The US Air Force talks about a shortage of qualified military pilots and immediately announces layoffs

The US Air Force talks about a shortage of qualified military pilots and immediately announces layoffs

The US Air Force is forced to significantly reduce the number of pilots performing combat training tasks, Defense News reports. Thus, according to the American portal, approximately 2023 military pilots will lose their jobs by the end of 120, while the department has for the 8th year in a row still failed to meet its goal of recruiting and retaining 1470 Air Force personnel in the service. Instead, they managed to attract 1350, although for many years their number has constantly remained at almost 2 thousand.

As US Air Force spokesman Benjamin Fask clarified, due to the failure to implement this plan, the department will make efforts to achieve the above quantitative indicators in the next fiscal year (at least it hopes so).

Thus, in order not to find themselves in a situation where combat squadrons cannot carry out combat duty in different parts of the world due to a lack of flight personnel, the US Air Force, on the contrary, decided to leave regular positions empty in order to subsequently assign military personnel to them pilots (officers) with relevant experience.

However, as practice shows, recently things are a little better with the training of flight personnel aviation, which is primarily due to the emphasis placed on retaining truly experienced pilots. The department still managed to attract more than 650 pilots, or 67% of the total number of military personnel who met all the set criteria, to serve in the US Air Force, although this figure still does not reach the planned level. True, it must be admitted that this could not have happened without the introduction of motivational payments (bonuses) from the state.

It is noteworthy that more than 200 pilots nevertheless agreed to enroll in contract military service, receiving an annual salary of $50 thousand. All this became possible thanks to the launch by the US authorities of a pilot retention program this summer.
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    1. +3
      13 September 2023
      with an annual salary of $50 thousand.

      50/12=$4167 per month?
      At a time when civil pilots earn 12-15 thousand a month?
      Somewhere the author made a mistake.
      1. -1
        13 September 2023
        The author was mistaken in that in the USA it is not customary to count salaries per month; they pay them once a week, but compare salaries over the year.
        1. 0
          13 September 2023
          Quote: Pankrat25
          The author was wrong
          Where did you see him "in month"?
          There in Russian in white - "receiving annual monetary allowance in the amount of $50 thousand."
      2. +2
        13 September 2023
        $50 thousand is an annual salary. Usually in America, when they talk about salary, they mean either annual or hourly. And 50 thousand is actually quite small (even if it is a salary after taxes).
        1. 0
          13 September 2023
          The annual salary of a claw? Flight personnel? Or a private standing guard at an aircraft parking lot? Regarding the reduction. Nothing unusual. Any army is trying to improve the quality of its air force. Some show poor results, some just mess up. So they get rid of
        2. 0
          13 September 2023
          This is really something very small. I think this is a bare salary, without additional payments for rank, length of service, etc.
      3. +3
        13 September 2023
        Yes, these Americans are losers, they don’t know how to train pilots: let them learn from their 404th charges - five months and you’re done lol
        Quote from kromer
        with an annual salary of $50 thousand. Somewhere the author made a mistake.
        Here I think about the subtleties of the presentation: most likely we are talking about an additional 50k per year, this is how they usually solved it.
        Well, the civilians will be happy - there is a wild shortage of drugs there now: American Airlines just raised the bonus for signing a contract to $150k, and the salary is decent
      4. 0
        13 September 2023
        The author did not make a mistake anywhere, but this is a salary, without allowances. But most importantly, the pilot has 100% state insurance, and this is very important, because treatment in the USA is not just expensive, but very expensive.
      5. 0
        13 September 2023
        -The US Air Force talks about a shortage of qualified military pilots and immediately announces layoffs.
        Apparently they are laying off unskilled people who have health problems. And age restrictions apply
    2. +1
      13 September 2023
      1470 minus 1350 equals 120, mathematics is an exact science wassat As a result, how many people were fired?!
    3. The comment was deleted.
    4. +1
      13 September 2023
      approximately 2023 military pilots will lose their jobs by the end of 120
      But these are potential “volunteers” for the Ukrainian Air Force. Despite their problems, the Americans are fixated on military assistance to Kyiv - a paradox. This means that “victory over Russia” is more important than internal problems in the country and in the army in particular.
      1. +3
        13 September 2023
        Most likely these pilots are not fired. and “allocated” specifically for Ukraine.
    5. +4
      13 September 2023
      On the US Air Force website - $50000 is a raise, a bonus, a one-time bonus, whatever you want and understand it. It is paid to a high-class specialist upon signing a contract and, most likely, the amount is after taxes are paid. $50 for the USA is not much for a pilot, not much you can walk around neither a house nor buy a smart car according to your status. With $000, people would be drawn to them. But congressmen are more concerned about their pensions and salaries. Doesn’t it remind you of anything?
    6. +1
      13 September 2023
      The downsized flight personnel are now, most likely, urgently sent to courses to study language, because training people from the Ukrainian Reich to fly F-16 is long and not promising.
      1. 0
        13 September 2023
        Ha-ha three times, mattress pads are stupid, but not suicidal. Fuck they'll go there.
    7. 0
      13 September 2023
      Naturally. The green printer produces paper in endless waves. But it still doesn’t reach the pilots much! Whatever you do, it is impossible in principle to restrain military theft under capitalism. No real problems of the troops can restrain thieves’ appetites, which generally have no boundaries. There is always personal greed and a horde of those who need to be brought in regularly, so as not to be driven away from the mushroom and fish place. Are the pilots here?)
    8. +1
      13 September 2023
      The United States will soon only have drones flying, and pilots at most on the ground at the joystick.
      they say something else for the press
    9. +1
      13 September 2023
      The US Air Force has a good and most importantly combat-ready reserve in the form of the National Guard. And we can only dream of their “badness”.
      And in general, it’s incomprehensible that you should look in on them when your own situation is worse than ever.
    10. -1
      13 September 2023
      The economy must be economical! There’s not enough for a chainsaw, but you’re talking about some flyers. The US Air Force said in full that they can’t fight with an equal opponent, that is, all the F-35/22 and other stealth with high-precision - only against savages in sneakers and they’re a waste. We urgently need to work on super stealth, and look for money for it! And you are here with your pilots
    11. +1
      13 September 2023
      The fact that pilots have problems with mattress covers has been talked about for ten years now. And nothing is being done, which cannot but rejoice)))
    12. 0
      13 September 2023
      How much US military personnel receive can be seen on this website Pilots can retire to civilian life after 10 years of service, if earlier they are required to return the money for training.
      A captain (O-3) with 10 years of service receives $7340 per month + $500-1000 all sorts of additional payments + $2000-4000 housing rental compensation (depending on the place of service) + thus about $11 thousand per month accumulates, plus the maximum of maximum health insurance for the whole family. And military personnel pay taxes at a reduced rate.
      In civilian life, pilots earn a little more, but in order to receive a military pension you need to serve 20 years, so the Yankees do not have such an acute shortage of personnel, especially taking into account the fact that pilots are trained quite quickly: in 1.5-2 years, a former civilian becomes a pilot and gets hired into the active part (to enter, you must have a higher technical education in the amount of a bachelor's degree or graduate from the Colorado Springs Military School, but most pilots are “jackets”).
      And a pilot with 10 years of service may well be convinced to stay in the Air Force by this $50 thousand.

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