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Oil prices are steadily moving towards $100 per barrel

Oil prices are steadily moving towards $100 per barrel

World oil prices continue to rise. To date, Brent oil prices have surpassed $94 per barrel and have not stopped there. Thus, the forecasts of those economic experts who spoke about an increase in oil prices by the end of the year to at least $100 per barrel are actually coming true.

Against the background of rising prices for Brent oil, the price of the Russian Urals brand continues to rise. Exchange reports indicate that this grade of oil is already trading at $17 more than the so-called “price ceiling” ($60), artificially established by the G7 countries. Last month Urals traded at $70 per barrel, and the new rise in prices indicates that demand for Russian “black gold” is growing in the world.

At the same time, this fact is also evidence that the G7, led by the United States, does not have real tools to limit oil prices, including Russian oil.

The rise in oil prices worries the American administration, since the election race in the United States will soon officially start, and Biden and Co. clearly do not want to get a gallon of gasoline again for $5. After all, such a price increase will be actively used by the Republicans, who will again raise the question of the administration’s financial competence.

But if America’s problems are America’s problems, then the issue of rising fuel prices in our country is already acute. The price of a liter of diesel fuel has exceeded 60 rubles, and this is against the background of the ongoing harvesting campaign. This situation can pose significant risks in terms of completing field work, because at such a price for diesel fuel, farmers will be forced to either curtail work or ultimately significantly raise food prices in order to at least compensate for the costs incurred due to rising prices for motor fuel.
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  1. rotmistr60
    rotmistr60 15 September 2023 07: 20
    The G7, led by the United States, does not have real tools to limit oil prices, including Russian oil.
    But because, incl. were unable to establish control over OPEC+ decisions, no matter how much they wanted it and no matter how hard they tried to intimidate and blackmail. But the problem with fuel prices on the domestic Russian market really needs to be solved and has been for a long time. I am not an expert in this area, but perhaps a strong-willed decision is needed and a departure from the postulate - “the market will regulate itself.”
    1. rocket757
      rocket757 15 September 2023 07: 26
      Well, yes, the main oil producers put something to their noses, calculated and... in general, they are already doing well, but it will be even better if they keep the bar, their line....
      1. bayard
        bayard 15 September 2023 08: 33
        Quote: rocket757
        Well, yes, the main oil producers put something to their noses, calculated

        Something else is a little surprising - why, given the shortage of heavy grades of oil and diesel fuels on the market, is the grade of heavy Russian oil being traded so cheaply?
        And regarding the increase in prices at gas stations in the country and the shortage of the same diesel fuel... These are definitely not oil producers and oil refining companies; the main/overwhelming part of the price of motor fuel is EXCISE taxes, which are set by the state.
        In addition, due to the shortage of diesel fuel. fuel in Europe and the USA... Russian solar went where it was Yes "need more" . And they guessed exactly right to the harvesting room.
        It is unacceptable to leave the Ukrainian Armed Forces and NATO without diesel fuel!! stop
    2. tralflot1832
      tralflot1832 15 September 2023 09: 11
      rotmistr 60. Let's look at the price of solarium tomorrow, decisions are being made in an emergency. Although this should be done yesterday. In Ukraine, in the Northern Military District, our “combines” for harvesting dill do not run on air.
  2. Ross xnumx
    Ross xnumx 15 September 2023 07: 23
    Oil prices are steadily moving towards $100 per barrel

    For Russia, this can only mean one thing - prices at gas stations will confidently climb to 100 rubles/liter...
    1. Smoked
      Smoked 15 September 2023 07: 28
      Yes, ideally, as our oil workers want, a dollar per liter. True, there was something like that that year when the dollar fell and it became very funny to see, but alas, this did not last long.
  3. rocket757
    rocket757 15 September 2023 07: 24
    Oil prices are steadily moving towards $100 per barrel
    . Autumn, and then winter, however.
    Here, the heating season is approaching, and in general, the consumption of petroleum products is increasing... and paper oil cannot be distilled for fuel, but you cannot put it in the tank.
  4. A17ttt
    A17ttt 15 September 2023 07: 34
    a little informative display to draw conclusions based on it!
    Maybe it will be supplemented with information about production volumes and warehouses in the USA and the North Atlantic Alliance?
  5. Leonidych
    Leonidych 15 September 2023 07: 35
    Judging by the prices at gas stations, we buy oil somewhere in other countries. Or maybe we buy ready-made fuel there and send the oil there for processing???
    1. TwilightElf
      TwilightElf 15 September 2023 08: 34
      it probably looks like this. our traders first drive all the fuel over the hill - = it’s more profitable there; it’s more expensive there. And then they buy it back THERE and transport it back in trickles) double profit)) I wonder why in Kazakhstan Gazprom gasoline always costs half as much as in Russia. And In the Russian Federation, at the same time, Gazprom gas stations are closed))
      1. your1970
        your1970 15 September 2023 12: 07
        Quote from Twilight Elf
        I wonder why in Kazakhstan Gazprom gasoline always costs two times cheaper than in the Russian Federation. And in the Russian Federation, Gazprom gas stations are closed))

        Their excise taxes are lower....
  6. Yves762
    Yves762 15 September 2023 07: 47
    Oil prices are steadily moving towards $100 per barrel

    Fuel prices too... crying
  7. Polite Moose
    Polite Moose 15 September 2023 08: 13
    Oil prices are steadily moving towards $100 per barrel

  8. TwilightElf
    TwilightElf 15 September 2023 08: 30
    well, the same goes for gasoline) in our country at a gas station) it’s logical
  9. pexotinec
    pexotinec 15 September 2023 08: 35
    In Krasnoyarsk they are going to reduce the number of route transport due to problems with fuel. Some gas stations refuse to refuel buses. There are processing plants nearby, and the problem arose. And as is customary in Russia, when harvesting or sowing refineries are closed for repairs, this issue should be dealt with by the relevant authorities. 92nd increased by 6 rubles in two months, we were completely shocked.
  10. tralflot1832
    tralflot1832 15 September 2023 10: 14
    Biden called out the leaders of countries - some of the leading oil producers. Let him now worry about increasing oil production in the US. Why sell more if you can sell less for the same money. Inflation should stay in the US. American automakers continued the strike, rejecting the proposal from the plant management to increase their salaries are already not too shabby by 20%. Inflation in the USA is not decreasing and in Europe too.
  11. Got it
    Got it 15 September 2023 10: 27
    This news is scary!
    Oil prices are steadily moving towards $100 per barrel
    - at this rate, gasoline will soon cost 100 ruble candy wrappers / liter belay
    1. Glagol1
      Glagol1 15 September 2023 17: 01
      The ruble is not a candy wrapper. Our neighbors in Turkey have inflation at 40%, the central bank rate is 25%, but no one calls the Turkish lira a candy wrapper. Well, the undervalued exchange rate is even useful now. As for gasoline, prices will not be higher than 65-70 rubles; there is a damper mechanism.
  12. Glagol1
    Glagol1 15 September 2023 16: 23
    The Saudis have shrunk, so have we, logistics are complicated, there will be one hundred by winter. And with a hundred square meters, goodbye to the budget deficit, even with the SVO. The West is stupid.
  13. air wolf
    air wolf 15 September 2023 16: 34
    If we calculate according to the Nemtsov-Ulyukaev formula the cost of a barrel of oil is 2800 rubles, then a green candy wrapper should now cost no more than 30 rubles, and now this is extremely unprofitable for our top people, the income goes in foreign currency, but they execute the budget in rubles, and the rest is all they talk about all sorts of economists talking about some kind of volatility, bullshit, all the names are known and no one has an answer am
  14. goblin xnumx
    goblin xnumx 16 September 2023 00: 08
    the headline reads like - “Oil prices are confidently moving towards the level of 100 dollars per barrel” - just change the words ““oil” to “gasoline (solar)”, “dollar” to the ruble and “barrel” to “liter”. .. but otherwise beautiful....