Military Review

Major geopolitical events of the year

I. “Dear Vlad, I'm surprised!”

4 March 2012, Vladimir Putin won the presidential election. In the West, this victory was perceived ambiguously. Someone, for example, Victoria Nuland, congratulated comrade Putin on behalf of American democracy, but Mr. McCain, who was waiting for the Arab Spring in Russia, tweeted: “Dear Vlad, I'm surprised! Surprised! You won. Russian people cry too! ”

Major geopolitical events of the year

The OSCE man, Tonino Pikula, who led the observer mission, said: “These elections were unfair, despite some innovations in the election process and unobstructed campaigning opportunities. It is clear that the media influenced in favor of one candidate, while not providing fair coverage of other candidates. ”

And our political activist and chess player Garry Kasparov said: “He (Putin) is seriously wounded, one might even say, mortally wounded as a political leader. I have no doubt that he will not survive the next six years. ”

Many Western and Russian newspapermakers speculated about the presidential tears in the wind: argued that Putin was "crying." British journalist Luke Harding wrote that Putin had tears in his eyes because “recent unprecedented street protests frightened him ... It’s hard to remember another public incident where Putin would be so emotional ... Putin made it clear that ... dark forces are plotting against him ".

Serious hypotheses were also put forward that, supposedly, there were no elections in Russia, but a scenario directed by the FSB to transfer power from Medvedev to Putin was played out.

Journalist Miriam Elder from The Guardian wrote about the grim Russian protests against Putin’s “Tsar”: “Thousands of Russians passed through metal detectors for hours, past covered trucks and under crackling helicopters to join the mass protest against the official return of Vladimir Putin to the Kremlin” .

Kathy Lally and Will Inglund of the Washington Post artistically told that “the Kremlin tower was shimmering majestically” behind Putin when he went to declare victory - “although only about 30 percent of votes were counted and the allegations of fraud were loud newsletters. It's amazing, ”reporters noted further,“ but a tear slowly slid out of his right eye as he stood in front of his crowd. He made a fiery speech, corresponding to the image of a tough guy, which they so carefully cultivated. He later said that the tear was due to the wind. ”

So, a terrible and cold March Moscow, metal detectors, twenty thousand protesters, an empathized (or frightened) "king" who had returned to the throne, a shadow of the FSB and bad electoral technologies. These saw in the West the election of the President of March 4.

In the elections, according to the CEC, 2492 violations were recorded. Meanwhile, according to many preliminary polls - FOM, VTsIOM, Levada Center, Putin should have won by a large margin. Zyuganov walked in second place, Zhirinovsky was advancing on his heels. In fact, it turned out somewhat differently: Prokhorov managed to get ahead of Zhirinovsky. As for Putin, his "share" and Zyuganov showed a gap, roughly similar to what was determined as a result of various polls.

According to the voting results, Vladimir Vladimirovich received 63,6% of votes, Zyuganov - 17,18%, Zhirinovsky - 6,22%, Prokhorov - 7,98%, Mironov - 3,85%. Total votes in the elections 64,71% of citizens eligible to vote.

November survey of the Levada Center showedthat approval ratings for Putin and Medvedev are falling: respectively from 69 and 64% in May to 63 and 54% in November.

Who rose in the rankings high? Maybe the Russians trust Mr. Navalny? Not.

The number of respondents who trust opposition leaders remained at a monstrously low level. Vladimir Ryzhkov is trusted by 1,9% of Russians, Boris Nemtsov - by 1,2%, and Alexey Navalny - by 0,8%.

Thus, if the Levada Center states that Putin and Medvedev have dropped in the rating, then the opposition members will see the figures for the tandem as before the moon. The fact is that in the regions people simply do not know who Navalny is or Ryzhkov.

By the way, comrade Putin locked the three most influential people in the world. So say in the magazine "Forbes". His “influence” somewhat decreased compared to last year: in 2011, Prime Minister Putin was in second place. This year at number two, German Chancellor Angela Merkel is speaking. Well, and tops the list, like a year ago, the US president.

The creators of the power rating took into account such criteria as the influence of candidates on large masses of people, financial viability and success in several areas of activity.

Like it or not, but with the President of Russia, the world is considered. With regard to violations in the elections, then here ahead of the rest - the United States with their magic machines for voting.

Ii. One hundred and eight percent of Mr. Obama

On the website of the American "electronic government" still hangs petition about the recount: many Americans believe that there was a major fraud in the November 6 presidential election, when Mr. Obama won. More than 66 thousand people have signed up to recount votes.

“It has become completely obvious,” writes the author of the petition Jana W., “that fraud was committed in the 2012 presidential election of the year. In one of the districts in Ohio alone, which turned out to be a state battlefield, President Obama received 106258 votes ... with 98213 registered voters. It’s not in human power to get 108% votes! .. ”

Voters throughout the United States сообщили about more than 70 thousands of problems encountered in voting.

In addition to the fact that in Wood County (Ohio), which has an 98213 electoral man, 106258 voters voted for Mr. Obama in some way, in the same Ohio two electoral judges were caught with bundles of ballots for unregistered voters. And in general, many Ohio voters who came to the polls on election day were unpleasantly impressed when they were told that they ... had already voted.

In ten counties of the state of Colorado, more than 100% of voters registered. There were similar messages from other states. Across the country, many people could not vote because the records showed: they had already voted.

The overall turnout in Philadelphia was about 60%, but where Republican observers were driven off the polling stations, turnout suddenly exceeded 90%, and Obama received almost one hundred percent of the vote.

An observer from Pennsylvania claims that he witnessed the use of special software for voting by means of which the votes were repeatedly switched from Mitt Romney to Barack Obama. According to the observer, Obama thus went from 5 to 10% of votes.

Voters in the states of Nevada, North Carolina, Texas and Ohio reported that voting machines there also switched their votes from Romney to Obama. So the "failure" these massive cases can not be called.

In Nevada, trade unions registered illegal immigrants at the same time forcing them to vote.

In Wisconsin, "voters" Obama drove up on buses from other states ...

Before criticizing the elections in Russia and talking about the scenarios of the FSB — about this small grain of sand in the eye of the Russian philistine — Western analysts and journalists should take the beam out of their own eyes.

III. Weapon against weapons

In 2008, Mr. Obama during the election campaign made not only a statement about the closure of the Guantanamo prison, but also declared himself a supporter of restricting the free sale of firearms.

However, to this day he did not close the prison, and did not restrict the free trade in arms.

In July, 2012, the young Mr. James Holmes, a psychiatric patient, schizophrenia specialist, the future neurobiologist, dyed his hair the color of the flame, armed himself to the teeth and went to kill the citizens of Native America in the cinema of the city of Aurora (Colorado). They showed a movie about Batman, and the shooter just didn’t like this character - that is why he painted the color of “Joker”. In all, he shot twelve people and wounded about sixty more.

Being treated by a schizophrenia specialist Lynn Fenton, a great lover of illegally prescribing prescriptions for medications for everyone, including herself, Holmes probably became the bearer of some kind of mania that leads him to automatic rifles, Glock pistols, shotguns, and tear gas. . Colorado shooter ordered cartridges alone via the Internet about six thousand pieces. By the end of the university completely moving in phase, he hated the popular Batman, entered the image of the Joker, put on a bulletproof vest and for some reason a gas mask and opened a shotgun in a cinema hall.

Americans preach their values ​​all over the world and bring the light of truth to people. But their Bible is Hollywood, religion is psychiatry, and the method of instilling faith is a shotgun.

Thanks to the advertising of firearms made by this client psychiatrist, people in the United States were drawn not only to the cinema to third-rate movies about Batman, but also to gun shops. Sales of firearms in Colorado on those July days are noticeable rose: Only three days later, 2887 people came to special stores to buy pistols (by 25% more than the average for 2012 a year and by 43% more than the same period a week before the tragedy). Sales growth was noted in other states.

The second trade record this year was set on November 23. According to the FBI, from stores only for one Friday sales day received 154.873 applications for gun deals, which is 20% more than it was on Black Friday 2011 of the year (129.166 applications).

And December 14 in the US, a new tragedy occurred. In the school of Sandy Hook in Newtown, Connecticut, an 20 man was killed by an 26-year-old killer (the gunner himself became 27), among them twenty children. Adam Lanza first shot his mother Nancy at home, and then in her car, taking with him two pistols, a semi-automatic rifle and, as is customary in America, a shotgun, went to the city primary school. Arriving there, he opened fire on adults and children.

Sandy Hook workers showed real heroism. 27-year-old first-grade teacher Victoria Soto took over the fire maniac trying to save children from certain death. She told the little students to take shelter in the toilet room, and she got in the way of the criminal. For the courage Vicki paid with her life.

Shooter suffering from autism (Asperger syndrome), planned kill a lot more people. Connecticut Governor Dan Malloy said that Adam Lanza "was planning an even more terrible slaughter," and said that the offender shot himself right after he heard that "the response to his actions is already close."

State Police Spokesman Paul Vance saysAdam Lanza had a few hundred rounds left. He prudently scattered them in the school and its surroundings. The police found numerous rifle-equipped shops - with 30 cartridges each.

The perpetrator shot most of the victims with a bushmaster semi-automatic AR-15 rifle. In addition, with him было two pistols: "Glock" and "Sig Sauer". From one Lanza subsequently shot himself. In the trunk of the car on which the offender arrived at the school, a shotgun was also detected.

On the same day, police in Cedar Lake, Indiana arrested a man who threatened to shoot in elementary school. A state police spokesman told the press: "60-year-old von Ai Meyer, who threatened to kill his wife, and also" kill as many people as he can, "was arrested at a local primary school."

During a search of the criminal's home, 47 firearms and ammunition units were found for a total value of more than 100 thousand dollars.

"The Huffington Post" and "YouGov" December 14-15 held An opinion poll in the US in which 1000 adult citizens participated. The study showed that 50% of Americans are in favor of tightening gun control. 43% of respondents believe that everything should remain as it is. Of the latter, 29% believes that nothing needs to be changed, and 14% even suggests making the laws less stringent.

197.073 Americans signed a petition addressed to US authorities. In a short, in a few paragraphs, petition it is said:

“Addressing the issue of arms control through the implementation of the relevant law through Congress.

The purpose of this petition is to force the administration to draft a law restricting access to weapons. It is extremely important to start a national dialogue, because the laws are the only means by which we can reduce the number of people who die as a result of the use of deadly weapons ... ”

The petition contains an indication that today, behind free access to arms, there are influential lobbyists who benefit from the Second Amendment to the Constitution.

The main gunsmith in the United States is the National Rifle Association. This organization donated more than 5 million to candidates for elections to the House of Representatives and the Senate (2004). This is thanks to the efforts of these lobbyists in 2004, in America, the ban on the sale of assault weapons, in effect since 1994, was lifted. Misters of the National Rifle Association like to repeat: “It’s not guns that shoot, man shoots.”

The petition was formally answered by Bruce Reed, the chief of staff of Vice President Biden. He thanked citizens for being active, said President Obama was paying close attention to the tragedy in Newtown, but noted that the problem with weapons was "complicated." Reed referred to Biden, who promised to do everything in his power to start the process of a comprehensive study of the issue. “This question is serious and complex, and we are not going to solve it with the help of one legislative proposal ... And let's dot the i's: for any action we will maintain respect for the Second Amendment.”

It is difficult to say whether Obama will dare to step on the throat of the Second Amendment, and at the same time lobbyists. However, the latter are seen in the support of not the Democrats, but the Republicans.

After the tragedy in Sandy Hook, Democratic Senator Dian Feinstein announced her intention to submit a bill next year prohibiting the sale of weapons stores with more than ten cartridges. She's going offer for consideration at the beginning of 2013, a bill prohibiting assault weapons at the federal level.

A governor of New York Andrew Cuomo announced his regional plans to limit the circulation of weapons. Most likely, in January Cuomo will try implement the new procedure and new grounds for the process of issuing permits to owners of semi-automatic "assault weapons". In addition to generating new revenue, these innovations will allow the state to confiscate weapons from citizens that do not meet the requirements.

“Confiscation can be provided as an option. Compulsory sale to the state is another option. But the licensing option: to have a weapon, but not to carry it, ”says the governor.

Under the influence of rumors about the upcoming nationwide ban on semi-automatic weapons and large-capacity stores in the US again up demand for "trunks", ammunition and shops.

American photographers who have been in gun shops, remove now devastated shelves. Other outlets sell more than one thousand rifles and pistols a day. High demand for high-capacity stores. Other enterprising sellers have tripped prices on them. Shops for AK-47 are in high demand. People line up in such long lines that they go outside the buildings and snake in the streets ...

Iv. Law against law

December 6 US Senate spent voting on the law on the normalization of trade relations with Russia and Moldova, of which the “Magnitsky Act” is an integral part. The famous Republican senator John McCain, a veteran of the Vietnamese war, uttered: “I am sure that this is not anti-Russian, but pro-Russian law. This law was adopted in the interests of the people of Russia, which deserves a much better share. ” And Mr. Obama said that America will continue to work on building democracy in Russia: “My administration will continue to work with Congress and our partners in supporting those who work on a free and democratic future for Russia, who support the rule of law and respect for human rights worldwide".

In response to December 21, the Russian Duma adopted in the third reading the “Dima Yakovlev law”, which is also “anti-magnetic”. This document prohibits the adoption of Russian children by citizens of the United States, and at the same time tightens the requirements for the so-called. "Political" non-profit organizations. The other day, the “anti-magnetic law” will be considered by the Council of the Federation. And there is a deal signed by the president.

The game in the spirit of the Cold War and the Iron Curtain has begun. The positive decision of the State Duma was immediately followed by a new negative move by the American side. This time - unofficial. Citizens joined the senators and the government.

The activists who posted the petition on the “e-government” website decided that it was time for the country's authorities to add to the “Magnitsky list” those Russian parliamentarians who supported “the law of Dima Yakovlev” (and almost the entire Duma supported it; 8 - against and 1 - abstained). Petition text reads:

“We, the undersigned ... are outraged by the actions of the Russian legislators, who overstepped all imaginable boundaries of humanity, responsibility or common sense and decided to endanger the lives and well-being of thousands of Russian orphans, some of whom are sick and disabled, can now lose their chance of survival, if only a ban on international adoption is enacted ... we urge the administration (USA) to identify the persons who participated in the adoption of the legislative act of persons and determine the responsibility towards them in accordance with obstacle to the "Magnitsky Act", that is to include them in the appropriate list. "

The number of signatures for the petition is 54.521. True, the document was signed not by John, Mary and Jacob, but more and more by Paul, Grigorii, Ivan, Michael, Andrei, Alexandra and other Eugenias.

Now voting is disabled, and the official response can be read on the site. It says that the government shares the concerns of citizens over the draft law adopted by the Russian Duma, therefore, it will continue to raise relevant issues in negotiations with the Russian government. As for children, then, as noted in the answer, they should grow up in a loving family, and their fate should not be tied to political considerations. The United States and Russia have entered into a bilateral agreement on intercountry adoption, which entered into force on November 1 of 2012. It provides additional guarantees of better protection and well-being in the interests of children and all parties involved in intercountry adoption.

At the same time it is reported that the United States is still committed to supporting the development of civil society and democratic processes throughout the world, including Russia, and refers to Ambassador Michael McFaul, who did a lot for the Russian democratization, and recently spoke out about the bill.

Another, less popular, petition on the same site of "electronic government", also signed by Russian names, urges The White House to recognize "the law of Dima Yakovlev" "inhuman" and "harmful." This petition partially duplicates the previous one. The petition scored 8.501 signature (it is now disabled, and the response from the previous petition is duplicated to it). Here, too, were signatories of Russian origin.

First Deputy Committee of the State Duma of the Russian Federation on International Affairs Vyacheslav Nikonov сказалthat the idea of ​​including State Duma deputies in the “Magnitsky list” will not be left without a response from Moscow: “The reaction to this idea can only be negative. If this really comes to that, then a symmetrical answer will follow. ”

Having learned about the Russian preparation for the next “cold” response, American activists immediately composed a new petition - on the listing of Magnitsky ... Mr Putin:

“Add Putin to Magnitsky’s list if he supports the“ anti-magnetic law. ”

The Russian President will consider the “anti-magnetic act” after approval by the Federation Council.

We want Mr. Obama to impose sanctions on Mr. Putin if he signs this law. ”

Among the signatories, as in previous petitions, appear Stanislav, Nikolay, Elena, Yuri, Valery and Ivan. Not only here noted someone “Putin Hui P” (signed # 8207, or Signature # 8,207). Also under the document is the signature of Mr. F. Pupkin (pupkin F, perdjzevka). Total signatures - 12.174. The petition is disabled and the response is again duplicated.

Initially, it was clear: the White House would not consider such “expressions of will” as something serious.

V. Separatism is sweeping the planet.

The “parade of sovereignties” is another prominent political feature of the 2012 world of the year.

On the e-government website of the United States, a petition from a comrade named Micah hangs on 9 in November, where it is clear: the state of Texas is asking for a peaceful withdrawal from the United States of America and wants to create its own new government. The number of signatures has exceeded 122 by thousands, but the White House is not in a hurry to respond. Petition text:

“As before, the United States suffers from economic difficulties resulting from the federal government’s inattention to reforming both domestic and foreign spending. US citizens suffer from a flagrant violation of their rights arising from the application of the NDAA, TSA and other acts. Considering that the state of Texas has a balanced budget and is the 15 of the world's largest economy, in practice, Texas may well be separated from the federation, thereby protecting citizens' rights to life and reaffirming their rights and freedoms in accordance with the true ideas and beliefs of our fathers “founders who for some time have not found a response from the federal government.”

In Quebec (this is in Canada), separatists from Parti Quebecois won the 4 elections in September, advocating the separation of the province from the country. In the past, the party held a referendum on separation issues twice: in 1980 and 1995. On the first plebiscite, 59,6% voted against the secession of Quebec, and on the second - 50,6%. However, today the victory of the separatists does not mean that the population of Quebec is actively and fully supported the separation of the province from Canada. According to recent public opinion pollOnly 28% of Quebec men supports the idea of ​​province independence. Nevertheless, the victory of the separatist party says a lot.

In Belgium, the Flemish nationalists, after winning local elections in Flanders, issued an ultimatum to the government. They demanded turning the country into a confederation. On October 14, Bart de Wever, the leader of the New Flemish Alliance Party, stated this directly. He received the 38% of votes in Antwerp and took control of the country's second largest economic center. He stressed that with the French-speaking Wallonia as part of Belgium, he was not on the path: "We have two cultures and two democracies ... Our nationalism is not a goal, but a means of moving towards our own democracy in Flanders."

In China riot Uighurs More precisely, terrorists from the East Turkestan Islamic Movement (ETIM) and the East-Turkestan Association for Education and Solidarity (ETESA) advocate independence there. Chinese Uigur Islamist performances cruelly suppressed.

In 2014 year held referendum on the independence of Scotland. Only one question will be put to the vote: “Do you want complete independence?” Moreover, British Prime Minister David Cameron and First Minister of Scotland Alex Salmond signed an agreement allowing all Scottish people older than 16 to vote. And the Scots adolescents are considered the main supporters of sovereignty.

"Parade of sovereignties" can touch and Spain. Here, Catalonia and the Basque Country have long dreamed of finding independence, and the nationalists are winning the elections.

And there are two more Sudans, Libya with its Cyrenaica, and finally, the likelihood of Kurdistan appearing on the world map (support for Kurdish armed forces in Iraq was recently announced in the United States). The split of Syria into the religious enclaves of Kurds, Druze, Shiites and Sunnis is one of the immediate tasks of American foreign policy.

Vi. Operation Cloud Pillar

From 14 to 21 in November, Israel carried out the “Cloud Pillar” military operation, the main objectives of which were strikes against rocket attacks on terrorist organizations and attacks on Hamas objects in Gaza. 21 November in 21: 00 was a truce, the mediator at his conclusion was the Egyptian President M. Mursi.

During operation from Gaza to Israel was released 1506 missiles, 875 of them (58%) exploded in open areas. 58 rockets exploded in urban areas (3,8%). The Iron Dome intercepted the 421 rocket (84%). On the Israeli side, more than 1500 air strikes were inflicted on the Gaza Strip, including command and operational headquarters, hundreds of underground mines for launching rockets, 140 smuggling and 66 military tunnels. 26 weapon production and storage areas were destroyed. 30 top warlords destroyed.

6 Israelis killed: 2 soldier and 4 civilians, 239 people injured. 177 Palestinians were killed, of which 120 militants, more than 900 people were injured.

Palestine ceasefire was perceived as a victory - despite the fact that the Palestinian losses during the operation "Cloud Pillar" turned out to be incomparably higher than the Israeli ones. As soon as the armistice agreement came into force, thousands of young Palestinians poured into the streets of Gaza. For the whole night, they fired guns and pistols into the air.

A few days later, Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak объявил about deciding to leave politics. He explained that he would remain in the post of Minister of Defense until the formation of the government following the results of the next parliamentary elections.

As for Palestine, on November 29, it was recognized as an observer state at the UN. Relevant Resolution approved 138 from 193 of UN member states, 9 opposed, 41 still abstained, and the rest did not vote. In addition to Israel and the United States, Canada, the Czech Republic, Panama and a number of island states voted "against": Micronesia, Nauru, Palau, Marshall Islands.

The resolution states: “The General Assembly reaffirms the right of the Palestinian people to self-determination and independence in its state of Palestine on Palestinian territory occupied since 1967.”

“Now it is very important that this event be translated into a constructive course,” said Russia's permanent representative to the UN, Vitaly Churkin, after the voting in the General Assembly told reporters. According to him, Russia received assurances from the Palestinians that they "will not use this event for any attempts to isolate Israel and will strive to resume the Palestinian-Israeli negotiations."

“We hope that Israel will also take this as a serious signal from the international community, which is tired of the unresolved Palestinian-Israeli conflict,” added Comrade Churkin.

VII. How is it done in egypt

On the day after the successful pacification of Israel and Palestine, Egyptian President Mohammed Mursi, being praised from the White House, imagined himself to be Pharaoh. 22 November, he unveiled a new constitutional declaration.

Changes have given President exclusive powers to “protect the revolution”, deprived the judiciary of the right to dissolve the upper house of parliament and the Constitutional Commission, which is developing a new basic law of the country. Also, a provision was made in the Constitutional Declaration, according to which any laws and decrees signed by Mursi from the moment of his assumption of the presidency can neither be appealed nor canceled.

Egyptian oppositionists (Amr Musa, Mohammed al-Baradei, Hamdin Sabbahi) after news of the president’s innovations demanded from Mursi cancel his amendment. A panel of judges called the decree Mursi "an encroachment on the rule of law and the judiciary."

In Alexandria, clashes between opponents and supporters of Mursi began. November 25, in order to calm the opposition, the President of Egypt made an official statement. He said that the decrees on the expansion of his powers were temporary.

This is where Senator McCain entered the game. He was interviewed by Fox, where hinted on the possibility of freezing financial and military assistance to Egypt. He said that the United States should condemn the actions of the President of Egypt and force him to abandon his intentions. And his colleague Levin in the NBC program said: “We don’t want the democratically elected autocrat to become a non-democratically elected dictator, as has happened before.” However, the same Levin stressed that the United States must exercise "extreme caution" in relations with the leadership of Egypt, so as not to violate the fragile truce between Israel and Hamas.

Still would! Mursi secured reliable rears.

Thus, the Egyptian president really skillfully used the Palestinian-Israeli conflict in order to identify and consolidate his own power interests, as well as the interests of those who stand behind him - the Muslim Brotherhood. They, competing with the opposition, called for supporters of the president to hold mass actions in his support.

However, despite this very support, a few days later Mursi refused from his “declaration”. She was no longer needed.

On November 30, members of the Egyptian Constitutional Commission approved the draft constitution of their own country. Mohammed Mursi signed the draft and appointed a referendum on the draft Basic Law for December 15.

The basis of the document was taken constitution 1971, which has undergone some changes. Essam El-Erian, representing the main developer, the Muslim Brotherhood, said: “This constitution represents the diversity of the Egyptian people. All citizens of the country, both men and women, will find themselves in this law. According to this Constitution, we will abide by the laws of God, which were previously only written on paper, and respect the freedoms of citizens. ”

“Diversity” actually comes down to absolute monotony. The draft approved by Mursi states that Islam is the state religion of Egypt, and the principles of sharia are the main source of legislation. The right to interpret “issues related to Sharia” is enshrined in the project for the mosque and Al-Azhar University (the center of Islamic jurisprudence in Cairo). Experts regarded the draft Basic Law of Egypt as the basis for the creation of an Islamic state on the model of Saudi Arabia.

Mursi himself считаетthat the constitution will open a new page in stories countries and the establishment of a solid democracy in Egypt.

December 15 passed a referendum on the draft new constitution. Of course, the voices were considered by the Islamists from the Egyptian Brothers. They announced thethat the majority of citizens supported the document. However, the opposition coalition of Egypt "Front of National Salvation" demanded hold a second vote on the draft new constitution of the country under the careful control of the judges. "Front" found the first round of the referendum falsified. The opposition presented evidence of fraud that took place.

Among the most serious violations are the absence of judges at polling stations and their replacement by officials from Islamist-backed constitutional lawyers, independent lawyers, prosecutors, teachers, which is strictly prohibited by law. Also recorded were: stuffing in of pre-filled ballots, the use of fading ink, open campaigning at the polling stations, the appearance of so-called “dead souls” in the lists of voters entitled to vote. In some provinces, supporters of Islamist forces carried voters on buses, and, of course, transport was provided only to those who supported the constitution. There were several cases when Copts refusing to do this were not allowed into polling stations. Many sections were closed, contrary to the regulations, during prayer, and the staff of the commissions prohibited independent observers and the press from following the referendum.

Well, and in the appendage: those who voted "for", were distributed food and money, and even scarce cylinders with household gas.

December 22 in Egypt went through second round of the referendum on the draft constitution. Supporters Mursi again won, and the opposition again declared a variety of violations and falsification of voting results. The CEC is not in a hurry to announce the results of the referendum: in Egypt they do not like to hurry. They saythat 60% voted for the new constitution. So Shari'ah will be established in Egypt soon.

Viii. Bashar Assad and chemical weapons

In early December, the Western press launched "news»On the chemical threat posed by the Syrian President Assad. Rumors were spread (first of all, by the NBC channel, often boasting of their proximity to high-ranking military anonymous authors) that Syrian chemists got ready to the use of weapons of mass destruction: they completed the process of mixing the components of sarin. This was reportedly reported from "trusted sources at the Pentagon." The poisonous substance is not only prepared for use, but poured into canisters in bombs. Chemists are only waiting for the order of Assad.

December 24 several Arab media, as well as the Syrian opposition announced the on the use of chemical weapons by the Syrian government army. It is reported that two containers with poisonous substances were dropped from the air into the suburbs of Homs Al-Bayda. Six or seven people died from suffocation, and many residents of the suburbs supposedly went to hospitals complaining of nausea and disorder of consciousness. According to the opposition, four people were blind, four became paralytics. Doctors believe that sarin was used. Experts from the Syrian-American Medical Society count them.that the psychotropic chemical agent “Agent-15” was used.

Earlier in the press wrote that the shells with a yellowish gas were used by "rebels".

Probably, the West intends to implement the Yugoslav scenario in Syria. Multi-confessional Syria, where al-Qaeda militants also operate, is very convenient for the Yugoslav military option. The country can be split on the territory of Druze, Shiite, Sunni, Christian, Wahhabi, Kurds. It does not matter how many peaceful people there are at the same time. It is important to split first a strong secular country, and even better - set fire to the entire Middle East at once, by playing the Kurdish card as well. Typically, the American scenario, capable of strengthening both the hard positions of the “indecisive” Obama, and providing the US military with large orders. At the same time taming the disobedient Iraq. And the key to Iran.

Alas, in Syria, everything goes to intervention and subsequent accelerated democratization in the Islamist style. The long exhausting strategy that the US and Europe adhere to, after Obama's inauguration, may move to the final assault phase.

Ix. Valuable south exit

After the meeting of 3 in December, V. Putin and R. Erdogan in Istanbul, columnist Murat Etkin expressed on the Russian-Turkish theme: "Russia may lose the military base in Tartus with the collapse of the regime of Bashar al-Assad in Syria, but will get much more valuable access to the southern markets as part of cooperation with Turkey."

The “spirit” of new cooperation lies precisely in trade, the Turkish analyst believes.

This opinion, if you track the latest publications on V. Putin’s working visit to Istanbul, is, in fact, the leitmotif of what many world analysts think about the growing cooperation between Russia and Turkey. The political relations of the two countries are considered somewhat strained because of the Syrian conflict, including because of the arrest and search of the Moscow-Damascus October 12 aircraft, but growing economic ties talk about the giant partner plans of the two states: over the next five years, Moscow and Ankara hopes to increase the current 35 billionth turnover to 100 billionth.

Neither the delayed plane, nor the fictional "cool" phone conversation Putin and Erdogan (“If at least one Turkish soldier crosses the Syrian border, Russia will react very hard”), nor the placement of the Patriots on the Syrian-Turkish border had any effect on the economic cooperation between Russia and Turkey. Undoubtedly, in the coming years, it will develop at a rapid pace - in various sectors of the economy: from energy to tourism.

X. Change oil for gold, furniture and potatoes

At the end of November 2012, Turkey recognized that it pays for the supply of energy from Iran ... with gold. The fact of "barter" was recognized by the Deputy Prime Minister of Turkey Ali Babacan, giving an answer to the official request of the budget committee of the Turkish parliament. The fact is that the deputies are interested in the reasons for the sharp increase in gold exports from the country in 2012 year. That's what answered to them, Mr. Babacan: “In fact, export of gold (to Iran) is a form of payment for our import of natural gas (from this country). Turkey places payments for gas supplies on Iran’s bank account in our country. Nevertheless, I do not have information on how the Iranians further transfer these payments to their country. ”

The scheme was designed like this. Payment goes through the National Bank "Halk Bankasi". Turkey pays for Iranian gas with its lira. Thus, the dollar (at first glance) is not infringed, since Iran immediately spends lira for the purchase of Turkish gold. In fact, there is an exchange of gold for energy, the lira only plays the role of a formal equivalent. According to official data, in the first nine months of this year, Turkey “sold” yellow metal to Iran in the amount of 6,4 billion dollars.

That is why parliamentarians became interested in the outflow of gold reserves from the country. Indeed, in the first nine months of 2011, sales amounted to only 54 million. And in 2012, Iran accounted for 60% of total gold exports from Turkey. And another 30% fell on the UAE.

Energy imports from Iran continue. Iranian supplies account for 18% of Turkey’s total natural gas needs and 51% of oil.

Part of the purchased gold arrives to Iran through the UAE. Most likely, the bars are shipped by couriers using regular flights: the law allows you to carry 50 kilograms of gold with you to 1 people. This is the confirmation of this version: only in September, Turkish exports to the UAE increased by 2011% compared to the same period of the 452,3 year. 80% of supply is gold. Experts have no doubt that part of this gold from Dubai is then sent to Tehran.

New US sanctions against Iran? They are not afraid in Turkey. Minister of Economy Zafer Chaglayan reacted on them a statement that such measures ... are mandatory for the Americans themselves.

And the Minister of Energy and Natural Resources of Turkey Taner Yildiz сказал reporters that Turkey can pay for the import of Iranian gas furniture, industrial and agricultural products or chemicals. He added: “Turkey will not give up Iranian gas. There are many types of products with which Turkey and Iran can exchange. In exchange for gas, we can export even potatoes to Iran. ”

Xi. Movie Fashion

It is believed that the cause of the anti-American protests that shook 11 on September 2012, the entire Middle East, North Africa and in general many countries of the world, even Australia, was the film “Innocence of Muslims”, filmed by Mark Bassel Yusef (now in prison, convicted for a year for violating the conditions of probation: used the Internet, pseudonyms and traveled with a fake driver's license). One of the producers of the film was Pastor from Florida Terry Jones, known for his actions of burning the Koran.

In the Libyan city of Benghazi, as a result of an Islamist attack on the US consulate 11 in September, the US ambassador and three more Americans were killed. In Cairo, dozens of people, despite the police’s opposition (rather lazy), climbed up on the walls of the American embassy, ​​the US flag was torn to shreds and a black cloth was hoisted in its place with the inscription “There is no God but Allah, and Muhammad is his prophet.” The protesters wrote out concrete barricades around the embassy with insults to America.

The Libyan tragedy was investigated in the US Congress. Experts came to the disappointing conclusion: the State Department leadership neglected requests to increase the number of guards and strengthen security measures for diplomatic missions in Libya, which caused the death of US Ambassador Chris Stevens and three employees. According to the unclassified part of the report, several departments of the State Department are accused of improper coordination and poor quality planning of security measures.

After the materials hit the press, resignations Wrote Hillary Clinton’s diplomatic security adviser Eric Boswell and Charlene Lamb; second deputy secretary of state in charge of embassy security. Another staff member from the Middle East department also resigned.

In the meantime, a new provocative film is preparing for launch in Spain. The government of Belgium even raised the level of terrorist threat in the country to the mark of 3 on a four-point scale. The country fears protests against the new anti-Islamic film “The Innocent Prophet”, filmed in Spain by a former Muslim of Pakistani origin, Imran Firasat.

According to experts, the picture will cause a wide public response: after all, the film portrays the prophet as a murderer and pedophile.

One of the co-authors of the project, as in the case of the “Innocence of Muslims”, is the American preacher Terry Jones.

Xii. Chinese ambitions

Over the past six years, China and the United States exchanged places in the trade rating. Today, China is the leading trading partner of 127 countries (for comparison: the United States is the main partner of 76 countries).

In the latest OECD report, “A look at 2060 year: long-term growth prospects” было отмененоthat by 2060, the share of China and India in world GDP will surpass all the 34 countries that are members of the OECD (the total weight of the two countries mentioned is now just over a third). China will overtake the European Union by the end of this year, and 4 will become the world's largest economy a year later.

At the congress of the CPC, at which Xi Jinping became the party general secretary, it was said that the Chinese economy would keep from recession, measures will be takento ensure its development, in particular, measures to increase domestic consumption, increase incomes of the population, control inflation and restructure investments.

PRC Chairman Hu Jintao presented ambitious plan for the development of the motherland. Among other things, it says about the planned doubling of per capita income by 2020 year. Such a goal reflects China’s attitude towards achieving a high standard of living, similar to the Western one, and at the same time reducing social tensions.

The outlook for the Chinese currency is the most optimistic. The yuan will soon become part of a new regional financial architecture, and opportunities will be found for the yuan to become an international reserve currency.

In this situation, the United States and Western Europe will not even be able to breathe China in the back of the head. At best, the United States or Germany, if it does not become the center of the EU, will have to catch up with India.

Today, almost the entire world market is focused on China. The Celestial Empire imports oil and ore from Africa, Asia and Latin America, which at the same time raises the economies of exporting countries that are already firmly hooked on the PRC. China factories consume half of the iron ore mined in the world. China has become the largest exporter of steel. Zambia and Chile, the largest producers of copper, and Australia, a leading exporter of coal and iron ore, are working closely with the Chinese. Previously, the priority for these countries was a partnership with the United States. China "pushed" America and the markets of Malaysia and South Korea: there he orders the components for their high-tech industries. Samsung, Nokia, and Apple Apple are assembling their high-tech gizmos in the Middle Kingdom.

The US government is well aware that in the crisis conditions of competitive struggle, American manufacturers lose to Chinese. This is despite the fact that a significant part of American (and European) industries have long been relocated to the Middle Kingdom - for the sake of profits. That is, the economic recession in the US and the EU is also explained by the man-made factor of strangling one's own economy, put into the hands of a competitor for short-term profits, outside of strategic long-term planning. For that fought for it and ran!

Observed and translated by Oleg Chuvakin
- especially for
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  1. Forget
    Forget 26 December 2012 08: 52 New
    Maybe the site of the Military Review also summarizes the year.
    1. esaul
      esaul 26 December 2012 09: 53 New
      Quote: Forget
      Maybe the site of the Military Review also summarizes the year.

      Greetings colleagues hi I think for VO it will not "rust" laughing Moreover, judging by the recent recognition of VO in the media, as one of ..., to summarize what is.
      Traditional - thanks to the site creative tandem (Volodin + Dude) for their work. But essentially:
      1“He (Putin) is seriously injured, one might even say, mortally wounded as a political leader. I have no doubt that he will not last the next six years. "

      recent unprecedented street protests scared him

      Maybe the Russians trust Mr. Navalny?

      I want to repeat the answer already familiar to everyone - "Don't wait!" laughing

      2.John McCain, a veteran of the Vietnam War, said: “I am sure that this is not anti-Russian, but pro-Russian law. This law was adopted in the interests of the people of Russia, which deserves a much better share. "
      I huDeyu, Mr. forum users! They never realized for themselves that the time to teach Russia was over! fool how the time has passed when the Russians have not yet learned for themselves the truth that the good intentions of the West towards Russia are the road to hell!
      And yet - in one online edition, the background of this law was wonderfully shown as a kind of trap that the conservatives had prepared for Obama, and Obama ("Frayer-eared") happily thrust his neck into it.
      3. Along the Southern Corridor. In addition to the fact that Russia tied Turkey on a short leash using rather non-trivial methods, it also provided itself with the possibility of a wide maneuver in oil transportation by launching the ESPO. Recently, the EU demanded a REPORT from Transneft on measures to ensure Europe's energy security am (this is how high one must ascend and break away from realities in order to continue talking through the lip in a conversation with Russia!) To which "TRansneft" quite reasonably noted that they owe nothing to Europe and there will be no report laughing
      4. Bashar al-Assad and chemical weapons

      It seems that the Syrian epic goes to the finish line. If we summarize the individual provocations of opposition bandits, a public opinion poll in the United States regarding the possibility of involving states in direct actions, withdrawal of AUGs (with the concentration of the Russian group), then a quite tangible desire of the states emerges to abandon the blitzkrieg and release this issue on the brakes, preferably these brakes perching on the shoulders of the European democratizers. Preparing an explicit exit of the minke whales from the game with minimal image losses and transferring the conflict to the plane of war for exhaustion.
      Looks like the Libyan lesson has been learned. Moreover, if not in Syria, so in Iran, C-300 will appear in the near future under the guise of a deal with Belarus.
      1. Mart
        26 December 2012 10: 05 New
        Quote: esaul
        I think for VO it will not "rust"

        Hi, Valery! Will not rust. drinks
        1. esaul
          esaul 26 December 2012 10: 18 New
          Quote: Mart
          Does not rust

          Salute, Oleg! hi I am sure that after you - it will not rust laughing drinks
          I am getting ready soon on business and already "at the end" I had to return to the site!
          FUCK !!! fellow
          Boys! Today is the Day of military air defense !!! fellow
          This, in many respects, thanks to them, we feel legitimate pride in the power of our country! fellow
          Health, success and well-being to all our air defense personnel, as they say in one cartoon - "NOT TRANSLATED !!!"
          Stanislav - "Ascetic", in my opinion, is this your day? For you, buddy! I'll lift it on my chest in the evening ... now - work drinks
          1. Ascetic
            Ascetic 26 December 2012 11: 15 New
            Quote: esaul
            Stanislav - "Ascetic", in my opinion, is this your day?

            Hi Valera! My day was already December 17, but I will also be pleased to join anti-aircraft gunners. The blessing is than ..
            1. esaul
              esaul 26 December 2012 19: 29 New
              Good evening everyone hi
              I came home from work, looked at the site, and here is such an interesting innovation - to delete comments on the basis of inconsistencies between the politicians of the DELETE and the addictions of the COMMENT !!!
              I appeal to Vadim Smirnov with a request to note this fact as a precedent laughing After all, in this way you can get to the point that the forum becomes a continuous field -

              The comment was deleted.
              The comment was deleted.
              The comment was deleted.
              The comment was deleted.
              The comment was deleted.
              The comment was deleted.

              The precedent is dangerous, funny (because it shows powerlessness, deleting an opponent’s comment, in argumentation) and leading to nowhere ...
              I can declare with full responsibility that the content of mine, which was removed by someone authorized to do this, did not violate the rules of the site on any point, but merely indicated my position on certain events.
              I very much suspect that the opponents did not like my words from the commentary concerning such words in the text of the article:

              And our political activist and chess player Garry Kasparov said: “He (Putin) is seriously wounded, one might even say, mortally wounded as a political leader. I have no doubt that he will not survive the next six years. ”

              “Recent unprecedented street protests scared him ...

              Maybe the Russians trust Mr. Navalny?

              And my answer, which has already become a recognizable phrase - "Do not wait!" laughing ?

              Answer me, guys who deleted my comment, to a simple question - did I allow myself to delete your comments for the reason that we have different views on political reality? Not! So - refrain.

              And I turn to Vadim Smirnov with a request to assess this fact, if he has the technical ability to track who behaves not worthy of the status granted to him.
              I have some assumptions, but I hope that self-esteem is not completely killed in the morals of these people.
              With respect to the forum users, ESAUL.
              1. Ascetic
                Ascetic 26 December 2012 19: 56 New
                Quote: esaul
                The comment was deleted.
                The comment was deleted.
                The comment was deleted.
                The comment was deleted.
                The comment was deleted.
                The comment was deleted.

                Yes, indeed, I was also surprised I go to the branch in 11.00 and then there were sheer deletions. I thought, probably a malicious troll appeared ... request
                So are you a troll, Valera? How did this come to life? belay

                Quote: esaul
                And my answer, which has already become a recognizable phrase - "Do not wait!"

                That's right. There’s a keg at the top, good, full bye, New Year is coming!
                Do not worry.. drinks
                1. esaul
                  esaul 26 December 2012 20: 15 New
                  Salute buddy hi
                  Quote: Ascetic
                  So are you a troll, Valera? How did this come to life?

                  "Azm am ... my life ..." laughing
                  Quote: Ascetic
                  . There is a keg at the top good, full bye, New Year is coming!

                  This is what comforts me, buddy! drinks
                  I already noticed your barrel in a comment about Gabala wink SPARROW needs to throw such a picture. After all, Jack - Sparrow and a barrel of rum are "two-egg" laughing (did not write - identical people. Suddenly SPARROW is not in the spirit) twin brothers.
                  1. mda
                    mda 26 December 2012 21: 03 New
                    Quote: esaul

                    Interestingly, how many moderators are there on the site? I counted five.
                    1. esaul
                      esaul 26 December 2012 21: 05 New
                      Quote: mda-a
                      Interestingly, how many moderators are there on the site? I counted five.

                      Greetings colleague hi
                      This question is for the Administrator Vadim Smirnov.
                      1. mda
                        mda 26 December 2012 21: 33 New
                        Quote: esaul
                        Greetings colleague
                        This question is for the Administrator Vadim Smirnov.

                        Thanks, thanks.
  2. fenix57
    fenix57 26 December 2012 08: 54 New
    In general, the year "went well".
  3. 7778
    7778 26 December 2012 09: 10 New
    The policy, in my opinion, is not the format for this site
    1. Nickname
      Nickname 26 December 2012 09: 30 New
      Well, not that unformatted, well, too much with it ..
      Previously, there were so-called political activities at school and in the army.
      Does the author teach to love the motherland? Or is this a short review for those who come out of a coma?
      1. 7778
        7778 26 December 2012 09: 55 New
        )))))) I agree with you

        it's like opening a magazine to see naked women, and there are household appliances

        "voennoe obozreniye" where is politics? there are other sites for this

        I go to this site to relax, but here ...
        1. 7778
          7778 26 December 2012 10: 11 New
          at the beginning the site was extraordinary, every day I went to rest))))
          now typical shit

          ranks, pluses, minuses))))))))))) kindergarten

          let's block my IP)))
          1. sergo0000
            sergo0000 26 December 2012 10: 20 New
            Quote: 7778

            at the beginning the site was extraordinary, every day I went to rest))))
            now typical shit

      2. Vadivak
        Vadivak 26 December 2012 10: 14 New
        Quote: Nickname
        Does the author teach to love the motherland? Or is this a short review for those who come out of a coma?

        This is a review for those who can think. If it is written that President Hu Jintao presented an ambitious plan for the development of the homeland, this does not mean that China will develop peacefully without threatening its neighbors.
  4. Sakhalininsk
    Sakhalininsk 26 December 2012 09: 11 New
    The main result of the year 2012, for me personally, is that brazenly Saxons led by the United States, together with the leading gay men, once again showed their rotten gut and toothy snout, having managed to make their way along wherever they were.
    1. Cold
      Cold 26 December 2012 09: 43 New
      The Europeans, led by the United States, did almost nothing in the past year, the liberal-tolerant, Christian world is a thing of the past and the Zionists will not help them in Europe understand this. The future of the Asian and Islamic world and Russia is possible as a peacemaker and bridge plus cream .IMHO: bully
    2. Sandov
      Sandov 27 December 2012 21: 35 New
      Quote: Sakhalininets

      “My administration will continue to work with Congress and our partners in supporting those who work for a free and democratic future for Russia, who support the rule of law and respect for human rights around the world.”

      Amer openly say that they will work against Russia
  5. baltika-18
    baltika-18 26 December 2012 09: 39 New
    March, elections, 63,6%. From more than 50 percent of those who came to the elections. If the ballots had a column against everyone, this very "Against everyone" would have made a worthy competitor to Putin, maybe even won. It's not for nothing that the clever guys from the electoral commission This column was removed. Next year is ahead, let's see where the Russian troika will carry, driven by the great-talker, and will not drive the horses along the way.
    1. ksandr45
      ksandr45 26 December 2012 10: 55 New
      Only a fool or a person with a sluggish political will will vote "against all", therefore, I think that this column was removed correctly. Putin, no matter how vilified, is the best we have at the moment. It is not known how things would have been now if we had elected Mr. Prokhorovkin. Any suggestions?
  6. sergo0000
    sergo0000 26 December 2012 09: 39 New
    Thank you Oleg for the review! 5 plus!
    About the expectation of a universal apocalypse just did not remind.
    And so everything in the Christmas tree! smile
    1. Mart
      26 December 2012 09: 47 New
      Quote: sergo0000
      Thank you Oleg for the review! 5 plus!
      About the expectation of a universal apocalypse just did not remind.

      Thanks for "thanks! There will be another "top" event, humorous. From Alexey Volodin. And mine is more or less serious. hi
      1. Vadivak
        Vadivak 26 December 2012 10: 15 New
        Quote: Mart
        Thanks for "thanks!

        Oleg well done, really liked the phrase

        their Bible is Hollywood, religion is psychiatry, and the method of inculcating faith is a shotgun.
        1. Mart
          26 December 2012 10: 36 New
          Quote: Vadivak
          Oleg well done, really liked the phrase

          Thank! Yes, it worked out well. smile
      2. sergo0000
        sergo0000 26 December 2012 10: 23 New
        Got it! Accepted! hi
  7. Bykov.
    Bykov. 26 December 2012 09: 47 New
    “Dear Vlad, I am surprised! I am surprised! You won. Russian people cry too! ”..

    This one, McCain, is a sick individual.
    I would have looked at these idiots, with their crazy fantasies about the "Russian winter", in action, here in Russia.
    By the way, another, American desk, collects its manat and is going to bring it overseas, it’s called IRI.
    1. Vadivak
      Vadivak 26 December 2012 10: 17 New
      Quote: Bulls.
      This one, McCain, is a sick individual.

      Disabled childhood, not every pilot can strangle an aircraft carrier with one shot
      1. Bykov.
        Bykov. 26 December 2012 10: 38 New
        Quote: Vadivak
        Disabled childhood, not every pilot can strangle an aircraft carrier with one shot

        Such a miracle and not in the White House, strange.
        America deserved just such a president.
        1. sergo0000
          sergo0000 26 December 2012 11: 34 New
          Quote: Bulls.

          America deserved just such a president.

          That's right! I would heal in a year! Good in the army trained. bully
      2. mda
        mda 26 December 2012 21: 18 New
        Quote: Vadivak
        Disabled childhood, not every pilot can strangle an aircraft carrier with one shot

        Yes, indeed, disable the aircraft carrier for one year, ditch a bunch of planes, and much more, and got out only thanks to his grandfather, the admiral.
    2. Igor Belov
      Igor Belov 26 December 2012 11: 45 New
      Quote: Bulls.
      with their delusional fantasies about the "Russian winter"
  8. DAGESTAN333
    DAGESTAN333 26 December 2012 09: 51 New
    Vladimir Vladimirovich received 63,6% of the vote
    108% Mr. Obama
    - if I don’t confuse anything, our elections look much more honest ...
    1. AK-47
      AK-47 26 December 2012 11: 15 New
      Quote: DAGESTANETS333
      our choices look much more honest ...

      To everyone's amazement.
      "The way the electoral campaign went, saved me from the main necessity - the need to mislead the masses of the population." Quote V.V.P.
    2. Vanya Ivanov
      Vanya Ivanov 26 December 2012 18: 18 New
      and how many percent. Kadyrov promised to give in support of Putin? It seems 120% .., or so.
      1. mda
        mda 26 December 2012 21: 23 New
        Quote: Vanya Ivanov
        and how many percent. Kadyrov promised to give in support of Putin? It seems 120% .., or so.

        Nah, he promised a lot of support and it turned out if I'm not mistaken 99.84%
  9. askort154
    askort154 26 December 2012 10: 04 New
    Yes, during the Cold War, the West behaved more modestly, because it was afraid of the USSR. Now they are insolent and are waging a "cold-hot war" with everything
    world, not afraid to get an adequate answer. In this state, to be
    Not long left. A dying beast, in an agony stage, is more dangerous.
    Russia - do not go on provocations, and accelerate to build up defense
    country, which, in general, is being done. Of course, I want it faster, but as they say, quickly only cockroaches breed.
  10. Guran96
    Guran96 26 December 2012 10: 32 New
    Well done Chinese, comrades, the future world leader are on the right path, they conduct an absolutely correct foreign economic policy. The Americans will be removed from the pedestal of a superpower who can only impose their "democracy" where it suits them.
    1. MilaPhone
      MilaPhone 26 December 2012 10: 44 New
      Ah Ivan Ivan from evil do not seek evil.
      Look at this map:
      1. ksandr45
        ksandr45 26 December 2012 11: 24 New
        The territories that, in the opinion of the Americans, should belong to them. He took the paint and blunted over the globe. Nevermind what they all want from the world, and in particular from our country. They want a commissar body, let them be ready to get it in the teeth. laughing
      2. Guran96
        Guran96 26 December 2012 14: 40 New
        Mikhail, you are by no means a pessimist out of a joke about how an optimist teaches English, a pessimist teaches Chinese, and a realist - a Kalashnikov rifle. If the state does not develop Siberia and the Far East, you can paint over everything up to the Ural Mountains.
        1. MilaPhone
          MilaPhone 27 December 2012 06: 47 New
          Unfortunately, I’m not a pessimist. Here are their maps:

          Authentic Greater China Map

          Chinese territories "annexed" by the Russian Empire
  11. biglow
    biglow 26 December 2012 11: 36 New
    here is the good news
    Russia is returning to the production of military railway missile systems (BZHRK), prototypes can be created before 2020, RIA Novosti reports with reference to a senior representative of the Russian military-industrial complex (MIC) .http: // politics / news / 2012/12/26 / n_2682977.shtml
    1. Ascetic
      Ascetic 26 December 2012 12: 21 New
      My father has a general photograph of the members of the state commission on the commissioning of the BZHRK, there are more than 50 people. So the father says that almost all of them have gone to another world or have reached old age (by the way, he was the youngest among them at that time). Now he is skeptical about the possibility of implementing this idea. There are almost no specialists, and it is very difficult to restore a "dancing rocket" almost from "scratch". Moreover, the Americans were very scrupulous and meticulous about the technologies for eliminating the complex.
      Even the insulated wagons were forced to cut, we proposed to save the body by replacing the wheelsets, reinforcing elements and a special filling. Left one wagon in the museum as an exhibit
      1. knn54
        knn54 26 December 2012 18: 10 New
        That's right. If you consider that a lot has been done in Ukraine-Yuzhmash, Kommunar ...
        These complexes are easy to detect from space-dragged 3 electric locomotives, from the ground-tinted glass on the cars. Reinforced wheelsets and ... a large number of "rats" in the headquarters. The complex is wonderful, but without the reanimation of factories that produce electronic components, it will not work. You won't get far on Chinese chips.
        It's a shame, but this seems to be another reason to trade with the Americans.
  12. Ascetic
    Ascetic 26 December 2012 11: 39 New

    Ix. Valuable south exit
    By the way, Turkey is the second largest buyer of Russian gas after Germany; it is 60% dependent on Russian supplies. Moreover, an agreement was recently reached on the construction of Russian energy the first Turkish nuclear power station Akkuyu on the Mediterranean coast near the city of Mersin. Therefore, as one Turkish politician said, characterizing relations between Russia and Turkey

    This "Catholic marriage" partners can quarrel, but there will be no divorce.
  13. VadimSt
    VadimSt 26 December 2012 14: 21 New
    And our political activist ....
    The "smaller" a person is at heart, the more he "stinks".

    It’s not humanly possible to get 108% of votes!
    Why Americans are outraged - because of their assurances, they have the most star-shaped stars, the most striped stripes, the most democratic democracy, the most perfect electoral system.
  14. Andrey_K
    Andrey_K 26 December 2012 14: 50 New
    About the events in Egypt, the author forgot to mention that the vote for the constitution was ... 32,9 percent of all eligible to vote.
    In total, one fifth of the inhabitants adopted the new constitution.
    1. Mart
      26 December 2012 15: 37 New
      Quote: Andrey_K
      About the events in Egypt, the author forgot to mention that the vote for the constitution was ... 32,9 percent of all eligible to vote.

      Hello Andrey! It is illuminated in today's "Mosaic"... "Events of the Year" were written yesterday afternoon and are becoming obsolete before our eyes. Much new information has also appeared about the Syrian chemical weapons. hi
  15. Siberian
    Siberian 26 December 2012 14: 59 New
    Turkey "sold" $ 6,4 billion worth of yellow metal to Iran.

    not from this "Turkish gold" make heavy seals sold in stalls for 30 rubles?
  16. valton
    valton 26 December 2012 16: 03 New
    And our political activist and chess player Garry Kasparov said: “He (Putin) is seriously wounded, one might even say, mortally wounded as a political leader. I have no doubt that he will not survive the next six years. ”

    And in my opinion, the marsh-fifth column was seriously wounded. It is evident that all these operetta performances in the form of "marches of millions" and processions have outlived their usefulness. People began to understand the true nature of all these Garrrri and his companions. Professor of New York University, historian Stephen Cohen devoted more than forty years to the study of Russia and the Soviet Union said: One who has good connections in the USA I’m sure that Boris Nemtsov already has a list of people that he will propose to Congress to be included in the Magnitsky list. And as for who will stretch how much, the near future will show.
  17. Goldkonstantin
    Goldkonstantin 26 December 2012 17: 42 New
    Overall very clear! Gang bangers live on a powder keg without knowing it. The plans are directly ambitious, it’s a pity to break off such dreamers
  18. Vanya Ivanov
    Vanya Ivanov 26 December 2012 18: 23 New
    Yes, and he did not cry ... as befits an icon - streamed.
  19. Karabin
    Karabin 26 December 2012 20: 26 New
    Neither the delayed plane, nor Putin’s fictitious “cool” telephone conversation with Erdogan (“If even one Turkish soldier crosses the Syrian border, Russia will react very harshly”), nor the deployment of the Patriots on the Syrian-Turkish border did not affect Russia's economic cooperation and Turkey.

    The flow of gas and tourists should not dry up, and for the opportunity to have a small share of 100 billion in turnover, you can not support Assad. Everything is within the framework of foreign policy doctrine. It is important that Russia be "demanded by our neighbors and partners "(C)... And to hell with them, these "Patriots" and the delayed plane. Loot drives. Here are the "spiritual braces."
  20. Alien-x
    Alien-x 26 December 2012 20: 35 New
    Thank you, Oleg, for the work done ... I went to the aftershock to show. good
  21. Allegedly
    Allegedly 26 December 2012 21: 44 New
    Maybe a little off topic ...

    The American magazine Wired compiled its rating of the 15 most dangerous people on Earth. The only Russian on this list was Yevgeny Kaspersky.

    As the newspaper writes, some time ago, American intelligence agencies tried to destroy Iranian nuclear development using malware such as Stuxnet, Flame and Duqu. However, anti-virus software developers have neutralized them over and over again. Moreover, most of these developers work in the Kaspersky Lab - "one of the largest and most advanced anti-virus companies in the world."

    According to Wired, this alone would be enough to include the owner of the company in the list of the most dangerous people, but there is another reason. Kaspersky has been cooperating with the FSB for a long time, training its agents in computer investigations. Thanks to this, when the attackers kidnapped his son, the FSB quickly came to the rescue and found the teenager. This incident gave Kaspersky an excuse to declare "excessive freedom" on the Internet, and soon a list of banned sites and new methods of monitoring Internet providers appeared in Russia.

    Seeing the connection between these events, Wired placed Kaspersky in ninth place on the list, headed by Iranian general Kassem Sulejmani, Syrian President Bashar Assad and Mexican drug lord Joaquin Guzman, nicknamed El Chapo. (c)
  22. WW3
    WW3 26 December 2012 21: 48 New
    In July 2012, a young Mr. James Holmes, a patient of a psychiatrist, schizophrenia specialist, a future neuroscientist, dyed his hair the color of a flame, armed himself to the teeth and went to kill the citizens of his native America at the cinema in the city of Aurora (Colorado). A film about Batman was shown there, but the shooter just didn’t like this character - that’s why he was painted in the color of the Joker. In total, he shot dead twelve people and injured about sixty more.

    The joker as he appeared in the "Dark Knight" the world will never see. Heath Ledger - the actor who brilliantly performed this role, died shortly after the filming of the film. If death comes in, it mows ....
    Thanks to the firearms advertisement made by this psychiatrist client, people in the USA reached out not only to movie theaters for third-rate Batman films, but also to gun shops. Sales of firearms in Colorado in those July days increased markedly: in just three days, 2887 people came to special stores to buy pistols (25% more than the average in 2012 and 43% more than the same period a week before the tragedy). Sales growth was recorded in other states.

    It is naive to believe that a rifle in an amer’s safe can protect it in all cases of life, everyone can buy weapons, and that means a duel will be won who shoots first ... if psychos own weapons, then the statistics of mass killings is not surprising .. ..
  23. cool.ya-nikola
    cool.ya-nikola 26 December 2012 23: 43 New
    And our political activist and chess player Garry Kasparov said: “He (Putin) is seriously wounded, one might even say, mortally wounded as a political leader. I have no doubt that he will not survive the next six years. ”

    Well, if Kasparov himself said ... wassat Maybe it's worth Mr. Weinstein Kasparov change his surname again, for example, to "Kassandra"? I always suspected that long-term games with computers do not always have a beneficial effect on the psyche!
    ... scary and cold March in Moscow ... bad elective technologies

    Against this terrible background, how favorably and beautifully the elections in the USA look! ...
    The beacon of freedom and democracy showed the whole world "Kuzka's mother"!
    It’s not humanly possible to get 108% of the vote! ..
    In as it should! Now we must assume that in the next election this figure will be blocked! Give 200%! Bad you know human American forces!
    I am sure that this is not anti-Russian, but pro-Russian law

    Yes, nevertheless, our missile Mr. McCain in Vietnam firmly attached! No way!

    And Oleg, as always, thanks for the work! We look forward to summing up "annual" results! wink
    GOLUBENKO 27 December 2012 00: 18 New
    The fact is that in the regions people simply do not know who Navalny or Ryzhkov is.

    And they (Novalny and Co.) are not interested in the regions; they do not exist in them.
    Because in the regions, people unscrew their heads, grab them and can hang them for a causal place.
    Because in the regions at the rallies, people will ask simple, everyday questions for which Novalny and Co. have no answers.
    And in general, it's time to forget about these "second-hand oppositionists", they have not coped with their task, I think they are no longer needed even by the State Department, they are looking for a more successful candidate for the "leader of the proletarian masses".
  25. david210512
    david210512 27 December 2012 01: 02 New
    great article !!!!!!! good
  26. GHG
    GHG 27 December 2012 06: 14 New
    So there is something to discuss

    There is something to Discuss

    It is interestingly written (a former KGB thug with black belts in judo and karate is the president of the largest country in the world) an article in their newspaper laughing
  27. nicklosh
    nicklosh 27 December 2012 13: 03 New
    Very nice article !!!