Excuse me, HOW?))))))))))))))

    especially the subsequent pearl
    And when the question of choice arose, then we acutely felt all the events that had happened. Everyone made decisions from the set of thoughts and feelings that they carried within themselves. Someone calmly withdrew, went to Ukraine, to some Vinnitsa region, and we, there were several of us from Donbass, we all definitely remained to serve in Russia, because for us there was no concept of Ukraine as such. For us it was the Soviet Union.

    Why did it eventually come to Ukraine) to serve? and Sashenka had to try really hard to get into the Security Service)
  10. +1
    18 September 2023
    For infantry, the command “Stop” in an offensive = “Dig” is the only way. These are the basics that are practiced during the course of a young soldier and are improved throughout the service, regardless of military rank and position. That's how I was taught.
  11. +2
    18 September 2023
    Something similar happened at the beginning of the Second World War, when people often neglected digging, building fortifications, communication passages, wearing a helmet, etc. Perhaps this phenomenon has common origins. One can recall that the Germans intimidated and directly bombed civilians who were building fortifications in the rear of the Red Army; one can assume that German agents in the Red Army and among the population then sowed panic and proved the unnecessary and harmful nature of building fortifications. And so, the Romans did not neglect “dig in” (unlike their neighbors), built fortified camps at every site and, as a result, conquered the entire Mediterranean.
  12. -6
    18 September 2023
    The deputy head of the Russian Guard for the DPR also added that some military personnel with combat experience urge other soldiers not to dig in,
    Did he forget about shaving every morning? No way for an unshaven one. The deputy head of the Russian Guard, of course, knows better how to do it. Not like some experienced fighters who have never even been to headquarters.
    1. 0
      18 September 2023
      Quote from A2AD
      Did he forget about shaving every morning? There's no way for someone unshaven

      Just for you to come))))

      I have no tenderness for Khodakovsky - well, just another military bloke... it seems like he’s in office, but we know another “deputy” (we know wink ), quite stupid.

      And even a hedgehog understands that it’s better to dig in even if you can’t dig in at all.

      I’ll tell you more - sometimes it’s very harmful to health to occupy ready-made trenches - both infantry and equipment... but this is already for advanced users Yes
  13. +1
    19 September 2023
    In my apartment there is a photo of a relative, a Red Army soldier from the Second World War. So, from the look it is clear that a person is as collected as possible at any moment of life in order to react to external danger. Apparently, this is the only way to live at the front.
    1. 0
      19 September 2023
      All people are brothers, but every person can be an enemy. This look?
  14. 0
    19 September 2023
    Theoretical preparation of the entire Russian population for participation in hostilities?
    This is the main idea of ​​News on VO?

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