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We have nothing to be ashamed of our history. Including the history of the USSR

Izborsk club called for "red" and "white" for historical agreement

In Izborsk, the son of Gostomysl Sloven once ruled, and then he took possession of his nephew Truvor - brother Rurik. A native of Ulyanovsk (then - Simbirsk) was Karamzin who glorified the Russian Empire and the Russian state, the last Minister of the Interior of the Empire Protopopov, who tried unsuccessfully to suppress the February revolution, and also Kerensky and Lenin came from it.

The similarity of these two cities is that both of them are peculiar symbols of the transition, that is, the end of the old era and the onset of the new.

The Izborsk club established itself in the first city, and called for the agreement of the “red” and “white”, as well as recognition of the value of the USSR as a symbol of Russia's highest success and unity. stories - in the second. There is a logic.

The intention of tolerating the "red" and "white" was painfully perceived by the "black" - that is, the nationalists who love themselves more, declaring themselves "Russian" than Russia itself, which they are ready to divide into parts with those whom the Russians do not recognize. But in the club itself there were none.

Not all "white" were ready for this conversation. Not everyone ready for reconciliation and discussion of the topic saw how to reconcile. But at the same time, everyone understood that today there is more uniting in politics than there is in history. Some of them agreed to put up and even forgive the “red ones” if they repent of their fault and accept Orthodoxy, and even were ready to accept Stalin as a cult figure. But at the same time they tried to accuse Lenin of crimes, although, strictly speaking, it was he who freed the church from state subordination and guaranteed possession of the objects necessary for the implementation of services. Someone nevertheless tried to carry out a synthesis and recognize Bolshevism in the version of “national-Bolshevism”, while renouncing the “Reds” from Marx, Marxism and internationalism, but agreeing to the recognition of the role of Lenin.

The third position was the most constructive. The Platform of the Three (Chernyakhovsky, Shevchenko, Dugin) was that it is generally better to speak not about the synthesis of ideological tenets, but about a political alliance around current tasks and goals. Each preserves at the same time their ideological and value preferences, but at the same time everyone acknowledges:

- that market ideology and market organization of the economy have exhausted themselves;

- that in order to revive the economy of Russia, the active participation of the state in the economy is necessary and a very strong state is needed, expressing the interests of the majority of citizens and socially responsible to them;

- that Russia needs a technological production breakthrough, the creation of a new, informational production, in which science turns into a direct productive force, and man is freed from the role of an appendage of an organizational and production machine and becomes above it as an organizer and controller;

- that such a breakthrough is impossible to implement on a market basis: their adoption in modern conditions will inevitably put Russia in a semi-colonial subordinate position in relation to the rest of the world.

Russia must restore its territorial integrity within at least 1985 of the year, that is, the decisions of the Final Act of the Helsinki Conference on inviolability of borders must be implemented. Russia should also be returned to its areas of responsibility, as defined by the Potsdam Conference 1945 of the year. The world community should compensate Russia for the losses it suffered during the period after unilateral economic and political concessions made by it at the end of the 1980s. The principle of national sovereignty is proclaimed primary in relation to any international acts of international organizations.

Accordingly, the principle is affirmed, which says that, first of all, agreement must be sought for and in the future, and not in the past. You need to speak not about what separates, but about what unites.

This means that you need:

- Mutually refuse revenge for the past;

- refuse persecution and convictions;

- abandon attempts to stir up opposition and create an intolerable atmosphere for each other;

- to recognize for each of those who went to consent the right to their own unrestricted activity and to openly present their views, but without trying to incite intolerance towards the hostile side.

That is, it is proposed to create a kind of “union in the name of progress”, which preserves the preservation of historical memory and diversity in the past.

In general, these positions did not cause any principled objection from other participants who agreed to take as a basis the proposed consent postulates in the system of relations itself, in a certain technology and in the procedure of “ending the civil war”:

- respect for the views of the parties and the motives for the actions of representatives of each of the camps during its course;

- transfer of disputes about their historical rightness from the political-publicistic to the historical-academic sphere;

- refusal to consider both the pre-Soviet and the Soviet period as a kind of “black hole of history”;

- the creation (which was largely done already in the Soviet period) of a common heroic-mythological pantheon;

- the provision of historical honors to representatives of pre-Soviet Russia cannot be accompanied by the derogation of honors to leaders of the Soviet period;

- adopting respectfulness as a general rule of tolerance in the discussions of representatives of both traditions;

- mutual refusal of forcing humiliations and hatred in relations between the parties;

- refusal to rename geographical, transport and cultural objects; in special cases, with objects of special historical significance - the equal use of a double name;

- equal representation of ideologies and sacralized approaches of the parties in public events and the educational process;

- recognition of the equality of ideological traditions.

And if the first day of the Ulyanovsk session of the Izborsky Club was a day of fairly tough disputes, and sometimes demonstrative ritual actions, the second was the day of adopting a unified position on the creation of the Museum of the USSR as a pronounced demonstrative action, as an image of the future restoration of Russia's position in the world its economy and Eurasian integration.

The empires do not die, and the Soviet Union itself, which brought together the territory of a divided country, in this regard was called the symbol of restoration, as well as the symbol of Russia's highest power and world influence of Russia.

Both the Club members and the governor of the Ulyanovsk Region accepted an appeal to the President of the Russian Federation with a proposal to create a museum cluster dedicated to the USSR and a number of industries related to its success - from the Museum of the History of Education to the Museum of History aviation.

At the same time, the request for a positive story that was updated today was highlighted. If a country and a people exist and, in spite of everything, are far from being the last country and people in the world, then their history has nevertheless been successful. And through whatever tragedies and difficulties the country and the people went through, they, one way or another, always overcame them. And that means they have reason to be proud.

That is, the story should be the subject of positive self-identification. And the history of the USSR should be recognized as one of the most valuable and successful periods in Russian history. This does not mean that it should be reduced to an official promotional report, and it would be absurd to ignore the mistakes, difficulties and tragedies of this period. Just speaking about them, you need to tell the truth, showing both the proportion of defeats against the background of the weight of victories, and the scale of the tragic against the background of the scale of the heroic. And if during the period from 1921 to 1953 years, political repression suffered (someone - deservedly, someone - unfairly) about 4 million people - no need to be silent about what it was, but you need to honestly say that their specific all was less than 2% of the population of the country.

No need to be silent about the fact that the victims were innocent, but no need to be silent and that there were more victims for their real guilt. True - so true. And the museum of the USSR should be a museum of the Truth, which first of all consists in the fact that the USSR was the greatest of all states in the history of mankind. A state that did not “crash”, but was destroyed. And yet to say who and how.

But the main truth, in the opinion of both the “white” and “red” gathered in the homeland of the founder of the USSR, is that the people and the country have nothing to be ashamed of the history of the USSR, which is primarily a matter of pride for them. And the day of the formation of the USSR, December 30, should be recognized as a memorable festive day of modern Russia.

Great states arise where there is a request for them. And once the request is - they are returned.

The formation day of the USSR, December 30, should become a holiday in modern Russia.

If the country and the people, in spite of everything, exist, it means that their history was successful.

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  1. Apollo
    Apollo 27 December 2012 07: 18
    Good morning everybody!
    And why is it ashamed that I was born, raised and lived during the Soviet era. I am proud of this !!!

    quote-Day of the formation of the USSR, December 30, should be a holiday in modern Russia.

    definitely +
    1. alexng
      alexng 27 December 2012 07: 46
      We need to be proud not only of our history, but also of real Russia. After all, not every country is given a chance to rise from the ruins and regain strength. The liberal dream was left behind and now it was time for wakefulness. Good morning and good luck Russia!
      1. Dangerous
        Dangerous 27 December 2012 07: 56
        It is not yet known which dream is worse. When I saw with my own eyes the submarine base in the balaclava, there was so much pride in our Soviet people! And at the same time, it is regrettable that now Russia is no longer capable of such a thing. Real patriots lived in the USSR, from the top to ordinary citizens. And now everything is rotten through and through with a thirst for money and corruption. Yesterday's article
        an example of this
        1. older
          older 27 December 2012 09: 33
          The USSR really was a state that was respected and feared .. but we ourselves asked it ... and ... Now we won’t restore it ... Well, at least we would create a semblance ...
      2. domokl
        domokl 27 December 2012 08: 15
        Pure theorizing ... Well, who, apart from the radicals, is now serious about the confrontation between the Reds and the Whites? Nobody ... People respect everyone ... To be ashamed of history? Sorry, but ... in market conditions, most of the moral and spiritual values ​​are simply lost the true meaning ... Somehow I watched the movie height with the young generation ... Remember raising the piece of iron in the wind? I didn’t even have a thought, why? And I was asked a perfectly reasonable question-What would happen if this piece of iron were raised tomorrow, without risk to the lives of workers? Is the truth human in the USSR Am I worth less than some piece of iron?
        1. Cat
          Cat 27 December 2012 08: 29
          Quote: domokl
          Somehow I watched the height movie with the young generation ... Remember raising the piece of iron in the wind? I didn’t even have a thought, why? And I was asked a quite reasonable question-What would happen if this piece of iron was raised tomorrow, without risk to workers' lives?

          Your young generation does not quite correctly pose the question. It will be correct this way: - Why not to hire pieces of Tajiks / Arabs / Indians / Mexicans to lift the piece of iron (underline what is necessary). This wording is much more consistent with current universal values, so explain to your youth =)
          1. domokl
            domokl 27 December 2012 09: 04
            Alas, it just doesn’t talk about Tajiks .. But the question was asked just like that .. In this form ... Your arguments are more relevant at meetings than in discussions .. Current values? Have you looked around? What values? Dying the child-state and all the other rich people wanted to spit .. Let's throw off all .. Parents, for our generation were saints, regardless of position and place of work .. And now? What can a villager offer the boy? The boy sees nightclubs on TV, zranitsa..a home smart parents with human values ​​put on a cooked table potatoes ...
            No need to wish out for, alas, the real ...
            1. sincman
              sincman 27 December 2012 11: 24
              Sorry of course, but people like you are just a godsend for our "sworn friends"! Their main goal is to continue to maintain a decadent and pessimistic mood in society. Then the child-state will really die, and all the other rich people will continue to spit on everyone. When you sincerely pursue the ideas described above and with a fiery heart and burning eyes will without a doubt build a new, wonderful world in your soul, then the younger generation will not stand aside and understand the insignificance of "nightclubs and abroad" and will accept "parents with boiled potatoes" ! Children feel such things very subtly. Reality is such that we ourselves create! With your thoughts ... your actions. A pessimist will never reach those heights that an optimist can easily reach!
          2. Igor Belov
            Igor Belov 27 December 2012 13: 25
            Quote: Cat
            Your young generation does not quite correctly pose the question.

            And yours?
            1. Cat
              Cat 27 December 2012 17: 43
              Quote: Igor Belov
              And yours?

              And our young generation for such questions can easily be raked around the neck, for pedagogical purposes. Next time he will think before asking =)
        2. alexng
          alexng 27 December 2012 15: 32
          Quote: domokl
          And what would happen if this piece of iron was lifted tomorrow,

          And what will happen if Russia is not recovering now, but that way in 20 years? I would like to recall the words from the song "Every moment has its own reason. Its own bells. Its own mark ...".
    2. Fox
      Fox 27 December 2012 07: 48
      I support completely! Itself "made in the USSR" -the best country in the world!
      1. Bykov.
        Bykov. 27 December 2012 08: 06
        Isn’t there already, there are those to whom it is also necessary to explain?
        We have nothing to be ashamed of our history. Including the history of the USSR

        Isn’t there really those inferior ones who are ashamed of their country and its history? Great history, great country. Pride and only pride, for the country, and the joy that you are part of it.
        And all the others who are ashamed are only worthy of pity, for they are simply miserable.
        1. Captain Vrungel
          Captain Vrungel 27 December 2012 10: 18
          It is not history that is ashamed; it is ashamed of oneself who created such a story.
          We must throw off the blinders from our eyes and shake our heads, see what they have created for us, what kind of state they have built for us. what is there looming on the horizon of our future, while we inertly watched as three half-drunk assholes with the cowardly connivance of the fourth. tore apart the power and, under the screams of plunder, instantly built capitalism for their loved ones. The rapid development of "wild capitalism" threw us back into 20 years of complete devastation. And as long as the country's economy is working for the oligarchs and to launder funds into their accounts in the offshore zones of import banks, one can only dream of a bright future.
          It is necessary to be proud of the country until August 1991. And then to be ashamed of what a bunch of crooks turned it into when we were inert.
          1. Kaa
            Kaa 27 December 2012 14: 45
            Quote: Captain Vrungel
            The rapid development of "wild capitalism" threw us back into 20 years of complete devastation. And as long as the country's economy is working for the oligarchs and to launder funds into their accounts in the offshore zones of import banks, one can only dream of a bright future.

            ““ But there is also a factor that hinders the unification of the republics into one union: this is nationalism in individual republics ... NEP and associated private capital nourish, nurture nationalism Georgian, Azerbaijani, Uzbek and others. Anti-Russian nationalism is a defensive form, some ugly form against Russian nationalism ... But the trouble is that in some republics this defensive nationalism turned into an offensive one. ” (I.V. Stalin, XII Congress, p. 488-492).
      2. sergey32
        sergey32 27 December 2012 08: 52
        I will run into cons, but ... the USSR was a completely ideological state. The main goal is the building of communism once there. The needs of ordinary people were often neglected. This was especially true of the Russian people, due to which the nat. suburbs and the entire world system of socialism. Remember the cities and towns of central Russia in those years, dullness, dirt, constant lines in stores. I’m not saying that it’s good now, but even then everything was not all right. Yes, factories were working hard, they drove the plan, then where did the whole product go, why was the shortage constant? Communist leaders constantly pushed speeches at rallies and meetings, but who believed them? When the Iron Curtain fell and people learned how workers live in the rotten west, many felt that they were simply not ... Therefore, they did not come out to defend the CPSU. Another thing is that along with the water they spilled out the child. The same former com. the elite not only changed the system, but also with the help of Western friends destroyed the country, usurping power in the fragments of the Great Country.
        1. Dangerous
          Dangerous 27 December 2012 10: 25
          Is ideology so bad? For example, in the USA, too, there is an ideology, people strive to realize their American dream, and they have the ideology of the most powerful state in the world. And as many as they don’t try, they still can’t form a national idea, therefore there is no single civil society, and each for himself and himself.
        2. Simon
          Simon 27 December 2012 14: 11
          Sergey32, why is it a minus if it's true. hi
    3. Igor Belov
      Igor Belov 27 December 2012 13: 51
      Strange, why should I be ashamed of my story? Why should I be ashamed of the country that gave me everything - a peaceful sky above my head in childhood, education, my favorite job, a sense of stability and confidence in the future !? And what was shameful in Russia before the revolution? Why should I be ashamed before 988? I am Russian born in the USSR and proud of it. And my family is proud ...
      Weird question!!!
  2. Bykov.
    Bykov. 27 December 2012 07: 55
    Great states arise where there is a request for them. And once the request is - they are returned.

    There is a request, there is also another, many, to the depths of their souls, got the pettiness of the current ideology, ideology of consumption and enrichment.
    1. domokl
      domokl 27 December 2012 08: 18
      Quote: Bulls.
      got the pettiness of the current ideology, the ideology of consumption and enrichment
      Well, let’s continue the logical chain ... Where is the way out? I see only one return to socialism ... Otherwise, money as it is, will remain the main thing in life ... We’ll ask, “How long are you standing? What kind of person are you ...
      1. Bykov.
        Bykov. 27 December 2012 08: 41
        Quote: domokl
        Well, let’s continue the logical chain ... Where is the way out? I see only one return to socialism ... Otherwise, money as it is, will remain the main thing in life ... We’ll ask, “How long are you standing? What kind of person are you ...

        I do not call for the rejection of money, as such. The point is in Means and Purposes.
        The new plans for Industrialization will be hardly feasible without proper injections - Funds, another thing is that the profit from it should be directed to the social network as its main Purpose, and not to offshore.
        1. domokl
          domokl 27 December 2012 09: 07
          wink I’ll add it again ... Based on today's reality, we should invest in OJSC, LLC, OAPT, etc. In other words, in private capital .. And we will get a perfectly functioning half-company like Gazprom or Sberbank ... That is . without changing the form of ownership, we will feed hungry aligarchs with our money
          1. older
            older 27 December 2012 09: 34
            Quote: domokl
            Those. without changing the form of ownership, we will feed hungry aligarchs with our money
            It’s logical ... I agree .. But I don’t want any more revolutions for some reason ...
            1. Astartes
              Astartes 27 December 2012 14: 49
              The "hungry" oligarch will never share with him another, purely capitalist thinking - every man for himself if you are poor means a fool, and so on. And the oligarch will be able to commit any crime for his piece. The revolution is a radical change in the forms of social life, so think about how you can harbor the oligarchs peacefully from everything that they stole with back-breaking labor.
          2. Bykov.
            Bykov. 27 December 2012 10: 27
            Quote: domokl
            .Those. without changing the form of ownership, we will feed hungry aligarchs with our money

            Well, in order for the hungry oligarchs to continue to starve, there is a "Tax Code", and such things as: VAT, income tax, tax on the use of natural resources, etc., etc.
  3. vladsolo56
    vladsolo56 27 December 2012 07: 57
    Everything is correct, except for one, there will be no reconciliation, the reality of today is such that it is rather the other way around, people are divided and divided purposefully: into white and red. the poor and the rich, the Russians and non-Russians. Jews are generally a separate issue. Education in our country is stopped and now there is only information. Information such that is beneficial to one or another circles. And the most influential circles are categorically not profitable any reconciliation, and especially unity. Divide and conquer here is the slogan of morons who erupted into power, They even with their meager brains do not understand that by sharing, they essentially have already lost power. In the modern world, this statement does not work, rather it works for the turn: divided and lost power.
    1. Aaron Zawi
      Aaron Zawi 27 December 2012 08: 15
      vladsolo56 Jews are fortunately no longer a topic. By 2030, according to the forecasts of demographers in Russia, from 140 million. The population of Jews will be about 50-60 thousand. An endangered ethnic group. Almost 100% of the youth left, and the old leave. Although there will remain children of mixed couples. It will also be possible to stink.
      1. Igor Belov
        Igor Belov 27 December 2012 13: 33
        Quote: Aron Zaavi
        Jews are fortunately no longer a topic.

        You think so? Not sure, in my opinion this topic is just beginning to raise!
        Quote: Aron Zaavi
        An endangered ethnic group.

        It is very likely, especially if it says a Jew (I was not mistaken?).
    2. domokl
      domokl 27 December 2012 08: 21
      Quote: vladsolo56
      the reality of today is that it’s rather the other way around

      laughing Vladimir, tell me honestly, before reading this article, you thought a lot about red, white, green and others? It is the concentration of public opinion on this problem that will spark a surge of interest, and therefore disputes ...
  4. patriot2
    patriot2 27 December 2012 08: 00
    The USSR — it was the best education — it was you who could always choose the job wisely and liking it, that you always had the opportunity for quality rest and treatment. In general, when comparing +, there was more than -.
    Yes, and Soviet citizens respected abroad, and now?
    Thanks to the USSR for all the good that he gave me and many other people!
    1. Seversk
      Seversk 27 December 2012 12: 08
  5. Aaron Zawi
    Aaron Zawi 27 December 2012 08: 10
    Ashamed of history is stupid. From it it is necessary to draw conclusions. Absolutely any state has glorious and shameful pages. Simply, people should be proud of glorious pages, and politicians should study black. Division of labor, so to speak.
    1. Simon
      Simon 27 December 2012 14: 17
      Take France for example! How many revolutions she went through, only had time to chop heads, more blood probably on the guillotine’s knife did not cool down.
  6. sergo0000
    sergo0000 27 December 2012 08: 34
    USSR Museum is great! Great idea.
    And the Izborsk club project itself is correct. After all, the point here is not only and not so much in the reconciliation of the "red" and "white", but the very realization that Russia, our common and only one, has enemies who are trying to divide us into national, political, etc. groups and for through this, wait for a usurious ideology that is not characteristic of the Russian spirit, thereby destroying us!
    1. Igor Belov
      Igor Belov 27 December 2012 13: 38
      Quote: sergo0000
      USSR Museum is great!

      To be honest, our generation itself is like a museum of the USSR. But regarding the division into "friends" and "foes" is rightly noticed. We will share - we will lose the country, the younger generation, the future ...
      1. bask
        bask 27 December 2012 13: 50
        To be honest, our generation itself is like a museum of the USSR. But regarding the division into "friends" and "foes" is rightly noticed. Let's share - we will lose

        Hello not everyone ... Igor Belov .. It is true that if we share, our friends and strangers, this also concerns the division into Orthodox and atheists. Admirers of ancient cults. ONLY COMPLETE ABOUT LOVE FOR LUNCH, BASED ON LOVE FOR RUSSIA. READINESS IF GO TO PAY FOR YOUR OWN LIFE ... This is our chance of survival.
  • valokordin
    valokordin 27 December 2012 09: 00
    I agree with the article, there is no need to be divided into red and white, but you can't get away from the division into the rich and the ordinary workers. History must be respected, which is not visible from the authorities, who constantly spit at the USSR. The Chinese, despite the Cultural Revolution, do not spit at Mao Zedong, maintaining the link between generations and the continuity of traditions. Real leaders are primarily the executors of the will of the oligarchs. Verses by V.I. Lenin: "Right is the will of the ruling class, elevated into law," exactly correspond to the present reality. The question of whether the authorities and the leadership will go to the creation of a museum of the USSR is very vague, rather not. Such a howl will be raised by democrats, such as Svinadze, Posner, Yavlinsky, Chubais, and the owners of 1,2 NTV channels and other progressive mass media.
    1. sincman
      sincman 27 December 2012 11: 03
      Quote: valokordin
      Democrats like Svinadze, Pozner, Yavlinsky, Chubais will raise such a howl.

      This is not the Democrats, but the white-wing liberals.

      Quote: valokordin
      History must be respected, which is not visible from the authorities, who constantly spit at the USSR.

      Quote: valokordin
      The question is whether the government and leadership will go to the creation of a museum of the USSR, very vague, rather not.

      They are also different authorities. Do you really think that all such initiatives have recently been sprinkled out of a cornucopia somehow by accident? Without the support and guardianship of the powerful ... Someone up there is still not indifferent to our history and our future! And to understand what the heterogeneity of power is, it is enough to recall the history of the struggle between the Stalinists and the Trotskyists. It also seems like there was one government, but different ideas and methods for the further development of the country. Read Nikolai Starikov's book "Stalin. We Remember Together". Great help in understanding the current situation! After all, history is cyclical ...
      1. hrenvamsredkoy
        hrenvamsredkoy 27 December 2012 12: 24
        it’s cool, but all of the listed descendants of the blasphemed Bolsheviks and foreigners, like their pradkds, hated Russia, the country in which they lived and where they did not tread, so they again want to steer! It’s as if in the 20th century they killed a few Russian people
    2. hrenvamsredkoy
      hrenvamsredkoy 27 December 2012 12: 22
      white and red, it’s a convention, there were Jewish commissars, and people who were led by a tale of a good life and class segregation of society, propaganda-ridden people plus an ordinary murmur from the Red Guard plus a hostage system against Russian people who were educated and did not behave in a fairy tale.
      Zyuyu annoying types still praising the murderers of Russian People and those who twice robbed Russia in the 20th century
  • amateur.
    amateur. 27 December 2012 09: 17
    It seems to me that the title of the article is not that. Maybe there are some who are ashamed, but in my circle of friends there are none. We were proud of our history, we are proud and will be proud, and let others envy us, sputter with anger and envy
  • Gorchakov
    Gorchakov 27 December 2012 09: 36
    I understand with my mind that it is impossible to return the USSR in its original form ... but watching everything that has happened lately in Russia, I am more and more attracted to the USSR during the time of Brezhnev ..... There was no stagnation, as the ideologists of Western democracy presented us , then there was stability and confidence in the future ......
  • selbrat
    selbrat 27 December 2012 09: 55
    How can you be ashamed of the USSR if our country exists thanks to the Soviet backlog? From industry to the army. And people who bought this industry for a penny at one time, and even then began to find fault with everything Soviet, should be ashamed. Although it is no secret that many of them still and they worked on the party line. "Chaps" in one word.
  • Apollo
    Apollo 27 December 2012 10: 01
    quote-If a country and people, no matter what, exist - So their story was successful.

    here is the cornerstone of the whole article.
    Namely, if the USSR lost the Great Patriotic War, there would be neither us and there would not be this forum where we communicate.
    conclusion, we should not only be proud, WE all owe life !!! IMHO
  • sincman
    sincman 27 December 2012 10: 39
    Golden words, golden ideas! I support them by 150%. To live in truth, to admit and analyze mistakes and to go further relying on our worthy past, and not to complex and argue who is more right. Take as an example from our great historical heroes, and do not forget the acts of historical scoundrels and traitors. Interested in our shared story. Honor the ancestors.
    There is no need to spend energy fighting the liberals, as a result, they themselves will die out as a class due to the indecency and irrelevance of their ideas, but it is better to look for common ground and understanding among themselves for the common goal - the restoration of our mighty Motherland!
  • Yrsh.2008
    Yrsh.2008 27 December 2012 10: 39
    "The truth is so. The truth, which primarily consists in the fact that the USSR was the greatest of the states in the history of mankind. The state that did not" crash ", but was destroyed. And it remains to be said by whom and how." - golden words, the REAL TRUTH !!!
  • kopar
    kopar 27 December 2012 10: 44
    Yes, the bulk has long been reconciled. Those who want to earn political capital for themselves "bark". Maybe in this regard we need to learn something from the West? In the same America, there is a monument to ALL those who died in Their civil war, regardless of who won. I don’t see such monuments in our country. But to hang a new plaque on the house where some intelligent goat poet once lived (whose verses 99% of the people have never read and will never read) or a writer (it does not matter that he was mediocrity) is that we can.
  • sapulid
    sapulid 27 December 2012 11: 13
    Tree sticks! I read the article and did not understand what the author was writing about?

    To begin with, NOBODY is ashamed of the history of their country. There may be unpleasant moments in it, but THIS IS OUR COUNTRY. History has no subjunctive mood.

    Now about the "white" and "red". Neither one nor the other has long been alive. We, their descendants, do not perceive all the contradiction of these two directions so acutely and can reach a compromise. Anarchists and nationalists are not a hindrance here

    USSR Museum? WHAT FOR? Another reason for lope about the exposed material? Let us show there the mass executions of the Don and Kuban villages by revolutionary sailors? Can mass executions of naval officers in St. Petersburg? Or will we put Ilyich at a cleanup and rallies? Once again, there is no need to provide a reason for a split.

    It is enough to erect a monument to all those who have laid their heads for their homeland in the fratricidal war.
    1. Astartes
      Astartes 27 December 2012 14: 53
      Someone fought for their homeland, as they understood it, someone for an estate with slaves, and someone for something that would live at least a little more worthy. The point of the article is that the present "descendants" in every historical epoch see a dark spot. for some before the USSR there was darkness, for others after, here is an article about how to try on people but not deny either good or bad.
  • Magadan
    Magadan 27 December 2012 11: 23
    I thought that we had long ago come to the conclusion that the USSR was a wonderful country and before the USSR, our Historical Russia was a wonderful country
    The revolution of 1917 and 1991, paid by the West, both of these countries destroyed, but did not destroy us. And now the Great Country is rising again. Yes, much has been lost, but there is a huge plus - we received a very strong vaccine against the craving for self-destruction.
    I believe (yes, in principle, I know) that we have a future that the Lord himself has prepared for Russia. And the future is to bring faith, the traditional foundations of humanity and the culture that the tolerant-consumer hypocritical homosexual-feminist west so wants to destroy.
  • understudy
    understudy 27 December 2012 11: 24
    Personally, I am proud that I was born and raised in the USSR. But when I hear the word "tolerance" ... "my hand reaches for parabellum". Mixing white and black, the result is mud.
    1. polly
      polly 27 December 2012 16: 11
      Similar feelings. As the author of one article on the site said recently "Tolerance is the death of honor, dignity and courage"!
  • Normal
    Normal 27 December 2012 11: 48
    I propose introducing a moratorium on criticism of any periods in the country's history. History should be in the minds of the younger generation great, heroic and glorious. Only in this way we will educate the true patriots of the Fatherland.
    Any criticism of history, even if objective, is a destructive process. History cannot be changed or altered, but it is very easy to denigrate. Therefore, not only the history of the USSR but the whole history of Russia-Russia should be protected from criticism
    We must take it for granted - everything that happened, whether it is good or bad, has already happened. It happened because at that time there were reasons for this, conditions and circumstances developed. In other words; it could not be otherwise. And since it could not be otherwise, then everything is correct.
    We must finally leave the story alone and tackle this day.
    Only by changing for the better can the present be counted on to have a great future.
    1. sincman
      sincman 27 December 2012 11: 59
      The Anglo-Saxon empire living on such principles has the strength to trample us in the mud from time to time, while always staying afloat. Because almost all the inhabitants of the empire live according to the principle "My country, right or wrong". And this is something we should learn from them.
    2. Egoza
      Egoza 27 December 2012 12: 13
      Normal! In principle, I agree with you, but first of all it is necessary to free history from falsifications. You write: "History cannot be changed, and it cannot be altered." As much as possible, if part of the facts are concealed, part is distorted, part is invented, like "hundreds of millions tortured in the KGB." And it is always necessary to emphasize that one cannot be judged by the standards of our time. What can and looks wild now was the norm then! And for those contemporaries it would be strange if they acted differently. Again, a lot depends on the state system. Let's take an example: Spartacus is a talented commander, a slave who freed and raised thousands of slaves to fight for freedom, etc. By our standards, a hero. But by the standards of the "oligarchs" (both that and the present time, by the way) a Bandit - he robbed his masters, stole cattle, killed noble ones - that means he is a scoundrel, a scoundrel, a scoundrel.
      But as for the USSR - I agree with everyone - there is nothing to be ashamed of! SHOULD BE Proud !!! And to all those who are now throwing mud at my homeland, I can say: "Don't try! You won't catch it! You stand too low in comparison with the SOVIET PEOPLE!"
  • lewerlin53rus
    lewerlin53rus 27 December 2012 11: 48
    Personally, I separate such concepts as a country and a state. Whatever socio-political system we had, the Principality of Moscow, Novgorod Republic, Russian Empire, USSR, RF, the country remains the same- RUSSIA. In any system, the state we have there is something to be proud of, there is something to be avoided. Do not be ashamed, do not sprinkle ash on your head and pour dirt on the story and the people who created it.
  • Lech e-mine
    Lech e-mine 27 December 2012 11: 59
    NEVER BE ashamed of the history of my country
    There are always a lot of HEROES and unfortunately scoundrels
    I AM proud that I am RUSSIAN and I am proud of my history and NO BEARS will make me consider my COUNTRY EMPIRE OF EVIL.
  • vezunchik
    vezunchik 27 December 2012 12: 13
    Finally, the process has begun! Very glad. Marseillaise is still a hymn in France!
    And what scares our liberals in the anthem of the USSR:
    Union of the indestructible republics free
    Great Russia rallied forever
    Long live the people's will
    A single, mighty Soviet Union!

    Be glorious, our free Fatherland,
    Friendship of peoples is a reliable stronghold!

    Friendship of Peoples? Great Russia? One powerful Soviet Union ???
  • understudy
    understudy 27 December 2012 12: 13
    Quote: copar
    In our country, I do not observe such monuments.

    There are in Krasnodar. Not very monumental, but there is.
  • hrenvamsredkoy
    hrenvamsredkoy 27 December 2012 12: 14
    nothing to be ashamed of in our history? and even the fact that the Jews allowed the socialists to plunder the country? Jewish liberals do it a second time? or this one?

    I understand someone wants to forget this?
  • Lech e-mine
    Lech e-mine 27 December 2012 12: 26
    did everything for the RUSSIAN PEOPLE to DESTROY HIMSELF.
  • hrenvamsredkoy
    hrenvamsredkoy 27 December 2012 12: 44
    Leha e-mine,
    for which the descendants of the red commissars (Judeo-liberals) still hate him! I personally consider ITT to be the greatest anti-communist in the world, for the fact that part of the Judeo commissioners was put against the wall, partly turned into camp dust
  • vladimirZ
    vladimirZ 27 December 2012 19: 08
    "Whites" are ready "to forgive the" red "if they repent of their guilt" (from the article).

    Ah, gentlemen abroad, .... and you are ready to repent for centuries of mockery of the Russian people, for many years of slavery of the Russian people, which your ancestors smacked, sold and exchanged for puppy dogs, for mocking Russian women, for people's blood.
    It is you, the "white", who should ask the people for forgiveness, and not we "red" repent before you.
  • Russian 72
    Russian 72 27 December 2012 20: 50
    Hello everyone! I generally want our historians to develop a single history textbook for the school. Let them describe all eras with their advantages and disadvantages, the country's leaders and prominent statesmen. I believe that it is impossible to describe the history of Russia one-sidedly! We had both good and bad moments. The textbook should have a place for both heroes and traitors. So that today's youth can figure out what their actions in the present can lead to, using an example from the past. They must learn from mistakes from the past so as not to make them in the future.