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Unknown grandchildren of Kalashnikov. Pecheneg is great

Unknown grandchildren of Kalashnikov. Pecheneg is great

"Kalashnikov Infantry Machine Gun" successfully passed combat tests

The successors of machine guns, as you know, were single machine guns, from which you can fire from a bipod, a ground machine, as well as anti-aircraft, armored personnel carrier, helicopter installations.

One of the best modern single machine guns is considered to be the 7,62-mm Kalashnikov PC machine gun with a rapidly replaceable barrel and its upgraded version of the PKM, which entered service in the 1969 year. He has repeatedly proven effectiveness in battle. In 80-ies, combat experience revealed the insufficiency of both firepower and sighting range of regular RPK-74 machine guns used in the squad-platoon, and caused the use of PKM machine guns in the manual version (with firing from the bipod) instead. Thanks to a sufficiently powerful patron, the PKM provided the required range of fire and punching the action of bullets at various obstacles, but the troops expressed their wishes to increase its ability to conduct intense fire without the need to replace the barrel or pauses to cool it.

In the same 80-ies, the key focus is increasing the probability of hitting the target from the first shot (turn). It touched and machine gun weapons. In particular, it was necessary to increase the efficiency of firing PKM when firing from a bipod, without changing the type of cartridge used (and this, we note, is the same rifle cartridge of the 1908 sample of the year, although repeatedly upgraded). This would increase the effectiveness of the machine gun from the machine. Specialists from the TsNIITOCHMASH (Klimovsk city) and the Kovrovsky Mechanical Plant dealt with the problem.

It was necessary to eliminate or partially compensate for factors that reduce the accuracy of shooting. And this is the barrel oscillations, and the deterioration of the ballistic characteristics due to its heating, and the thermal mirage created by the air heated from the barrel in the field of view of the sight (especially sensitive when using optical sights). A group of employees of TsNIITOCHMASH (A. Deryagin, N. Denisov, V. Suslov, M. Chugunov, A. Neogodov and others) carried out experimental and design work to improve the accuracy of the PKM machine gun, during which it implemented a set of measures to improve accuracy and efficiency. barrel vitality. So there was a machine gun, which became known under the code Pecheneg. The production technology of the Pecheneg machine gun was worked out at the Kovrovsky Mechanical Plant. The armament of the machine gun entered under the name "Kalashnikov infantry machine gun" (PKP, GRAU index - 6P41).

The main changes have undergone the trunk node. Changing the design of the barrel and the introduction of casings increased its rigidity, improved cooling, protected it from weathering, and reduced its own oscillations. The gap between the casing and the outer surface of the barrel, the barrel finning and the ejector at the muzzle of the barrel (working on the principle of siphon due to the vacuum created by the muzzle during the expiration of powder gases from the barrel bore) provide for uniform uniform cooling of a part of the barrel length with external air.

The rigid handle of the barrel assembly additionally increases its rigidity and reduces thermal leashes during intensive shooting. The barrel cover and handle protect the aiming line from the thermal “mirage”. Transferring the folding bipod to the muzzle cut has increased the stability of the machine gun when firing. The accuracy of PKP firing from the machine and from the bipod in 1,7-1,9 is twice as good as PKM. The increase in survivability made it possible to abandon the interchangeable barrel (this compensates for the increase in the mass of the machine gun, since the calculation may not carry an interchangeable barrel), although the mount of the barrel at the control panel remained quick-release.

The control panel design (6P41) uses up to 80 percent of the parts and parts of the PKM machine gun. This made it possible to expand its production at the Kovrovsky Mechanical Plant in 1999 in the year (later it was transferred to the V. A. Degtyarev Plant in the same Kovrov). The machine gun successfully passed combat tests in Chechnya; in 2008, it was used by Russian troops against Georgian aggression against South Ossetia.

Automatics, the locking assembly, the trigger mechanism, and the feed mechanism of the control panel cartridges are similar to basic PCM. That is, the automation has a gas engine with a discharge of powder gases through the hole in the wall of the barrel and the long stroke of the gas piston. Locking the barrel is made by turning the bolt, in which two lugs go beyond the combat stops of the receiver. The shock mechanism operates from the recoil-fighting spring placed in the channel of the bolt carrier. The shot is made from the rear sear, and the trigger mechanism allows only automatic fire to be fired. Safety lever lock blocks the trigger lever. The reloading handle, located on the right, remains fixed when fired.

The PC has a tape feed with a tape feed from right to left. The tape is metal, link, not loose, with the closed link. Tapes are assembled from pieces of 50 links using a cartridge. The nominal capacity of the tapes is 100 cartridges (in manual version) or 200 (in easel). Feed the cartridge from the tape into the chamber of the push-pull with the extraction of the cartridge from the link of the tape and its reduction during the course of the moving system back and sending to the chamber during reeling. The belt feed mechanism of the lever circuit is driven by the feed lever (feeder) mounted on the right wall of the receiver and its protrusion and roller covering the slide frame. The windows for supplying and exiting the tape are equipped with folding dust covers, the window for ejecting spent cartridges is equipped with a spring-loaded dust cover that automatically opens when the shutter moves back.


7,62 caliber mm
Cartridge 7,62x54R (7,62-mm rev.1908 g.)
Machine weight 8,7 kg
Length weapons 1155 mm
Barrel length 640 mm
Initial bullet speed 825 m / s
Rate of fire 650 rds / min
Fighting rate of fire 250 rds / min
Sighting range 1500 m
Capacity of cartridges 100, 200

Sight sector. The presence of a special bar on the left wall of the receiver allows you to put on a machine gun night or telescopic sight.

"Pecheneg" can be used for firing from a tripod machine. At the same time, the machine gun can be mounted on the 6Т5 machine designed by L. Stepanova, which was adopted at the time along with the PKM machine gun and is distinguished by exceptional ease: the weight of the machine is just 4,5 kg. The possibility of mounting the box with the tape on the right rear leg of the machine allows you to change position without unloading the machine gun.

However, the control panel ("Pecheneg") is usually still in the manual version with the fastening of a regular cartridge box with a ribbon on 100 cartridges for the machine gun itself.

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  1. PLO
    PLO 7 February 2013 08: 29
    it was worth mentioning and Pecheneg-M
    1. Mikhado
      Mikhado 7 February 2013 09: 04
      Quote: olp

      it was worth mentioning and Pecheneg-M

      Figase - did not even know about this. Returned, then, and the bipod in the usual place, and the handle for a quick change. The only thing is that the frame handle was an anti-mirage tape.
      And the article does not cover the issue of an increased muzzle flame during prolonged shooting from the effect of "afterburning" of powder gases from the intense intake of hot air from the barrel. Probably not without reason, after all, the principle of the Lewis machine gun has not been reproduced for so long by gunsmiths.
      1. bemsy
        bemsy 7 February 2013 10: 30
        There are both options for mounting a bipod.
        1. PLO
          PLO 7 February 2013 21: 01
          There are both options for mounting a bipod.

          by the way, a bear firing from the same machine gun
          1. erix-xnumx
            erix-xnumx 8 February 2013 07: 47
            Sucker with a machine gun. Give him a plastic fart and send him to the sandbox.
    2. PDM80
      PDM80 7 February 2013 13: 04
      And the characteristics can hi
    3. Sasha 19871987
      Sasha 19871987 27 March 2013 13: 19
      what can I say, many experts in the world recognize him as the best machine gun in the world ...
  2. Reddragon
    Reddragon 7 February 2013 08: 40
    Is it Pecheneg 2? Not?
  3. bazilio
    bazilio 7 February 2013 08: 59
    A very good option. On the plus side, 80% of the details are similar to RMBs. It turned out to achieve improvement without serious fin. costs.
  4. avt
    avt 7 February 2013 09: 40
    Quote: bazilio
    A very good option. On the plus side, 80% of the details are similar to RMBs. It turned out to achieve improvement without serious fin. costs.

    That is the minimum cost with maximum return! Very beautiful and effective engineering solution! good
  5. engineer
    engineer 7 February 2013 09: 59
    Good movie, really old.
  6. Slavs69
    Slavs69 7 February 2013 10: 03
    Not for nothing in units and subdivisions received the name "handsome". The use of a tide for optics greatly increases its combat capabilities. I won't tell you about optical sights (I had no experience), but with respect to the collimator and thermal sights there is an excellent practice with a positive result. Ksati there are even attempts of self-alteration under the "bullpup" (somewhere on the U-tube there is a video).
    1. Lopatov
      Lopatov 7 February 2013 10: 55
      It is the Zenith company that makes such kits. Not quite self-rework

      1. Demon_Ex
        Demon_Ex 7 February 2013 12: 02
        Shovels, again you drive the disu. Zenith does not produce weapons, but produces mods and body kits for him.
        1. Pimply
          Pimply 7 February 2013 12: 10
          Where is he driving the desu, Serge? He said that he was releasing conversion kits, not the machine guns themselves.
          1. Demon_Ex
            Demon_Ex 7 February 2013 12: 20
            Eugene, and you read his first unchanged? But I had time, and wrote my comment. And it was written that the zenith produces machine guns. Comrade was not originally in the essence of smoking.
            1. Lopatov
              Lopatov 7 February 2013 12: 50
              Unaltered? Did I change his hour? Well you, my friend and balabol.
              1. Demon_Ex
                Demon_Ex 7 February 2013 13: 00
                Lopatov, I called you a balabol for a long time, and in a different sense. When you change the comment, the original writing time remains!
                1. Lopatov
                  Lopatov 7 February 2013 13: 09
                  However, only the last comment can be changed. And after that I wrote two more, at 11:00 and at 11:01
                  Will you continue to persist in your lies?
                  That’s your whole point.
                  1. Demon_Ex
                    Demon_Ex 7 February 2013 13: 42
                    Liar, you! About serving in 19 MSD during the second Chechen one. And about participating in the hostilities in Chechnya. And also about half a million mortar mines. About OPAD. Could not answer an elementary question. Here you write about the infantry. So I was supposed to serve in the ORB. I don’t even have an idea about intelligence actions.
                    1. Lopatov
                      Lopatov 7 February 2013 14: 19
                      Ask those who know which beer was served on Holtzmann. They will tell you.
                      What did the gunners do during the second Chechen? Ask intelligence.
                      Well, to blame the 11th appendix of the Rules of Shooting and Fire Control for a lie (I mean millions of mines) - this already does not go into any gates.
                      1. Demon_Ex
                        Demon_Ex 7 February 2013 14: 42
                        You do not rub me in Vladikavkaz and RVB. If he served at 19, then he was a bread maker, but no, he immediately forgot to outsource. Then obviously a capter. And with the guys from the 108th I still communicate. And look attache google warrior.
                      2. Lopatov
                        Lopatov 7 February 2013 15: 18
                        108 orbs? On Holtzman with the otbt? At the beginning of the "road of fools" to "Sputnik"? Through the fence, the artillery regiment hostel. Also in the barracks of Turkish workers.
                        By the way, what happened between the ORB-OTB and the fuel and lubricants depots (2 guard of the 693th regiment). What kind of houses there were. Rather, for whom

                        Found consumption rates? Well now count yourself. It's that simple.
                      3. Demon_Ex
                        Demon_Ex 7 February 2013 15: 34
                        Shovels do not be a clown. If even about Argun did not answer where 19 MSD fought, then it is better to be silent. He ran into Holtzman, I only know that this is in Vladikavkaz, you see you never left him! If you don’t know what 6 hectares is and still unlearned, then I'm sorry I'm not your math teacher. As you recount, first think what to write. Dick do khichi?
                      4. Lopatov
                        Lopatov 7 February 2013 15: 58
                        Argun? 19 msd ??? What war? In the second, the only ones who visited there were 2 battalions of 693 regiments. Drive through Dyshne-Vedeno.

                        By consumption: 700 x 6 (hectares) x 3 (consumption is given to suppress, and we have the task of destruction). Get 12600 Is everything all right with arithmetic?
                      5. Demon_Ex
                        Demon_Ex 7 February 2013 16: 57
                        Lopatov, if you do not know about 108 and 239, then it means he served after 2008, then they were disbanded. And where are you just do not know. Just an ordinary year-old demobilized last year. As for Argun, just 503 and 108 were there in 2000. Let's go further, except for the table of the rate of use of ammunition for unobserved targets, the coefficient for destruction is 2! There are also instructions on artillery reconnaissance, as well as guidance and adjustment for conventional reconnaissance. And while the accuracy of hits is increased by 100%. And where is half a million mines? If everything was according to the norms, Chechnya would now be the second Magnitogorsk. You can brain e..t draftees or girls. And there is such a great formula for tables. Click and see!
                      6. Lopatov
                        Lopatov 7 February 2013 19: 52
                        Glamorous designed formula. Yes, that's just Sovp- fire capabilities of the unit. And they have nothing to do with the issue under discussion.
                        According to Argun and the battalion 503- I do not know where they left after Komsomolsky

                        By the way, you take the blow away from yourself so carefully ... Well, what about your lies about the "changed post"?
                      7. Demon_Ex
                        Demon_Ex 8 February 2013 02: 40
                        Unlike you, I don’t need to take a blow from myself. You have never answered the directly posed question. Frank lies, just covered by excuses. They were on a business trip for a whole year in which the corpses were packed in silver bags, and for the year 19 MSD went to Chechnya in 1995. They saw 24 GARDENS, who fought in 2000 in the same Argun, next to 503 SMEs. Attempts to translate the topic into Vladikavkaz, with its barracks of Turkish workers. By the way, it is possible that these workers were just building a microdistrict at the location of 108 ORB after the disbandment in 2008, when the Georgian company ended. Now you are talking about Komsomolskoye, which was also in 2000, after which 108 ORBs and 503 SMEs disappeared for you. What a strange chronology you have .... And even if my insignificant lie is one to challenge you to an armored srach, then you have a whole heap. There was before you the same google warrior under the nickname Maxim Sviridov, who behaved like you. And even make the same mistakes.
                      8. Lopatov
                        Lopatov 8 February 2013 10: 58
                        Quote: Demon_Ex
                        Attempts to translate the topic into Vladikavkaz, with its barracks of Turkish workers. By the way, it is possible that these workers were just building a microdistrict at the location of 108 ORB after the disbandment in 2008

                        Here you are, my friend. The fact is that this military town was built by the Turks for a long time. Namely, during the withdrawal of parts of the future 19 MSD. And to 1992 year he was ready. After the construction was completed, the barracks of Turkish workers were not demolished. Like the cottages of managers and specialists, those are the very houses I asked about. In which settled large uncles with big stars. And in the barracks - ORB and OTB

                        Quote: Demon_Ex
                        And with the guys from the 108th I still communicate.

                        And have never visited their PDP? Strange, very strange.
                        Quote: Demon_Ex
                        and for year 19 MSD left for Chechnya in 1995.

                        I wrote that I have been in the 19 MSD since 1998. You have such a "strange" chronology because of your inattention.
      2. Suvorov000
        Suvorov000 7 February 2013 13: 09
        Actually, it’s a homemade product in the pictures, they could put the info up to the end, there’s still a video where the lads shoot from this homemade product, by the way a good option there they offered several more options
        1. Lopatov
          Lopatov 7 February 2013 13: 22
          No, this is exactly the Zenith kit.
          They produce on AK

          All kits allow weapons to return to their original state.
  7. borisst64
    borisst64 7 February 2013 10: 45
    I talked with machine gunners from the special forces, they worked in Abkhazia. The reviews about "Pecheneg" are excellent.
    1. Lopatov
      Lopatov 7 February 2013 11: 01
      Our infantry scolded. For bipod, for the lack of the ability to quickly change the trunk ...
      But I look, these moments have been corrected. What pleases
      1. sanek45744
        sanek45744 7 February 2013 12: 11
        The carrying handle on it is inconvenient to boot !!! Not only is it not convenient to carry it, but it also reduces the field of view when shooting!
      2. DrekerexeN
        DrekerexeN 7 February 2013 14: 05
        Ummm ... On Pecheneg, the barrel is basically not interchangeable ...
        1. Lopatov
          Lopatov 7 February 2013 14: 21
          And then why the handle?
          1. Pimply
            Pimply 7 February 2013 16: 06
            To carry - a lot of complaints about the old
            1. Lopatov
              Lopatov 7 February 2013 16: 10
              So one plus-bipod.
            2. beard999
              beard999 7 February 2013 17: 04
              Quote: Pimply
              there are many complaints about the old

              Lying again. You are the one and only complaint of the employee of the Ministry of Internal Affairs (berserk711), you give out for "a lot of complaints." At the same time, he directly wrote that it was he who was uncomfortable with his native Pecheneg handle. But others are quite happy with it
              1. Pimply
                Pimply 8 February 2013 19: 21
                And what did you prove with this video? What does a person know how to shoot in a long line, holding on to the carrying handle?

                And what, do you think that when you see the post of one berserk711, you can say - is he the only one?
                Attach another opinion?
                "Externally," Pecheneg "is easy to distinguish from PK / PKM by the location of the bipod and the presence of a characteristic carrying handle above the barrel.
                Oddly enough, it was this simple detail that became the disadvantage of the new machine gun, making it extremely inconvenient to carry with an unacceptable imbalance towards the butt. "

                And then we'll see why tactical arms are welded

                And why make a new version

  8. leon-iv
    leon-iv 7 February 2013 10: 54
    I’ll add that in intelligence they still prefer PKM mk weight less per kg and this is very important.
    + especially advanced comrades use these devices
    1. Lopatov
      Lopatov 7 February 2013 11: 00
      He is expensive, more than 1 t. Dollars
      1. Zhenya
        Zhenya 7 February 2013 15: 45
        Is this Amer’s body kit?
        1. Lopatov
          Lopatov 7 February 2013 16: 02
          Yes. At first there was homemade work, and then they started to mass-produce. 3 995 dollars.

          1. Zhenya
            Zhenya 7 February 2013 16: 27
            4000 MDA, expensive pleasure ...
    2. uhjpysq1
      uhjpysq1 8 February 2013 20: 38
      I tried to make such a device to my handsome. ((((not passed. the tape on the right. uncomfortable pancake.
  9. Pimply
    Pimply 7 February 2013 12: 06
    In fact, now we need a machine gun under 5.45, with a replaceable barrel, under the tape and the ability to use regular stores, and with the possibility of installing a shortened barrel.
    1. PDM80
      PDM80 7 February 2013 13: 07
      Or maybe it’s better to return to 7.62x39?
      1. Pimply
        Pimply 7 February 2013 13: 26
        Flies to flies, cutlets to cutlets.
    2. Lopatov
      Lopatov 7 February 2013 13: 30
      This task is posed.

      There is a need for such weapons. At the moment, the customer is forming a technical task for this weapon and determines the contractor

      Gene. Director of FSUE TsNIITOCHMASH D. Semizorov
      1. Pimply
        Pimply 7 February 2013 16: 07
        I Mokrushin and threw this question
        1. Lopatov
          Lopatov 7 February 2013 16: 11
          Clear. Right question
    3. sanek45744
      sanek45744 7 February 2013 14: 29
      but for me it’s better cartridge 6 to 49 !! it’s already been proved that this cartridge provides a good balance in terms of both ammunition and weapon range of effective recoil and penetrated force
    4. beard999
      beard999 7 February 2013 17: 23
      Quote: Pimply
      now we need a machine gun under 5.45, with a replaceable barrel, under the tape and the ability to use regular stores

      Who needs? To your IDF? At us, "Pecheneg", this is an army single machine gun, and no one is going to change it for a handbrake. Or have you heard claims to it from the RF Ministry of Defense? But the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the FSB can order whatever they want. As the other day they wrote on Wi-Fi, it was from the FSB that the order for the handbrake, which Semizorov spoke about, came in an interview with Mokrushin.
      1. PLO
        PLO 7 February 2013 20: 59
        At us, "Pecheneg", this is an army single machine gun, and no one is going to change it for a handbrake.

        where did you get that it is needed to replace PKM / PKP?
        it is needed primarily to replace the RPK-74
        1. beard999
          beard999 7 February 2013 23: 38
          Quote: olp
          it is needed primarily to replace the RPK-74

          And you do not know that in the motorized rifle units, RPK-74, has it been replaced by PKM or PKP for several years now?
      2. Pimply
        Pimply 9 February 2013 00: 10
        Smart people need him. If only because the machine gun under 5.45 allows you to take more ammunition, it will apparently be easier, and compatible with the ammunition of the main group weapons. And if we recall Mokrushin, then it was to him that the scouts said that it would be nice to have something like the Negev, because Pecheneg is somewhat heavy for long-distance exits.

        The Pecheneg does not have a removable barrel, which is a clear minus with wedges, which yes the machine guns do. Increasingly, battles take place in the city - there 7.62 is often redundant.
  10. Nechai
    Nechai 7 February 2013 14: 34
    "Single machine gun AEK-999" Barsuk "(Russia)
    Caliber 7,62x54R
    Weight, kg 8,7 (bipod)
    Weapon length, mm 1188
    Barrel length, mm 605
    Rate of fire, shots per minute 650
    Food - Tape, 100 or 200 rounds
    At the end of the nineties, based on the combat experience accumulated during the war in Afghanistan and military operations in Chechnya, work began to improve the PKM machine gun in its "light" form of a light machine gun. The need for such work was caused by the frank insufficiency of both firepower and firing range of standard RPK-74 light machine guns used in the squad-platoon link. The PKM machine gun, thanks to a sufficiently powerful cartridge, provided the required firing range and penetrating action of bullets against various obstacles, however, the troops had wishes to increase its ability to conduct intensive fire without the need to replace the barrel or pauses to cool it. There were also suggestions to improve the efficiency of bipod shooting. The designers of two defense enterprises - the Kovrov Mechanical Plant and the Central Research Institute of Precision Engineering - undertook to solve the problem of increasing the combat capabilities of the machine gun to conduct intensive fire. Kovrov engineers, working on a topic codenamed "Badger", to solve the problem, used in the design of the new machine-gun barrel a special steel previously used in the barrels of rapid-fire aircraft cannons. forend under the barrel. The very body of the PKM machine gun remained unchanged. This machine gun went into a limited series for military trials under the designation AEK-999. As a result of tests for the armament of the Russian army, a sample "Pecheneg" designed by the Central Research Institute was adopted, and the AEK-999 machine gun, which lost the army competition, was released in a small series and entered service with some units of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. The release of this machine gun was discontinued due to the closure of the production of all military products at the Kovrov Mechanical Plant, which occurred in 1996.
    By the arrangement of all the basic mechanisms, the AEK-999 Barsuk machine gun is completely identical to the PKM Kalashnikov machine gun. The main differences lie in the new barrel and its “body kit”, allowing the installation of low-noise firing devices, effective flame arresters, etc., as well as providing the ability to conduct intense fire without the need to change the trunks, while the possibility of simple removal of the barrel (for cleaning, maintenance or replacements) AEK-99 machine gun saved. In addition, a small plastic forend appeared on the barrel, making it more convenient to move with a machine gun across the battlefield and shoot from it “with hands”.
    Designers sought a FAILURE to replace the barrel. The prototypes worked perfectly and with the outer surface of the trunk heated to a dark crimson state.
    At that time, the Kovrov Mechanical Plant and the Central Research Institute of Precision Engineering offered practically the entire new line of small arms - the AEK-971 submachine gun, Pecheneg machine guns and 12,7mm Kord. Confrontation and obstruction were RUNNED! Suffice it to say that one of the leading designers was saved from death only by accident. The tester asked him to assign him to shoot his series, and he - the designer left the shooting range. And there was an explosion. The opened chamber smashed the receiver and killed the tester. The cartridge with additional filling turned out to be ...
    By the way, the refusal to equip the Army with the AEK-971 submachine gun, the then government and Ministry of Defense nobles, was motivated by the fact that we have Kalashnikovs in NZ to a fig and more. And the "carpentry artel" has already voiced the idea that we are shocked by the NZ Kalash without any need at all. "Kord" was forced and forced to start. Well, do not buy zhezh in Kazakhstan and Ukraine ...
  11. lordinicus
    lordinicus 7 February 2013 15: 34
    I remember reading about a Lewis machine gun with a similar barrel-cover design. So the main drawback of this design was that the casing prevented the barrel from cooling when the machine gun was not firing, and this was a significant problem. I wonder how this problem was solved in "Pecheneg"? Maybe someone knows?
  12. nsws3
    nsws3 7 February 2013 15: 37
    A good machine, words do not have some emotions, the most important thing is that the accuracy of the battle is excellent !!! Who did not shoot, but looked at the specifications on pieces of paper, please do not write.
  13. understudy
    understudy 7 February 2013 23: 57
    Quote: nsws3
    Who didn’t shoot, but looked at the pieces of paper

    I watched the PKP on "pieces of paper", and fired only from the PC and PKM. feel
    Question - is the control panel trunk really shorter or is it a purely visual effect from a shorter arrester?
  14. roninas
    roninas 8 February 2013 23: 57
    Is the barrel not replaceable? Already minus
  15. major1976
    major1976 9 February 2013 15: 35
    My opinion: the PKM machine gun and the Pecheneg are undoubtedly outstanding examples of domestic small arms! However, they have their own shortcomings, which have not yet been eliminated, the main in my opinion is the cartridge with a welt and its "two-story" feed! I agree with possible critics that it is not economically profitable Change the cartridge! But for special units and small batches, an exception could be made! As a replacement for the 7.62X51 NATO, which is produced in large batches in our country at almost all cartridge factories! Practically does not differ in ballistics and muzzle energy, it is used by armies all over the world! Example: the group operates in the rear of the enemy and will be able to replenish ammunition if possible! An export option is also being considered! Also, in my opinion, a good version of the machine gun was developed by the Kovrov gunsmiths - AEK (unfortunately I do not remember the digital designation, but they will correct me)! And the transition to a smaller caliber or less powerful a cartridge for a company (single) machine gun seems to me inappropriate!
  16. major1976
    major1976 9 February 2013 20: 04
    I got acquainted with the PK-PKM-PKS machine gun and its "upgrade" "Pecheneg" at the "Shot" courses, I know the performance characteristics and I am confident! Personal opinion: the PK is a good model: relatively light, but at the same time has significant firepower, worked out (completed ) over the years, reliable, single-on bipod, on the machine, tank. Minuses: cartridge and its feed, no forend or front grip, the process of changing the barrel, I personally like this process in MG42! "Pecheneg" PC upgrade, drawbacks eliminated : the "haze" effect, the barrel in the casing, the bipod in the right place. The disadvantages remained - the cartridge-feed, only at exhibitions you will see it with modern sights and devices for low-noise shooting (for specialists and in general in modern combat I think it is necessary), added: barrel change (I can't believe the declared resource of the barrel, although it is said that the barrel is made by the method of aircraft cannons), the first samples do not have flame arresters at all!
    During the competition "company (single) machine gun", in addition to the master MT Kalashnikov and his large design bureau, as well as other designers, the most interesting sample was presented by the designer Nikitin (his NSV "Utes" large-caliber machine gun was adopted, bypassed the sample Kalashnikov). Who knows in Nikitin's sample there was no two-story feed! The problem was solved by ingeniously simple-spring-loaded links of the machine-gun belt, as a result, the cartridge was sent directly "to the stitching" through the link into the chamber. reliability, simplification of production, with a slightly increased weight of the tape and the complexity of its production! Such a tape can be more complicated, a little heavier and more expensive in production! But all the pros outweigh the disadvantages! There were many experienced and talented constructs, like Stechkin, Bulkin, Korobov, Nikitin, Baryshev and others, in the samples of which solutions were introduced ahead of time (sometimes ingenious-stamped-welded assembly, plastic, "bullpup", semi-free bottom bolt, accumulation of recoil impulse, balanced automation, modular scheme with a change of caliber, barrels, etc.) that are still superior in all parameters not only to our master's samples, but even more so to Western ones! And things are still there! new? For me, it's better to have a reliable-modern-modular and with a selection of different sights a barrel in the hands of not everyone, but a profiteer than an unnecessary Mistral standing in the port and creating a "greenhouse effect". We need ships of this type and others no less -but why, because of the hillock, have we forgotten how to build a fleet? I don’t believe it! Just "cut" on all echelons, our own dacha is closer to the body!
  17. otamy1
    otamy1 19 May 2013 01: 53
    traitors !!! the Germans changed the barrel in battle several times !!!!!! critters made a moronic machine gun !!!! let the German copy at least !! Kalashnikovsky machine gun in wars many of our lives could not really defend !! that the Kalashnikov’s, that Tupolev’s two people armed our army with shit !! you need a weapon that you can water out of it in a state of shock then you will survive - and you need to take more cartridges with you (you can switch to 5,45) and two spare trunks, they made a machine gun heavier!!!! this is a modern diversion - at the factory already spies are sitting or old. We need a machine gun, like a bulpap, what the zenith did but with a removable barrel, and it’s time to deal with the cartridges for half a century, we’ve got some crap with them
  18. Mishanalesnikov
    Mishanalesnikov 12 November 2017 22: 21
    Hello, I’m an engineering force. I’m only registered. I don’t understand much about weapons. At the firing range we shot from the manual rpk74 and pkm. You can find out, but under 5,45 with tape power it’s not better? All the same, it’s easier to pkm and more compact than rpk74. not necessary?
  19. Sergei N 58912062
    Sergei N 58912062 22 February 2023 15: 58
    This is our best 7,62×54mm machine gun to date.