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Auxiliary vessels project 20180

On December 20, a solemn ceremony of laying the new offshore support vessel Akademik Aleksandrov was held at the Severodvinsk shipbuilding enterprise Zvezdochka. By the end of 2016, the new ship will be part of the naval fleet Of Russia. "Academician Aleksandrov" will be able to transport various cargoes, including scientific and military equipment. This support vessel is the third in the line of auxiliary ships of the project family 20180. At present, the lead ship of the line - the rescue tug "Zvezdochka", built according to the initial project 20180, is already serving as part of the Northern Fleet.

Auxiliary vessels project 20180
Marine support vessel pr. 20183 "Akademik Alexandrov"

All projects of the 20180 family were developed at the St. Petersburg Almaz Central Metallurgical Bureau under the leadership of A.A. Forsta. To date, three projects have been created on a single basis: a rescue tug (Ave. 20180), a sea transport of armaments (Ave 20180TV) and a sea support vessel (Ave 20183). It is noteworthy that the laying of the support vessel “Akademik Alexandrov” occurred exactly one year after the solemn ceremony, which marked the beginning of the construction of the weapons transport “Akademik Kovalev”. In total, it is planned to build 5-6 ships of the 20180 family, designed to perform various tasks.

An interesting feature of all three projects - 20180, 20180TV and 20183 - is the case design. Ships of these projects have special hull lines and a reinforced structure with ice protection. Due to this, the auxiliary vessels of the 20180 family are less demanding on the working conditions in comparison with the previous ships. "Akademik Alexandrov" has a hull about a hundred meters long, 17,8 meter wide and draft is about 9,3 m. The displacement of the marine support vessel is slightly less than that of other ships of a different family: 5500 tons. Regarding the power plant and capacity of the vessel providing information yet. All data on its running characteristics are limited to the maximum speed, this indicator is equal to 14 nodes. From the photographs it follows that all vessels of the 20180 family are equipped with a bow thruster consisting of two cylindrical channels with propellers.

All auxiliary vessels of the 20180 / 20180TV / 20183 projects are equipped with cargo cranes. Judging by the available images, the number of these lifting means depends on the specific project. Thus, the “Star” of the 20180 project has three cranes of two types of different carrying capacity, and the “Akademik Alexandrov” of the 20183 project has two. From the available data, it follows that the larger model of cranes used has a load capacity of 80 tons and a boom height from 4,5 to 19 meters. With the help of cranes, vessels can independently carry out loading and unloading, as well as work with various special equipment, for example, with scientific equipment intended for deep-sea exploration.

Ceremony of laying the vessel of support "Akademik Alexandrov" pr.20183, Severodvinsk, CS "Zvezdochka", 20.12.2012 g. (Http://

On the deck of ships, in front of the supports of the rear cranes of greater capacity, there are cargo hold hatches. The presence of the latter suggests the use of additional loading facilities located in the internal volumes of the ship, but there is no exact data on this issue yet. Since the entire deck of ships is given for the placement of cranes and hold hatches, the superstructure is mounted in the bow. There is a small tank before the superstructure. Due to the absence of other areas, a helicopter landing pad is provided on the roof of the superstructures Zvezdochka, Akademik Kovalev and Akademik Aleksandrov. Its dimensions allow you to take off and land all the helicopters available to the navy, such as the Ka-29 or the like. The crew of the 20183 project ships consists of 70 people.

Thanks to the use of universal equipment, Akademik Alexandrov will have ample opportunities to perform various tasks of auxiliary sense. First of all, it should be noted the possibility of transporting goods in the internal volumes of the hull, as well as the ability to perform loading and unloading on its own. In addition, the bow thruster significantly increases the maneuverability of ships. Depending on the purpose of a specific project, the appearance of the 20180 family ships is noticeably different. For example, the rescue tug Zvezdochka has two eighty-ton cranes and equipment for towing other ships. On the transport of weapons "Akademik Kovalev" will be installed only one crane. Perhaps more powerful than on the asterisk. Towing equipment, as well as on Akademik Aleksandrov, is absent.

Another difference between ships of different versions of the 20180 project seems to be the bows. The asterisk and Akademik Kovalev have a classic layout with a pronounced tank and a superstructure rising above it. On the available images of the support vessel “Akademik Alexandrov” it is clearly seen that its tank is made closed, without a separate deck. The tank trim reaches the superstructure itself and connects to its bottom wall. There are no fences on the tank, which may indicate non-use of this part of the vessel.

At present, the head ship of the 20180 Zvezdochka project is operated by the sailors of the Northern Fleet, the Akademik Kovalev maritime transport of weapons is on the stocks, and the construction of the support ship Akademik Aleksandrov is just beginning. At the current pace of construction, there is every reason to assume that the last sixth auxiliary family of the 20180 project, which will be laid out over the next few years, will be accepted into the Russian Navy approximately in the 2018-20 years.

Rescue tugboat "Asterisk" pr.20180. Xnumx

Rescue towing ship "Asterisk" pr.20180 provides tests of the deep-water apparatus AC-39 "Consul" pr.16811, May 2011 g. (Photo from archive Curious)

Rescue tugboat "Zvezdochka" pr.20180, Severodvinsk, 2010 g. (Http://

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  1. MilaPhone
    MilaPhone 26 December 2012 10: 22
    Very good news and dual-use ships.
    However, in the field of civil shipbuilding silence! But I don’t know another such country, where there are so many lakes, seas and rivers!
    1. dmitreach
      dmitreach 26 December 2012 14: 45
      go to "Made by us", in the section Shipbuilding.
      there are many interesting things.
      1. MilaPhone
        MilaPhone 27 December 2012 06: 51
        Thanks Dmitry for the link. Really a lot of information.
        Secured to the Express Opera panel.
  2. desava
    desava 26 December 2012 12: 15
    Judging by the third picture, power transformers are installed on board the vessel. I wonder - why? Who is in the know - enlighten the ignoramus)
    1. Volkhov
      Volkhov 26 December 2012 12: 40
      Well, this is an electric ship, high-voltage generators, which means auxiliary consumers need a transformer.
      1. desava
        desava 26 December 2012 15: 28
        Is logical. Somehow I did not think that it was an electric ship.
      2. ka5280
        ka5280 23 February 2013 07: 14
        A ship with a diesel-electric propulsion system. Ice class, as propulsors are used azipode with VRS. It is also equipped with a system of dynamic stability at the point, it is necessary for work using underwater vehicles.
  3. dmitreach
    dmitreach 26 December 2012 14: 40
    Great photo. thank. article plus.
    Oh, we took up the development of the Arctic. you won't be full with one "titanium flag" ...
  4. Kir
    Kir 26 December 2012 15: 01
    In general, based on the name, it was probably worth installing a nuclear facility. but in general they gave the correct name how much he-Aleksandrov did for the same nuclear submarine fleet, it is only interesting why such a "quiet" full speed of only 14 nodes, and with regards to the tank, there are vague doubts that there are some hidden devices, otherwise case why so much space to lose?
    And for our NAVY and SHIPBUILDING odnaznachno RAD !!!
  5. vet6869
    vet6869 26 December 2012 21: 32
    what stupid and heavy cranes, who designed them? what kind of deck reinforcement should I do?
    1. Kir
      Kir 26 December 2012 22: 55
      Look at the strangers, you might think there is more elegant, and the main aesthetics of technology is in its functionality, and about everything else they considered and calculated, unless, of course, they ordered normal organizations, and judging by the list, professionals in their field are involved !!! if only the "consumables are correct" then there is nothing to worry about.
    2. ka5280
      ka5280 23 February 2013 07: 22
      Similar cranes are required to provide a variety of underwater operations. In addition, at a depth on the submerged body acts, in addition to weight, also hydrostatic pressure. I can only blame the creators of the crane for one thing, the management could be made out of the control room, so it would be much more convenient for the crane operator to work.