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Military correspondents: Russian Armed Forces destroyed assault groups of the Armed Forces of Ukraine near Kremennaya, who tried to attack

Military correspondents: Russian Armed Forces destroyed assault groups of the Armed Forces of Ukraine near Kremennaya, who tried to attack

Today, in the Zaporozhye direction, including the Rabotino-Verbovoye area, fierce battles between Russian troops and Ukrainian formations continued. This follows from the messages of military correspondents and military Telegram channels.

In the Rabotino area, units of the 76th Guards Airborne Assault Division of the Airborne Forces of the Russian Federation launched a counterattack on Ukrainian formations, attacking their positions from the flank. As a result, several streets in Rabotino itself were occupied, and now fierce battles continue in the village. The village, according to military correspondents, continues to remain in the "gray zone".

On the Vremievsky ledge, on the contrary, the Ukrainian formations managed to advance somewhat. There are fierce battles in the areas of Novodonetsk and Novomayorsky. Russian artillery is constantly shelling enemy positions, preventing him from concentrating additional forces.

In the Kremensk direction, Russian troops repelled at least four enemy attacks. Aerial reconnaissance gave our gunners the coordinates of one of the Nazi formations, after which it was destroyed by powerful fire.

Fighting continues in the Kherson direction. Here they have the character of artillery "duels" between the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation. But today, the fighters of the Dnepr group of troops of the RF Armed Forces, with the help of a strike drone A Ukrainian vehicle containing an unmanned aerial vehicle crew was destroyed.

Interesting events are taking place in the north of Ukraine, where there are no hostilities. Up to 200 fighters of the Armed Forces of Ukraine were deployed from Shostka to the areas bordering the Bryansk region of Russia. In addition, the movement of 60 special forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine from Chernihiv to the Koryukov and Novgorod-Seversky districts was recorded.

The Ukrainian military, in turn, in their usual spirit, report repulsing attacks by Russian troops in various directions, about ongoing battles in Maryinka and in the Kleshcheevka area (Artemovsk direction).

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  1. Orange Bigg
    Orange Bigg 5 September 2023 19: 08
    According to Pyatihatka. Weekdays of war.
    "They walked like zombies. Groups of 30 people just wandered into the field. Creeping offensive - morning, afternoon, night, all the time. And artillery and tanks covered them from closed positions. In a couple of hours we could count 25 firing points. We found one, right there "talked" new. ... At first, the Ukrainians tried to enter the village on vehicles. Western tanks, infantry fighting vehicles, Hummers were thrown into battle.

    And once, near Stepov, I fell into a trap: on three sides there were veshushniki, on the fourth - a minefield. "A colleague was wounded by a shrapnel in the back. I carried him on myself through mines - four kilometers. I gave two of my BCs to shoot back," says the fighter. And then they covered us with a mortar. One shrapnel in the leg - and he was dragged. The second was shell-shocked, as soon as he came to his senses, he began to help. The guys were not afraid, no one left anyone. True, the doctors could not save that guy with shrapnel. It's a pity."

    It is a pity for him and the local residents who remained, despite the fighting. They are dying from Ukrainian shelling. "There is a family in Pyatikhatki - the mother was buried. In Zherebyanki, a woman's daughter was killed in the barn," says Nogai. "There is a boy in Nesteryanka, he is seven years old. His parents died, but his grandmother does not walk. buried in the yard. We collect humanitarian aid for them, the grandmother does not want to leave - she is afraid of the house. And the child needs to go to first grade. Every day he goes out and looks at the graves of his parents. "
  2. parabyd
    parabyd 5 September 2023 19: 36
    If it is already known that they are concentrating near the Bryansk region, then they will meet them properly, I hope they have learned from the bitter experience with the Belgorod region. Is Lapin interesting there? Without it, they can not cope))

    And if we also recapture Rabotino, then this will generally be a fiasco of the counteroffensive. Good luck to our paratroopers and let everyone return from the battle!
  3. Cronus
    Cronus 6 September 2023 09: 53
    what is there in Rabotino, they say ours passed it, did not cope?
    Well, of course, the excuses are that it’s a bare steppe, there’s nothing left to hold on to and we’ll go to the hills. It’s interesting that the Ukrainians will then hold onto something there, since there’s nothing left.