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The Ukrainian army once again fired at Donetsk with MLRS

The Ukrainian army once again fired at Donetsk with MLRS

The militants of the Kyiv regime on Friday, September 8, at about 15:20 fired 15 rockets from the MLRS in the Kyiv and Kuibyshevsky districts of Donetsk. According to the representative office of the DPR in the Joint Center for Control and Coordination of Issues Related to War Crimes of Ukraine (JCCC), the shelling was carried out from the territory of the settlement of Semenovka, occupied by the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

In total, the militants fired 15 rockets from the MLRS. The type of used APU MLRS is not specified. There is currently no information about the consequences of the shelling.

The shelled areas are located in the northern and western parts of Donetsk and have been subject to regular Ukrainian attacks since the DPR declared independence from Ukraine after the country's 2014 coup d'état.

The Kiev regime is making significant efforts to disrupt elections in the new Russian regions, where there is a high turnout of citizens at the polls. In particular, in the Kherson region, the voter turnout has already exceeded 50%, and in the DPR, more than 45% of citizens have already come to the polls.

The high turnout of citizens at the polls in the former Ukrainian regions is a powerful signal for Kyiv that the inhabitants of the new Russian regions are consistently merging into the political system of the Russian Federation, participating in the formation of the Russian system of power. He also said that in the Donetsk Republic the turnout was more than 40-45%.

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  1. Thrifty
    Thrifty 8 September 2023 17: 17
    What is the problem with identifying and destroying these MLRS? You can track them from a copter, in general it doesn’t look good on our part. There are two dozen of them, but how many of our warehouses have they destroyed, how many houses have they destroyed? Is it really impossible to create units whose main target will be MLRS launchers???
    1. ASM
      ASM 8 September 2023 17: 43
      Only the current positions can be detected, but not the trajectories of the post-volley movement. Here we need either a powerful satellite constellation, or, which is much more practical, the constant presence of UAVs in the air in dangerous directions. The UAV spotted - reported to the headquarters - led the rocket launcher to the battle - The UAV saw the stop and deployment - the missilemen immediately gasped.
  2. chamberlain
    chamberlain 8 September 2023 17: 40
    Why are they doing all this? Everything will come back to them...
    Russia has become different..
  3. Radikal
    Radikal 8 September 2023 17: 53
    The Ukrainian army once again fired at Donetsk with MLRS

    We heard, moreover, we hear every day. In Ramenskoye they have already heard well. What's next? Oh yes, elections are the main thing. What can I say...? You can say it, you just need to formulate it so that it is succinct, and specifically in relation to those who allow this. sad
  4. Ross xnumx
    Ross xnumx 8 September 2023 17: 56
    The Ukrainian army once again fired at Donetsk with MLRS

    Damaged bastards. You can't even fight an equal opponent.
    With what a sense of deep satisfaction I would take the news of the destruction of the Nazi nest in Kyiv and Western Ukraine.
    Bloodless by the war since 2014, the inhabitants of Novorossiya deserved peace and quiet, unlike you - the underdogs who should hang on bitches and lanterns as a warning to your vile descendants.
  5. Radikal
    Radikal 8 September 2023 18: 00
    Quote from chamberlain
    Why are they doing all this? Everything will come back to them...
    Russia has become different..

    That she has become different - you correctly noticed, but the question is - what kind of person has she become... . Can you formulate it? sad
  6. VLAD-96
    VLAD-96 8 September 2023 20: 39
    For that, everything goes according to plan for Gerasim Shoigutovich! Don't stress! Soon komikaze iraketa drones will fly to the Urals and they will only talk with a preoccupied look and talk in the voice of a konashmatovich about endless successes, even the highest maximum will only show a preoccupied look .. And that's it.