Ukrainian media were concerned about the risk of Robert Fico, considered “pro-Russian,” coming to power in Slovakia

Ukrainian media were concerned about the risk of Robert Fico, considered “pro-Russian,” coming to power in Slovakia

Until recently, Slovakia was one of Ukraine’s active allies in Eastern Europe, but everything may soon change. The Ukrainian press writes about this, discussing the risk of ex-Prime Minister of Slovakia Robert Fico, considered “pro-Russian,” coming to power.

On September 30, snap parliamentary elections will be held in Slovakia. The chances of victory for the Course-Social Democracy (SMER) party, led by Robert Fico, are quite high.

Interestingly, Fico previously not only condemned the anti-Russian sanctions of the West, but also promised, if he came to power, to stop arms supplies to Ukraine and ban transit weapons through the territory of Slovakia following the example of Hungary. Now Slovakia plays an important role in terms of logistics, and the Ukrainian Armed Forces’ weapons damaged in battle are repaired here. The loss of Slovakia as an ally will be very noticeable for the Kyiv regime.

The Ukrainian press is also outraged by the fact that in 2022 Fico blamed “Ukrainian fascists” for the start of the armed conflict. In addition, the Slovak politician stated that it was impossible to return the Crimean Peninsula to the control of Kyiv, and also doubted the official Ukrainian version of the events in Bucha.

Finally, Fico published information on his social media account about how S-300 air defense systems destined for Ukraine were being transported through Slovakia, for which he was even suspected of espionage. Of course, the coming of such a politician to power in Bratislava is a nightmare for the Ukrainian regime, since in some issues Fico will be even more radical than Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban.
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  1. +8
    12 September 2023
    Well, I wouldn’t write down Fico and Orban as friends of Russia, they simply put the interests of their countries above the imaginary Ukraine, although I can imagine how the European Union puts pressure on them and oh, how difficult it is to resist. I remember in Italy, too, there were outcries about the refusal to help Ukraine, but when they come to power, they forget a lot of what was said; they are broken by “friends” from the ocean.
  2. +7
    12 September 2023
    I hope that neither Fico nor Orban will back down. Although the US will put pressure.
  3. ASM
    12 September 2023
    By the way, it's possible. I have friends in the former Czechoslovakia, and they have been saying for a long time that they do not have their own national media, they spread rot on the Slavic World, instill some homosexuals and force them to grow rapeseed for Eurodiesel. There are simply no national (in the sense of owning a controlling stake) production facilities left there. So, only small-scale production.
  4. +4
    12 September 2023
    They won’t allow the guy to come to power, and if they do, he’ll be like that Italian woman. In this European pigsty, everything is grabbed by the mattresses. And all sorts of fairy tales about democracy and free elections are for suckers.
  5. +4
    12 September 2023
    Why run ahead of the locomotive? Wait and see. Well, for now, the entire West is our enemy, so we won’t have to relax for a long time.
    1. 0
      13 September 2023
      Quote: Roust
      Well, for now, the whole West is our enemy

      Well, in general, it was like this all the time, it’s just that some people preferred not to notice it.

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