Military Review

Justification of the Armed Forces of Russia

Most of the reforms of the Russian army was mainly reduced to a reduction in the number of its personnel.

The army inherited from the Soviet Union (2,8 million people in 1992) proved an unbearable burden for the Russian state, primarily because of the lack of sufficient financial resources. The result of several reforms of the Armed Forces, including bringing to a new look, was a reduction in their numbers to one million.

According to a number of experts, such a number of personnel of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation can be considered as a compromise between the required and possible number. However, there remains an open question about a reasonable numerical strength sufficient to deter, repel any possible aggression and solve other tasks assigned to the Russian army.

On the question of what should be the size of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, there are disputes in society.

The liberal part of the political and scientific elite proves that it is enough to have 600 – 800 thousands of people. These figures are justified by references to other countries of the world, primarily Europe, as well as by the limited material capabilities of the state in maintaining a larger army.

Today, when the military budget has reached a decent size - about 23 trillion rubles for ten years, the arguments for the lack of financial resources cannot be considered a weighty reason to justify these figures. The arguments of relatively small armies of European countries are also incorrect: the conditions for ensuring military security are too different. Only in terms of the territory of Russia is more than all these states combined.

Justification of the Armed Forces of Russia

What is necessary to make a start when determining the size of the Russian Armed Forces? The answer is obvious: if they are designed to counter military threats, then their size should be sufficient to perform this task in the most difficult conditions.

That is, the army is obliged to ensure the security of Russia in all wars and armed conflicts that may be unleashed against our Motherland or in which it may be drawn in due to the negative development of the international situation.

Threat assessment

Analysis of the current economic and military-political situation, its development trends shows that a number of military threats are relevant to Russia to some extent, to neutralize or prevent which national armed forces can be used.

Border conflicts are potentially possible in the west (in relations with the Baltic countries) - due to territorial disputes, north-west (with Norway) - due to the division of exclusive economic zones in the Barents and Norwegian Seas, to the south - due to possible expansion by the Islamic fundamentalists (in particular the Taliban). In all these areas, the likelihood of such conflict situations is currently estimated as low, but it can increase in the future. There is also the danger of a worsening of relations between Russia and Georgia, of drawing in groups of Russian troops in the Georgian-Abkhaz and Georgian-South Ossetian conflicts. The likelihood of such a scenario is average.

Armed conflicts can be the result of an escalation of border or attempts to resolve territorial disputes by military means. The average probability of such conflicts arises in the North Caucasus region in connection with the claims of Georgia to restore territorial integrity. There is, however, an exceptionally low risk of provoking an armed conflict between Russia and Japan over the Kuril Islands. The current instability of the situation in the Central Asian region supports the slight danger of the outbreak of hostilities in the Russian south.

Due to the growing socio-political tensions in Russia, the deepening global crisis and the intensification of US intelligence services to detach the Caspian region from our country by destabilizing the situation in the republics of the North Caucasus, the likelihood of internal armed conflicts in the region increases (estimated as high), also in depressed regions of Russia (medium).

A local war may arise in the North Caucasus region as a result of the escalation of armed conflicts in the republics of the North Caucasus and on the borders of Georgia with Abkhazia and South Ossetia, with Russia being drawn in, with the possibility of their internationalization due to the intervention of (directly or hidden) individual NATO countries.

In addition, with the withdrawal of the troops of the North Atlantic Alliance from Afghanistan, there is a growing likelihood of a number of internal or interstate conflicts in the Central Asian republics, which, as a result of aggravation, can turn into a local war.

The emergence of a regional war against the Russian Federation is possible only against the background of the development of large-scale military operations. Moreover, if Russia enters the coalition of states opposing the countries of Western civilization, it will flow in the western direction, and if the Russian side is in alliance with the West, then we should expect its development in the East, where China will be the main opponent.

The possibility of the start of world war today is continuously growing due to the deepening global crisis, which can be resolved only by changing the entire system of the world structure. Such processes in the twentieth century have already caused two large-scale wars, and it is extremely difficult to assume that this, even deeper crisis will be resolved bloodlessly. Today, it is still possible to assess the possibility of a world war as low, but in the future it will begin to grow and Russia will almost certainly be drawn into it.

Scale of conflict

Thus, the Armed Forces of Russia must be ready to ensure the country's military security in wars and armed conflicts of the following types:

1. Border conflict is limited to a separate operational-important area, and its duration is from several days to one or two months. To resolve it, each of the parties will have to involve a group of troops (forces) numbering from two to three to five to ten thousand people. The period of immediate preparation can be from one to five days. Often, such a conflict situation serves as a pretext for unleashing a larger military action.

2. An armed conflict can take one operational direction, and last from several days or months to several years. Each side will be forced to attract a grouping of troops (forces) numbering from 30 – 40 to 100 – 120 thousand people. For immediate preparation it will take up to several weeks. Participants in the confrontation set themselves, as a rule, limited political goals.

Internal armed conflicts that represent the most acute form of domestic political confrontation are distinguished as a separate type.

3. A local war can take place in one strategic direction, and in duration from a few months to several years. The groupings of troops (forces) of each of the parties should be from 500 thousand to one million people or more. The period of direct preparation for such a war is several months. The parties have set themselves, as a rule, fairly ambitious political goals, such as, for example, the implementation of large territorial claims, up to and including annexation.

4. Regional war on space covers several strategic areas and lasts for several years. For its conduct, each of the parties will have to involve a grouping of troops (forces) numbering from four to five to ten million people. Direct training usually ranges from one to several years. Within its framework, extremely decisive political goals are achieved, such as, for example, annexing entire countries, changing the political system or power elite in large countries, and establishing military-political control over important regions of the world.

5. World War will cover all major regions of the Earth, the duration - from several years to several decades. It will certainly be a coalition with the participation of the opposing alliances of all leading countries. Each of the parties involved uses all available military, economic and spiritual potential. Structurally, the war will represent a system of regional and local wars in various theaters of military operations. The total composition of the opposing groups of troops (forces) can reach several tens of millions of people. The period of direct preparation will be several years. Entry into a world war will occur in the form of an escalation of several armed conflicts and local wars in regional war that initially form in the aggregate. In a large-scale war, geopolitical goals of global importance are being solved, first of all it can be the construction of a new world order.

Required composition

The analysis made allows us to conclude that the Russian Armed Forces should be capable in peacetime:

  • cover the borders, successfully resolve border conflicts in any operational direction by individual groups of troops up to 10 thousand people;
  • resolve one or two armed conflicts, including domestic ones, increasing the existing groupings to cover the border at the expense of other areas and the center to 100 – 200 thousand people;
  • support the international political and economic activities of Russia and its citizens, protect its vital interests outside the country.

    With full or partial mobilization deployment:

  • allow one or two local wars (without the use of weapons of mass destruction) with the creation for this groupings of a total of one million people or more;
  • prevent the escalation of a local war into a regional threat of the use of tactical and operational-tactical nuclear weapons;
    to force the enemy to abandon further military aggression in a regional war, with its direct occurrence through the use of all kinds
  • nuclear weapons (including strategic ones).

    Strategic nuclear forces carry out guaranteed containment of the threat of use of weapons of mass destruction by other countries possessing such weapons.

    Based on the above requirements, with full mobilization deployment within the domestic Armed Forces, there should be from 2,5 to 3,5 a million people, including from 0,6 to 1,5 million in the groupings solving tasks in one or two local wars in one or two strategic areas, the rest - forces covering the border in other areas, systems of comprehensive support and management.

    Based on the required military time in 3,5 million and the average rate of mobilization deployment in 2,3 – 2,7 (according to the experience of the Second World War, conflicts of the second half of the XX - beginning of the XXI century), we can determine the minimum required composition of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation of Peacetime - 1,2 – 1,5 a million people.
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    1. leon-iv
      leon-iv 27 December 2012 15: 21
      generally correct. But to bring it to 1,5 million you need 10 years to do everything at a high level.
      1. Slayer
        Slayer 27 December 2012 17: 17
        Quote: leon-iv

        generally correct. But bring it to 1,5 million

        The maintenance of a large army, I think it’s expensive and it’s better to let this money out for the most modern types of weapons, it’s better to have 500 thousand equipped with the latest technology than 1.5 million equipped with junk
        1. YaRoK
          YaRoK 27 December 2012 17: 54
          I think you're partly wrong
        2. Misantrop
          Misantrop 27 December 2012 18: 22
          Quote: Slayer
          expensive pleasure and money is better for the latest types of weapons to release

          By the method of Serdyukov?
          1. Slayer
            Slayer 27 December 2012 18: 50
            Quote: Misantrop
            By the method of Serdyukov?

            What does Serdyukov have to do with it, we have 90% of the equipment in the army of the 70s, when there was an army of 2 million, we hardly collected 60 thousand to Chechnya, about 150 thousand people are serving right now in the central military district, some of them are not on constant alert, don’t understand what to do, in short Siberia, in theory, is not in danger, it is completely closed by Mongolia and Kazakhstan, for its protection it is better to create bases in Mongolia, create air defense bases, and Aviation, as well as a couple of parts with multiple launch rocket systems, for this, well, 30 thousand people will be needed such protection is many times more effective than the current 150 thousand on the T-60

            In the USSR, an army of 2.5 million was created for the offensive, 90 thousand tanks were supposed to raze Europe to the ground, but right now we are not going to attack anyone, for local wars such an army is not needed, we need the latest technology. And in the event of a world war, mobilization will still be
            1. Misantrop
              Misantrop 27 December 2012 19: 21
              Quote: Slayer
              What does Serdyukov have to do with it

              What does it have to do with it? AND whether under his leadership the size and structure of the army was brought exactly to this form? And was the slogan “New weapons instead of mass scale” adopted? Huge sums were allocated for rearmament and ... disappeared without a trace in the bowels of the offices? Take an interest, the current defense order is almost the only one in the last ten years that has been fulfilled. But the allocated money was not returned back, where did it go?
              Quote: Slayer
              In the USSR, an army of 2.5 million was created for the offensive
              2,5 million construction battalions, athletes and other balalaika players. These thousands of tanks lay dead weight in framed units, and only dachas were built "at the click". And Amria and the fleet were suffocating from the lack of personnel. Didn't have to explain to the sailor why his SECOND WEEK in the outfit to replace ANYTHING? And why did he have a shift to maintain a nuclear installation not 4 hours after 8, but 8 after 4? Very, you know, it helps clarify the brain ...
              Quote: Slayer
              And in the event of a world war, mobilization will still be

              Mobilization? To the whistle of falling warheads by the military commissariats, where are some civilians now left? WHOM and WHERE will they mobilize? Creative managers on nuclear mobilization sites scorched by nuclear fire? The flight time of warheads is about half an hour. And how much mobilization time?
              1. Misantrop
                Misantrop 27 December 2012 19: 26
                And in essence to answer? Or are we only able to throw minuses? "New equipment", and who will serve it, a year-long conscript? The one that is not even able to write without mistakes, let alone master new techniques in record time? Or a contract soldier who has no benefits, no housing, no normal salary? Previously, the main "techies on iron" were midshipmen and warrant officers, where are they now? Or semi-gray majors with captains who have a couple of years left to retire? Who will replace them if there has been no recruitment for military universities for several years?
                1. Slayer
                  Slayer 27 December 2012 19: 41
                  Misantrop, you contradict yourself, you have to say a great army, then they are all dumbass)))), I’m for the army to be professional, so that not 18 year old poats go, which FIGs oppose the bearded majahed from childhood holding an automaton, but Well-trained fighters fought, using modern technology, who know their job.
              2. Slayer
                Slayer 27 December 2012 19: 29
                Quote: Misantrop
                Mobilization? To the whistle of falling warheads by the military commissariats, where are some civilians now left? WHOM and WHERE will they mobilize? Creative managers on nuclear mobilization sites scorched by nuclear fire? The flight time of warheads is about half an hour. And how much mobilization time?

                That’s why I say, instead of the 3 million dunce who will eat hundreds of millions, you need to buy the most advanced air defense systems, etc., so that there is time, to mobilize, the idea of ​​Serdyuk was good in itself, but how he began to implement it shooting no less. And in order to earn a mobilization reserve, this is a separate pain in the headquarters, you need to either revive military circles in schools, or conduct courses for all citizens at least in a couple of weeks, where they will learn to shoot at least. Well, or at least in schools to introduce paintball into the OBZ program, I watched the battle of the Cop capture group with the paintball team, so this capture group merged in an hour of battle))
                1. Misantrop
                  Misantrop 27 December 2012 20: 28
                  Quote: Slayer
                  That’s why I’m saying, instead of the 3 million slut who will eat hundreds of millions,

                  And where are these "3 million idiots"? They were not included in the armed forces at the end of the last century. Isn't it time to wake up and from the daily diet, finally, to throw out the word "cut" as unnecessary? Have already contracted, isn't it time to stop? And then the majority of those who read the word "reduce" are automatically supplemented by the phrase "from the available quantity." It was not necessary to REDUCE it even then, to clean it from debris and stick - this is NECESSARY. If the army of that time was freed from garbage, it would be just an incomplete one and a half million REALLY MILITARY soldiers in it. And just ideas Serdyukov didn’t have it, otherwise he would have done normally (for all his thieving and squinting hands) normally. It’s easy to implement the right idea, it is LOGIC and misleading. And literally EVERYTHING that he managed to stick during his reign, needs at least a remake, to say the least. Which of what he did can be considered normal and sufficient for the country?
                  Quote: Slayer
                  I watched the battle of the cop capture group with a team of paintball players
                  Paintball players jump like eagles because the worst thing that can threaten them is a hefty bruise. And a fighter who fought sees a real bullet behind every paint ball. And he remembers the comrades who caught such bullets. If you organize a car racing competition on your computers, then a 15-year-old boy will easily “do” a world rally champion. That's just to go on a real track with this "young talent" behind the wheel, I myself will not dare, and I will not advise you. Unless, of course, you are not tired of living
                  1. Slayer
                    Slayer 27 December 2012 20: 42
                    Misantrop, do you propose sending 18 summer poats to hot spots, which were only torn off by mothers’s piles instead of trained fighters? Only trained fighters need to be paid worthily, but they will put these salags in the first battle, and the sense of the 3 million army of green pozzanchiks?
                    1. Misantrop
                      Misantrop 27 December 2012 20: 59
                      Quote: Slayer
                      offer to send 18 summer dots to hot spots

                      Guys in a meat grinder? That's really not necessary. Fighters trained. By the way, even with minimal training and a LITERATURE command of them, even these guys (and whoever taught them at the KMB in the 90s) are quite capable not only to fight, but also to win. I do not know about it from books. The younger brother has only "For Courage" three, but most of all he is proud of the fact that for 5 years of military operations (in Abkhazia and Chechnya) while he was a platoon and company commander, he did not send ANY of his subordinates home in zinc. The wounded - yes, there were. BUT everyone went home on their own, not on crutches. And this is the Airborne Forces, and not the guard of warehouses with footcloths.

                      And after 2-3 years of service, the guy becomes a competent professional, able, if necessary, to easily remember what he was taught. Those. mobilization reserve for the country is formed automatically. And consider this time lost in vain, too, is not worth it, unless, of course, all this time you don’t sweep the parade ground with a crowbar

                      PS But a completely contract army very quickly forms a dependent mood among the population of the country. And then any threats will not drive ANYONE into the militia. Precisely because the layman has formed an attitude towards the military as a hired, stupid "butcher". Who is paid to die for office hamsters while they hang out in bars and discos
                    2. Gregazov
                      Gregazov 27 December 2012 21: 13
                      In order not to send the milkmen to battle, they need to be taught. After World War II, sailors served 5 years on uncomplicated equipment, and soldiers 4 years. These terms were gradually reduced due to an increase in the general level of the country's culture and the introduction of elementary military training in schools. I personally do not understand the reason for the reduction of the service life to a year, since the minimum training period for a soldier - 1 year - was worked out in the Chechen campaign. T.O. draftees are called up only for training, and who will fight?
                    3. Setrac
                      Setrac 28 December 2012 01: 17
                      These are the problems of upbringing, that our 18-year-old foreheads were "torn off only from the mother's tits," such people should be sent to the army and broken in the most cruel way.
                      1. Misantrop
                        Misantrop 28 December 2012 14: 54
                        Quote: Setrac
                        such must be in the army and break in the most cruel way.

                        You don't need to break anyone, there will be no sense in breaking it later. But from upbringing and training, there has not been any harm to anyone. Still, the "creeps" about bullying are fair for those parts that have nothing to do. If - with normal service, there is neither strength nor time left for any non-compliance
            2. s1н7т
              s1н7т 28 December 2012 00: 54
              Quote: Slayer
              In the USSR, an army of 2.5 million was created for the offensive,

              In the US, an army for retreat, or what? USE affects?
            3. bddrus
              bddrus 28 December 2012 08: 09
              USSR Armed Forces amounted to 5,5 million people (as far as I remember)
          2. tomket
            tomket 28 December 2012 08: 08
            for example, real estate Serdyukov)
        3. forward46
          forward46 27 December 2012 21: 18
          Count the length of our borders - only 500 thousand will go there. Until we rearm the army, we cannot talk about anything at all, let alone any conflicts.
        4. Logs
          Logs 27 December 2012 21: 34
          Moreover, in peacetime it’s not quite reasonable to maintain a huge army, another question is how to get a sufficient and high-quality number of reservists in times of aggravation of the situation. Maybe some civilian specialists should be given the opportunity to have two professions at once, one peaceful and the other military and encourage them in every way, but for to improve experience, for example, to conduct military training.
        5. tomket
          tomket 28 December 2012 08: 07
          you still attribute what would these 500tys only guarded Moscow then everything falls into place
      2. starshina78
        starshina78 27 December 2012 20: 27
        All is well, but forgot about China! And within half an hour he can deliver such a blow to Russia that we lose the Far East, Eastern Siberia and Altai. On the same site was an article on the grouping of people standing on the border with Russia and the surrounding districts. I don’t remember the exact numbers, but about 4-5000 armored personnel carriers and tanks, about 2,5-3000 helicopters and aircraft of all kinds, about 2,5 million were called. people in these groups. Interestingly, as an army with a total strength of 1,2 - 1,5 million. people and a mobilization resource of 2,3 - 2,7 million. , which still need to be mobilized, dressed, given weapons and brought to the place of hostilities, will fight with the Chinese army, which has a mobilization resource of about 12 million. man also has nuclear weapons, about which no one really knows anything? It would be interesting to get expert advice. About the eternal friendship of the Russian and Chinese not to mention, have already passed. And do not forget that books about the conquest of Russia and maps on which the borders of China end at the Ural Mountains are already openly published.
        1. Misantrop
          Misantrop 27 December 2012 20: 43
          Quote: starshina78
          All is well, but forgot about China!
          I remembered the last major conflict between China and Vietnam in the early 80s. When a hefty Chinese Expeditionary Force attacked Vietnam. Tellingly, not with hoes. And ... got stuck at the border. As a result, he was almost all there and lay down. This despite the fact that the Vietnamese army did not take part in the hostilities, the invasion forces were ground by the border guards and the militia of the nearest regions. True, these militias ("thank you" to the Americans) had colossal combat experience. And the militia had enough equipment with weapons. And what about the Kwantung group at one time? More than a million fired soldiers, in positions prepared for defense, with the strongest fighting spirit. So the number is not the main thing.
          1. s1н7т
            s1н7т 28 December 2012 00: 57
            Quote: Misantrop
            I remembered the last major conflict between China and Vietnam in the early 80's

            Everything flows, everything changes. The Chinese are learning fast.
            1. GELEZNII_KAPUT
              GELEZNII_KAPUT 28 December 2012 13: 43
              I am not an expert, but it seems to me that a nuclear strike against the Chinese is leveling their numbers with ours, and even the army will remain without supplies. crying
              1. s1н7т
                s1н7т 31 December 2012 01: 10
                Quote: GELEZNII_KAPUT
                I am not an expert, but it seems to me that a nuclear strike against the Chinese is leveling their numbers with ours, and even the army will remain without supplies. crying

                We must carefully read - the Chinese are learning fast. Weapons can be not only missiles, but also economics, for example.
    2. Bender
      Bender 27 December 2012 15: 27
      The Russian Federation was not the USSR, the army was large then because the state was larger, and there was nothing surprising that it became smaller: there were no groups in Germany, + the armies also separated from the USSR from the USSR! But of course, my opinion is that the army still needs to be increased , but they didn’t stupidly score and everyone is happy, and even gradually, but that they would be professional warriors and not snowblowers and builders in the country!
      1. not good
        not good 27 December 2012 20: 02
        Even now, if you collect all the dodgers-runners and send them to serve, you get more than a million, and if you increase the service life by at least half a year, here’s the army with a half-million.
      2. not good
        not good 27 December 2012 20: 26
        The mobilization system, today, is not able to quickly fulfill the tasks facing the frontline. The laws do not really work, the draft evaders are not punished. For example: five years ago I received a summons from the military registration and enlistment office, I phoned a friend of the military commissar, asked what it was, to which I received an answer: “Throw it out and don’t worry.” The old mob structure has ceased to exist, what it is now, in case of war it will not be able to quickly collect not only 6-8 million, but 2-3 will be a heavy burden. Most likely in case, God forbid , the total mobilization of "conscription" will be carried out as in the Middle Ages, military patrols will comb the area, catch everyone who is not blown away by the recoil when fired, and send them to the assembly point.
        1. Gregazov
          Gregazov 27 December 2012 21: 21
          Mobilization activities are not only about catching the boys of the draft deviators and the hard workers. At the same time, many enterprises should switch to military products. To organize this process, the enterprises had "first departments" and mob. resources. Currently mob. resources are plundered, and the first departments are closed. There are only mobs. plans for which someone will release something.
          In this situation, you cannot lay on mob resources. At least a year after the occurrence of a serious conflict, they will only be created.
        2. Misantrop
          Misantrop 28 December 2012 14: 58
          Quote: Negoro
          . Laws do not really work, draft lawmakers are not punished.
          Since our time, the draft board has worked a little differently. The last summons came to me ... when I arrived on my next vacation, we were already getting older wassat Brother, by the way, is also an Akurat to the Starleys epaulets laughing
    3. evgenii67
      evgenii67 27 December 2012 15: 29
      A large army is certainly good, but we must not forget about the level of training of fighters and equipment, otherwise many of us come from the army who kept the machine gun only on oath, but they regularly rag and shovel, and only 60-80- x years of release, and they didn’t even let the rank and file ... The army should be strong not only on paper, but also in practice. Maybe the times will change, because the rearmament has already begun, although the pace is not as pleasing as we would like, but literally, 10 years ago we had nothing at all, the new equipment was only in our dreams ....
      1. Misantrop
        Misantrop 28 December 2012 15: 00
        Quote: evgenii67
        we must not forget about the level of training of fighters and equipment

        And without this, there will be no sense from the army of ANY size
    4. Vladimirets
      Vladimirets 27 December 2012 15: 34
      For example, Holland or Italy have no probable opponents to look at Europe, because there is nothing interesting in these countries. No resources, no more or less free territory, why fight? Well, maybe just pick tulips or oranges. But we need a strong army. Oh, how necessary, expanding to some countries is already vital, and our resources are very tempting to shine for many.
    5. Ivan Mazyr
      Ivan Mazyr 27 December 2012 16: 19
      Why is the threat from Japan, China considered as insignificant. Suppose Japan is not building up its military potential not weakly and, according to experts, in the event of a military conflict, they will be near Baikal in a day. Primorye will pass without stopping, sweep away any resistance in a matter of hours. It is not the first year that China has been pulling its troops to our border under the guise of exercises. And it will even be easier for them to take the Far East, because the Chinese in this region are almost as many as the local population. And China still considers Primorye to be its territory, which Russia captured by force.
      And the enemy appears where they least expect him.
      1. mogus
        mogus 27 December 2012 17: 03
        about Japan, my grandfather drove them out of China. A day will be food for fish. China has tension with India — where should China withdraw its troops in case of a possible attack from it? —To the north, to our borders (annoying of course). Who said about the number of Chinese equal to the local population? For me, as a resident of Siberia, it is not surprising that the Chinese people consider everything that the Uralolm to be their own, but these are some hotheads. And the enemy we expect less from the trolls and the fifth column ...
    6. Kibl
      Kibl 27 December 2012 16: 25
      Russia needs a powerful, efficient army with a mandatory call! Of course, contract soldiers are also needed, but the backbone is just a call and not for 1 year, but as it was, but for 2 years! In the United States there is a professional army, but no one really threatens its territory, well, maybe Mexican drug cartels and Canadian bears, although judging by the latest events, the Americans themselves are afraid of each other, it’s like they sweep away all the guns from the shelves and then urinate schoolchildren, firefighters, moviegoers! , chinese, japs ​​well how can it be without an army and navy! Only corrupt liberalists and traitors to their homeland, otherwise they can’t be named differently, can push ideas about a 600000-800000 army! 1,5-2 million is the most !!!
    7. 26vova06
      26vova06 27 December 2012 16: 36
      article plus. our country needs a large army, but can we afford it? I speak not from economic considerations but demographic. with a population of 142-143 lyam, an army of 1,5-2 million will only worsen the demographic situation in the country. I now believe that the optimal composition of the entire Russian Federation is 1,2 million (700-800 thousand ground forces, 200-250 thousand each in the Air Force and Navy)
      1. Misantrop
        Misantrop 27 December 2012 19: 02
        Quote: 26vova06
        our country needs a large army, but can we afford it?

        If we can afford Serdyukov with his insatiable hoes, St. Petersburg heating engineers, etc., then the army does not look like an unbearable burden against their background. The strangest thing (maybe they will minus me for this seditious idea now), but that the army that was under the USSR (and those terms of service) was just optimal for a country of SUCH size. That's just exactly the ARMY. If you count all sorts of military bands, song and dance ensembles, CSK, construction battalion and other auxiliary structures, then they totaled almost half of the USSR Armed Forces. DON'T forget that almost all factories that could have been used in the event of a military threat to enhance their defense potential had at least a battalion of conscripts in their staff. They saw the machine gun only on the oath, and worked their entire service at this plant as a free auxiliary labor force. Take the same 35th shipyard in Murmansk, a purely civilian enterprise. But a battalion of sailors was there at the factory. Sailors who have never seen a ship in their service ... These "accompanying structures and subsidiary farms" have accumulated over the post-war period, like fleas on a barbosque. A construction battalion was in the garrison of Gadzhievo, and a company in Olenya. BUT in real life there was a platoon in Olenya, and the company was in Gadzhievo. And all the rest ... were building housing in Moscow (seriously, no kidding). Now, if we rid the army of such "ballast", it, among other things, will turn out to be not as heavy on finances as the pacifists tell us
    8. rennim
      rennim 27 December 2012 16: 43
      I can’t say what the size of the Russian Armed Forces is now. When I was in my service, one uncle with very heavy shoulder straps from the headquarters of the Moscow Military District in 1998 said that 847 were with civilians ... I’ll repeat 1998. And what is the current size ... I don’t know. I doubt that more than what I named for 98 .
    9. Leisure
      Leisure 27 December 2012 17: 09
      I think that the world war will not be as long as the author believes. After the exchange of blows, people who survive will not be before the war.
    10. serjant4
      serjant4 27 December 2012 17: 29
      A state that does not feed and does not contain its own army will feed and contain someone else's ... not my words ... I believe that it is necessary to build up our army qualitatively and quantitatively
    11. AleksUkr
      AleksUkr 27 December 2012 17: 39
      General Ivashov:
      “If we talk about threats, - they are mentioned by Vladimir Putin in his election article on national security. But if you look at the composition of the Armed Forces, then our current brigade-type troops are not able to withstand a potential enemy either in the West, or in the South, or in the East. And they are completely unprepared to defend our interests in the Arctic, where a new theater of military operations is being formed today in the struggle for resources.

      We actually no longer have military intelligence as a system capable of providing information on the formation of threats and preparation for attacks. There is already a debate about to whom to transfer the remnants of the Main Intelligence Directorate of the General Staff: either the FSB or the SVR.

      We do not have military science, which the chief of the General Staff admitted. In the new configuration, the command and control system of the Armed Forces did not work out. There is no proper military education. When, as a result of military reform, the most important elements of the country's defense are not destroyed, but, on the contrary, destroyed, it’s hardly possible to talk about any successes. Plus, when a merchant took charge of the Ministry of Defense, he turned the entire Armed Forces system into a commercial organization.
      In addition, we have no serious military allies today. From a military-strategic point of view, we do not know who is closer to us: China, India or NATO? Therefore, there is a constant flirtation with the West, absurd statements and decisions. As a result, we have no serious allies left. That is, we have not built the necessary balance of forces. For all that has been said, I unequivocally assess the results of the reform negatively. "

      General Ivashov, of course, is a very competent specialist, as they say - an elite general, and he accurately assesses the combat effectiveness (more precisely, the lack of combat capability) of our armed forces.
      These armed forces have not been ours for 20 years. According to their purpose, they serve the interests of the ruling class — the bourgeoisie.

      The part of the armed forces that is designed to confront an external enemy is really destroyed to the ground. Particularly detrimental consequences were brought about by the undermining of the very possibility of restoring the combat readiness of the army - the educational material base of the training, especially for the officers, was destroyed. As for the fact that the army became a thieves' organization, it would be strange if this were not so. The market is when everything is sold and bought, when the measure of everything is only money. So - in the whole state. It would be unnatural if suddenly in one of the most important organs of this state it would be different. (Evil tongues say that Ministry of Defense officials refused to order recoilless guns in the industry - the name did not like ...)

      Ivan Kirichenko "General Ivashov: the army has become a thieves' organization"
    12. homosum20
      homosum20 27 December 2012 17: 55
      The author is absolutely right. Everything is laid out on shelves. The conflict in Syria, which can pass the stage of the local one and go into a regional war, with a spontaneous slide to world war, is not taken into account. (Turkey is a member of NATO), interested in the conflict Qatar and Saudi Arabia are authoritative countries in the Arab world).
      Kazan is not indicated anywhere as a source of conflict. This is very disturbing. The Muslim population of this region is much larger than Chechnya and so on. In general, the Tatars are the 2nd largest Russian nationality. Therefore, in the event of a conflict, it will require more strength and resources than the Caucasus. It should be borne in mind that the conflict (Kazan) will destroy the logistics of transport routes in Russia, its energy system, which will complicate the functioning of the industrial complex. In the event of a protracted conflict, it is possible to divide the industrial complex into 2 enclaves: European and Siberian. In the event of further delay, this will be reflected in the mood of the population and the political atmosphere in the enclaves, which may lead to a split in the country.
      Given the above, it seems to me that it is necessary to increase the size of the armed forces faster. Dates are a year or three.
    13. topwar.ruk-d
      topwar.ruk-d 27 December 2012 18: 05
      There is no danger from Europe. As Afghanistan shows, Europeans are not able to fight. Although they send the elite to Afghanistan.
      1. Misantrop
        Misantrop 27 December 2012 19: 08
        Quote: topwar.ruk-d
        There is no danger from Europe
        You shouldn't underestimate them. When mobilized, they can put the newly arrived diaspora under arms. And they will go, they do not agree to fight for the interests of American moneybags, but for the spread of their influence - easily. And these "wild divisions" can cause a LOT of problems
      2. s1н7т
        s1н7т 28 December 2012 01: 01
        Gaddafi, too, argued so, probably. Where is he now? Pi-pez, how many fools are on the site!
    14. Belo_ticketnik
      Belo_ticketnik 27 December 2012 18: 14
      Before you increase the quantity, you need to improve the quality. The war in Iraq, the Arab-Israeli conflicts, clearly showed that technical superiority and high-quality organization negate the numerical advantage of the enemy. It is necessary to create a combat-ready core of the army of our country, well-equipped, trained, well-fed and very mobile, preferably on a contract. In the army, recruit only volunteers of recruits, who provide not only protection against lawlessness of colleagues and commanders, but also normal living conditions + salary. Then people themselves will be drawn into the army. Because while the draftees run away from the draft like hares, the issue of the size of the army cannot be resolved for a trivial reason - you simply won’t pick up the draftees, get smeared, mow down, etc.

      Many will say that a fighter should be a seasoned and not a bad kindergarten. But it seems to me that each of our military men has earned a human attitude. Youyusov and geyropeytsev can be cherished a lot, but their soldiers are always dressed and perfectly equipped, and the attitude of officers and ordinary personnel is many times different from ours.
    15. Volkhov
      Volkhov 27 December 2012 18: 22
      In the Russian Federation, the state of the Polyarmy is when the number of paramilitary structures is gigantic (army, emergency situations, police, law enforcement, FSB, chop, gangs, rush), and the army itself is scanty and dispersed.
      What is needed is a law, when in the event of war all this fraternity becomes directly subordinate to the districts, and military engineers need to develop a chip like a kookan so that they can call any cop or guard to the draft board.
      This, of course, will not happen until it is cooked, and then only approximately this will happen.
      1. Misantrop
        Misantrop 27 December 2012 19: 34
        Quote: Volkhov
        a chip like a kookan, to call any cop or guard with a button to the draft board.

        That will be the joy of an officer when, under his command, this herd of bespredelniks is brought in ... wassat
        1. Volkhov
          Volkhov 27 December 2012 20: 19
          Everything will quickly shift to the style of order 227, curfew platoons, everything is in place ... because people go to the traffic police to live well, and not to show character and stay in the ditch.
      GOLUBENKO 28 December 2012 00: 36
      Article plus.
      Army in 1 million. for our country it is very small.
      And rightly said stupid increase is meaningless. Now the Minister of Defense and the chief of the General Staff of the work have no end. Serdyukov ruined the army in four years, and oh, how long will it take to raise, especially the prestige of the service. Which is now after goskidalova for 20 years below the baseboard.
    17. Magadan
      Magadan 28 December 2012 00: 45
      I still think so. that the best option is a constantly combat-ready Army, where there are thousands of 500-800 special forces soldiers and a good reserve of up to 2 million. And in order for the reserve to be, it is necessary to reintroduce the NVP, with fees of 2 weeks starting at the age of 14 (we had it). Then the annual service in the Army. Then the best ones after this service are offered to join the Reserve, where they are required to undergo annual fees, but they are paid an additional 5-10 thousand per month for this. In short, the reserve is something like the idea of ​​the Cossacks. Well, the Cossacks themselves, by themselves, must closely begin to grow a combat shift. Cook your children from a very young age.
      1. studentmati
        studentmati 28 December 2012 00: 52
        I think that it would be nice to adopt the experience of the DPRK army, where the main emphasis is on sabotage, and the vast majority of reservists are saboteurs. It is very difficult to keep a combined-arms reservist constantly on alert, provided that technology, tactics and strategy are constantly improved. But sabotage methods of war are not changing so quickly.
        1. Misantrop
          Misantrop 28 December 2012 01: 11
          Quote: studentmati
          the vast majority of reservists are saboteurs

          Either it will be shitty saboteurs, or ... a nightmare for power structures and law enforcement agencies. Prepare half a million saboteurs and send them "to free bread"? Earn their own food? Then it is definitely better not to appear on the street without a platoon of anti-sabotage protection laughing What is good for the DPRK with its powerful propaganda apparatus will not take root here, especially against the background of total corruption of the authorities and universal legal nihilism
      2. s1н7т
        s1н7т 28 December 2012 01: 07
        Magadan, did you freeze your brains? laughing What special forces ?! What are the Cossacks ?! There is almost no special forces, there is only the Ministry of Internal Affairs, GUFSIN, FSB, etc. - who will cook? Cossacks - this is finally a pi-pez! Mummers - what will grow? Pi-pez, boltology!
      3. Misantrop
        Misantrop 28 December 2012 01: 23
        Quote: Magadan
        Then the annual service in the Army. Then the best after this service is offered to join the Reserve, where they are required to undergo annual fees
        Of which cones do they pay extra, WHO and WHERE will deal with them (and all this also has to be paid)? And from what means to pay compensation to owners of structures, where will these reservists be called up for fees? And yet, for a year a normal specialist to educate is unrealistic. Especially - for the operation of modern military equipment. Unless - with a bunch of successive high-class teachers replacing each other. And no longer distracted. Such a result in practice is not achievable even in the best training centers, and even massively, nationwide ... utopia, alas.

        But in 2-3 years, having relieved the army of non-core duties and functions, normally engaged in combat training, it is quite possible to prepare a strong pro from a conscript. Despite the fact that the main service of the equipment will be taken over by contract soldiers (during the USSR, these functions were performed first by the conscripts, then by warrant officers and midshipmen)