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"Black" gold "dragons" and the US Federal Reserve. Part II

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David Wilcock, the author of a series of publications under the general title “Financial tyranny”, believes that the concentration of gigantic quantities of gold in secret vaults was necessary in order to enable the global financial oligarchy to switch to the release of unsecured paper money. Some other authors also share this version, referring to Adam Smith, who in The Wealth of Nations thoroughly discerned what the gold-based monetary system is bad for and how gold money can be avoided. A.Smith argued that gold money is evil both for the capitalists and for the whole of society. The gold standard imposed on many countries at the end of the 19th century was beneficial only to the Rothschilds, who controlled most of the gold, if not in the world, then in Europe for sure (the “scientific” rationale for the gold standard is contained in the work of another Englishman, David Riccardo, who was a friend and companion Nathan Rothschild).

Gold has always been a competitor for paper money, and this competitor had to be removed physically. Allegedly, such a goal was set as early as World War I, but was not fully achieved (as you know, in the 20-30-s, the gold standard was restored in the world, albeit in a reduced form - as a gold bullion and gold exchange). And after World War II, it was not possible to completely expel gold from the monetary world: at the Bretton Woods conference of 1944, it was decided to establish a gold dollar standard. In 1970-s. the collapse of the post-war Bretton Woods monetary system occurred, the official demonetization of gold was announced, and the money "printing press" was launched at full capacity. The world has entered a completely new phase of its development, which can be defined by such words as complete economic liberalization and financial globalization. Official sources say that the United States refused to fulfill its obligations to freely exchange paper dollars for gold because the gold reserves of the US Treasury quickly melted, they were not enough to support further exchange. "Information guerrillas" believe that this explanation is a lie, because the US monetary authorities had innumerable reserves of gold, which was specifically hidden, retained the status of "black." For about sixty years (from World War I to the Jamaica conference in 1976, when it was officially decided to demonetize gold), the yellow metal was purposefully squeezed from all over the world into a single storage system controlled by, above all, the main shareholders of the Federal reserve, who dreamed of a time when it will be possible to create wealth from the "air" ...

"Black" gold: questions and answers

This version sounds very exciting, responding to all the canons of the conspiracy genre. However, for everything to be plausible, you need to answer many questions. First of all, to the question: how did the world financial oligarchy manage to pull a large part of world gold into a secret reserve? How much gold was collected? Why did those persons whose gold was taken to a secret reserve have been completely silent for so long? Where is the secret reserve of gold today? Who controls it and how? And so on. Let's try to look for answers in the works of "information partisans."

The total amount of "black" gold located in secret repositories is estimated by "partisans" at more than two million metric tons (rounded). This is the minimum estimate. Some authors refer to even larger quantities. D. Wilcock in his "Financial tyranny" determines the amount of gold in the system of secret storage up to a kilogram: 2.420.937,4 kg. Most of this gold (85%) comes from China and other Asian countries. Many authors date the shipment of the main batch of gold from China 1938 to the year when Japan occupied China, there was a risk of seizing large gold reserves owned by several individuals from the top of the Kuomintang. The Fed has extended a “helping hand” to the Chinese comrades and offered metal storage services on favorable terms. As the "partisans" write, in the indicated year (1938) 7 ships loaded with gold from the Dragon Family came out of China in the direction of the USA. Thus, the gold was voluntarily-compulsory transferred by private owners to deposit accounts, which provide these owners with stable incomes - 4% per annum. Documented this gold is reflected in the Global Mortgage Accounts (PSC). However, these accounts do not belong to the sphere of legal finance, the MSC are part of a parallel financial system, the existence of which is known to a very limited circle of people.
This is how the receipts of the deposits of the 30 Fed are looking.
"Black" gold "dragons" and the US Federal Reserve. Part II

And this is the very black Asian gold in secret vaults:

In the constructions of D. Wilcock, B. Fulford, D. Guyatta, and other "partisans", a special place is given to Japan. As is known, this country's entry into the world stage began with the Meiji revolution in 1868. The British Empire, secretly led by the Rothschild clan, considered Japan as the best country as a springboard for the subsequent theft of all Asian gold. It was a medieval country with an underdeveloped technology, but a huge population center. Britain supplied the Satsuma and Choshu clans in southern Japan with modern weapons and military strategies, and they quickly subjugated the rest of the country. And then began the expansion of the country of the "rising sun" in China. Over China’s innumerable gold reserves are threatened by the everlasting threat from Japan. Part of the gold was captured by the Japanese. And in order to preserve the remaining (most) part, the Chinese had to resort to the “services”, first of all, of English bankers, and then (after the end of the First World War) - bankers of the US Federal Reserve.

The role of the Bank for International Settlements in the gold freeze project

An important element of the secret financial system was the Bank for International Settlements (BIS), established in 1930 year and settled in Switzerland (Basel). By the way, as the “partisans” note, the idea of ​​creating the BIS arose from leading Western politicians immediately after the First World War. Allegedly, among the initiators of the creation of the bank was the Emperor of Japan, Hirohito, who had already traveled to the UK in 1921 and signed secret documents about plans to create a bank there. The role of the BIS in financing the Hitler regime, its cooperation with the Nazis throughout the Second World War is well known. Meanwhile, according to the "partisans", the world financial oligarchy has set before the BIS another large-scale task - to provide operations to form a secret stock of "black" gold. Indeed, despite the closeness of the BIS, it is known that he was actively engaged in and continues to be engaged in operations with gold. According to some reports, “black” gold up to 1963 of the year was in secret deposit accounts of the BIS.

However, hints that the BIS is the key institution of the “parallel” (secret) financial system, acting in the interests of the global elite, was made by many researchers long before the current events. Thus, a professor at Georgetown University, a conspiracy historian Carol Quigley (1910-1977), the author of the famous book "Tragedy and Hope: The World история in our time ”(1966) openly and without justification spoke of the BIS’s intention to“ create a global financial management system in private hands capable of dominating the political system of any country and the world economy as a whole. The system should be managed jointly by the central banks of the world in the feudal style, according to secret agreements reached during private face-to-face meetings and meetings. ”

"Black" gold and "golden cartel"

But back to the mysterious securities issued under the "black" gold. In addition to the nominal value, they also have a period after which the metal must be returned to the original owner. Transfers were made in different years, the return periods are also different. Papers, according to the "information partisans", were of different formats, there is no single standard. Some of the securities are nominal, others are bearer. The denominations of papers are different, but in any case they are measured in millions, tens and hundreds of millions, even billions of dollars.

It is noteworthy that most often there are papers dated 1934 year, and they are becoming more and more. The "guerrillas" explain this as follows: gold prices are steadily rising, the Federal Reserve Banks are reprinting bonds of the 1934 model of the year in order to compensate the legitimate owners of gold for the appreciation of the pledged metal. Moreover, the US monetary authorities (the Fed and the treasury) are doing everything possible to slow down the growth of prices for the "yellow" metal.

For specialists, it is not a secret that the so-called gold cartel is acting in the world, which is designed to restrain gold prices in every possible way. It operates under the auspices of the Fed, the US Treasury, with the participation of the Bank of England, the BIS, a number of Wall Street banks (Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan, City, etc.). With the disclosures of the activities of the "golden cartel" in the late 1990-ies. The organization GATA (Gold Anti-Trust Action) already mentioned by us began to speak. In 2009, at the request of GATA and in accordance with the Freedom of Information Act, a member of the Board of Governors of the Fed, Kevin M. Ourss was forced to admit that the Central Bank has secret agreements on the exchange of gold with foreign banks. 26 January 2012, having already resigned as a member of the Board of Governors, Ourss made a report at Stanford University and spoke out even more frankly: the price of gold is strictly controlled by central banks.

On the Internet today exhibited photographs of many securities of the pre-war sample. All of them are in English. What is remarkable: in many of them there are words with errors. The "guerrillas" hint to us that this is no accident. They say that financial oligarchs planned to “throw” the owners of such papers in advance. The present holders of “black” gold could say to the representatives of such “flawed” bonds: these are “cheap” and “illiterate” fakes.

Math "black" gold

However, as the “partisans” note, the financial oligarchs began to “throw” paper owners from the very beginning, namely from the 1928 year (the earliest dating of bonds): since that time, not a single cent in the form of deposit interest was paid to the owners. At the same time, the “partisans” conducted scrupulous calculations. Over the period 1961-2011. (51 year) the total liabilities of the secret financial system to holders of gold equivalent securities (based on 4% per annum) amounted to 4.638.792,0 metric tons. Those. this is almost twice the amount of gold that was deposited initially in this system. If we proceed from the fact that today 1 a ton of gold on the market costs about 30 million dollars, then it turns out that the debt of holders of "black" gold to its true owners will be approximately equal to US dollars. If you try to express in billions, you get 140.000.000 billion dollars. And trillions will be: 140.000 trillion. For reference: the gross domestic product (GDP) of the United States is at the level of 15 trillion. dollars, world GDP - 60 trillion. dollars, and world wealth, according to expert estimates, is about 200 trillion. dollars. In general, mathematical operations with “black” gold create completely transcendental, incomprehensible numbers for the human mind.

By the way, it is believed that “black” gold has been “sealed” for all decades and has not been circulated (after all, it was necessary to free up space for paper products of the “printing press”). However, some authors are inclined to believe that the world oligarchy still launched its hands in the vaults of “black” gold and used it for its own purposes. None of the "partisans" writes about this in detail. There are only a few “beneficiaries” with loud signs: “300 Committee”, “Skull and Bones” Society, Bilderberg Club, Trilateral Commission, Council on Foreign Relations. The publication of another “partisan,” Phil Shannon, called “Golden Warriors,” states that “black gold” worked secretly for all American presidents, was used behind the scenes to “influence the political life of sovereign states, to buy elections , control the media, commit murder, in short, to impose the will of America. "

Presidents Sukarno, J. Kennedy and the Hilton Green Agreement

After World War II, holders of securities and the real owners of “black” gold — the richest families in Asia — united in the Association of principals, now known as Amanah, or Mandates. The then Indonesian President Sukarno headed this Association. The "guerrillas" claim that the UN allegedly even adopted a special resolution (MISA 1948) in 81704, which officially legitimized Sukarno’s powers.

Important in the history of "black" gold is an event that the "partisans" call the Hilton Green agreement. Allegedly, in 1963, an agreement was reached between the Association of principals led by Sukarno and the American President John F. Kennedy, according to which “black” gold was withdrawn from the BIS deposits and transferred to the US financial system (to the treasury, but not to the Federal Reserve) to strengthen the dollar as international currency. Provided for the gradual legalization of "black" gold and its introduction into economic circulation. The details of the agreement are still unknown, but it seems that the stocks of legalized gold acquired some supranational status and should have been managed jointly by all interested countries. It can be assumed that the dollar, being supported by international gold reserves, ceased to be a purely national monetary unit, acquired the features of a supranational currency. With the help of these international gold reserves, it was planned to launch large-scale programs to overcome the socio-economic backwardness of the Third World countries. If such arrangements really took place, then they actually meant a cardinal revision of the post-war monetary system based on the decisions of the Bretton Woods conference of the 1944 of the year.

At first, with the support of the international community, the President of the United States hoped to gradually switch to issuing metal-supplied Treasury notes. Those. it was supposed to deprive the Federal Reserve of the rights to issue money, which he received in 1913 year. Allegedly, at this very moment (July 1963), a well-known decree of the President of the USA (No. 11110) was issued on the release of a silver dollar by the American treasury. The Hilton Green Agreement, together with a presidential decree, enraged the owners of the Federal Reserve, and a few weeks after that, John Kennedy was killed. It was not possible to “thaw” the stocks of “black” gold. In 1967, President Sukarno has shifted. Today, issues related to “black” gold on the part of developing countries are being dealt with by an organization that “partisans” call the Sukarno Trust. The first person in this Trust is someone Dr. Seno (a relative of President Sukarno). The countries concerned in the Sukarno Trust have recently intensified. According to Benjamin Fulfort, a forum was recently held in Monaco with the participation of 117 representatives from countries belonging to the Sukarno Trust. In this case, I briefly outlined a version of developments based on the publications of the "partisans". I couldn’t find the Hilton Green agreement myself.

(To be continued)
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  1. valokordin
    valokordin 30 December 2012 12: 03
    This is interesting, this is where the dog is buried, which explains the murder of John Fitzgerald Kennedy, the overthrow of President Sukarno. What are the secret springs, probably these forces move history in the direction they need, and we hang noodles on our ears about human rights, the rights of pederasts and lesbians.
    1. Ross
      30 December 2012 12: 26
      You are absolutely right, Vladimir! All the secrets of the elite are gradually beginning to come to light, and many old events of history look already in a completely different light.
      The theoretical preparation of what the Fed bankers did was laid down by Adam Smith's ideas on the withdrawal of gold from the world economy under the auspices of a certain "world Central Bank". It was from that time that world banking capital began to create its own liberal peace system, sweeping away all competitors on the way (German, Russian empires, etc.)
  2. Igarr
    Igarr 30 December 2012 12: 09
    Fear, darkness and horror.
    The evil Rothschilds hid all the gold.
    Of all this, it aroused interest - again, such an indirect reference to Swiss banks as a storehouse of gold.
    If you take into account all the factors - rocks, highlands, location - it is very likely.
    Our Airborne Forces, in general, must first land in Switzerland.
    Zolotishko grab.
  3. Nechai
    Nechai 30 December 2012 14: 51
    The role of the USSR in this gold "market" booth is completely overlooked. But the Union, together with South Africa, played a significant role in the increase in world gold prices in the 60s-70s and, as a consequence, the depreciation of the US dollar. The infa has slipped, its reliability is in question, about the creation of a "golden OPEC" planned by these two countries. But, but, but ... in South Africa, the leader of the supporters of this project, who was then prime minister, was immediately dismissed and harshly "excluded" from political life ... The USSR continued to sell gold mined in foreign markets. Along with the sale of our oil and other raw materials ... At the beginning of our catastrophe, the CIA made an interesting analysis of the foreign trade activity of the USSR - from year to year, starting from the end of the 50s, export revenues, including gold, were practically equal to the assistance that the Union provided, mainly on a gratuitous basis, to various countries and parties of the world. And there followed not only the collapse of oil prices, but also of gold ...
  4. CouldBecome
    CouldBecome 2 January 2013 10: 30
    +1 dollars equals 140 trillion. dollars, no need to terribly catch up already)))