Advisor to the head of Zelensky’s office accused the Pope of a “pro-Russian” position

Advisor to the head of Zelensky’s office accused the Pope of a “pro-Russian” position

Advisor to the head of the office of the President of Ukraine, Mikhail Podolyak, called the position of the Pope “pro-Russian”, and also said that because of this, Vatican representatives cannot act as mediators to resolve the Ukrainian crisis.

According to Podolyak, the statement of Pope Francis about the greatness of Russia and its stories completely nullifies the reputation of the pontiff and the Holy See as a whole and devalues ​​any peacekeeping actions of the Vatican.

The adviser to the head of Zelensky’s office also added that if the Vatican acts as a mediator, “it will be a function that will mislead Ukraine.”

Earlier, the words of the Pope about the greatness of Russia were called “imperialist propaganda” by the speaker of the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry Oleg Nikolenko, who tried to point out to the pontiff that his mission supposedly should be to “open the eyes of Russian Catholic youth to the destructive nature of the course pursued by the Russian government.”

The Vatican hastened to justify itself to the Kyiv regime for the words of the Pope, which to some extent contradict the official course of Kyiv. A clarification was published on the official Vatican Internet portal, which stated that the pontiff in no way wanted to “glorify the imperialist logic and representatives of the Russian leadership mentioned as reference points for various periods of history.”
  • Wikipedia/Agência Lusa
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  1. +8
    8 September 2023
    The position of the Pope is not pro-Russian. She's anti-stupid.
    1. +2
      8 September 2023
      It's time for the Ukronazis to seize Catholic churches for their schismatic church.
      1. 0
        9 September 2023
        They will do so. Or maybe something worse. As soon as they realize that the whole world is NOT with them. Like the Nazis, they are even worse than the Germans, at least they were disciplined.
  2. +5
    8 September 2023
    He plays along, or rather plays his role. So that in Russia “they will warm up” to the Vatican.
  3. +1
    8 September 2023
    Oh, by the way.. Who will their conservatory be named after now? :)
  4. +1
    8 September 2023
    Pope to Russian Catholic youth... 25.08.23 g ..
    What kind of “news” is this? All discussions and excuses have long since ended - why return to the topic of the “beard”?
  5. +5
    8 September 2023
    So they look at the Pope and anathematize him.
    1. 0
      9 September 2023
      The Pope could remind them of the proverb: “Don’t teach your father how to reproduce!”
  6. 0
    8 September 2023
    Podolyak himself will soon be reset.
    And who is he to condemn the activities of popes and condemn religions???
    Pope Francis has long spoiled relations between states and religious denominations.
    He is trying to play a role and appear to be a pillar of the Catholic faith.
    But it's just a game.
    You shouldn't get too warm towards them.
    There are no positive initiatives from them.
  7. +1
    8 September 2023
    "Statement of Francis" oh, what a bad Francis.
    Was it Wojtyla’s case: he howled like a wolf at the word: “Russia”
  8. +2
    8 September 2023
    A rotten fragment of the Russian Empire against its greatness.
  9. +2
    8 September 2023
    Well, let the Ukrainians open a criminal case against the Pope.
    It will be interesting to see. And a lesson for the Pope, it’s no good taking the wives of Nazis from “Azov”.
    So the Ukrainian Sumerians thanked him.
    But the Pope didn’t say anything special, he simply voiced the historical truth in which there is no place for ancient Ukrainians.
  10. 0
    8 September 2023
    Didn't understand. The Pope is sinless by definition
    1. +1
      8 September 2023
      The Holy Father is infallible when he speaks ex cathedra, that is, as the universal physician or shepherd of the Church. But he, like every person, is not without sin.
  11. 0
    8 September 2023
    All-papa lost his credibility and reputation laughing
  12. +2
    8 September 2023
    And the Pope in the morning under the covers sings the Russian anthem at the top of his voice wassat
  13. 0
    8 September 2023
    Why is Podolyak dragging the Catholic Church into worldly squabbles? Not only did the OCU appear as an antagonistic trend towards the UOC? Which fights not so much for Faith, but for the acquisition of momentary values.
    Now the former journalist is fanning the coals...
  14. -1
    8 September 2023
    Dad, whatever one may say, is a Christian, but Ukraine is ruled by satyrs, not satirists, but satyrs - those from the ancient Greek epic, goat-legged and evil creatures.
    Dad, of course, is a stranger to them, definitely.
    1. Mwg
      8 September 2023
      Yes, satyrs who jump with bare butts and unshaven legs, and have a pipe in their mouth
  15. Mwg
    8 September 2023
    The Pope is our man, just like Donald Trump. And whoever does not believe is an anti-Papist and an anti-Sshaist
    1. 0
      9 September 2023
      Trump is his own man. He does what suits him. Just like Musk. Elon has a smart brain, he understands well how this could end. With a big kirdyk there will be a kirdyk for his business. Does he need it?
  16. 0
    8 September 2023
    Advisor to the head of Zelensky’s office accused the Pope of a “pro-Russian” position
    Those who become non-humans, everything that is just normal, just human, is perceived by them as a threat to them.
  17. 0
    8 September 2023
    Advisor to the head of Zelensky’s office accused the Pope of a “pro-Russian” position
    Those who cease to be people, everything is just normal, what is human, they perceive as a threat to themselves.
  18. +2
    8 September 2023
    Ghouls hate the priest. What a surprise. It must have been different once upon a time.
  19. 0
    9 September 2023
    "This will be a function that will mislead Ukraine."

    404 itself has already broken the function algorithm with its position to the whole world. The whole world is already in error.

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