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US special forces veteran: Sri Lanka could become an obstacle to China’s “expansion” in the Indian Ocean

US special forces veteran: Sri Lanka could become an obstacle to China’s “expansion” in the Indian Ocean

Over the past decades, Sri Lanka has been the object of interest of major world powers, especially India, China, Japan and the United States. In the struggle for influence on the island, counteracting China, the recently created quadripartite military-political bloc QUAD, uniting the USA, Japan, India and Australia, is particularly active.

US special forces veteran Major Justin Woodward discusses this topic in his article published by 19FortyFive.

He argues that QUAD supports security in the Indo-Pacific region by promoting freedom and openness.

According to the retired officer, Beijing is well aware of the strategic importance of Sri Lanka and the deep-sea port of Hambantota located on the island. Control over it provides access to the world's most important communications: the Straits of Hormuz and Malacca, the Suez Canal and the Mediterranean Sea. That is why China leased this sea harbor for 99 years. This was an impressive success for the PRC.

Despite such close cooperation between Beijing and Colombo, the United States and its allies, Woodward believes, could offer alternative options for cooperation with conditions attractive to the Sri Lankan authorities.

The author notes that Sri Lanka has long focused on developing ground forces to combat armed opposition, without developing naval forces and coast guards. Woodward believes that QUAD's maritime security assistance and support for Colombo could weaken ties between the island nation and China. In his opinion, it is Sri Lanka that can become an obstacle to China’s “expansion” in the Indian Ocean.
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  1. credo
    credo 14 September 2023 12: 03
    So that the Yankees do not do vile and vile things in any corner of the world, but in words they are all “for freedom and democracy.”
    Maybe Vladimir Vladimirovich should not have repented about the USSR for the Prague rebellion, but adopted something from the notorious “democrats”. wink
    1. Bingo
      Bingo 14 September 2023 12: 16
      The Yankees and their sidekicks... I haven’t checked, but they say that the only holiday celebrated on the planet EVERY day is the Independence Day of Country X from Great Britain))) This also applies to Ceylon.
      And on the topic - if the Yankees start a fuss, I think it makes sense for the Chinese to hint to India that Ceylon is nearby... Throw some money at the Tigers of Tamil Eelam, ideally - let them ask India for protection from genocide, but it was and is there . And that's it...
      1. Myths
        Myths 14 September 2023 12: 24
        What will finally become a barrier to US expansion in the world?!
    2. ABC-schutze
      ABC-schutze 14 September 2023 12: 26
      In the context of the “key” role of Sri Lanka, this is nothing more than another wish of Uncle Sam. In deciding what role Columbo will (or will not...) play, in the so-called. "containment" of the Celestial Empire, the key role already irreversibly belongs to Delhi, and not Washington...

      But Bharat today does not play as a “jack” in other people’s games. By the way, an overseas “expert” might have noticed that Sri Lanka is “the one,” practically the only case when the legitimate government, having shown enviable adherence to principles and abandoned the so-called continuously imposed on it. "international community", so-called "compromises" and so-called "termination of the database", relying mainly on OWN STRENGTH, almost 100% "reset" ALL the so-called. "armed opposition". Pressing her to the sea. And finishing her off, literally to the point of “the last bandit in the last trench”...

      Well, who still remembers now, the so-called. "Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam"?..

      So, it will deal with Beijing according to its own plan and with its own cards. And Sri Lanka is a carat in Delhi's deck, not Uncle Sam's...
  2. Ezekiel 25-17
    Ezekiel 25-17 14 September 2023 12: 15
    Did the Yankees ask Sri Lanka itself, their opinion?
  3. Ryaruav
    Ryaruav 14 September 2023 17: 08
    scared the porcupine with his butt, Ceylon versus China ha ha