The Ukrainian Rada dismissed Reznikov from the post of Minister of Defense

The Ukrainian Rada dismissed Reznikov from the post of Minister of Defense

In Ukraine, the resignation of the Minister of Defense of the country Alexei Reznikov has been officially approved. 327 out of 365 Rada deputies voted for Reznikov's dismissal.

Rustem Umerov was officially approved as the new Minister of Defense of Ukraine at the same meeting of the Verkhovna Rada. Until recently, this 41-year-old Ukrainian politician of Crimean Tatar origin headed the State Property Fund of Ukraine.

Zelensky announced Reznikov’s resignation on September 3, after which the (now former) Minister of Defense himself submitted his resignation from his position.

Apparently, one of the main reasons for Reznikov's resignation was the numerous corruption scandals associated with the theft of funds allocated to support the armed forces. The West has long demanded that Zelensky restore order in the leadership of the military ministry.

It is noteworthy that Reznikov was replaced by a person responsible for control over state property. This may indicate Kyiv’s desire to show the West that it will now be more attentive to the expenditure of funds allocated for combat operations and the maintenance of the army.

In addition, it is possible that it was necessary to change at least some of the actors in connection with the obvious failure of the counteroffensive of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. But there is probably simply no one to change the commander-in-chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, General Valery Zaluzhny, and he has his patrons in the West. As a result, they decided to get by with a higher-ranking figure in the state hierarchy, but less significant in reality, a figure - Alexei Reznikov.
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    1. +7
      5 September 2023
      He leaves his post as a wealthy person for the rest of his life. For almost 2 years he worked tirelessly to earn a secure old age. The opportunities were not small. However, everyone there now is like that.
      1. +5
        5 September 2023
        Meet the new Ukrainian billionaire!
        1. +1
          5 September 2023
          Yes, few people in Ukraine are now being released abroad, and even with money, and even with such a lot of money.
          1. 0
            5 September 2023
            Rustem Umerov will become the new Minister of Defense, his predecessor Alexei Reznikov has already resigned

            First, the Kyiv defense was cut, cut...
            And then she died...
            Reznikov served in the army even in the USSR.
            They replaced a lawyer with an economist.
            One explained why failures should be called success, the second would justify why he was not to blame for the failures.
            1. The comment was deleted.
      2. 0
        6 September 2023
        For me, he will remain the most incomprehensible defense minister in history. Even blacks hung with badges of their own production look more like military men. This buffoon is stealing the face of today’s Ukraine, where some people die for unknown reasons, while others steal by the carload and will get nothing for it. A typical example of how the West forges its allies.
        I hope that after the war the punishing hand of Sudoplatov will reach him...
    2. +5
      5 September 2023
      Reznikov was already very openly nagging with Zelensky, now they will do it more secretly.
      1. +2
        5 September 2023
        Quote: kor1vet1974
        Reznikov was already very openly nagging with Zelensky, now they will do it more secretly.

        Well, why is it secretly, how they sawed, and they will saw, now Reznik was removed, then Umerov and so on.
    3. +6
      5 September 2023
      He earned/stolen, now he is in “exile” in London as an ambassador - that’s how he “got sick.” wink
    4. +2
      5 September 2023
      Well, I don’t know how it is at the very top, but at the municipal level, two “execution” positions - managers of housing and communal services and municipal property - do not last long. In this case, the choice is more political than professional.
    5. +4
      5 September 2023
      Well done! Smart Jew! I saved some money and retired. And the stupid "Velukram" - to the emergency terminals - for a meat assault! They galloped up themselves.)
    6. +2
      5 September 2023
      What "Where"? The last word in the text remained, and the rest of the phrase flew into space
    7. +1
      5 September 2023
      Not this one, then the next one, the same one... that’s business.
    8. +1
      5 September 2023
      In their place, the main thing now is to get out on time and, preferably, alive. Kolomoisky turned brown - now they will be milked to the cent, and this one may emerge in London ...
      1. +2
        5 September 2023
        Quote: isv000
        Kolomoisky turned brown - now they will be milked to the cent, and this one may emerge in London ...

        It's not evening yet, they may not let go until they are milked. "Kvartal" is an unsurpassed craftsman in this.
    9. +2
      5 September 2023
      Well done Lesha! The main thing is to dump in time.
    10. +4
      5 September 2023
      What is the most important thing for a thief?
      Get away in time!
      About the same as Yaitsenyuk. laughing
    11. +3
      5 September 2023
      327 out of 365 Rada deputies voted for Reznikov’s dismissal.

      Surprisingly, not unanimously, because the owner from Washington ordered everyone to vote.
    12. 0
      5 September 2023
      Bravo boy! earned and on time for the Canary Islands, let the kholkhas continue to butt heads with the Russians, it’s time to master what you’ve earned, the main thing is to cut it off in time, and the sedentary skakauses will go into meat assaults on their own! Wai, beautiful, Ridna Nenka has not died yet ...

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