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The rebels in Gabon initiated an investigation against representatives of the overthrown government

The rebels in Gabon initiated an investigation against representatives of the overthrown government

The new authorities of the African Republic of Gabon decided to launch an investigation against the overthrown elite. It is reported by Al Mayadeen TV channel.

Recall that at the end of August this year, a coup d'etat took place in the country, as a result of which the military seized power.

General Bris Oligi Nguema was appointed interim leader of the republic. Already today he can take the oath and head the so-called transitional government.

The main trigger of the above events was the announcement by the Electoral Commission in Gabon that Ali Bongo won again (for the third time) in the presidential elections. As a result, a group of high-ranking military officials announced that they did not recognize the elections, accused the current authorities of corruption and staged a coup.

The material says that corruption, embezzlement of public funds and even treason are considered as the main charges in the current investigation. Under suspicion are representatives of the elite detained during the coup, including the son of President Ali bin Bongo Ondimba.

It's worth adding that Ben Bongo, ousted last week and put under house arrest, first took office in 2009. At the same time, he became the successor to his father, who ruled the country for 42 years.

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  1. faterdom
    faterdom 4 September 2023 12: 48
    Well, we are not Gabon, thank God, we do not rock boats ...
    1. Real Pilot
      Real Pilot 4 September 2023 13: 01
      The French can't protect their "sons of bitches"?
      So, rely on the mercy of the mother country...
      1. velikoros-xnumx
        velikoros-xnumx 4 September 2023 23: 26
        Quote: RealPilot
        The French can't protect their "sons of bitches"?
        So, rely on the mercy of the mother country...

        Korney Ivanovich smiled in the next world laughing good
  2. kor1vet1974
    kor1vet1974 4 September 2023 13: 03
    In the entire history of independent Gabon, there have been only three presidents. A rich and stable state, thanks to oil. However, due to inequality in income distribution, a significant part of the population remains poor.
    1. Vik66
      Vik66 4 September 2023 17: 26
      However, due to inequality in the distribution of income, a significant part of the population remains poor.
      Somewhere I have already heard this, about untold wealth and a poor people ... sad
  3. Aken
    Aken 4 September 2023 13: 22
    The investigation must be quick and efficient.
    There was no one to restore power.
  4. rocket757
    rocket757 4 September 2023 13: 25
    So what?
    And nothing ....
    Everything goes on as usual.
  5. dump22
    dump22 4 September 2023 13: 36
    he succeeded his father, who ruled the country for 42 years.

    This is how to deal with lifelong and hereditary presidents.
    Once and done.
    And then don’t give a damn about the opinion of the West.
  6. alystan
    alystan 4 September 2023 13: 42
    I apologize in advance, but there will be a lot of letters...

    Not everything is so clear with Gabon, especially with General Bris Oligi Ngemadage.
    Even a bit too confusing...

    According to the Italian online publication Agenzia Nova, the coup in Gabon has a family background, since the rebel leader, the commander-in-chief of the Republican Guard of Gabon, Bris Oligui Nguema, presented as the new president for the transitional period, is the cousin of the deposed president, Ali Bongo Ondimba.

    Below is a little more detail.

    Bris Oligui Nguema is still relatively young (approx. born in 1975) - he studied at the Royal Military Academy of Meknes in Morocco, worked as a military attaché at the Gabon embassies in Morocco and Senegal.

    Well, how can he have experience in government (?!)

    He led the Republican Guard only in April 2020, replacing General Grégoire Kuhn, who is also the cousin of deposed President Ali Bongo Ondimba.

    That is, one cousin replaced another, in order to then remove the third, but the president.

    There was another attempt, albeit unsuccessful, to remove Ali Bongo Ondimbu from power by force in January 2019.

    If we consider the situation in Gabon in a broad geopolitical context (within the whole of Africa), then we can pay attention to the activity of France, the United States, Russia and China in the struggle for the right to participate in the development of the natural resources not only of Gabon, but of all African countries as a whole, and for geostrategic dominance in sub-Saharan Africa.

    And in this regard, one can and should argue about the "man-made" version of the armed rebellion in Libreville, both in 2019 and the current one, and take a closer look at its/their possible initiators, primarily the United States.

    In relation to the failed coup attempt four years ago, and in favor of the assumption about the role of the United States, such a moment speaks. Six months before the failed coup, in July 2018, the President of Gabon visited Moscow, where he met with the President of Russia and spoke in favor of increasing the presence of not only Russia, but also China both on the African continent and in the Gabonese Republic. And the appearance of the American military in Gabon can be fully explained by Washington's desire to prevent the establishment of either military or economic cooperation between this country and Russia. And not at all with their peaceful views.

    Oddities and inconsistencies of the January 7, 2019 coup attempt.

    That day early in the morning five men in Republican Guard uniform on army jeeps they blocked the building of the state broadcasting station in Libreville and made an appeal from its control room. A certain Lieutenant Ondo Obiang Kelly announced the end of the reign of President Ali Bongo Ondimba and declared himself the leader of the Patriotic Movement of the Gabon military and intelligence services. Promising to soon create a National Council for the Restoration of Democracy in the Republic.

    Later, the following detail came to light - according to BBC Gabon commander Eric Mbading, the army has always been considered loyal to the Bongo family, the backbone of which was the presidential guard and which recruited mainly residents of the Upper Ogüe region, i.e. from the native places of the presidential clan (here is the explanation about cousins). The Presidential Guard was directly subordinate to the leadership of intelligence in the Ministry of Defense, which were respectively headed by the President's cousin Grégoire Kuhn and the President's brother Federico Bongo.

    And soon after the suppression of the putsch, a message appeared that none of the rebels had ever served in the army of Gabon. It turns out that putschists who were not involved in the army were specially dressed up as presidential guardsmen (?!)

    What do we get in the end?

    The President, who together with his father ruled for almost 50 years a country rich in natural resources, which, after the collapse of the French colonial empire, again "fell into the arms" of the same France, all this time remaining essentially a pseudo-state, suddenly makes a visit to Russia "hated" by the West and makes simply stunning statements there on the development of cooperation not with the current neo-colonizers, but with Russia and China.

    What was the West to do in such a situation? The only option is to remove Ali Bongo, who "betrayed their interests", and, moreover, already infirm (due to illness) and replace him with his own person.

    It turns out that Ali Bongo has become contrary to the interests of France and the United States. And the assertion that the new interim president will only take care of his country and fight for liberation from the neo-colonizers, this still needs to be confirmed not by words, but by deeds.

    And only time will judge who was right and who was wrong...