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Spanish captain about democracy and the USSR

Spanish captain about democracy and the USSR

What happened to the USSR, said Eduardo Gatsia Osós, is a big mountain for so many people around the world, even for those who like to enjoy communism. And it's not about politics. Those who considered themselves to be anti-Communists also found themselves without support. And not from class consciousness were people hoping for the USSR, not because "Flight of all countries, unite." All this has long been wrong, and in the West a worker is the same blizzard, only without money. And they hoped because you said: "Man is a brother to man." And everyone yearns for this, whatever they say in public.

Because everyone here feels like flies attached to sticky paper. This paper is sweet, and it seems that you yourself would be drawn to it, and you got stuck - and it became depressing. To resist all this propaganda of the “New World Order”, which climbs into your soul and through the process, and through advertising, and through the windows, the person has no strength. He gives up, but he always had confidence that the Soviet Union is in the world and there is a very cultured Soviet people, who will not bite at the sweet girlfriend and will not adhere to the paper trap - and then, you look, they will help us to tear off. And what do we see? This kind of people and bogged down deeper than all and turned into a very very unlikely lie. If so, everything changes in the world.

Look, - says Eduardo, - how a person is made into a net. We stand in the port in Nigeria. Next - the Cuban ship. On the coast of Cubans, the authorities do not allow - they say, there is no democracy in Cuba. Who is so sensitive to the rights of man? The military regime of Nigeria, the obvious fascists, who killed entire tribes, millions of people, no one knows exactly how many. But they are theirs for Bush and to be glad to serve him, as all dictators used to be, that Batista, that Somoza. And today is the same in Angola. Bush, and yours, most likely, all demanded free elections from Angola. When I was in Angola, they said to me: if there are elections and if the present regime is victorious, they will arrange a meat-eater for us. So it happened. Savimbi established a bloody bathhouse in Angola, and no UN is going to clean up.

But the point is not dictators or Savimbi. Here is a nigerian doc. All he has is a piece of burlap cuddle nudity. He gets pennies - and a bowl of rice with corn flour. He lives in a hut of leaves, we went to him. Instead of furniture carboard box. I could throw children away, but I couldn’t be able to see them die, one after another. Everyday cocoa and apochis are the best land of Nigeria "working" in Europe and America. And he understands this, and he understands why he has never in his life ever tasted chocolate from Nigerian cocoa. And at the same time - poking a finger at the Cuban flag: "Oh, I'm afraid of Castro!" Well, what are you afraid of? "Well, they have no democracy." What is democracy, what is it for you? "They have no freedom!" What a hell of freedom, you must first feed the children, they are dead with your hunger! He is silent, compressed, feels that all this nonsense about democracy has been hammered into his head, and she has become dearer to him. So this docker also suffers that the USSR collapsed. It means everything. Now it is established all over the world that children are nonsense, and multiplicity is the most important thing in life. And he secretly hoped that someone would put this world from head to foot.

And he asks me with the hope of Eduardo: "Do they really think in Russia the same way you do this docker? After all, he did not study at school at all, and you have an engineer as an engineer." And I can not console him. Yes, they say, they think about the same, and first of all, just as engineers. Although the children do not die of hunger for them, but even if it comes to that, they will not back down from this democracy. After all, now we have a lot of parties - such happiness.

Yes, for some people multiplicity is important, - Eduardo agrees. For those who became a fan of politics. One is ill for one team, another for another - whose will take? But you will see that soon there will be few such fans. Football and more interesting and honest policy. In general, this has nothing to do with democracy. I have been to all the ports - both in Africa, and in Latin America, and in Asia. Such a democracy has been established everywhere, everywhere, and parliamentary and multi-party. Yes, is it at least a little interfere with losing a country or shooting a peasant? Look what they did with Latin America. After the war I sailed on passenger ships. We drove there full steamboats - every month thousands of people. And in Argentina, and in Urgy. The richest land, the population - the same Europeans, can not say that, they say, negros, do not know how to work. And today all of them, if they could, would sail the ocean back to Europe. Their production grows every year, and everything goes to pay the debt, and the debt increases. And now we hear that the USSR climbed into this pit to the International Monetary Fund. But everyone already knows exactly how it is arranged - it is impossible to get out.

You say - the corporation was in the USSR. You have not yet imagined what a correction is in an impoverished country. There all are trained, and there can be no other way. When you enter the port, normally for the inspection of the vessel are 4 person - from the port, from the police, from the customs and sanitary services. Now go to any port in Africa or Latin America. A man flies to you for thirty. Drink, snack, and then everyone should be given in the paw. And you can’t be angry with them - the family cannot be kept for a death, and we have known almost everyone for many years.

If we are talking about democracy, then here's a simple indicator for you - the doctors on the ship. If society values ​​a fisherman or a seaman as a person, and not as a working force, it is spent on a doctor, this is democracy. That is why our Spanish captains, as they arrive in the fishing area, first of all find out where the nearest Cuban or Soviet ships are, and make sure that they are always within reach. Because the Cubans and you on every ship have a bell, and during the time of fishing there are injuries almost every day, you will tear off your finger or hook with a hook. And people feel calmer when they know that if it is a serious matter - they will stay with a Cuban warrior, he will rise with his suitcase and even, if necessary, he will do the operation. And he will not take money - he will laugh. Today, you don't give a damn about it, but let us see what the Russian fishmen say tomorrow, when they are left without a doctor, and the boatswains will be doing the operations with consultations on the radio. Here we have the top of the series.

Or here's another - you say, trifle. Previously, the Soviet, almost every vessel was a biologist. We always wondered where they got so many scientists from. And for us it was very important that someone is studying the sea, and he asks us. Now and then the Soviet captains are asked by radio: hello, Eduardo, where you have a freeze, go to heels, find that there is in her stomach - our biologist is needed. Do you think it is unimportant for a fisherman - to feel like a member of the crew, who does not just drive away the treachery, but leads the scientific work? It is important, yes you do not care. And your fybaky will be tomorrow without any problems, and without biologists.

Will it be only tomorrow at the Russian frybak? Something they have become almost invisible. And when you can see, look sick. Previously, Soviet ships were the cleanest and most beautiful. And today they look like pirate. They do not repair, do not paint and do not even eat. In the last flight we went to Salenno, in Italy. It is near the Russian ship, already under a foreign flag. And I know the captain for a long time. The ship pushes port punches - the Russian distribute contraband, brought boxes of American cigarettes. Then I look and I don’t believe my eyes - they pull the ropes from the ship, and one drags the cans with paint. The shell is all rusty and the paint is sold. I ask the captain - what is happening? And he laughs. Do you want, says, give you a ship? Buy, Eduardo, the ship is almost new.

What are you, you bastards, did with your country?

I did not find an answer to this question of the Spanish Moray. We ourselves still do not understand what we, bastards, have done with our country.

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  1. mda
    mda 26 December 2012 10: 21
    What are you, you bastards, did with your country?

    Ah, are we bastards ?! The Westerners have destroyed a great country, but ordinary people are still to blame !?
    1. Vadivak
      Vadivak 26 December 2012 15: 48
      even for those who like the collapse of communism.

      Most of all, the communists themselves who were in power, Yeltsins, Gorbachevs, Shevarnadze and other trash rejoiced
      1. Sandov
        Sandov 27 December 2012 20: 50
        Most of all, the Communists themselves, who were in power, Yeltsin, Gorbachev, Shevarnadze and other trash, were happy.
        These are not communists, these are looters. For a full life near the trough, their mother will be sold.
    2. Gur
      Gur 26 December 2012 16: 49
      We are guilty, how guilty, was it not the common people who followed Yeltsin, did he storm the White House and Ostankino ?? Is it not a common people and now turn a blind eye to the mess happening in their country? And does this country need the common people? Indeed, from among us creators and creators, even if we did not eat sausages, but the creators did something like "bourgeois workers without money" all the benefits of Russia, but in fact we pay for these benefits even more than those to whom these benefits are sold by our democrats. And moreover, many benefits were created by the common people, and now belong to the democrats. GUILTY.
      1. homosum20
        homosum20 26 December 2012 18: 29
        Why did you, dear, collapse from oak? What common people followed Yeltsin? You, apparently, have not looked at a geographical map for a long time. Ordinary people need to get to the White House and Ostankino for weeks and months. I’ll keep it in 3 weeks if I don’t linger along the way.
        And there were ordinary Muscovites.
        And Muscovites often do not sit at home. Now to the swamp, then to the white house.
        By the way, about the white house - what do you suggest? Did Ruslan Imranovich have to leave power? Now he would have directed. Elbtsin would have seemed an angel.
        And in general, do you have a few problems? And we will sort things out with our own.
        1. Egoza
          Egoza 26 December 2012 20: 09
          So after Gorbachev, Yeltsin seemed to be a salvation. So they supported him. Who knew that he would be such a rag.
        2. Gur
          Gur 27 December 2012 10: 52
          Well, damn it, our Muscovites are no longer a people, this is a caste, in your opinion, (although how many of these Muscovites are there? Some are newcomers), the rest at home were silent in a rag. This is firstly, secondly, the problems of Russia concern me more than Kazakhstan, from the fact that you understand Russian I, and it is not my fault that, by the will of fate, I now live in Kazakhstan. Moreover, I am not only Russian but also Soviet. Third, in addition to Ruslan Ibragimovich, there were other people of Rutskoy, for example, Rokhlin. And it is much easier to blame the Muscovites and others than to understand that even now we are to blame for everything ourselves, when we watch how the country is being plundered, how bullshit is snatched under good intentions, instead of education, health care and the army (you can list it for a long time) and instead a normal assessment of the situation and an adequate reaction to what is happening, we look at clowns like Zhirinovsky and others. And everything from the fact that we really want to become bourgeois without money, (sorry for repeating) in the constant hope that our truck with gingerbread will turn over, then "I" will turn around and live, and show others my tongue. (at best)
          1. Sandov
            Sandov 27 December 2012 20: 54
            Not for nothing that Rokhlin was suddenly killed. Everyone who could do something for Russia suddenly died. Amer’s long arm contagion.
      2. albanec
        albanec 27 December 2012 11: 47
        Isn’t the simple people marrying Yeltsin
        No, not easy. Muscovites have never been a common people. When coups in Moscow arranged for ordinary people, they began to harvest crops. There was no time for the putsch recourse
        1. Gur
          Gur 27 December 2012 14: 03
          ))))) Yeah, Muscovites have all our lives been glamorous and loafers))) but meanwhile, how many factories were there before the collapse ?? ZIL, Moskvich, ... and so on, and factories of various ?? and they had nothing to do all the mlyn, they were at a rally and the whole country was in the field. Yes, it was up to the coups, you just sat at home, and no one like the Kyrgyz from the outskirts offered buses to the capital to take you to the capital, otherwise you would have forgotten about the harvest.
    3. Homo
      Homo 26 December 2012 18: 39
      Yes, we are bastards. Yeltsin and company destroyed the USSR, ravaged the country, the army, science, sports, etc. And we, tens of millions, "were silent in a rag", and many rejoiced at the arrival of "freedom" and "crap" in exchange for chewing gum, Pepsi and jeans. We, the entire population of the country, who have committed this lawlessness are bastards !!!
    4. donchepano
      donchepano 27 December 2012 06: 21
      Fuck our people need such a derm ... the multiplicity arranged by the World Government!
      The Greatest Country Really Ruined
    5. usertel231
      usertel231 30 January 2013 09: 41
      I support. In general, the article seems to be purely literary, composed in some Komsomol member. The ship is "all rusty", then it is "almost new". Although there are hints of reality: the fact that the "captain" is selling the "ship". The people, you see, "supported" It was the Soviet youth who, in the beginning, supported the reforms according to their Komsomol enthusiasm, developed by the state itself, and even after the vouchers, I think they lost faith. The people were silent, as they say. in general, a few probably at least something understood what was happening in reality. Those. Is Red Riding Hood to blame for the fact that the wolf ate Little Red Riding Hood? Here is the "bastard" who? The authors of the article want to assure us of this?
  2. xzWhiteWolf
    xzWhiteWolf 26 December 2012 15: 33
    "What have you bastards done to your country?"
    These are golden words, comrades. No matter how sad it was ... The West gave our money, but now our creatures, that they were led to money, they plundered and trampled their country. All right, he said, a deep man.
    A little higher, the person writes supposedly ordinary people say innocent? And who came out of the Soviet regime to tear? Who participated in the demonstrations? Is the power itself? Greedy people who don’t have much and want more, while doing nothing, the main thing is that they promise a lot. Ugh, freaky freeloaders.
    I am still proud that my homeland is the USSR. Unfortunately, he lived so little in it.
  3. homosum20
    homosum20 26 December 2012 15: 33
    I have a counter-question to an EU citizen: What have you bastards done with my country?
    1. baltika-18
      baltika-18 26 December 2012 15: 45
      Quote: homosum20
      I have a counter-question to an EU citizen: What have you bastards done with my country?

      They just do nothing, they take advantage of what they have been given. And I think everyone who provided the answer is known to everyone.
      1. Ross
        26 December 2012 16: 37
        Now it’s been established all over the world that children are nonsense, and multi-party system is the most important thing in life.

        Here it is liberal suicide democracy
      2. homosum20
        homosum20 26 December 2012 17: 39
        And what was provided to them?
        They made oil at 9 USD per barrel - a target action to bring down the USSR economy.
        When we dismissed the Warsaw Pact, they swore - not a single step to the east.
        They promised to support the economy and help with technology.
        Instead, advisers were sent, from the submission of which Chubais carried out privatization, the bad boy started the collapse of the economy (which’s only saying: the north of Russia is not needed. For information - at that time, lived in the Arctic Circle in Russia - and worked in industry - 11 million people)
        And Sakhalin-1 would have signed Sakhalin-2? 40% of our oil would have gone to them for free.
        And much more.
        I don’t want to say anything bad about my colleagues, but, guys, do you have any memory?
        Well, read the EU comments on current events. How about extending the third euro protocol to already concluded deals.
        Sorry for the verbosity - but words are missing from outrage.
    2. Sandov
      Sandov 27 December 2012 20: 57
      You are right. Their merit is obvious. Over the centuries, our ethnic group is destroyed.
  4. IlyaKuv
    IlyaKuv 26 December 2012 15: 41
    So the people no one asked, they took and ruined the country on the Bialowieza brawl.
  5. neri73-r
    neri73-r 26 December 2012 15: 47
    The so-called elite surrendered the country and the people, but the people also bought "for the sausage", but then the people forgot that the gray sausage for 2.20 is sausage, and that "abundance", the red abundance on the shelves that now is - soy and chemicals !! ! Here they are so sweet - democracy and liberalism!
  6. sergo0000
    sergo0000 26 December 2012 15: 52
    These bastards are kneeling the country for the second time in a century, and we are afraid to pronounce their name out loud! And you start saying, they banyat you for inciting ethnic hatred on the Internet! How many members of the forum have already been leaked!
    And so in all spheres of our lives! You’ll talk a lot about it at work — they’ll fire you, they will forget about it on the Internet, they won’t give it on TV, but you’ll get into politics with the truth and facts — your days are numbered!
    His name is fascist Zionism!
  7. Ivan Mazyr
    Ivan Mazyr 26 December 2012 16: 10
    Quote: mda-a
    Ah, are we bastards ?! The Westerners have destroyed a great country, but ordinary people are still to blame !?

    But it’s not only the Westerners who are to blame. They simply gave an impetus in the direction they needed, and our Russians plundered and torn apart the country. This is our Russian mentality with ours (maybe it will go) destroyed our country. And what happened before under communism (white ships, free doctors, etc.) will not be there anymore, and if it does (I don’t want to seem like a pessimist) then not soon. Now, in my opinion, the policy of our country is not aimed at the internal welfare of the country, but at squandering our (PEOPLE) natural resources and replenishing the ranks of millionaires. You don’t have to go far, on this site there is an article about the (achievements) of our politicians this year. These are gas and oil pipelines, etc. For ordinary ordinary people, nothing shines from these breakthroughs in trade. As we heated the stove with wood, we will continue to heat it.
    1. Vadivak
      Vadivak 26 December 2012 16: 41
      Quote: Ivan Mazyr
      and the country was plundered and torn apart by our Russians.

      Today, even in the Ministry of Defense, new thefts for 718 million rubles were discovered

      This is how you need to hate your people to steal like that? What fierce hatred?
      1. Ribwort
        Ribwort 26 December 2012 16: 46
        Quote: Vadivak
        This is how you need to hate your people to steal like that?

        They sneezed at the people! They no longer connect their future and the future of their children with Russia ... I am interested in another: It is how apolitical the people should be to endure this scum for so long, and with masochistic pleasure to come up with an excuse for them, they say it’s not so bad. .. what
  8. Oleg14774
    Oleg14774 26 December 2012 16: 22
    Yes, what are we WE bastards allowed to do with our Rodino !? They sold it for jeans, chewing gum, debauchery, that is, a sexual revolution, for degradation, for chasing someone whose wallpaper is cooler, who is richer than a gigantic car, even richer, a yacht longer, who has nothing at all, just longer, the most harmful tobacco (not for sale in the USA, the inscription on all packs used to be, now it’s been canceled, but shit ... it’s even more there).
    Not the Chubais are to blame, not the Yeltsins for being bred, not the Gorbachevs, Gaidars, Udaltsovs and other pindas ... take off, we are to blame! After all, it is always the case that we do not keep the lost cry. And the worst thing is that we don't teach children what is most important in life. After all, we are already "scientists", or rather "taught", but we do not teach children, we complain about home-2 porn in childhood on TV, but sit down with a son or daughter at the table and talk that the value is not the amount of beer drunk, girls , boys (for girls), and the seed and health of their children, our grandchildren. But for this you need to strain your brains, remember the correct and beautiful words from Pushkin, Lermontov, and then we already start to forget them, PR, prestige, cool, yes, this is modern! Throwing in a belt because it smells like tobacco smoke is not pedagogical, you are modern, we are cultural! We can scold the current rulers, and who is to blame except they?
    What are we ?! We are nothing!

    So then we are suckers, since they allowed us to do this (including me)!
    When someone comes to someone home and begins to host 99,9% of what they get on the scoreboard, and 0,1% that they will warn at first, and then anyway on the scoreboard! And they just raped us. Yes, I agree that this has been prepared for more than a decade, but now who does not allow us to open our eyes to our children what is good and what is bad?
    1. Ross
      26 December 2012 16: 42

      Oleg, thanks for the post, it’s completely true! Only a strong-willed person will not look for the guilty on the side, feeling personal responsibility.
      We needed to apparently survive this vile experience, so that immunity to any infection appeared.
      1. Ribwort
        Ribwort 26 December 2012 16: 49
        Quote: Ross
        to appear immune to any infection.

        Namely, immunity! But, it seems, we are more likely to be able to get along with any infection (as we have been living for more than 20 years) than to work it out for ourselves. And this is sad ...
  9. Ivan Mazyr
    Ivan Mazyr 26 December 2012 16: 25
    Quote: sergo0000
    For the second time in a century, these bastards have brought the country to its knees, and we are afraid to say their name out loud!

    Here we have FREEDOM OF WORDS AND DEMOCRACY negative However, as elsewhere.
  10. Fox
    Fox 26 December 2012 16: 28
    I advise you not to get excited, but to work hard to read "manipulation of consciousness" by the author S.G. Kara-Murza ... and after reading a number of his works, I highly recommend it. I personally, I respect the author very much., Thanks for the books and articles.
  11. Ribwort
    Ribwort 26 December 2012 16: 41
    I read it. It hurts and sad. Here it is - the reality, no matter what the jingoistic patriots say that "life has become better, life has become more fun." And, most importantly, something is not visible at all ... recourse
  12. ac5pr7u
    ac5pr7u 26 December 2012 17: 09
    As Putin said at a press conference, the last 20 le are the best years.
    1. Ribwort
      Ribwort 26 December 2012 17: 24
      Quote: ac5pr7u
      Putin said at a press conference the last 20 le are the best years.

      You do not understand, he meant himself ...
    2. Makk
      Makk 26 December 2012 18: 53
      It's sarcasm?
  13. cherkas.oe
    cherkas.oe 26 December 2012 17: 10
    Yes, I got it from scratches, and for the first time in my life I have nothing to justify in my defense, like to my whole generation, whose fathers and grandfathers laid bones for their homeland, and I shamed.
  14. Oleg14774
    Oleg14774 26 December 2012 17: 37
    Only now do you understand what the expression "lost connection between generations" means. We were taught that we are smart and literate, and it is true, education in the USSR was the envy of everyone, but it also obscured our eyes, obscured the most important thing that our strength is in unity, regardless of religions, political views, worldviews, and even if take a topic that is very unpleasant for me, even regardless of sexual attitudes and orientations, let's say. Not everyone remembered the proverb about the broom that we were told in childhood, and maybe not even everyone was told. We were not taught the wisdom of life! A person may be with an education in 10 classes, but if his parents taught the correct values, universal, then it is impossible to grow out of him a traitor, a bribe-taker or embezzler.
    But the main thing in Soviet education is that our intellect is very flexible, we are just trained. And God forbid that we teach our children true values, that they preserve our state, because nobody needs us abroad, and foreign countries are now degrading enormously! There are patients in power!

    We all asked ... whether you are not the only one, but this is not easier.
    to set the mood! Pissimists brand me, but I completely agree with this article. Let her be too emotional, but for those who have a decadent mood, I recommend reading (at least for the fact that the word pin ... there is written without abbreviations).
    1. sincman
      sincman 26 December 2012 18: 09
      Quote: Oleg147741
      Let her be too emotional, but for those who have a decadent mood, I recommend reading (at least for the fact that the word pin ... there is written without abbreviations).

      Great article! To spite all Putin's "well-wishers". Personally, I would gladly exchange your "doing nothing for the country" Putin for our "doing everything only for the country" Yanukovych. :)
    2. sergo0000
      sergo0000 26 December 2012 18: 50
      Quote: Oleg147741

      Hundred pluses for the link!
  15. sincman
    sincman 26 December 2012 17: 39
    We are all good here ... And Russians and Ukrainians and Belarusians, Kazakhs ... The most important thing is to be able to admit mistakes and learn from bitter experience! He left us all not weakly, but it’s too early to lower our noses! The fact that we realized this irreparable loss is already half the battle (many still do not understand what city they have entered but continue to hoot, pretend that everything is fine). They were a little bit fond of it: it’s time to collect stones, like our mighty ancestors! Our strength is our strong spirit and brotherly shoulder is nearby! The time has come for support and understanding. We are all brothers, we will have the last word!
    1. Ribwort
      Ribwort 26 December 2012 18: 17
      Quote: sincman
      They were a little bit fond of it: it’s time to collect stones, like our mighty ancestors! Our strength is our strong spirit and brotherly shoulder is nearby! The time has come for support and understanding. We are all brothers, we will have the last word!

      Well said, there is little to do: to remove obstacles on the way to (one would like to say "bright future") reunification. And there, what the hell is not joking, maybe it is not so pessimistic. Our future..
  16. Oleg14774
    Oleg14774 26 December 2012 17: 44
    I mean about immunity, I answered a letter and sent it to the wrong place, sorry!
    Psychologists have an expression of psychological vaccination. We didn’t have it. They didn’t instill it in us, because the old desks, the apparatchiks, did not know what they had to fight with there. The secret organization had a millennium-old experience of fooling, our leaders do not. They outplayed us in psychology and in the replacement of values. And if you look at Khrushchev, what can I say, he was not an opponent for them! They were really afraid of Stalin, because he knew all of their sub-resources and was one step ahead. Example-managed to prepare the country for war.
  17. Oleg14774
    Oleg14774 26 December 2012 18: 47
    He (Putin) we desperately need ourselves. It’s better to join us, or we are to you, what difference does it make, if only together we could make a bright future for one country and one Russian-Ukrainian (or Ukrainian-Russian, who cares, it makes no difference to me). Yes, and Belarusians, of course, to us, without them, too, it is impossible in any way, but there Batko, also a man, is not a blunder.
    1. sincman
      sincman 26 December 2012 19: 13
      Quote: Oleg147741
      He (Putin) we desperately need ourselves.

      Yes, I know ... I know! Better let him build strong Russia - it is like support and support, and I hope that Ukraine will not abandon it in trouble. In fact, he has every chance of becoming a worthy successor to Comrade Stalin.

      ps I’m just tired of all kinds of jokers saying black on white.
  18. Oleg14774
    Oleg14774 26 December 2012 19: 21
    In fact, he has every chance of becoming a worthy successor to Comrade Stalin.

    ps I’m just tired of all kinds of jokers saying black on white.

    That's also what I’m thinking about recently.
    May God grant him health, endurance and one of the main points, reliable and loyal associates in this difficult and responsible matter. Without this, it is impossible.

    Saratnikov! Wrong!
  19. Per se.
    Per se. 26 December 2012 19: 51
    Yes, men, it’s bitter to realize the loss of a great country. We, as simple-minded Indians, exchanged our purest gold for penniless bourgeois mirrors and glass beads ... It’s a pity that we don’t return to the past, don’t fix it, maybe we needed to understand what we really had, and what we really appreciate and do we want?
  20. Nevsky
    Nevsky 26 December 2012 20: 42
    Well, this video is relevant here:

  21. Nymp
    Nymp 26 December 2012 21: 01
    Yes, the author tore open the old wound. Well, that's not all! Now it is Russia - mother is being pulled into pieces, although, unlike the USSR, she resists, only somehow sluggishly, because they betrayed her darling, their own citizens - liberals - "intellectuals", glamor of all stripes, EBN, HMS, Chubais Nemtsov, Gaidar, Kasyanov, yes, the list will be long, but we all know. And the people were crushed by the unprotected, that would be more obedient. Ordinary people voted to preserve the Union, who carried out the will of the people?
  22. Nevsky
    Nevsky 26 December 2012 21: 10
    I in 1991, was 6 years old. Why didn’t anyone go out in defense of the USSR? Why were you silent ?! recourse
    1. cherkas.oe
      cherkas.oe 26 December 2012 22: 39
      Quote: Nevsky
      I in 1991, was 6 years old. Why didn’t anyone go out in defense of the USSR? Why were you silent ?!

      My son was 7 years old, I was thinking about how to save that little money, in principle, that very old parents of front-line soldiers saved up and collected even then, as a result, the money on savings books disappeared, the reformers thought it all so that at the time we had to think what to feed the children and treat parents, but do not run around meetings and barricades. I personally at that dregs of Moscow paid up with crowds of scumbags yelling for democracy, with EBN on an armored car and Rastrepovich with a machine gun in the White House, looked like a nightmare and something unrealistic, but I had to dig out my grandfather’s saber with a sawed-off shotgun and go to Moscow to bring democrats in execution. But if at 18 Cossacks didn’t have time to ride from Moscow to Moscow, then in the 91st we didn’t rush. From and ..... well, then you know.
  23. Asketxnumx
    Asketxnumx 27 December 2012 00: 28
    Oh, to the point! And there is nothing to argue.
  24. bart74
    bart74 27 December 2012 02: 31
    How did this happen? Which have not be avoided. Well, nothing - have you understood what Western "abundance" is? How does it differ from the nomenclature post-Khrushchev distribution?
    We will not build a new world.
    The world is not perfect.
    Only goodness, love, and the principles of social equality and brotherhood are perfect.
    I'm truly sorry for the old people dying on the ruins of these ideals
  25. Ash
    Ash 27 December 2012 05: 13
    What did we do with our country? We need to ask Gorbachev in court, and not ask this question as a rhetorical one.
  26. bubla5
    bubla5 27 December 2012 06: 50
    We’ll collect the stones, and who will show where to throw them, because you don’t even have to throw them over, but you can also transfer them to your own