The Romanian Ministry of Defense denied statements by the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry about the alleged fall and explosion of Russian drones on Romanian territory

The Romanian Ministry of Defense denied statements by the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry about the alleged fall and explosion of Russian drones on Romanian territory

The Romanian Ministry of National Defense commented on reports about the fall drones RF Armed Forces on the territory of the country. The corresponding statement was published on the website of the Romanian Defense Ministry.

The Ministry of National Defense categorically rejects the information spread in the public space about the so-called situation that took place on the night of September 3-4, when Russian UAVs allegedly fell on the territory of Romania

- follows from the statement of the department.

According to the Romanian Ministry of National Defense, the Russian weapon never created direct military threats to the territory of the country or its territorial waters.

At the same time, the agency clarified, it continues to closely monitor the situation with droneswhile condemning Russia's strikes on Ukraine's port infrastructure. According to the Romanian military department, in this way, "Moscow violates international humanitarian law."

It should be noted that the reason for such speculation was the statement made in this regard by the press secretary of the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry Oleg Nikolenko, who, in turn, referred to the data of the country's border service. So, according to the Ukrainian diploma, Russian UAVs “fell and exploded” on the territory of Romania.

Recall that on the eve of the Russian Ministry of Defense announced the infliction of UAV strikes by the Russian Aerospace Forces on storage facilities with fuel of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the Ukrainian port of Reni, Odessa region.
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    1. +6
      4 September 2023
      Romania does not want to be drawn into the conflict directly, even if the Ukrainians fire at it. bullyExtremely unpleasant news for "a Jew is not a fascist."
      1. 0
        4 September 2023
        When will Putin finally give the order to bomb government and military facilities in Kiev, such as the Ministry of Defense, the General Staff, the Military Prosecutor's Office, military educational institutions, the buildings of the Rada, the Foreign Ministry, the Security Service, the President's Palace ????
    2. +3
      4 September 2023
      Already categorically rejected, I want to live ...
    3. +3
      4 September 2023
      . So, according to the Ukrainian diploma, Russian UAVs

      Diploma is cool
    4. +1
      4 September 2023
      Well, the Romanians were flattered to be on an equal footing with Russia and arrogantly make their statement.
    5. +1
      4 September 2023
      Well, that means that drones will fall in Romania tonight, and in the morning the Ukrainians will say “we told you so.”
      1. 0
        4 September 2023
        Do you think there are stupid people in Romania!!
    6. 0
      4 September 2023
      Whether the zelebobiki will stage a provocation or not, time will tell.
      The same drone, Russian-made, they will be able to find or they will be helped to find it ... that’s just there’s zero benefit to them ... they are already given a lot and even more, and Russia is to blame for everything and always, in their circles.
    7. -2
      4 September 2023
      Well, what if there were drones? For helping Ukraine, for the death of our soldiers, this is a negligible reward.
      However, Miller helps Ukraine like 30 Romania. And the authors of all sorts of grain deals are completely worthy of a drone out the window.
    8. 0
      4 September 2023
      Personal opinion...
      Even if some rags of debris from Reni accidentally flew to the territory of Romania, but no Romanian citizens were injured and there was no damage to people, it is quite reasonable to say that nothing happened.
      Support for Ukraine is expensive. And when Zelensky, even the United States, urges that they don’t help much, then why should Romania cling?
    9. 0
      5 September 2023
      statements by the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry about the alleged fall and explosion of Russian drones on Romanian territory

      Ukrofascists=banerlogs no longer know what to come up with. Soon we will hear that Russia has attacked the Moon and is trying to take bread from the Martians...

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