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Killer whales are working

Killer whales are workingThe beginning of 1990's is not the most peaceful time for Russia. The seizure of buses and planes with hostages, incessant ethnic conflicts, difficult crime situation ...

All these factors prompted the country's leadership to create a number of special forces in the state security system, whose main task was the anti-terrorist cover of the territories assigned to them. The place of registration of one of them was the capital of the Kola Peninsula.


On July 5, 1994, in accordance with the Presidential Decree, three regional departments were formed as part of the Special Operations Department of the Federal Counterintelligence Service. The city of Murmansk, a strategically important port and base of the nuclear icebreaker, was determined to be the location of the 10th department. fleet.

Despite the fact that the Decree was signed in the summer, the date of birth of the detachment is considered to be 4 in November of the same 1994 of the year. It was on that day that a major, and now FSB Colonel-General Sergey Shishin, a border guard, who had passed through Afghanistan, was appointed then the head of the department. Under him, the division got its name - "Killer Whale". The area of ​​responsibility of the special forces is the Murmansk and Arkhangelsk Regions, the Republic of Komi and the Nenets Autonomous District.

Selection to the department was not easy and quick. The first of its employees were fighters from the freelance anti-terrorist group of the FGC Office for the Murmansk region. Head UFSK Gennady Gurylev allowed to take staff from other departments. People came from a citizen. A great job in recruiting was carried out by the deputy head of the department, Lieutenant Colonel Yury Myasoedov. Thanks to his efforts, the backbone of the unit was assembled.

In 1996, Yury Myasoedov replaced Sergey Shishin, the head of the department, who was transferred to Moscow.

Almost immediately began preparations for the upcoming combat work. Everything from scratch! There was no special equipment, no means of communication, no equipment. There were problems with the base. The leadership of the Murmansk region allocated to the special forces a building that was abandoned for two years. Repairs had to do it yourself. However, there was no time for the buildup. In March, 1995, almost all employees of the department went to the Chechen business trip.

Already in the first years of its existence, the special forces had to perform a variety of tasks related to the fight against organized crime and drug trafficking. The development of experience contributed to the constant exercises, for example, "Atom-1997", to prevent the seizure of the nuclear icebreaker "Siberia" and the Kola nuclear power plant. Employees of Department “B” of the ATC FSB, the legendary Vympel, also took part in them. This unit, after returning to the FSB, from reconnaissance and sabotage work was redirected to the antiterrorist cover of strategically important objects.

Terrorists in the Arctic

The experience gained in the course of hostilities and in the course of the exercise soon had to be applied in real life. For only one week of August 1998, the “Killer Whales” had to perform two most complex operations at once and not anywhere, but in the North of Russia.

Early in the morning of September 5, 1998, in the village of Rogachevo on the Novaya Zemlya archipelago, forty schoolchildren and seven teachers were taken hostage. Five sailors of military service killed the guard and escaped from the guardhouse, where they were held for serious disciplinary offenses. After that, they went to a local school.

... The team from Murmansk ROSN came to fly to Novaya Zemlya and take measures to free the hostages. Negotiations began on the spot. Gradually, the sailors began to let the children go, in the evening of the same day all the criminals were rendered harmless.

During the operation, not one hostage was hurt, one terrorist was injured. And ten days later, all those who rescued hostages in Novaya Zemlya were awarded the Medal of the Governor of the Murmansk Region "For Valiant Service in the Polar Region".

No one could have imagined that a week later the special forces would again have to demonstrate their skills ... September 11 in the Closed Rocky was a tragedy. The sailor of the military service, Alexander Kuzminykh, shot eight co-workers and barricaded themselves in the torpedo compartment of the “Vepr” nuclear submarine, threatening to blow up the boat.

Special Forces officers arrived at the base of the submarine almost immediately after the alarm was announced, ironically, they were in the Rocky on exercises. The operation lasted almost a day. The initiative taken by the employees of RUSN has had a positive effect - the terrorist was destroyed.

Killer whales also worked outside the Murmansk region, in other regions of the North-West, fulfilling the tasks assigned to them.

Fight in Tangi-Chu

In the summer of 1999, the Second Chechen campaign began with the invasion of gangs by Sh. Basayev and Khattab in Dagestan. Dozens of military operations remained behind the special forces soldiers from Murmansk, one of the most well-known was participation in the storming of the village of Komsomolskoye in March 2000.

The Urus-Martan district of the Chechen Republic was assigned to the Murmansk RUSN. Light trips were not. Two employees, Pavel A. and Andrei Ch. Lost their legs, another employee was left without an eye.

In 2001, the head of the department, Yury Myasoedov, was seriously injured; he had to transfer to a new place of service. Colonel Igor Kondakov has become a new division commander.

... Late in the evening of April 15, the 2002 of the year happened irreparable. The head patrol of the FSB special forces moved through the village of Tangi-Chu in the Urus-Martan district of the Chechen Republic. Towards the special forces was a gang that descended from the mountains for the night in the village. There was a transient battle.

Captain Andrei Nikolaev, a unit sniper, was immediately fatally wounded, but continued to fire at the militants. Trying to evacuate him from the battlefield, the senior warrant officer Andrei Drozd was seriously wounded. He was able to get into the car by himself, but he was not taken to the hospital. Andrei died on board the helicopter that had flown in for evacuation. Captain Nikolaev died at the hospital in Grozny the next day.

It seemed that the guys were buried the whole city, and in the stalls there were not enough flowers ...

They are remembered ... In the building of the department, as well as in educational institutions of Kola and Monchegorsk, memorial plaques were opened in memory of the victims. In the autumn of 2002, on the initiative of the Murmansk branch of the International Organization of Special Purpose Veterans Vympel, the first sniper tournament in memory of Andrey Nikolayev was held. Won his employee ROSN Yuri L., also a sniper.

These competitions have become traditional and since 2008 have been held as part of the sporting events of the FSB of Russia. Snipers from all over Russia, including representatives of the special services center of the FSB, take part in the tournament. Twice, in 2008 and 2010, the winners were employees of Office “A” - the famous “Alpha”.

The song “Guys” is dedicated to the children’s memory, written by Murmansk bard Igor Koltsov. The song “Kasatki” was also created by him, but another author performs it - Sergey Mezentsev.

There was also a non-combat loss in the department - in the spring of 2009, when performing scheduled parachute jumps, captain Andrey Lebedev was killed.

Very often, during business trips to the North Caucasus, regional special forces perform tasks as part of joint operational-combat groups, shoulder to shoulder with colleagues from the A and B departments of the FSB Special Purpose Center. Friendly relations developed between Murmansk citizens and employees of 6, the “mining” department of the “B” Department. One of the "vampelovets" - Lieutenant Colonel Mikhail Myasnikov, candidate master of sports in mountaineering, during the joint missions to the mountains did the work of an instructor.

6 December 2008 of the year Mikhail died in Makhachkala on duty - during the battle he covered a grenade. He was posthumously awarded the title Hero of Russia. In memory of him, “Kasatki” shot a clip, and in 2010, a memorial plaque was made, which was fixed on Shkhara mountain in Kabardino-Balkaria.

At the location of the unit, in the hall, hangs the wheel - a gift from the Office "A" for the 10 anniversary of the department.

Men's work

Weekday special forces - this is a permanent workout. In the cold waters of the Kola Bay and in the Khibiny Mountains, at the Military Survival Center of the Ministry of Defense and aboard atomic icebreakers, at the base of the FSB Special Purpose Center ...

In the 2003 year, groups that specialize in mountaineering and parachute training were selected from the best-trained staff. The diving specialists of the department conduct training throughout Russia, even in the bays of Vladivostok.

A separate topic is the veterans of the unit. For many years Colonel Leonid Serdyukov and Konstantin Sergienko served in the department, to this day Colonel Yury Khomchik is in the ranks. Under their leadership, more than one generation of special forces officers has changed.

Over the years of the department’s existence, its employees more than forty times went on business trips to the North Caucasus, participated in more than 120 special operations and a thousand operational combat actions, destroyed and detained more than five hundred criminals.

Twenty gentlemen of the Order of Courage, two dead and more than twenty injured ... And dozens of saved lives. Yes, they only dream of peace!
The author is the creator in the social network VKontakte of the group “In Memory of Special Forces of the FSB Special Forces Who Perished in the Performance of Service Duty”.

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  1. Denis
    Denis 29 December 2012 10: 52
    Well done boys!
    It is a pity that it is necessary to create again. For me, and not only for me, the democrats are traitors, if "Alpha" with her experience was destroyed and if only she alone ...
    "Here are the freaks" -V. Sukhorukov (Tatarin) "Brother 2"
  2. Shkodnik65
    Shkodnik65 29 December 2012 11: 17
    Many have not even heard of the existence of this group. You need to promote such things. Let, for reasons of secrecy, and under other names, but to promote.
  3. Suvorov000
    Suvorov000 29 December 2012 11: 26
    After that, in Rogachevo for several more years, as horror stories told about hostage-taking at night, only everyone had one question what they counted on when they took the hostages, we still did not understand, you can get out of there only by the side, and the weather there is very peculiar we’re flying, we’re not flying, in general, it was not really possible to do it all
    1. psdf
      psdf 6 February 2013 13: 19
      An alien soul is dark and in addition - the darker a person is, the easier it is to control him and the more unpredictable his behavior ... Suddenly he is afraid of the fall of the firmament ...
      There was a fairy tale in the Northern Fleet:
      A group of mattresses of southern blood, having familiarized themselves with the map of the island on the wall at BMK, made a decision - 10 cm of the sea map will wade to the mainland, and it’s easy to cross the tundra.
      Good guys, what’s up and down the Arctic tundra ...
      On the 2nd day, 20 km from the garrison, they surrendered themselves))) They were lucky with the weather, apparently, the "Heavenly Chancellery" took into account their southern origin.
  4. Shkodnik65
    Shkodnik65 29 December 2012 11: 27
    I am sure that many citizens of Russia simply do not imagine that such a group exists. Popularization is needed, albeit for reasons of secrecy, and under other names. But people SHOULD know their heroes!
  5. George
    George 29 December 2012 15: 15
    "Seals" are crying in the bushes.
    The whales are the killers.
  6. Kir
    Kir 29 December 2012 17: 22
    THANKS MUCH TO THE AUTHOR, AND THE SPECIALISTS A LOW WORSHIP AND RAPTURE IS THERE IS THE ELITE AND PRIDE OF THE NATION !!! And I can tell Georges one thing, there is no other species in nature except for our unfortunately, which with good reason could be called the kind of killers Adno only true that some killer whales prefer pinniped cats for example!
  7. homosum20
    homosum20 29 December 2012 17: 55
    Thanks to the author of the article. People should know that these men are here to protect their lives, the lives of their children, who give their lives, if necessary, so that we live peacefully. I am not a president, not a minister. I just say thank you guys. And God save you.
  8. datur
    datur 29 December 2012 18: 27
    their seals belay for a snack to our killer whales !!!! feel laughing
  9. Nubian
    Nubian 29 December 2012 19: 57
    Maybe a little off topic, the story about the "Vepr" nuclear submarine
  10. wow
    wow 29 December 2012 20: 14
    Real men! Honor and glory !
  11. sadqwsaff
    sadqwsaff 29 December 2012 20: 16
    Have you heard what our authorities are doing again ??? Now everything became known, all the information about each resident of Ukraine, Russia and the CIS countries.
    I just found this base on the Internet,
    and most importantly, they did something like searching for lost relatives, but here is all the information about each of us:
    Correspondence with friends, addresses, phone numbers, place of work, and the worst thing is even my exposure of photos
    (I really don't know from where ...). In general, I was very scared - but there is such a function as "hide data"
    Of course I took advantage and I advise everyone not to hesitate, you never know
  12. Igarr
    Igarr 30 December 2012 21: 00
    Glory, of course, to the guys.

    but melancholy gnaws ... ".. Everything from scratch! There were no special weapons, no means of communication, no equipment. There were problems with the base ..."
    and six months later - a hot trip. Losses .. stupid ..
    It seems that the guys are being framed in advance ... ".. to take employees from other departments. People came from civilian life."
    This is not professionalism.
    Or - special professionalism.
    And the "madness of the brave .." is all the same ... we sing a song!
    1. SlavaP
      SlavaP 4 January 2013 22: 21
      Yes, I did.
      However - nevertheless, they realized it, better late than never.
  13. Alver
    Alver 2 January 2013 00: 42
    with all due respect to the guys, the next pawns are for the generals because the feeling that they are created so as not to be invested in infantry (it’s cheaper to maintain a detachment than a division) and then they are used as the same infantry and hayut that didn’t