Khodakovsky spoke about the tactics of using UAVs by Russian troops during a special military operation

Khodakovsky spoke about the tactics of using UAVs by Russian troops during a special military operation

Unmanned aerial vehicles have recently played an extremely important role in the actions of the Russian Armed Forces in the zone of a special military operation. Colonel Alexander Khodakovsky, former commander of the Vostok brigade, expressed his opinion on the tactics of using UAVs by Russian troops.

According to Khodakovsky, the tactics for using UAVs were developed taking into account Russia’s capabilities in producing reconnaissance and destruction equipment. As a result, he draws two conclusions: everyone without exception falls or gets lost. drones, regardless of their cost and “filling”, and the effectiveness of the equipment does not depend on its cost.

That is, expensive drones with technically rich “stuffing” fall and are destroyed in the same way as cheap ones. But almost all manufacturers are trying to make their own Drones more advanced in technical terms, but in the end they turn out to be expensive.

This means that when developing tactics, we immediately factor into the formula the short survivability of reconnaissance weapons and an insufficiently high percentage of the effectiveness of weapons of destruction, which must be compensated by mass production and availability

- emphasizes Khodakovsky in his Telegram channel.

The colonel notes that the main condition remains range. It's not worth saving on it. As for the cost of a UAV, the operator should psychologically perceive the drone as a consumable and not worry about the fact that expensive equipment will be destroyed. Otherwise, work efficiency will suffer. If the Russian Armed Forces begin to use cheap drones en masse, then not a single air defense system will be able to cope with such a load.
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    1. -15
      3 September 2023
      And the Sarmatian is no longer needed? Who says hello to Biden and Vika N?
      "The Air Force takes off from the barn." 350 pieces per day and 3 departures each repeats. Clear the manure from the wings, reduce the mass.
      How will the marshal's tapestry live? UAVs from the barn are already flying for 1000 km. Is a security platoon sergeant more important than an air force general?
    2. +3
      3 September 2023
      everything writes correctly. The UAV is the same consumable as the Lancet. The main thing is that there would be more of them and cheaper.
      1. +5
        3 September 2023
        These are ordinary UAVs that do not last long, because regardless of their cost, the radar sees them the same way and shoots them down with the same efficiency request their price depends on the filling, but the filling plays a strong role against electronic warfare, and the effectiveness of reconnaissance, as well as ns flight range, this also affects the result of reconnaissance winked
        We need unobtrusive UAVs for radar, with optics capable of effectively performing all reconnaissance tasks, but from a great height, so as not to be detected by optics. Then, exploration will be uninterrupted good
        If the video stream is also viewed by the neural network and gives hints on goals, then it’s a fairy tale fellow
      2. -1
        3 September 2023
        Quote from monetam
        The UAV is the same consumable as the Lancet.

        Did you understand what you wrote?
        "A helicopter is the same aircraft as an Alligator")))
        Oil is oil.
        1. 0
          3 September 2023
          You're laughing in vain. A few years ago, when they were just starting to discuss the mass distribution and production of UAVs in our army, I also spoke the same words as I remember now: drones should be consumables of war, stamped from a sheet of plastic in one operation, roll around in a semi-assembled form in each military SUV or armored personnel carrier, brought into working condition with one or two simple operations and used as ammunition as the need arises. Even if the quality of the "picture" from them will not be the best, but there should be a lot of them and they should be cheap and available at all levels of the army.
          Then I did not find understanding on this site, they told me that cheap stuff was not needed in the troops and that there would be no sense in cheap equipment. That we need large UAVs of regimental or even divisional subordination, well, at least a battalion.

          monetam, perhaps, clumsily put it. But he reflected the essence of the issue correctly - our military leadership made a strategic mistake: they cheated on Lohokid Martin and relied on expensive large reusable unmanned systems, in fact, robotic aircraft with complex on-board systems. But it turned out that small, simple flying cameras and disposable kamikaze drones are much more necessary and effective.
    3. +1
      3 September 2023
      Let me disagree, the drones are all different for their intended purpose - there are disposable, and there are expensive ones from shock, to electronic warfare and repeaters
      1. +1
        3 September 2023
        Quote: 75Sergey
        Let me disagree

        it is better not to pay attention because there are fewer bloggers than adequate information.
        1. 0
          3 September 2023
          “It’s a disaster when a shoemaker starts baking pies, And a cake maker starts making boots...”
          A.I. Krylov
    4. 0
      3 September 2023
      Captain obvious. Too short comment. Then here
    5. +4
      3 September 2023
      The deputy spoke about nothing.
      Centerum censeo Washingtonum delendam esse
    6. -6
      3 September 2023
      Combat lasers burn all drones without exception! Khodakovsky did not hear about this, of course!
    7. -8
      3 September 2023
      At the test site, the ATHENA (Advanced Test High Energy Asset) laser unit was tested at 30 kilowatts. It was equipped with a special targeting system. During the tests, she was able to shoot down five unmanned aerial vehicles in flight. New fiber optic laser proves effective in the field, causing drones to lose orientation and break

      So Khodakovsky learn the materiel as they say in your military academies! Combat lasers will easily burn the stuffing of vaunted Lancets!
      1. +1
        3 September 2023
        So Khodakovsky learn the materiel as they say in your military academies! Combat lasers will easily burn the stuffing of vaunted Lancets!

        That's the news! Again. For over 10 years.
        The success of the United States in this direction is more noticeable.
        But it is still too early to write about them as active and effective weapons.
        10 years ago they shot down missiles with a laser. But you still have to get to a significant impact in battle.
        The United States will probably reach before Russia launches Armata and properly dress all military personnel in the current state of affairs in the Ministry of Defense.
        But this is about the prospects for the use of lasers as a means of destruction in air defense.
      2. 0
        4 September 2023
        Painted in silver, they will flush current-design combat lasers down the toilet.
      3. 0
        4 September 2023
        Only 1000 of these very expensive lasers will have to be delivered to a front with a length of 200 km, because it will work at a line-of-sight distance. And not the fact that at night the laser will also be effective. And in rain and fog - the laser efficiency is zero. And like any air defense system, it can also be overloaded with a large number of decoys.
    8. -2
      3 September 2023
      The colonel notes that the main condition remains the range.

      Complete crap. UAVs are for different purposes. Range is important for strategists, and for tactical mini UAVs, a secure communication and control channel is important first of all. Speed ​​is also important. We need combat UAVs on the WFD. The resource for 30 minutes is enough. This will make it very difficult for the enemy to defeat them. Today, the record for such UAVs is 500 km / h. Surely you can design for 800.
      1. +2
        3 September 2023
        In addition to the video you posted.

        Yak-130 combat training aircraft arrived in Iran yesterday, presumably to train Iranian pilots to fly the Su-35. In total, two units were delivered to Iran, already repainted in Iranian Air Force camouflage.

        The Yak-130s were delivered to Iran aboard the An-124-100 military transport aircraft.

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