The US President's press secretary spoke about Biden's age: “Eighties are the new forties”

The US President's press secretary spoke about Biden's age: “Eighties are the new forties”

The venerable age of current US President Joe Biden, who will turn 20 on November 81, is one of the main obstacles, in the eyes of the American voter, to his re-election to the post of head of the White House. However, those around Biden are trying in every possible way to justify the possibility and even the necessity of his re-election as president.

This time, Biden's press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre spoke about the age of the US President. She tried to explain that Biden was quite capable of running for office again. But it didn’t turn out very convincing, it was simply funny.

Eighty is the new forty, haven't you heard? So, let's... Look, I get asked this question once or maybe twice a week. I don't know, I've already lost count

- said Jean-Pierre.

The White House press secretary emphasized that Biden was criticized many times - both in 2020 and in 2022, and each time the critics of the current president were allegedly “put to shame” because Biden is doing something “exorbitant” and “creating history».

Others are not capable of this. Others can't do that, right? And I think that's also very important.

- the White House press secretary emphasized.

The words of the American administration representative are, of course, impressive. How many accusations of gerontocracy were once made against the Soviet Union and even post-Soviet Russia from the United States or the “opposition” incited by the Americans, and now the White House press secretary is justifying why Americans should vote for a decrepit old man a second time.

Okay, Biden’s only problem would be his age, but for him, age is not only numbers, but also a health condition that raises numerous questions for any people who follow the behavior of the American president. Biden is extremely forgetful, disoriented in space, and sometimes simply collapses. Or maybe in three years, if he is elected president again.
  • Wikipedia/The White House
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  1. +7
    16 September 2023
    “The eightieth anniversary is the new forty years” -

    - Who do you think is this weak old man?
    - Don't say, you can't know it.
    - This is a giant of thought, the grandfather of American democracy ...

    1. +1
      16 September 2023
      What next? Will the third round begin? Countdown to the third fortieth anniversary?
      1. +2
        16 September 2023
        And then what?

        Every year, or even month, the crazy guy will become younger and younger, until he starts peeing and shitting in bed, and eating from the nanny’s spoon wassat
        So American democracy is getting younger every hour laughing
        1. +3
          16 September 2023
          Quote: Popandos
          will become younger and younger until he starts peeing and pooping in the bed and eating from the nanny's spoon

          Well, yes. I remember that there was such a film with Brad Pitt in the title role.
          1. 0
            16 September 2023
            The US President's press secretary spoke about Biden's age: “Eighties are the new forties”

            Biden’s “Eightieth is the new forty” sounds especially funny from the lips of open LESBIAN Karine Jean-Pierre, Biden’s press secretary! lol
            Nevertheless, the deflection in front of the wrecked Biden was accepted by the US Democrats!
            1. 0
              18 September 2023
              Quote: Tatiana
              .... “The eightieth anniversary is the new forty years” ......the deflection in front of the wrecked Biden has been accepted by the US Democrats!

              hi Then they could have divided by 4, and not by 2, dear Tatyana! Then Bayen has a new twentieth anniversary lol started
      2. +2
        16 September 2023
        No, the fifth circle, Man lives for four centuries, then the countdown begins anew for 20 years. The first century is ape, the second is human, the third is donkey, the fourth canine (old dog). then in a new way, monkey-like (repeating what others say, pooping in your pants), but no one has yet lived up to the human
    2. The comment was deleted.
  2. +1
    16 September 2023
    And the US presidential administration is right, two for 40 and in one dish. Among the Russians, two for a hundred and in one dish are more popular. The USA is increasingly reminiscent of “Kin-Dza-Dzu” with their ruler PZh and faithful aetselopes.
  3. +2
    16 September 2023
    It’s like the old horse doesn’t spoil the furrows? Well, it’s clear that everything is already on the mend. Damn, at his age to think about the presidency... I’m 42 and let life begin with a new leaf and I don’t live to work, but work to live. He has billions in offshore assets - much more? Is this like in a game? The more you earn, will you get an achievement? Go enjoy your last days! 24 years ago, almost...every day could have been my last. Skills from childhood helped... hunting, shooting, kms, etc. - all this allowed me to survive... And when the question was, years later, either personal safety and losing everything or dying - I chose the first. No one has yet canceled instincts.
  4. +2
    16 September 2023
    The eightieth anniversary is the new fortieth anniversary
    The fact that this is the second fortieth anniversary is clear from arithmetic, but what about health in the “new fortieth anniversary”? Dementia, difficulties with movement, quirks in public make themselves felt. It’s one thing to try to appear cheerful and able to work, and another to be one. I wonder when “Kuzya the brownie” will live to be 80, will she also think so?
    1. 0
      16 September 2023
  5. +2
    16 September 2023
    The US President's press secretary spoke about Biden's age: “Eighties are the new forties”
    . Oh how!
    And the century, in their opinion, is the second fiftieth anniversary!!!
  6. 0
    16 September 2023
    Worst of all, and most important. that this man with senile dementia has a nuclear button. It is clear that he is not in charge of it. Who?
  7. +1
    16 September 2023
    Communicating with the spirits of ancestors at 40 and 80 are diametrically opposed things)))
    1. 0
      16 September 2023
      People fall under the “influence of spirits” at any age... only up to fifty dollars it’s like an anomaly, an exception, then by the second to forty, this is practically the norm!
  8. +1
    16 September 2023
    Biden, about the fact that age no longer allows you to be a politician:

    His competitor was like 69? Too old, as Biden said) to serve (hold office)
  9. 0
    16 September 2023
    They will bury the can just like that, taking it out of the database, along the way unhooking the gnarled fingers clinging to the tabletop! fellow laughing
  10. +2
    16 September 2023
    How the States laughed at our general secretaries is beyond description! In the early 80s, I listened to “enemy voices” in the HF range (fortunately, my receiver received them well). So, due to the advanced age of our leaders, their radio stations were broadcast almost every day!
    And they have an 81-year-old senile man fighting for office with a vigorous 77-year-old youth... and a semi-literate monkey with curls is trying with all his might (in fear of losing his warm place) to make his decrepit patron look like a youthful, lively one!
    At the same time, let me remind you that our leaders who were ridiculed about their age, even at their very latest ages, were: Brezhnev - 75, Chernenko - 72, Andropov - not even 70!
    1. 0
      16 September 2023
      Due to the advanced age of our leaders, their radio stations were walking around almost every day!

      I also listened to voices.
      And I remember that they made fun of me, but not at my age, but at my state of health.
      And they contrasted our ruins with their “peppy” Reagan.

      After all, Reagan was already 1981 years old at the time of his election as president in 70.
      And by the time his second presidential term ended, he was completely devastated 78, that is, he was older than any person from the Brezhnev Politburo.
  11. 0
    16 September 2023
    Biden rests more, eats and works! Of the 957 days of his presidency, he rested 382 days, which is 40%. laughing
  12. 0
    16 September 2023
    Are 70-year-olds therefore the new 35-year-olds?
  13. 0
    16 September 2023
    It was necessary to give him a coffin with the inscription “happy birthday” for his birthday! Then this holiday would become the last day of his life wassat
  14. 0
    16 September 2023
    "Forty-five, forty-five, grandfather's berry again!" (With)
  15. 0
    16 September 2023
    Who told you that in the USA they elect a president?
    Democracy is not the power of the people, but the power of the OWNED people. It’s just that since its invention in Hellas, the property qualification has increased by several orders of magnitude.
    Everywhere, however, it’s the same. Those fools who think that they decide something by drawing a tick or a cross on the ballot are deeply mistaken.
  16. +1
    16 September 2023
    A new version of Fitzgerald's story is "The Curious Case of Joe Biden."

    Here and there the characters are 80 years old.
  17. 0
    17 September 2023
    Eighty is the new forty, haven't you heard?
    Forty-five - baba berry again. Sixty - the man is still that fruit. And From the New: Eighty-ready American President!!! laughing laughing laughing

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