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In the morning report of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine there is no information about the capture of Kleshcheevka, although Zelensky himself announced this yesterday

In the morning report of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine there is no information about the capture of Kleshcheevka, although Zelensky himself announced this yesterday

The General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine did not include in its morning report on September 18 a message about the possible capture of Kleshcheevka in the Artemovsk direction by Ukrainian formations. Interestingly, several Ukrainian officials reported this yesterday, including not only the commander of the ground forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, Colonel General Alexander Syrsky, but also the President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky himself.

The Ukrainian General Staff writes on the morning of September 18 that the Ukrainian Armed Forces continue assault operations in the Kleshcheevka area. As always, it is stated that “the enemy is suffering significant losses,” but this, of course, is a routine propaganda statement. If the General Staff reports that the fighting is continuing, then this only means that Klescheevka has not been taken. This means that both Syrsky and Zelensky were hasty with their statements.

Yesterday in the evening report of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine there were also no reports of the capture of Kleshcheevka. Russian military correspondents and Telegram channels report about battles in the center of Kleshcheevka, which means that our army has not completely lost control over this settlement. Kurdyumovka is completely controlled by the Russian Armed Forces, and Andreevka, destroyed to the ground, is, apparently, in the “gray zone”.

Kleshcheevka plays an important role from the point of view of defense of the southern approaches to Artemovsk (Bakhmut). But even if the enemy captured the territory of this destroyed village, it would still not have fundamental significance in this direction, many Russian and foreign military analysts believe.

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  1. rocket757
    rocket757 18 September 2023 08: 18
    The fog of war... although, most of all, outright lies.
    In general, it’s scary to focus on any intermediate results... it’s always wiser to issue them, over time it becomes more certain.
    1. Buyan
      Buyan 18 September 2023 08: 30
      No, that’s good, but the clown is already known for his babble
      1. Nexcom
        Nexcom 18 September 2023 08: 31
        It was just his next visit.
    2. g1v2
      g1v2 18 September 2023 13: 34
      Everything is simpler and more complicated there. As I already wrote, the only landmark is the railway. We are definitely on one side of the train. On the other - the battlefield. Forest plantations and ruins of Andreevka and Kleshcheevka change hands regularly. Today we are here, tomorrow they are. In one forest plantation it’s ours, in the other it’s ours. Tomorrow everything can change. Constant swing. In fact, all these statements about capture or liberation may become outdated at the moment they are pronounced. There you can shoot a video every day from both sides about controlling something and all this will be true at the time of shooting. Overall it's a meat grinder.
    3. Mikhail Ivanov
      Mikhail Ivanov 18 September 2023 23: 40
      Both sides are lying! And quite stupidly and systematically...
      In Kleshcheevka the situation is like this - there is nothing there to grab onto! And the question for which Wagner took it WAS KEY THEN - the city was under the Khokhlov and these heights played a key role in the assault! Now catching up with equipment there means losing it immediately. There you have to drive uphill, which means loosening the black soil, skidding and receiving air strikes from artillery and bombs from airplanes...
      For a Ukrainian, it is important to show customers the result. But there is no result and there will not be one, everyone has already realized this. Another question is that the West (Grandfather Beadon and the Clinton clan) cannot recognize Ukraine as a second Afghanistan.
      Our people are holding Kurdyumovka, but there is no point in being in Andreevka and Kleshcheevka - this is certain death. At the same time, it must be admitted that the Ukrainian took some of the important heights near Kleshcheevka, but he will no longer be able to drive equipment there - it will be killed on the march...
      At the same time, the moral situation remains - Prigozhin’s fighters took everything that was important there and rolled towards Krasnoye (Ivanovskoye), which, unfortunately, they failed to take... And the Moscow Region, well, it is the Moscow Region...
  2. Vladimir Vladimirovich Vorontsov
    Vladimir Vladimirovich Vorontsov 18 September 2023 08: 19
    In the morning report of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine there is no information about the capture of Kleshcheevka, although Zelensky himself announced this yesterday -

    — He forgot to tell the General Staff...
    1. Nexcom
      Nexcom 18 September 2023 08: 39
      He forgot to fill out the tracks for the General Staff - they would have sniffed it together and would definitely have “captured” it then.
  3. rotmistr60
    rotmistr60 18 September 2023 08: 28
    This means that both Syrsky and Zelensky were hasty with their statements.
    Is it the first time they are running ahead of a locomotive? They lie, and often in discordant ways, therefore there are inconsistencies, discrepancies, followed by erasure of posts, shrugging, etc. If Russian war correspondents say that there are still battles going on there, that means they are going on and the Armed Forces of Ukraine have not taken Klescheevka.
  4. Igor1915
    Igor1915 18 September 2023 08: 37
    It’s strange that the Armed Forces of Ukraine are attacking at all; does the Russian Federation really have so few weapons that it cannot fundamentally stop the Ukrainian advances?
  5. flSergius
    flSergius 18 September 2023 08: 38
    There is a report - there is no report... The Wagnerites confidently controlled Krasnoye and Orekhovo-Vasilievka. It is clear that when the enemy rushes every day, it is impossible to stand rooted to the spot. And the General Staff in the Zaporozhye direction competently thwarted the counter-grunt. But this does not negate the fact that, due to the ambitions of two old opportunists, the best unit of Russia has actually been lost and is now with an incomprehensible status with the unreliable parasite Lukashenka.
  6. Olga
    Olga 18 September 2023 08: 54
    Zelensky was leaked unverified information laughing
    They scammed me like the last...Spanish blogger
  7. nobody75
    nobody75 18 September 2023 08: 58
    Syrsky invented something new in military strategy! Advance with your horns forward. With pre-prepared mobile "pincers". First advance along the parallel ones, and then turn along the converging ones and close the boiler... where? In an open field? Do you remember how the parallel offensive of Samsonov and Rehnenkampf ended? Syrsky has the same desynchronization with the “horns” on the flanks.
    What kind of "goat style" is this???
  8. Wayfarer_2
    Wayfarer_2 18 September 2023 09: 19
    Yes, I see that we are still crawling back. What was below us is already in the gray zone. And “military analysts” sing in unison that everything that we lose is not important, not necessary, does not matter, etc. So maybe all this “unimportant, unnecessary, irrelevant” is not worth defending? He withdrew immediately, and that’s all, and the personnel were intact, the equipment was saved, and the ammunition was saved. Beauty! It turns out that it was in vain that “Wagner” took all these Andreevka, Kleshcheevka, and in general, moved forward. They turned out to be irrelevant. How long can you lie? Analysts?
  9. Boycott
    Boycott 18 September 2023 10: 01
    Interesting trends are emerging in the information field: the tsipsa has broken loose (not only here) and people react to the word Russia, to put it mildly, hysterically. At this time, the pros became more or less cautious in their statements. What is it for? Yes, politicians are such politicians, I don’t discuss them anymore.
  10. vladcub
    vladcub 18 September 2023 14: 21
    It means someone is lying or passing off what they want as reality