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Particularly dangerous places in our native Sevastopol

Particularly dangerous places in our native Sevastopol

These sketches from nature in the city of Russian naval glory were made literally now, when the velvet season is in full swing. True, after the recent cruise missile attack on Sevastopol, there will apparently be fewer people wanting to go there.

But there is another risk factor, internal, not related to Ukrainian drones and rockets. And if desired, this entire text can easily be mistaken for anti-advertising.

Eh, the security gets up early

And while security forces are engaged in matters of national importance, modernizing air defense and fighting saboteurs, they may well turn a blind eye to banal hooliganism and street robberies. And more people in the city always die from them than from drowning in the sea, falling from cliffs and Ukrainian attacks.

The Russian authorities of Sevastopol have already successfully dealt with two of the city’s main vipers: the Troika and Teatralny disco bars. The reason was their construction without proper documents. The first, located in Omega, is closed and ready for demolition, but has not yet been demolished. The second is on the back side of the theater. Lunacharsky has already been dismantled.

Both “clubs” became famous for the fact that constant fights took place in them. Near the “Troika” there was generally a “Berkut” on duty at night, with which the visitors also had fights. Security and "Berkut" did not save the situation, since showdowns often happened not in the bar itself, but next to it.

At Troika there were always people at night who liked to “kill” someone, often in crowds. For example, local athlete Sanya Kamaz and his friends came there, drank 50 grams at the bar and immediately chose who they would “stagger.” But there was always a reason.

Fights at Omega also happened in other taverns, but still less often than at Troika. Most of them have already been demolished; Troika lasted the longest.

“Teatralny” spoiled the atmosphere along the entire Artbukhta embankment, especially at night. Sometimes the security was not in the hall, but somewhere in the rest room. When any obscenity occurred in the hall, the DJ simply announced into the microphone for the security guards to come to him.

They, sleepy, trudged at a snail's pace. The waitresses drank at the expense of male visitors while on shift. The saddest thing is that all this disgrace happened right in the city center, next to Primorsky Boulevard.

But as these establishments closed, the centers of attraction for those who liked to get drunk and misbehave moved to others that had only recently become notorious. The authorities also dream of closing them, but they cannot for various reasons.

For example, the owner of “Calypso”, also in Artbukhta, was unable to prevent the unauthorized construction of a veranda from being demolished, but he renamed the building itself “Karaoke Bar Calypso”. But changing the places of the terms does not change the sum. Fights there lead to stabbings, and there was an incident when the security guard himself killed a visitor.

Don't go there - neither to Butterfly nor to Easy.

Another candidate for closure is the Butterfly nightclub, also in the city center on Admiral Senyavin Street. The whole district is groaning about it, because they not only fight there, but also distribute drugs. The contingent is appropriate. Most likely, they will close soon, but soon - the concept, as you know, is very flexible.

There is also a karaoke club “Easy” nearby. It is famous not only for fights, although once they even tried to bite off a visitor’s ear, following the example of the notorious Mike Tyson. At the center of the scandal there was a unique video.

It was filmed by one of the visitors when the club security guard performed a sexual act with an unidentified girl right on the bar counter. The “hero” got away with 15 days; he wasn’t even fired from the club. So people with strict moral principles and who do not want to lose their ears are better off not going there.

But this is the center. CCTV cameras are already being installed there in some places, but in general the safe city system has not been implemented in Sevastopol. This is especially worrying due to the fact that after the annexation of Crimea to Russia, many visiting idlers have appeared everywhere, for whom it is profitable to rent out apartments in large cities.

They have a developed economy, and you can live quite comfortably somewhere in Yalta or Yevpatoria, even despite the high prices due to sanctions. A separate category is visitors from the North Caucasus and Donbass refugees. Among them there is... well, in general, there is anyone. The fight between the security guards of the nightclub in the center on Ushakov Square and the Caucasians showed this.

There are even less surveillance cameras in residential areas. However, it is unlikely that vacationers will be carried anywhere to Gorpishchenko, where houses were built for the workers of the bankrupt 13th plant. This is the same one that was hit by Ukrainian Armed Forces missiles.

It is quite natural, although what is natural here, that half of the street and the surrounding area are unemployed today. And at the same time, he feels an ineradicable anger towards the new residents of the cottage development between Gorpishchenko and Pobeda Avenue. And crime is thriving there.

But you can come to Inkerman to see the cave monastery and the Kalamita fortress. And it is clear that this should not be done in the evening or at night, especially since at this time homeless people, drug addicts and beggars crawl out onto the streets of the district (former city).

On Bambory, or as they more often say and write today - Bombory, vacationers often rent housing, because it is right above the train stations, which allows locals to catch visitors almost on the platform. Now, however, this is more difficult to do than under Ukraine, and the authorities are trying to control this process.

The contingent at Bombory is not the best, everything around is littered with syringes and bulbulators, and there are advertisements for bookmarks on the walls. Around the area, here and there in the evening, you can see groups of people, clearly gathered for consumption.

Their specific sense of humor is evidenced by the sneakers tied with laces hanging on wires for a long time. In the parking lot there is a sign: “Crank with the letter “m”, don’t block the passage with your car.”
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  1. alex neym_2
    alex neym_2 17 September 2023 06: 02
    Sad news! I don’t recognize the city of the 70s - it was simply impossible then...
    1. dmi.pris1
      dmi.pris1 17 September 2023 12: 39
      This fate befell not only Sevastopol, but also all cities and towns throughout Russia.
      1. FED
        FED 18 September 2023 06: 56
        The most reasonable thing is to speak not for all the towns in Russia, but for the couple that you have personally visited or visit regularly.
    2. FoBoss_VM
      FoBoss_VM 17 September 2023 13: 48
      Vladivostok, too, until the early 90s was a beautiful, relatively quiet, cozy Primorsky city. Until it was opened... And away we go.
    3. The comment was deleted.
  2. samarin1969
    samarin1969 17 September 2023 06: 30
    The state has not solved this problem of murky human garbage for decades. Fighting and antisocial behavior are punished inappropriately, if at all. It’s high time that all these “kings of the night” were subject to the strictest possible control and a reduction in civil rights.
    1. dmi.pris1
      dmi.pris1 17 September 2023 12: 43
      “Are you proposing to give them ‘horns’? Well, they will survive deprivation of voting rights, etc. They deprived themselves of their rights. Well, for one hundred and one... There will be the same crap, only in a concentrated environment. But to work - paving roads, picking up garbage under escort, it would be nice..
      1. your vsr 66-67
        your vsr 66-67 17 September 2023 19: 44
        Quote from: dmi.pris1
        “Are you proposing to give them ‘horns’? Well, they will survive deprivation of voting rights, etc. They deprived themselves of their rights. Well, for one hundred and one... There will be the same crap, only in a concentrated environment. But to work - paving roads, picking up garbage under escort, it would be nice..

        Well no!
        In the late 60s, or rather in 1969, in the village of Madalan, in the Amur region, I had to meet exiles from Moscow. Five men and three women. They were exiled for 5 years! Their place of residence was assigned to Madalan! This was a village of 800 inhabitants at that time, the Madalan logging station of the Taldan timber industry enterprise. It’s clear that the main work is forest. These exiles were given a type of hostel on the edge of the village, almost in the taiga. And if you want, work, if you want, don’t work, die of hunger!
        This is what I understand, re-education!
        Yes, one of them was exiled, as it were, according to an old decree, a softer one; he retained his Moscow registration, but the other seven were already under a tougher decree, 5 years of exile, and forever deprived of Moscow registration!
        Why not now apply such measures to homeless people, hooligans, especially drug addicts, etc. There is no need to feed them, let them feed themselves, there is no need to protect them, it’s not a zone. And we have enough such remote places! And there the residents themselves will guide them on the righteous path! The guys there are all hard workers, and in the taiga there is a bear both as a prosecutor and as an owner!
    2. TwilightElf
      TwilightElf 18 September 2023 00: 23
      come on....the severity of the law is determined only by the nationality of the offender. The law is strict only for Russians) And for the rest, like water off a duck’s back, you can always pretend to be a Japanese-Russian misunderstanding) and demand a translator
  3. rotmistr60
    rotmistr60 17 September 2023 06: 41
    It seems that the author described not today’s Sevastopol, but post-war Odessa. So maybe, following the same scenario, we can restore order?
    1. Gardamir
      Gardamir 17 September 2023 06: 54
      There is no Combat Marshal Zhukov, but the oligarch Shoigu is not bothered by the bulbulators.
  4. Scharnhorst
    Scharnhorst 17 September 2023 08: 16
    The author apparently wrote about the painful issue under a fresh impression. To dilute the negativity somewhat, I’ll report. In Sevastopol, 182 video cameras have been installed to record traffic violations on the roads. Whether this is a lot or a little in comparison with other cities is too lazy to compare, but the situation on the roads in comparison with the Ukrainian period is changing for the better. And I even know the place where the 40 km speed limit sign was removed! Thanks to the efforts of the residents of the house and the building management, we have cameras installed around the perimeter and those who wish can observe the situation and history for themselves on the home network. Everyone is the architect of their own happiness, and not everything can be conquered instantly.
    1. tralflot1832
      tralflot1832 17 September 2023 10: 26
      Scharnhorst. In Sochi, I can only say one thing: don’t be a hooligan, you will be removed, but in the federal territory of Sirius I warn you, don’t even think about organizing anything, you will be caught and punished 100%. goodOn the roads, the camera is on the camera and the camera is being driven. The traffic police have an all-round view on the cars, the number of people who like to burn rubber has sharply decreased, this also applies to those who like to drive at night. They stopped breaking glass anti-sound screens on the roads, an explanatory conversation was held with the owners of white "classic Lada" Of course you can drive , but mom and dad can be kicked out of work.
      1. Andrey Moskvin
        Andrey Moskvin 17 September 2023 18: 42
        It seems to me that communism has arrived in Sochi. laughing
  5. Fangaro
    Fangaro 17 September 2023 08: 48
    The "night Governor" is missing.
    Or is there such a thing, but its name cannot be mentioned in the press?
  6. tralflot1832
    tralflot1832 17 September 2023 09: 47
    What can we say about the nightlife establishments of Sevastopol, this is Sochi in the early 2000s, the same garbage but a side view. It’s easy to solve by voting with your feet. Now we don’t have such a mess. Restaurateurs are fighting for the client, all these boom bam halig for the whole room, not popular. All viper houses are being demolished or changing owners. People demand privacy, not many people even like a beautiful woman’s ass on the dance floor next to the plate and frame.
  7. Doctor
    Doctor 17 September 2023 10: 34
    Normal for a port city. You haven't been to Moscow yet. laughing
    1. tralflot1832
      tralflot1832 17 September 2023 10: 52
      Sochi is no longer a port city. Yes, there is a port, but it is filled with Yachts, from a couple of Battleships and about eight Cruisers, and then went down a lower class. I have not liked Moscow since the times of the USSR, when I flew abroad from there for work. It has always been time to sit in a restaurant, we always sat in solitude. But once we got into trouble, from 20 00 it started - fiery greetings to Yakutsk - Zolota Aldan - Zoloto. The restaurant turned out to be the duty point after receiving payment in gold cooperatives. lol It seems like it was on Tverskaya, I visited everything from Arbat to Prague, in Arbat the service was on par, the girls always sat at the table at the entrance to the hall, you just had to ask the waiter, I haven’t been to the Ostankino TV tower, I’m afraid of heights and they said they don’t serve food there .I pinned it, service in Sheremetyevo 2, cognac and vodka were brought in teapots, service in the Gorbachev era. It was during the day. hi drinks
  8. DrVintorez
    DrVintorez 17 September 2023 11: 33
    What does this article have to do with VO?
    1. TwilightElf
      TwilightElf 18 September 2023 00: 24
      what a DIRECT... what a glorious (once) MILITARY city has turned into... a whole MAIN fleet base, (was)
  9. cpls22
    cpls22 17 September 2023 12: 19
    Their specific sense of humor is evidenced by the sneakers tied with laces hanging on wires for a long time. In the parking lot there is a sign: “Crank with the letter “m”, don’t block the passage with your car.”
    - shoes on wires is an established sign. Either drug dealers, or marking the border of spheres of influence. I saw this both in Moscow and in Vyborg. As for the inscriptions on fences, I also saw this: “If you put down the stove, we’ll burn the tractor.” This is in response to attempts to restrict the passage of “pink meat” sellers on the Moscow Ring Road. The blokes were standing on the Moscow Ring Road, and their reserves were warming up in cars in the adjacent streets. The locals were tired of this and tried to isolate themselves from them. This was about ten years ago. Now this place is quiet, asphalt, and the traders have been cleared out. The local government has probably changed.
  10. The comment was deleted.
  11. TwilightElf
    TwilightElf 18 September 2023 00: 16
    Did something ever really stop our idiots?