An Australian company is going to transfer 160 anti-drone systems to Ukraine

An Australian company is going to transfer 160 anti-drone systems to Ukraine

The photo is illustrative.

The Armed Forces of Ukraine will receive 160 complexes to combat drones Slinger. This was reported by representatives of the Australian company Electro Optic Systems, which is a manufacturer of equipment.

Complexes to combat drones for Ukraine purchased from the Australian company USA. Now the Australian company has signed two contracts for the supply of 110 systems for M113 armored vehicles and another contract for the purchase of 50 systems has been signed by Praktika. The latest systems are integrated into the Bushmaster armored personnel carrier.

The value of the contract, according to Vice President Matt Jones, is about $170 million. He called the agreement on the supply of anti-drone systems a significant export contract.

Recall that a special complex for combating drones was originally created on the basis of a 30 mm M230LF cannon and a 7,62 mm MAG58 machine gun in order to be installed on a GMC Denali pickup truck. Now the complex will be adapted for installation on armored vehicles in service with the Ukrainian army.

With the help of such complexes, the Armed Forces of Ukraine expect to intensify the fight against unmanned aerial vehicles, which have recently begun to cause great damage to Ukrainian formations, military and infrastructure facilities located both on the front line and in the rear.
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    1. 0
      1 September 2023
      Drones these pickups and destroy, why think for a long time.
      1. +1
        2 September 2023
        This is the R400S version, the most popular. The maximum weight of the module (with armament, a minimum armor set and ammunition load) in a configuration with a 30 mm M230LF cannon and a 7,62 mm M240 machine gun is 410 kg. Ammunition - 75 pcs. 30mm rounds and 500 pcs. 7,62 mm cartridges. The observation unit is equipped with day / thermal imaging cameras and a laser rangefinder, provides target detection at ranges up to 12 km during the day and 13,7 km at night.
    2. +1
      1 September 2023
      That there are no more Kalashnikov machine guns and 2A42 cannons left in Ukraine?
      They still had a lot of all this from the USSR.
    3. 0
      1 September 2023
      They will sail (or fly) through Turkey.
      And then - Bulgaria or Romania, what's the difference.
    4. +1
      2 September 2023
      And the Australians are there too. What do they lack there on the other side of the earth?
    5. -1
      2 September 2023
      And where is a photo? And it's time to launch 100 lancets a day, you look and knock out all the Bandera equipment if they are afraid to let front-line aviation because of the condemnation of Russia in the UN laughing
    6. -1
      2 September 2023
      How is the Russian Federation going to compete with the economies of countries that are many times larger in total. It's not clear to me. Only option at the expense of all of us
    7. 0
      2 September 2023
      First, sell cardboard drones to Ukraine. To understand that in Russia some of these cardboard drones were caught and replicated. And sell complexes to Ukraine. Anti-cardboard drones.
      Well done Australians! They sold Ukraine medicine for diarrhea, and then medicine for constipation.

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