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Geopolitical mosaic: Lukashenko frightened Israel, and the British government promised to ensure the security of the country when attacking zombies

Under the yoke of the Islamists. IA "REGNUM" told about a video of France-Press. Its cadres leave no doubts: the US-led coalition of countries hopes to bring Islamists and misogynists to power in Damascus.

Nowadays, the opponents of Bashar Assad are not camouflaging under the “democrats”, but frankly declare the creation of an Islamic state in Syria, based on Wahhabi fundamentalism. Judging by the published video, the Shiites, Alawites and other confessions, which, according to the militants, are associated with the Assad government, today are not only subjected to pressure, but their representatives are physically destroyed.

The most difficult is the position of the Christian minority of Syria (before the outbreak of armed confrontation, it was about 10% of the country's population). On the one hand, Christians are perceived by radical Sunni Islamists as "agents of Western influence," and on the other, as Assad's allies. The fact that the “opposition” itself receives support from the West does not save Christians.

In November, the “oppositionists” desecrated the ancient temple of the Melkite church - Saints Sergius and Bacchus in the city of Kara. September 20 suffered Catholics: on this day the residence of the archbishop was burned. 24 September 240 Melkite Christians were abducted near the village of Rabeh. Fortunately, local residents, their relatives and neighbors managed to negotiate with the kidnappers and release the entire group.

The Melkite Patriarch Gregory III Lakham in the summer called 80% of Western media reports about the situation in Syria a lie. The slogans of freedom and democracy put forward by the opposition, the patriarch said, are no more than a screen behind which supporters of the Shariah state are hiding.

Members of the Armenian Apostolic Church, the Antiochian Orthodox, the Greek Orthodox and other Eastern Christian churches in Syria are being harassed.

Western experts show Syrian militants how to use chemical weapons. Elise Labott (CNN; source of translation - "Translation") recently reported that the United States and its European allies are using military contractors to train Syrian rebels to secure chemical weapons stocks. Training takes place in Jordan and Turkey.

In the "courses" militants learn to ensure the safety of stocks, to comply with the rules of storing weapons and materials. One of the objectives of the “study” is to explore for these objects in real time.

It is reported that the very existence of this training program explains how Americans obtained information about the preparation of the Assad government for chemical weapons formulations and their loading into bombs. Intelligence allegedly came not only from satellite intelligence, but also from agents.

It is stated that the US military cannot train rebel forces militarily, since Washington gave the go-ahead only for the "non-lethal help" of the opposition.

In Israel, everyone knows: America is about to invade Syria. Israel’s Minister for Strategic Issues, Moshe Yaalon, in an interview with Army Radio, said that the United States was preparing for military intervention in the Syrian conflict, reports "" with reference to "Arutz Sheva". According to the minister, the final decision on the beginning of the intervention will be made if the Syrian government decides to use chemical weapons against its own citizens.

Ya'alon says that Washington is concerned about the development of events in a country neighboring Israel and the possible consequences of a civil war for the entire region. The minister also noted that the governments of the United States and Israel are in close contact, jointly analyzing what is happening in Syria.

In addition, 26 in December, the Arab press reported that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu secretly met with Jordan’s King Abdullah II to discuss joint actions regarding Syrian chemical weapons. No details.

Not winners? It turns out that the overwhelming majority of Israelis do not agree with the opinion that their country emerged victorious in the conflict with the Hamas movement, writes "" with reference to "Ediot Ahronot."

According to a sociological survey conducted by three organizations in Israel and Palestine, only 26% of the citizens of the Jewish state agree with the statement that their country won the war. At the same time, 81% of Palestinians agreed that Hamas won the war.

The Israelis were disappointed that the government of Benjamin Netanyahu did not continue the military operation in the Gaza Strip, but instead agreed to an armistice.

The Belarusian leader scares Israel. As transmits Rosbalt With reference to the “Market Leader” resource, the possibility of Belarus supplying C-300 to Iran is of concern to the Israeli side. In Israel, the planned deal was dubbed the “axis of evil.”

Alexander Lukashenko is ready to supply the necessary weapons to Iran, and at the same time earn.

Earlier, the US Treasury Department imposed sanctions against the Belarusian defense company Belvneshpromservice. The company is accused of supplying bombs of the Syrian army.

European face of Turkish diversification. Matteo Katstsulani ("Il Legno Storto", Italy; source of translation - "InoSMI") talked about how Turkey builds energy independence.

Russian gas is good, but Algerian is not bad either. To gain real energy independence, it is necessary to diversify sources of supply. December 23 Turkey announced its intention to extend the contract for the supply of 4,4 billion cubic meters of liquefied gas from Algeria. Turkish Energy Minister Taner Yildiz announced his intention to increase the amount of gas purchased from the North African country to six billion cubic meters per year and extend the contract for 5 years.

Turkey is interested in gas supplies from the United States. Yildyz is going to sign an agreement with America to supply six billion cubic meters a year.

The author of the article notes that the strategy of diversifying gas supplies to Turkey is connected with the desire of Ankara to reduce its dependence on Russia, Iran and Azerbaijan.

Today, Russia supplies Turkey with thirty billion cubic meters of gas through the Blue Stream pipeline and through the Trans-Balkan gas pipeline.

Iran supplies Turkey with ten billion cubic meters of gas per year, Azerbaijan - 6,6 billion cubic meters.

There is also an intention to build the Trans-Anatolian gas pipeline through the Turkish territory to transport thirty billion cubic meters of gas per year from Azerbaijan to the EU.


Because the import of Azerbaijani gas is part of the projects of the European Commission to diversify supply sources, invented to counter the almost complete monopoly of Russia, which now controls 40% of gas supplies to the Old World.

Traitors and upheavals. Egyptian prosecutors launched an investigation into opposition leaders: they are suspected of treason and plotting a coup, according to "Vesti".

We are talking about the leaders of the liberal parties, which organized in November the anti-presidential coalition - the National Front for Salvation. Their goal is to oppose President Mohammed Mursi by all possible peaceful means.

Remembering evolution. Residents of Bangui, the capital of the Central African Republic, 27 December went to the assault on the French Embassy, ​​reports "" with reference to the Al-Jazeera channel. Preferring the words of the case, with him the guys grabbed stones and clubs.

By an attack they wanted to make it clear to Paris that it was time for him to take part in a local civil war. Residents of Bangui believe that France, once a former colonial power, must intervene in the conflict on the side of government forces in order to prevent the rebels from storming the capital from the so-called "Union of Democratic Forces for Unity". In the case of the seizure of the city, the rebels will massacre there.

What did France say? Official Paris sent units of the Foreign Legion to Bangui. They will guard diplomats from both zealous help-seekers and insurgents.

Tribute to Russian soldiers. As conveyed from Paris correspondent ITAR-TASS Dmitry Gorokhov, the coordinating council of Russian compatriots in France intends to pay tribute to the Russian soldiers who saved Europe in two world wars. According to its chairman, a well-known publicist Dmitry de Koshko, members of the council are planning a series of memorial events dedicated to the upcoming important dates of the all-European stories.

The head of the organization said in an interview with the ITAR-TASS correspondent: “The message from Russian President Vladimir Putin to the Federal Assembly rightly said about the Russian heroes of the First World War. Representatives of different waves of Russian emigration are ready to help recreate the fullness of the historical image of the Russian soldier in that war. ”

He recalled that Russia more than once came to the aid of France. At the initial stage of the First World War, the Russian army, which was not fully mobilized, launched an offensive in East Prussia in order to divert German forces from the western front at the cost of heavy losses.

“In the dramatic August 1914 of the year, Paris was saved thanks to the efforts of the Russian allies, who by actions on their front helped France win an important victory in the battle of Marne,” said de Koshko. “These historical events will be in the spotlight in connection with the upcoming 100 anniversary of the Great War, as they call it in France.”

In addition, at the beginning of 2013, the Council of Russian compatriots plans to celebrate the 70 anniversary of the victory in another memorable battle - the Battle of Stalingrad. In honor of this battle is named the square in Paris, the streets in Toulouse, Grenoble, Nice and other cities of France.

“We consider it important that the current generation paid tribute to the Russian army for this great feat,” the ITAR-TASS official said.

The head of the coordination council also said: “Russian history deserves to be proud of it. And that is why it is so important that modern Russian society strives to link epochs together in order to rely on the continuity of Russia's thousand-year history. ”

Double Swedish standards. Russia sent a note to Sweden on the inadmissibility of indulging extremist organizations, reports "Russian peacemaker" with reference to the Voice of Russia.

“The Russian side has repeatedly called on the Swedish authorities to take measures to prohibit the activities in this country of the Kavkaz Center website, the information mouthpiece of the Caucasus Emirate terrorist organization, included in the consolidated list of the UN Security Council’s 1267 / 1989 sanctions against“ Al- Qaida ”and related individuals and legal entities,” the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation said.

“Nevertheless, the necessary steps have not yet been taken,” the Ministry of Foreign Affairs noted.

“The legal functioning of terrorist and extremist organizations in the Swedish territory is not limited to this,” the ministry said. “In particular, the open activities in Sweden, banned in Russia as a terrorist, and in a number of EU member states, for example, in Germany, as the radical extremist organization Hizb ut-Tahrir, are noteworthy.

“Recently there was an attempt by members of this group who found refuge in Sweden to hold an unauthorized rally outside the Russian embassy in Stockholm,” the diplomatic agency said. “The Swedish authorities consistently refuse extradition at the request of the Russian authorities of one of the organizers of this action, Khamzin, explaining his decision with allegedly political motives of the accusations against him in Russia.”

“We have to admit that such actions by the Swedish side are nothing but a manifestation of the policy of double standards,” summed up in Smolensk Square. “Persons accused in the Russian Federation of committing grave crimes continue to feel comfortable in the territory of Sweden.”

“The Russian Embassy in Stockholm sent a note to the Swedish Foreign Ministry, which draws attention to the inadmissibility of indulging extremist organizations and sentiments and calls on the Swedish authorities to ensure the safety of Russian overseas agencies and citizens in Sweden,” the ministry said. “We are waiting for the official reaction of the Swedish side to this note.”

Postal threat. Leonid Kovacic ("Voice of Russia") reported that the Far Eastern customs and police officers had blocked a large channel for the supply of synthetic drugs from China to Russia.

Prohibited substances are sent by international mail. It was possible to open the supply chain after the detention of a resident of Vladivostok, who was trying to get a raven figurine sent from Shanghai by mail. It was the place where the drugs were hidden.

As a rule, the criminal scheme is organized according to a typical scenario: the buyer places an order via the Internet, and then with the help of intermediaries, the potion is sent by mail. It turns out that mail is the most convenient way to organize drug trafficking.

The head of the center for legal and psychological assistance in extreme situations, Mikhail Vinogradov, says: “You can send a few grams of drugs in an envelope. This is a lot of money. In this case, the mail will not pay attention to such a slight difference in the weight of the letter. Another variant. The man sent the parcel. And who he is - no one knows, because he presents fake documents. Another person may simply not receive the package if he sees that, for example, he is being followed up. This scheme of drug transmission via mail has been operating for a long time. ”

How to deal with this?

“The most important way to combat drug trafficking is to determine where this mail comes from. Criminals do not send parcels from the same post office, but they still send them from the same region where synthetic drugs are manufactured. Therefore, if parcels to Russia — with toys, Christmas-tree decorations, figurines, or just letters — are constantly coming out of a settlement, then, of course, this leads to suspicions. ”

However, small batches of drugs are sent by mail. For transportation of large cargoes other schemes are used.

Recently, the FSB of Russia blocked the channel of air transportation of prohibited substances from China. Under the guise of mineral fertilizers and food concentrates, drugs were transported by flight attendants who pass through the green corridor at customs. Upon arrival in Moscow, the cargo was sent to one of the Chinese restaurants, it was sorted there, and sent to all regions of Russia. In the distribution of criminal involved mainly Chinese citizens.

Recently, China has become a supplier to the Far East not only for drugs of the cannabinoid group, but also for synthetic drugs: methamphetamine and ecstasy.

"Maximum did not interfere." Bidzina Ivanishvili 27 December announced that he supports the arrests of high-ranking officials in Georgia. About this, as transmits "" With reference to Interfax, he said in an interview with the Georgian TV channel Imedi.

Ivanishvili remarked that he could have prevented the arrests of supporters of President Saakashvili, but did not.

“I deliberately“ provoked ”this process, you can use this word, but I will immediately explain what I mean, which did not interfere with the process as much as possible,” said the Prime Minister.

According to Ivanishvili, the new government of Georgia has to deal with a “criminal” system. “The victims of this system were many former officials, including its main creator, Saakashvili,” the prime minister said.

Russian cyber crook will be planted in America. 4 January 2013, the federal court of the Southern District of New York, will announce the verdict on Russian citizen Vladimir Zdorovin, accused by the US authorities of cyber fraud, identity theft, and illegal securities transactions, "Vesti".

Almost a year ago, in January, 2012, the 55-year-old Zdelenin was extradited to New York from Switzerland. According to the data of the American prosecutor’s office, Zlovedenin and his son Kirill have been stealing data from credit cards of US citizens through fake companies since 2004. At the same time, they broke into American brokerage accounts and manipulated stock prices in the securities market to their advantage.

According to the prosecutors, Zdoroveniny kidnapped up to a million dollars from Americans. They removed and transferred funds to their account from their bank cards. The defendants bought credit card numbers from individuals who obtained them illegally, or obtained them using spyware computer programs.

Cyril dealt with the technical aspects of operations, and his father Vladimir was responsible for the legalization of the stolen funds. Zdorovin Sr. came to the attention of the FBI in June 2004, when, during a meeting with a secret informant, the ministry allegedly tried to involve him in a fraudulent scheme.

In February, 2012, Vladimir Zdorovin pleaded guilty on two of the nine counts. The prosecutor's office is asking the court to sentence the Russians to 4-5 years in prison.

The Russians tried to go to the Russian Embassy in the United States, but they were not allowed to go there. This was reported to journalists by the head of the press group of the Russian Embassy in Washington, Yevgeny Khorishko, reports correspondent RIA "News" Maria Tabak.

On the eve of a group of people gathered at the Russian Embassy in Washington, among them was Tatiana McFadden, a three-time Paralympic champion in London. They gave the Russian ambassador a petition addressed to the Russian president with a request not to sign the "anti-magnetic law."

Comrade Khorishko told reporters the details: “14.59 came to the embassy with a camera escort from 14 - an incomprehensible group, it is not clear why they came to the embassy. When an authorized picket happens, the Americans who guard the embassy inform us, and the police outfit is always there. In this case, no one informed us of any picket, we did not receive any notification either from the Americans or from them. Therefore, according to the current instructions, we notified the Americans that such a group of people gathered near the entrance to the embassy ... They said they want to give the petition to Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin. The senior diplomat came out, talked to them very respectfully, took the petition and returned to the embassy. In 15.22, they calmly, without any comments, without any statements, without any emotions, calmly turned and left ... "

From Hillary require answers, so John will wait. Olga Kanorskaya ("Voice of Russia"), citing the Washington Examiner, reports that at the same time several Republican senators refused to approve the candidacy of John Kerry as head of the State Department - until Hillary Clinton testifies to the 9 / 11 terrorist attack and the recent attack on the American consulate in Benghazi .

And the head of the State Department from December 15 is not shown to the public. Deputy Assistant Secretary Clinton Philip Rhines said that Clinton was very sick (gastric infection). Hillary canceled her testimony in these cases, previously scheduled for December 20, never appeared in public and missed the New Year's party at the State Department and the appointment of John Kerry as her own successor.

However, she still has to testify. The results of the investigation of the attack on the US office in Benghazi showed that the leadership of the State Department was guilty of the tragedy. And Hillary was the first to declare the involvement of terrorists in the attack.

"The nightmarish plan." In an editorial It is horrified that Democratic Senator from California Dian Feinstein is going to hold a bill in January, according to which all gun owners in the United States will undergo not only the registration procedure, but also fingerprinting.

Even today, the firearm seller is obliged to submit the 4473 form containing the name, address, driving license information, verification of the NICS transaction, serial number and model of the firearm to the government. The Feinstein bill, according to the editors of the site, will add red tape to the existing rules. All this is regarded in the article as a threat to the Second Amendment.

The registration process for Feinstein is generally a bureaucratic nightmare, journalists write. Not only will you have to pay 500 dollars for it, so the new permit will require two fresh color photographs, a birth certificate, documents confirming citizenship and place of residence, etc., etc.

Democrats and "their republican accomplices," the article says, are doing everything to ban firearms in the country.

Racists with pistols. Kurt Nimmo ( spoke about the new statements by director Michael Moore.

"Why should we have 300 millions of weapons in our homes?" - Comrade Moore asked the question on his website.

White people who own weapons are racists. Moore says: “This is because too many white people are afraid of black people ...”

Moore’s absurd claim. the journalist writes is part of an ongoing campaign to turn all Obama critics into "racists." In addition, this statement is consistent with the belief of most so-called progressists that white America is mired in racism, despite decades of civic education about human rights.

Meanwhile, US arms sales are growing. Good newsThe journalist says that almost half a million checks on transactions were performed only in the last six days before Christmas. A day, two days before Christmas, NIX performed 102.222 background checks. This day was the second in sales of weapons after the "Black Friday".

Recall that on the day of November 23 sales, according to the FBI, from stores received 154.873 applications for gun deals, which is 20% more than it was on Black Friday 2011 of the year (129.166 applications).

American “default” is coming. As the head of the US Treasury Department, Timothy Geithner, said, the United States has reached the ceiling of its national debt, which is 16,394 trillion. dollars, December 31. And Washington will have to default on its financial obligations, passes "Russian peacemaker" with reference to Rosbalt.

According to Geithner, the Ministry of Finance is preparing a series of measures to avoid default, if Congress does not have time to raise this ceiling to a new level and adopt a program to prevent automatic sequestration for the New Year.

According to the US law on raising the "ceiling", if an agreement on a plan to cut costs cannot be achieved, in 2013, the country will face sequestration (reduction) of the budget for 1,2 trillion. The funding of defense programs will be reduced by 9,4%, the Medicare health insurance program - by 2%, and scientific and educational programs - by 7,6%.

As a result, in the first months of 2013, the country expects a fall in GDP and an increase in unemployment to 10%. If the decision to increase the "ceiling" is not achieved, the United States can declare a technical "default."

As the "BBC Russian Service"The leader of the Democratic Senate majority, Harry Reid, said that the United States stands on the brink of a “fiscal cliff”: after all, the prospect of an agreement between Democrats and Republicans is very vague. Fiscal cliff means: with 1 in January in the United States, taxes for all Americans can rise at the same time and social costs decrease.

Speaking in the Senate, Harry Reid bluntly stated that there was no time left to reach an agreement until Monday, December 31.

The president wants to secure assurances that taxes for Americans who earn less than 400 thousand dollars per year will not increase, and insists that the new agreement provides for tax increases in any case. But many Republicans are against new taxes.

Experts believe that the "cliff" is fraught with a recession of the US economy and then a global economic downturn.

Republicans reacted to the near future with surprising ease: left for Christmas from Washington, blaming the failure in the negotiations on the Democratic-controlled Senate.

Speaking yesterday in the Senate, Harry Reid recalled that for the adoption of any bill you need at least 60 of 100 votes. This condemns any project that does not have the firm support of the Republicans. Mr Reed concluded that the United States is moving precisely toward the edge ...

Four thousand mistakes every year. Scientists from the medical school at Johns Hopkins University conducted a study: it was estimated that surgeons in the US annually allow four thousand cases of negligence, writes resource with reference to MEDNews. The results of the study were published in the journal "Surgery".

Scientists have used the information collected in the national data bank from 1990 to 2010. It stores information about all pre-trial or court-based payments to patients as compensation for the negligence of doctors. The manifestations of the negligence of the surgeons included “incidents that should never have happened”: foreign objects forgotten in the patient’s body, carrying out the wrong type of operation, operating on another organ or even ... on another patient.

Surgical negligence led to temporary injuries (59% of cases) and death of patients (6,6%).

According to the study, American surgeons:

- 39 once a week, forget foreign objects in the patient's body;

- 20 once a week, patients are not the type of operation;

- the same time healthy organs operate.

Every year, doctors admit more than 4 thousands of cases of negligence.

“Our report affects the lower limit of this statistic, since many incidents are hidden,” said one of the co-authors of the work, MD, surgeon Marti Makari.

Zombies will not pass! Recently, one Mr. turned to the Department of Defense of the United Kingdom about the attack of the dead and the "return of England to its former greatness." The United Kingdom Ministry of Defense does not understand the jokes, and therefore gave the author an official response.

"In the case of apocalyptic incidents (for example, attacks of zombies) all plans for the restoration and return of England of former greatness will be supervised by the government" - the Defense Ministry quoted the answer resource, referring to The Telegraph.

Officials wrote: “The role of the Ministry of Defense in such an incident will be to help the civil authorities, and not to the functions of the leader. Consequently, the ministry does not have information on this issue. ”

Thus, we would add on our own if the author saw in the zombie attack a chance to consolidate the British people, led by the Defense Ministry to a brighter future through victory over a common enemy, then pessimist officials, knowing perfectly well that the indigenous British in search of the former British spirit are fleeing the country - mainly to Australia, less to Canada and the USA, - they pretended that they did not understand him.

* * *

Dear friends! This is the last "Mosaic" in the past year. Be happy in the upcoming 2013 and stay with “VO”!

Observed and translated by Oleg Chuvakin
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  1. Vadivak
    Vadivak 28 December 2012 12: 20
    Thank you Oleg and all the best to you.

    The United States reached the ceiling of its public debt of 16,394 trillion. dollars, December 31.

    Today in the news they said that the machine will be turned on again, they laid down on their duty
    1. Dmitriy69
      Dmitriy69 28 December 2012 12: 38
      Quote: Vadivak
      they laid to their duty

      You might think someone was waiting for something else.
      They simply have no other way out of this debt trap. Although no, there is one way out - forward feet.
    2. Deniska999
      Deniska999 28 December 2012 12: 57
      What the West conceived against Syria. It seems to me that the intervention will most likely be at the beginning of next year. Well, the United States cannot miss such a chance! Libya, Iraq have confirmed this.
      1. aktanir
        aktanir 28 December 2012 13: 18

        Bitter and unpleasant. It remains to be hoped that Russia has so far only got up from its knees and is restoring its military power. AND EARLY BECAUSE HER DENSE YOUR OWN WILL IN A WIDE ARENA.
        1. танк
          танк 28 December 2012 15: 52
          Well, they screamed and will ... China and Russia defend Syria as they can
        2. vezunchik
          vezunchik 28 December 2012 17: 16
          And what is this surprise? We knocked with a fist and ... that's it! They even went to the Turks, but the Turkish economy is in our hands. And so - returned with injuries ...
        3. crazyrom
          crazyrom 28 December 2012 22: 55
          Quote: aktanir

          Are you 13 years old? Why did you write all caps?
          1. aktanir
            aktanir 29 December 2012 07: 37
            I did not immediately notice that the capsule is on, I didn’t want to rewrite stupidly
            1. crazyrom
              crazyrom 29 December 2012 23: 38
              is it true that he wrote a whole kilobyte of text in spite of the screen? belay
        4. 11Goor11
          11Goor11 28 December 2012 23: 31
          VERY BAD....

          Carefully study the materials on this site, and shake off this despondency hung by Western propaganda
          This site reflects the work of journalists - participants in real events.

        5. 30 December 2012 09: 24
          You have incorrect information on all points.
      2. YARY
        YARY 28 December 2012 13: 31

        French journalist Alain Jules published an article on his website claiming that Syria was the victim of an unprecedented in scope and fierce conspiracy organized by extremists and supporters of Western democracy.

        The loyalty of the people of the country and its army to the existing government did not allow to carry out the plan, despite all attempts to mislead the world community with the help of a false information campaign and intimidate the true friends of the Syrian people, the author writes.

        1. YARY
          YARY 28 December 2012 13: 34

          The Algerian newspaper El-Khabar reported that the chiefs of the training camps were individuals who had traveled from Libya to Tunisia to train militants and send them to Syria.

          The newspaper notes that, according to its sources, in Tunisia there are at least three camps for training militants.

          According to the newspaper, the Algerian army in the east of the country, near the Algerian-Libyan border, shot dead one of the al-Qaeda terrorists and arrested three others. All of them are citizens of Libya.
          1. YARY
            YARY 28 December 2012 13: 36
            Syria NEWS

          2. YARY
            YARY 28 December 2012 13: 37

            Syria NEWS

            Russian military experts are allegedly located at a number of Syrian air defense facilities, where they are on alert to manage the country's best air defense systems, The Guardian writes, citing sources that are very knowledgeable from the point of disinformation.
            According to these data, sucked from the same finger, the Russians do not work on all batteries, but only on modernized and recently delivered to this country. According to the publication, some of these complexes were delivered to Syria after the start of the transfer there of mercenaries from NATO countries and Arab despots.
            According to the Guardian, the presence of Russian officers at Syrian air defense facilities can seriously complicate, even disrupt a possible NATO operation both from a military and political point of view. Russians can do more damage to NATO aviation, and their possible death threatens with "unpredictable geopolitical consequences."
            Experts interviewed by the newspaper are of the same opinion, debated through NATO channels, that Syrian air defense is much better than Libyan. It consists of two divisions, which are armed with more than 130 rocket batteries, as well as thousands of anti-aircraft guns. The total number is more than 50 thousand people. Experts could have called a large figure, but so far limited themselves to this: it is necessary to somehow justify in the eyes of the layman the refusal of the war against Syria. After all, this layman is still lost in conjecture how many times the British media have already overthrown Assad. But he is alive! And he is guarded by thousands of anti-aircraft guns! And thousands more Russians!
            How did all this spoil the British intelligence?

            Russian officials, the newspaper writes, had previously denied reports of a military presence in Syria, saying that military cooperation with that country is currently "extremely limited."
            The newspaper could only add that this is proof that the Russians cannot be trusted: they would have told right away that they would defend Syria, there would have been no “revolutionary uprising”. The Russians didn’t do well!
            A source who likes to refer to Western sources:
            At the same time, this source, it turns out, is only “known” that the base of material and technical support of the Russian Navy continues to work in the Syrian port of Tartus, on which sailors and officers of the Black Sea Fleet are serving.
            And again, British experts are mistaken in trusting Russians about the Black Sea. After all, the Russians still have the Baltic Fleet! And the Pacific! And there’s something else ...
            But to write at least a word about the fact that Syria is being protected and will be protected by the Syrians - what do you mean! This "Guardian" will never allow!
            This newspaper is more likely to write about the fact that aliens are on a stand by Syria's anti-aircraft missiles, than it is recognized that the PEOPLE of SYRIA itself can defend its freedom from NATO mercenaries and restore order on its own land!
            1. Vanek
              Vanek 28 December 2012 13: 50
              Quote: Ardent
              The Russians didn’t do well!

              Yes, yes, we are. We cannot be trusted. No.
              1. YARY
                YARY 28 December 2012 14: 04

            2. YARY
              YARY 28 December 2012 13: 52

              A terrible video about the atrocities of the so-called "rebels" in Syria

              The terrebleu blogger writes:
              December 27 2012
              The famous British journalist Patrick Coburn spent 10 days in Syria, mostly in Damascus. His article a week ago is full of stories that the situation inside the country is almost diametrically opposed to the stories of the world media about Syria. Highlights in his article:
              1 There is no encirclement / siege of Damascus
              2 The Syrian army successfully repelled the rebel attack, even Homs under the control of government troops, except for one area controlled by the SSA
              3 The regime will not fall either in the coming days or in the coming months - unless there is an external invasion, and the statements of various rassmussen to the contrary - stupid propaganda
              4 Almost all of Syria saw the video of the execution of two captured military men (this is the very one where the child is trying to chop off the captive's head), literally everyone with whom the journalist communicated saw this video - and all Syria will now fight to the very end, knowing what awaits them if these "rebels" seize power
              5 Western diplomats in Damascus say that despite all the advertised shoots of various military ranks, the Syrian elite is not split at all and does not fall apart - no matter how the Western media rubbed the opposite
    3. old rocket man
      old rocket man 28 December 2012 13: 02

      It seems that you are 200% right, but the "father" laid on them and is ready to sell the S-300 to Iran (and that could be sent to Syria), given that the sale of weapons to third parties (and this is a mandatory clause of any agreement on weapons transactions) can only be with the consent of the manufacturer, we noted here too good
      1. Vanek
        Vanek 28 December 2012 13: 07
        But "dad" - lay down.
      2. mda
        mda 28 December 2012 13: 52
        Quote: Old Rocketman
        It seems that you are 200% right, but the "father" laid on them and is ready to sell the S-300 to Iran (and that could be sent to Syria), given that the sale of weapons to third parties (and this is a mandatory clause of any agreement on weapons transactions) can only be with the consent of the manufacturer, we noted here too

        And let’s say this: we give free the latest weapons to Lukashenko, and he will forward them to Syria and Iran and others in the future.
      3. nabludatel_56
        nabludatel_56 28 December 2012 20: 49
        Quote: Old Rocketman
        It looks like you are 200% right, but the "father" laid on them and is ready to sell the S-300

        Empty chatter. The Old Man does not have S-300 for sale, and all these conversations are in order to justify the already announced sanctions. I don’t understand - why are people having so much fun? Celebrate already?
    4. Vanek
      Vanek 28 December 2012 13: 06
      Quote: Vadivak
      they laid to their duty

      They didn’t lie down, they did it!
    5. Alexander Romanov
      Alexander Romanov 28 December 2012 13: 11
      Hi Oleg, Happy New Year drinks did you say something about gifts feel

      Quote: Vadivak

      Today in the news they said that the machine will be turned on again, they laid down on their duty

      The United States will have problems when countries put on their debt and paper.

      By the way, and the United States has money for the invasion of Syria, well, has it already been printed with meaning?
      1. Vanek
        Vanek 28 December 2012 13: 19
        And now I read this:

        Subject: Magnitsky case

        The court did not discern negligence in the actions of the former deputy chief for medical and preventive work of the Butyrsky pre-trial detention center Dmitry Kratov. In this way, the only suspect in the death of Hermitage Capital lawyer Sergei Magnitsky was acquitted.

        The judge of the Tver court of Moscow passed a verdict of not guilty to Dmitry Kratov, not seeing in his actions the negligence that led to the death of Sergei Magnitsky. Thus, the decision of the prosecutor's office was taken into account, which requested during the debate of the parties to acquit him for the lack of corpus delicti in his actions. “I sincerely regret the death of Sergei Magnitsky, but due to the circumstances of the incident I did not have the opportunity to influence his fate. I ask for a verdict of acquittal, ”the defendant said in his last words.

        I wonder what the United States will say?
        1. strannik595
          strannik595 28 December 2012 13: 39
          Oleg, thanks for all the reviews this year, gave a lot of food for thought, I am glad that I ended up on this patriotic site. Happiness, health and good luck in the New Year! drinks
          1. Mart
            28 December 2012 15: 07
            Quote: strannik595
            Oleg, thanks for all the reviews this year, gave a lot of food for thought, I am glad that I ended up on this patriotic site. Happiness, health and good luck in the New Year!

            Thanks Igor! And to you health, sun and success!
            Tomorrow I will write a greeting.
        2. Vanek
          Vanek 28 December 2012 14: 18
          Quote: Vanek
          And now I read this:

          And next:

          MOSCOW, Dec 28 - RIA News. Russian President Vladimir Putin signed the “Dima Yakovlev law,” which prescribes a ban on the adoption of children by foreigners, it will come into force on January 1, 2013, the Kremlin’s press service said.
        3. sergo0000
          sergo0000 28 December 2012 15: 09
          Quote: Vanek
          I wonder what the United States will say?

          And we don’t care !? wink
          Let them rub their teeth to gums from annoyance and twist their tails on their ranches to cows! bully
          Excellent review Oleg! As always, the highest aerobatics! good
          I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate the entire administration of the site, our permanent and tireless reviewers, all members of the site, "red" and "white," left and right ", Happy New 2013! May the next year be the year of fulfillment of all our expectations ! Let's wish each other what everyone would like for themselves! drinks fellow HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!
          1. Mart
            28 December 2012 15: 14
            Quote: sergo0000
            Excellent review Oleg! As always, the highest aerobatics!

            Thanks! I'm not saying goodbye yet. New Year's greetings will appear on the site soon, and Alexey Volodin will give out humorous "Results of the Year". drinks
            1. sergo0000
              sergo0000 28 December 2012 17: 36
              Dear friends! This is the last "Mosaic" in the past year. Be happy in the upcoming 2013 and stay with “VO”!

              I confess Oleg, I was confused only by this line! what
              Waiting for new creations! Good luck to you guys in the coming year! drinks hi
          2. Vanek
            Vanek 29 December 2012 05: 37
            Quote: sergo0000
            And to us not don't care !?

            Fact! smile
      2. Retx
        Retx 28 December 2012 13: 53
        You cannot endlessly print money laughing Then they will drive themselves into the coffin faster, do not joke like that. They run out of money, and the war in Syria will not immediately bring profits like Libya and Iraq. They supply weapons not free of charge, but at the expense of the Saudis and co. Will the sheikhs pay NATO for the operation? HZ
      3. Mart
        28 December 2012 15: 06
        Quote: Alexander Romanov
        did you say something about gifts

        Hi Sasha! Holiday greetings!
        Yes, of course, grateful readers give gifts to their favorite author. drinks
        1. Thunderbolt
          Thunderbolt 28 December 2012 21: 23
          8.12 12: 32

          As soon as it became known that the missile defense batteries provided by the American, Dutch and German NATO allies to Turkey for deployment along the Syrian border, a few hours later, three Russian warships entered the port of Tartus - the Novocherkassk and Saratov landing craft and auxiliary tug MB-304. There are 300 Russian sailors on board these ships.

          The presence of Russian Navy ships is changing the strategic balance between the United States and Russia, not only off the coast of Syria, but also between Israel and Syria and may affect plans for an attack on Iranian nuclear facilities.

          Military and intelligence sources cited by DEBKAfile note that Russian ships unloaded 24 9K720 "Iskander" (NATO classification "Iskander" is the code name for SS-26 Stone systems) at the Syrian port of Tartus XNUMX XNUMXKXNUMX are mobile tactical cruise missiles intended for use in the theater of operations in regional conflicts.

          According to reports, Syria will install six batteries with 12 missiles against Turkey, six batteries with 12 missiles against Israel and Jordan, they will be aimed, in particular, at US military facilities in these countries.

          The Russian cruise missile has no competitors among Western missiles: it overcomes a distance of about two kilometers in a second. Its range of action is about 300 kilometers, that is, it is easily able to reach the central regions of Israel from the territory of Syria. A warhead weighing 480 kg beats against a pre-planned target with perfect accuracy - the radius of the hit is from 30 to 70 meters. If the warhead is equipped with optical aiming, then the accuracy reaches 5 - 7 meters.

          While the whole world is discussing the Syrian Scud missiles and the danger of Syrian chemical weapons, the real danger lies in the Russian winged Iskander, capable of carrying nuclear warheads that cannot intercept either Western or Israeli missile defense systems.
          1. Thunderbolt
            Thunderbolt 28 December 2012 21: 28
            Russian President Vladimir Putin, who promised two American presidents, George W. Bush and Barack Obama, and three Israeli prime ministers, Ariel Sharon, Ehud Olmert and Benjamin Netanyahu, that he would never allow the transfer of Iskander missiles to either Syria or Iran, even then he knew that these cruise missiles would end up not only in the hands of Assad, but soon also in the hands of Ayatollah Ali Khamenei.

            That is why last Saturday, December 15, the head of the Iranian armed forces, General Hasan Firuzabadi, said things that seemed unreal. He said that the deployment of NATO Patriot missiles along Turkey's border with Syria could lead to a world war that would threaten European countries.

            Everyone assumed that the Iranian general was talking about Patriot missile defense systems, but he clearly meant the Russian Iskander missiles.

            The transfer of cruise missiles to Assad clearly and clearly makes it clear that Moscow in its foreign policy relies on the Tehran-Damascus-Hezbollah axis. The West is talking about the imminent fall of Assad, but Assad has already used chemical weapons (sarin in Homa), and the use of Iskander is not far off ...
            1. nabludatel_56
              nabludatel_56 28 December 2012 22: 50
              Already the third glass has waved. Are you our Scout?
            2. dmitreach
              dmitreach 28 December 2012 23: 01
              Has Assad already used sarin? oh, wei! and a reference, who is that "one grandmother"?
              1. Thunderbolt
                Thunderbolt 28 December 2012 23: 15
                maybe we discussed this news, I missed it. even if the original source "quacks like a duck" the appearance of such an article says a lot. It's a pity, all the Stools, but the armored cars are discussing. It is interesting to hear the opinion of Competent comrades.

                Quote: dmitreach

                1. dmitreach
                  dmitreach 29 December 2012 09: 55
                  A familiar article. Could you write about C 400 right away, what are the little things? Or about Churkin and the catharsis of Qatar. (Tada was amused by provoking an epic butcher in the Western media)
                  Most of all, the tone of the article amused ... Everything: "for health", yes "for health", and at the end of such a stroke, in one sentence, "for peace."
                  Thick. Not kosher.
                  Washington is terrified. And punk. Hoping in Russian. Another democratization in the country of Immaculate Elves Democratizer breaks down.
                  1. Thunderbolt
                    Thunderbolt 29 December 2012 14: 03
                    Quote: dmitreach

                    A familiar article.

                    Well, yes! We already discussed this news, but found it in Yandex news yesterday. I thought it was fresh news, and then I realized --- tsezh is an old gon! fellow why, only they present it as news what I think science is powerless here .... But the meaning is clear --- RUSSIAN IS ALL GUILT. laughing Dmitry, with the upcoming drinks !
                    1. nabludatel_56
                      nabludatel_56 29 December 2012 14: 23
                      So it’s not Russian, but ... it seems so they say to you?
                    2. dmitreach
                      dmitreach 29 December 2012 16: 33
                      drinks and to you the best holidays! good
                      the fifth column does not sleep, does not sleep. I’m even afraid of the word - watch! give them the current, give me the info line for stuffing ** vna.
                      figs - stokers! cess, shovel and fan workers. (well, a pen with clave on red days)
  2. Dmitriy69
    Dmitriy69 28 December 2012 12: 33
    Your foot! ..
    What difference does it make on what mats?
    These different volumes are Swedes and other shellup quite oh ... with their own tolerance.
  3. Ruslan
    Ruslan 28 December 2012 12: 42
    Be sure to read this article about the connection between the Jewish Lobby of the United States and the shooting of children in Sandy Hook
    1. Fox
      Fox 28 December 2012 15: 19
      Quote: Ruslan

      - A cool reference ... I recommend.
  4. Ivan Mazyr
    Ivan Mazyr 28 December 2012 12: 56
    I guess I miss something in the news when I was on watch. And what is involved in H. Clinton in 9/11?
  5. Odessa
    Odessa 28 December 2012 13: 04
    horny friends! This is the last "Mosaic" in the past year. Be happy in the upcoming 2013 and stay with VO!

    And to you, as always +, and all the very best in the New 2013! good
    [/ URL] [/ img] [/ center]
    [/ URL] [/ img] [/ center]
    [/ URL] [/ img] [/ center]
    1. Dmitriy69
      Dmitriy69 28 December 2012 13: 12
      Quote: Odessa
      And to you, as always +, and all the very best in the New 2013!

      Let me join drinks
      1. Odessa
        Odessa 28 December 2012 13: 49
        Let me join

        And also all members of the forum happy New Year and Merry Christmas!
        [/ URL] [/ img] [/ center]

        And a snow maiden for Romanov! laughing
        [/ URL] [/ img] [/ center]
        1. Vanek
          Vanek 28 December 2012 14: 08
          Quote: Odessa
          And the snow maiden for

          Why current for him what offensively crying

          Esther, with the upcoming love
          1. Odessa
            Odessa 28 December 2012 17: 53
            And why the current is insulting for him

            And so? And you with the coming!
            [/ URL] [/ img] [/ center]

            Be all happy in the New Year!
            [/ URL] [/ img] [/ center]

            [/ URL] [/ img] [/ center]

            [/ URL] [/ img] [/ center]
            1. nabludatel_56
              nabludatel_56 29 December 2012 14: 35
              So where are you?
        2. Apollo
          Apollo 28 December 2012 20: 46
          Thank you charming esther hi for congratulations ........... mutually

          decided to lay out as they say in debt not to stay .............. he read and fell laughing I want to make a reservation right away, so
          Ukrainian teacher addicted cats to smoking and drinking

          KIEV, 28 DECEMBER. In the village of Rudka in the Rivne region, they live together - the cat Marty and the Cat Vasily. Marty is four years old, and a man by the name of Cat is 46. One of them once caught mice, the other once taught English and French at school. Both have one passion - smoking. Vasily is sure that he knows exactly when Marty wants to relax. If the cat is tired and sad, then this means one thing - it is necessary to smoke break, the man assures.
          In the village of Marty everyone knows, writes But there were two more like him here - the cats Matroskin and Leo. And it was Matroskin who was taught by the teacher Vasily the first to smoke.
          Once, because of the cigarette butt thrown by the cat, the roof caught fire. The fire was extinguished by the whole village. They still joke here: "The cat burned down the cat's house"
          Firefighters asked Vasily about only one thing - whether he was drinking or his cat. "Matroskin was not drunk, that's for sure. We did not drink that day at all - neither I nor Matroskin. He had his own cat affairs ... I had my own," - justified Vasily. He forgave Matroskin and taught another cat to smoke. This is how Marty developed a bad habit.
          But over time, Vasily had another problem - the cats began to drink alcohol. The owner's patience ran out when the cats figured out for three. "Once it was such a terrible fight, so terrible that I touching their skin, I listened as they just" oykali "and" ahkali ". So giving three to drink is a terrible thing," complained the owner of the animals.
          Two cats - Matroskin and Leo - moved to the city, live in another private house and rarely see each other. And Vasily now only cares about Marty. Marty's favorite dessert is milk and wine.
          “If we translate into the mass of humans the doses that these unfortunate cats drink, then they have long been alcoholics,” said Tamara Tarnavskaya, president of the animal protection organization SOS.
          Animal advocates are confident that Vasily should be held accountable. "If it were in a country where there is a law (on the protection of animals - ed.), A person would go to jail and pay a fine for bullying. This is a breakdown in the psyche of an animal that depends on you and cannot kick in the teeth. If I were a cat, I would simply scratch out his eyes, "Tarnavskaya summed up.
          But Vasily is not worried about his eyes, because he is firmly convinced that cats respond to him with mutual love. For him, Marty is both a friend and a doctor. Vasily considers himself neither a sadist nor a local trainer "Kuklachev". He says that a cat's life is short, and he makes it bright and eventful.
          Read more:
  6. cool.ya-nikola
    cool.ya-nikola 28 December 2012 13: 24
    Dear friends! .. Be happy in the upcoming 2013th and stay with “VO”!

    Thank you Oleg, and I wish you happiness, health and all the best! Well, on IN We will definitely stay! soldier
    It was gratifying to find out how people in France remember about Russian aid in the First World War!
    “We consider it important that the present generation pay tribute to the Russian army for this great feat”

    It remains to add that we ourselves should know more about the unjustly "forgotten" First World War, and about the exploits of our ancestors!
    To all friends and fans INBest wishes for the upcoming New Year! drinks
    1. Mart
      28 December 2012 15: 09
      Quote: cool.ya-nikola
      Thank you, Oleg, and I wish you happiness, health and all the best! Well, we will definitely stay in BO!

      Thank you, Nikolay! To new meetings on the site in the New Year! drinks
      1. cool.ya-nikola
        cool.ya-nikola 28 December 2012 15: 37
        Quote: Mart
        See you on the site in the New Year!

        I really hope for it!!!
  7. omsbon
    omsbon 28 December 2012 13: 32
    Dear forum users!
    Happy New Year to you!
    I wish you all happiness, health, success!
  8. Hauptmann emil
    Hauptmann emil 28 December 2012 13: 38
    Well done Old Man. Still, our secretly through Belarus would begin to supply ammunition and weapons from the warehouses. All the same, a lot of them gather dust in warehouses, so instead of recycling they would put Syria at least 25% of the cost. or even a loan.
  9. sergskak
    sergskak 28 December 2012 14: 12
    The United States is preparing for military intervention in the Syrian conflict, reports “” with reference to “Arutz Sheva”.
    Oh, how cleverly they prepare public opinion. And the main thing in the case of the unforeseen can be attributed to "misinformation." And now there is a pause ... Options for further actions depend on the reaction to this of Russia and, to a lesser extent, China. And the main thing is the ownership of the press does not matter (in this the case of "Aruts Sheva"). A bit trite, those who are in the know. For example, in the USSR (sorry) for such a "feeling of reaction" there would immediately appear articles about the strengthening of the Soviet group in Syria in order to protect citizens and help the fraternal people in the fight against imperialism.
  10. Black Colonel
    Black Colonel 28 December 2012 14: 35
    I do not understand why OUR media of the so-called "Syrian rebels" (especially in Europe and the USA) are still not called "SYRIAN TERRORISTS"? After all, such a name does not contradict their ESSENCE, the essence of jackals, rapists, executioners and sadists.

    It is also necessary to adopt a "Dima Yakovlev List" in relation to Swedish citizens, which prevents the extradition of persons carrying out anti-Russian activities at Russia's request for extradition. Maybe these Swedes and us will be on this list, but they will not feel so comfortable anymore. IMHO.

    1. sergskak
      sergskak 28 December 2012 14: 36
      VGTRK-zero property, and the rest ... (look at the names of the directors for the names). The Jews are all the other bacchanalia. The main loot, they do not care. And at the expense of the Swedes correctly.
  11. cool.ya-nikola
    cool.ya-nikola 28 December 2012 14: 49
    Quote: Odessa
    And a snow maiden for Romanov!

    Esther, but your picture was still better !!!
  12. MG42
    MG42 28 December 2012 15: 05
    After the massacre at Connecticut Elementary School, American teachers decided to learn how to handle firearms.
    The Ohio Firearms Association announced that it will organize and pay for training courses for shooting teachers. The group believes that this will help prevent cases of massacres of children like the one that occurred at Sandy Hook Elementary School. Then the victims of the killer were 27 people, including 20 children.

    The Ohio Armed Teacher Pilot Program offers three days of training. At the first stage, the association will pay for the accommodation of 24 teachers.

    According to representatives of the organization, teachers and school workers "for many years" have been asked to organize training sessions that will prevent new cases of shooting in schools. The association believes it can find sponsors to expand the program so that "learning is available to any teacher or school staff member."

    The massacre of children in Newtown, Connecticut, occurred on December 14. Then, at the hands of 20-year-old Adam Lanza, 20 children, six employees of the educational institution and the mother of the shooter were killed.

    In connection with what happened in the United States, a new discussion began on the need to tighten arms control. US President Barack Obama called for the renewal of the ban on assault weapons. In turn, the American National Rifle Association suggested providing schools with armed guards.
    1. Vodrak
      Vodrak 28 December 2012 21: 09
      In performance will be !!!! The teacher is near the blackboard, and in the corner is an uncle with a machine gun.
  13. Kibl
    Kibl 28 December 2012 15: 12
    Happy New Year to everyone! Greetings from Latvia! I wish you all good health, and our enemies have the best gift aspen! good
    1. sergskak
      sergskak 28 December 2012 15: 24
      Everything will be fine! And you with the upcoming !!! Good luck !!! drinks
    2. Ascetic
      Ascetic 28 December 2012 15: 36

      And you too.! Laimigu Ian Reptile! “Lai dzīvo Padomju Latvija! Urā! " We will not forget her alive yet.

      The time will come and the headlines will again be like that.
  14. WW3
    WW3 28 December 2012 15: 45
    As the head of the US Treasury Department, Timothy Geithner, said, the United States has reached the ceiling of its national debt, which is 16,394 trillion. dollars, December 31. And Washington will have to default on its financial obligations, passes

    You can uncork an extra bottle of champagne on this occasion ....
    Although it will be approximately like the "end of the world" will be transferred in time, delaying the fall in time by another raising of the "ceiling" of debt and passing through the Congress ....
    Here’s a figurative picture ... the client goes up the debt ladder higher ... higher ... and nowhere to go further ... no one is borrowing and no one believes ... and they demand to pay off their debts ... and a sharp drop .. a cool dive ...
  15. albanec
    albanec 28 December 2012 16: 02
    Coming American "default"
    Yes, as always, at the last moment, the great leadership of the Americanostan will save everyone by agreeing with the Senate and there will be great Americanos glee and everyone will be relieved with relief and will spend even more money, including on weapons, hamburgers, cola laughing
  16. homosum20
    homosum20 28 December 2012 16: 05
    Oleg, thanks.
    One could bring a bunch of cool moments, exact moments and so on.
    I will not.
    Thank you and Happy New Year.
  17. WW3
    WW3 28 December 2012 16: 08
    Since the New Year’s theme has gone a couple of touches ...

    chinese santas bikers

    1. Karlsonn
      Karlsonn 28 December 2012 17: 03
      Somehow early, you happy new year No. .
      anyway fellow
      1. Karlsonn
        Karlsonn 28 December 2012 17: 05
        Everyone - good and festive mood! yes
        1. Karlsonn
          Karlsonn 28 December 2012 17: 09
          According to the BBC Russian Service:
    2. ksandr45
      ksandr45 29 December 2012 12: 43
      Grandfather on a motor scooter delivers especially. Holidays are inevitably approaching.
  18. Mails
    Mails 28 December 2012 16: 09
    Well done Old Man !!! Real top manager)))
    Throws S-300, and just buy from us S-400) at a discount.

    Surprised that in France, there are streets with a name in honor of the Leningrad battle.
    I am glad that even old Europe honors the exploits of our soldiers. Than the Baltic states ...
  19. nabludatel_56
    nabludatel_56 28 December 2012 18: 05
    "As reported by Rosbalt with reference to the resource" Market Leader ", the possibility of Belarus supplying S-300 to Iran is of concern to the Israeli side. In Israel, the planned deal was dubbed the" axis of evil. "

    What does the author write about? What kind of S-300 does Lukashenko have that he can sell? What is it? We need to study the issue, and not refer to dubious media. Just want to say disgusting about the Old Man?
    For the gifted, I inform you that Belarus does not produce S-300 systems and cannot resell them without the consent of the manufacturer. Russia has already been hit once with the failure of the contract with Iran and there will be no consent from it.
  20. Bashkaus
    Bashkaus 28 December 2012 18: 30
    I have a suspicion that "Dead" is a kind of code word for those with whom in the near future the United States and the small shaven will have to fight. "Dead and Zombies" can be anyone: beggars who lost everything during the collapse of the Western economy, or Muslims - not so important. The important thing is that someone is cynically called "zombies" and they are preparing to chop them off from the sawn-off sawdust.
    This topic is too popular recently.
  21. Peace
    Peace 28 December 2012 19: 31
    Belarus is like a mess ... ._.
    1. Ascetic
      Ascetic 28 December 2012 19: 38
      Quote: Peaceful
      Belarus yak

      A world conference of women is taking place - and the main question:
      "How many times a week should a woman make love?"
      - We women are very busy in the modern world, so once
      per week and no more.
      - Yes, of course we are busy with work, children, but 1 time is not enough -
      so 2 times is at least.
      Frenchwoman (jumping up):
      - What are you saying, 1-2 times a week - how can this be
      seven times a week and no less ...
      Belarusian (holds out his hand):
      - Well, this is a good time for a good man, but on weekdays there are rings?

      (in Belarusian Sunday sounds like a nyadelya): belay
      1. Karlsonn
        Karlsonn 28 December 2012 20: 12

        in Ukrainian about the same hi .
        1. Ascetic
          Ascetic 28 December 2012 20: 22
          Well, Slavs will give everyone the heat. That's about hoh ... to

          Somehow married an Uzbek on x..lushke. Well, he brought her to his house and says:
          - You listen - I'm an Uzbek - we are a simple people. Here's how I come in the evening, skullcap on
          right side, do not touch me, I'm angry - I will beat. If I come - skullcap on
          left - even more evil - do not touch me - I will beat. And if I come, skullcap
          from behind, generally angry - better not come.
          - And I ... the cabinet, I am also simple, so if you come in the evening, and I stand with
          rolling pin and hands at the waist - THEN ME FOR **** WHERE YOU HAVE A TUBET!
          1. Karlsonn
            Karlsonn 28 December 2012 23: 47

            beard bully about cucumbers, reveals Ukrainians better wink
      2. 30 December 2012 09: 34
        Quote: Ascetic
        (in Belarusian Sunday sounds like a nyadelya)

        As far as I remember, in Church Slavonic too.
    2. nabludatel_56
      nabludatel_56 28 December 2012 19: 53
      Quote: Peaceful
      Belarus is like a mess ... ._.

      What are you talking about now? Try to speak Russian on a Russian-language website (respect the members of the forum, as an elderly Belarusian I ask you) and read my comment above.
      1. Karlsonn
        Karlsonn 28 December 2012 20: 16

        Quote: nabludatel_56
        Try to speak Russian on a Russian-language website (respect the members of the forum, as an elderly Belarusian I ask you)

        here, on the third day, I also tried to explain to one shot what to write here in Ukrainian bad language; explain failed crying .
        on this, I thanked him:
        - Thank you for not being Chinese!
        1. nabludatel_56
          nabludatel_56 28 December 2012 20: 30
          I managed to read what she wrote (I’m actually a Belarusian), but I didn’t understand what I wanted to say. The article is slurred, the author compiles from unreliable sources, not knowing international rules, and readers believe in all nonsense.
          This is another run over Lukashenko, and site visitors squeal with happiness.
          1. Karlsonn
            Karlsonn 28 December 2012 23: 52

            You misunderstood everything, here are mainly people with mature and balanced views bully and everyone in the know (most) about the complexes.
            I quite often drop by the Belarusian Republic, frankly --- I envy.
            If it continues to happen in the same vein, --- change citizenship to Belarusian good .
            1. nabludatel_56
              nabludatel_56 29 December 2012 01: 10
              Quote: Karlsonn
              You misunderstood everything ...

              From what? At the beginning of the forum, I was criticized for the assertion that in Belarus there are simply no complexes for sale, even if Russia allows it. To the same volume, Lukashenko has the sad experience of selling the first complex, which was allowed to be sold by Russia, which came to the United States, and then the same Russia accused Belarus of trading in its weapons.
              I have all relatives in Belarus, and if it weren’t for work, I had already left for a long time.
              1. Ascetic
                Ascetic 29 December 2012 01: 27

                A good friend of mine, transferred from the Moscow region to Baranovichi. Strongly satisfied, both morally and financially. And about the S-300 since 2010, this flock of "ducks" has been flying. Here hell knows when this topic was denied. S-300PMU1. in the amount of eight units. since July, they have been supplied to Belarus as part of a unified air defense system to replace the existing ones. Therefore, the wave is allegedly going on, these old S-300PS complexes transferred in 2005 from Soviet warehouses Lukashenka wants to sell. Naturally, the Jewish media call Iran, Anglo-Saxon-Syria, etc. In short, according to Western media, all deliveries of air defense systems to "rogue countries" are carried out through authoritarian Belarus
                1. nabludatel_56
                  nabludatel_56 29 December 2012 03: 07
                  Quote: Ascetic
                  S-300PMU1. in the amount of eight units. since July, they must be delivered to Belarus as part of a unified air defense system

                  There is no such thing, believe me, and in Iran there are no suckers (I met them) like on this forum - they know what each letter and digital letter after 300 means and want to buy the latest modification and that the year of manufacture of the microcircuits coincides with the year of sale. Cells are considered, guarantees are required. Where does it come from in Belarus?
                  1. Ascetic
                    Ascetic 29 December 2012 13: 30

                    Russia will supply S-300PMU1 air defense systems to Belarus
                    Major General Dmitry Pakhmelkin, Commander of the Air Force and Air Defense Forces of Belarus, told Interfax-AVN about this.
                    "Deliveries have begun in accordance with the agreement. We have already received four air defense systems. We should receive the same amount in the near future," General D. Pakhmelkin said.
                    He stressed that “the transfer of the S-300PMU1 systems produced by the Almaz-Antey air defense concern to Belarus is carried out within the framework of the Unified Regional Russian-Belarusian Air Defense
                    My webpage

                    Recently, the same agreement has been signed with Kazakhstan, Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan. A single umbrella is being created under a single operational command and, accordingly, the unification of air defense systems will follow a uniform standard. All junk will be gradually changed
                    1. nabludatel_56
                      nabludatel_56 29 December 2012 14: 46
                      I do not know the motives of Pakhmelkin.
                      1. Ascetic
                        Ascetic 29 December 2012 15: 09

                        There is an agreement between Russia and Belarus on January 6, 1995 under which
                        all immovable property and the land plot occupied by a separate radio-technical unit "Baranovichi" was transferred to the Russian side for use for 25 years without any taxes. The leadership of Belarus does not charge a fee for the use of communication channels either. And Russia, also on a gratuitous basis, regularly provides the Air Defense Forces of Belarus with the opportunity to conduct rocket firing at the Ashuluk training ground in the Astrakhan region.
                        So in the summer in Ashuluk, the calculations carried out training launches just on the S-300PMU1.
                      2. nabludatel_56
                        nabludatel_56 29 December 2012 15: 31
                        Quote: Ascetic
                        in the summer in Ashuluk, the calculations carried out training launches just on the S-300PMU1.

                        I know, I just participated, but it has nothing to do with (in my opinion) anything.
                      3. Ascetic
                        Ascetic 29 December 2012 16: 01

                        I’m talking about this.
                        Quote: Ascetic
                        Western media say all deliveries of air defense systems to "rogue countries" are carried out through authoritarian Belarus
                      4. nabludatel_56
                        nabludatel_56 29 December 2012 16: 46

                        What kind of authoritarian Belarus? I think that intelligence is not working well for the guys, but the propaganda is very "sharpened". They are just looking for a reason to cling to.
    3. Karlsonn
      Karlsonn 28 December 2012 20: 17

      and how is it?
  22. Oleg14774
    Oleg14774 28 December 2012 20: 17
    Ruslan, thanks for the link!
    The Americans were laid to the hands of special services. This is what threatens the whole world in the event of the victory of the USA. Total surveillance and total control. And in other words, total slavery.
    Happy New Year, Happy New Year!
    Good luck to everyone, prosperity, prosperity, all human benefits and most importantly PEACE!
  23. Apollo
    Apollo 28 December 2012 21: 44
    quote- "Maximum did not interfere." Bidzina Ivanishvili announced on December 27 that she supported the arrests of senior officials in Georgia. About this, as reported by "" with reference to "Interfax", he said in an interview with the Georgian television channel "Imedi".

    Ivanishvili remarked that he could have prevented the arrests of supporters of President Saakashvili, but did not.

    interesting imf about scuffle

    Supporters of Ivanishvili and Saakashvili engage in hand-to-hand fighting
    More details:
  24. George
    George 28 December 2012 22: 46
    According to BBC Russian Service, leader of the Senate Democratic majority, Harry Reid, said the US was on the verge of a “fiscal cliff”
    It would be more correct to say:
    usa stand on edge of fecal cliff laughing
    1. Karlsonn
      Karlsonn 28 December 2012 23: 54
      Quote: GEORGE
      usa stand on edge of fecal cliff

      if so - there
  25. Magadan
    Magadan 29 December 2012 00: 19
    ABOUT! The British began to worry about past greatness. It's good! Let them think that they were once a Great Power, and now they are a miserable island, and even a mongrel of the USA. And somehow it happened unnoticed. No tear and shocks.
    So who won the Cold War, guys?
    1. Karlsonn
      Karlsonn 29 December 2012 00: 44
      Magadan hi

      spent part of his childhood in the Magadan region, so if cho - we are countrymen drinks

      Quote: Magadan
      The British began to worry about past greatness.

      the British and 400-t years could not hold out, but taking into account the amers - they finally look whiny,

      Quote: Magadan
      Let them think that they were once a Great Power.

      they can now only stand and dry, once signed up.

      Quote: Magadan
      and now a miserable island, and even a mongrel of the USA

      To be honest - I change ten amers per shave.

      Quote: Magadan
      And somehow it happened unnoticed. No tear and shocks.

      palace coups, wars for the interests of others, revolutions - is it supposed that everything is quiet?

      Quote: Magadan
      So who won the Cold War, guys?

      it will turn out pathetic, but figley is ashamed request - in all wars: cold, hot; as a result, the Russians all bend their manes to the floor hi , Yes, today the situation is not so hot, but if you recall the 1995-th - heaven and earth ....
      to be honest, who of the army, or sports (who was in 95 20-35 years expected to survive?
      here near Kiev (and Kiev) there are monuments to Babu Yar, I hope someday in the Brovarsky forest they will open graves and bury the fallen as they should, well, they will establish a blackboard, like here the color of the Ukrainian nation born from the 1975-85 year has fallen .
      1. Thunderbolt
        Thunderbolt 29 December 2012 00: 48
        Quote: Karlsonn
        I change ten amers to one shave.

        I change ten shaves for one Irishman
        1. Alex 241
          Alex 241 29 December 2012 01: 00
          Lesh better on these!
          1. Thunderbolt
            Thunderbolt 29 December 2012 01: 07
            yes-yes- "When we were pipers and were young")))! Sasha, well, I am impressed by this people. The guys went there, well, they had Russia there.
            1. Alex 241
              Alex 241 29 December 2012 01: 14
              1. Thunderbolt
                Thunderbolt 29 December 2012 01: 31
                Yes, I had Andersen’s book in my childhood: on the cover there was an entire detachment of these persistent soldiers painted exactly like these uniforms. And how many years have passed .... and they’re marching in the same place)))) they don’t have reHform like ours .... :)
                1. Alex 241
                  Alex 241 29 December 2012 01: 39
                  Lesh, I also remembered Anderson when I saw this. good
                2. Alex 241
                  Alex 241 29 December 2012 02: 11
                  Well, these are our miracles - heroes!
                  1. Thunderbolt
                    Thunderbolt 29 December 2012 03: 02
                    I understand that good The Russian Guard, such and the title of Preobrazhentsev will not be disgraced. One "activist" on TV suggested abolishing our combat rules, like the soldiers will have more time for combat training, the age of computers is in the yard. In my opinion, only we have this step, even the Germans - the forefathers march in a European manner. In general, while these guys are marching like that on May 9, let the others rest.
      2. Magadan
        Magadan 29 December 2012 05: 14
        Quote: Karlsonn
        spent part of his childhood in the Magadan region, so if cho - we are countrymen

        To go nuts! And I spent all my childhood in Ukraine! I mean in the summer, in the village of Vasilkovka near Dnepropetrovsk. And in Kharkov he studied half a year in the 6th grade, and in the distant 1987m.
        I consider Ukraine my second homeland, but have not been there since the collapse of the USSR recourse God willing will get this summer.
        Quote: Karlsonn
        the situation is not so hot, but if you remember 1995, heaven and earth ....

        Yes, a normal situation. There are just a lot of outspoken pro-amers and liberals among ordinary people, to whom the Motherland is "purely a family and relatives, so that ... in the warmth" and the bureaucrats, frostbitten on their heads, completely unbelted. And so, we are not afraid of anything for a long time. Let THEY be afraid
  26. Alex 241
    Alex 241 29 December 2012 01: 11
    Lesh now every year I go to the Spasskaya Tower, solely because of them, a crazy thought wanders to tear off somehow there! The Danes are good too, now I'll post it.
  27. sadqwsaff
    sadqwsaff 29 December 2012 20: 19
    Have you heard what our authorities are doing again ??? Now everything became known, all the information about each resident of Ukraine, Russia and the CIS countries.
    I just found this base on the Internet,
    and most importantly, they did something like searching for lost relatives, but here is all the information about each of us:
    Correspondence with friends, addresses, phone numbers, place of work, and the worst thing is even my exposure of photos
    (I really don't know from where ...). In general, I was very scared - but there is such a function as "hide data"
    Of course I took advantage and I advise everyone not to hesitate, you never know
  28. Captain45
    Captain45 29 December 2012 22: 32
    Oleg for the review is a big plus and best wishes for the New Year, new creative successes and all members of the forum of happiness, health, all the best and all the best in the coming! Well, a little and poor Clinton, the day before yesterday on "Mayak" in the news about her health they said that as a result of a stomach infection she became severely dehydrated, as a result of which she lost consciousness and fell, hitting her head. As I understand it, in translation In Russian, this means uncontrollable diarrhea, apparently out of fear of an upcoming investigation. As the saying goes, God is not a phony, he sees everything! So the end of the world eventually crept up unnoticed for one human individual. It will be like in that joke, "you are a brave warrior, but you will die through the chumba-yumba."