“Strike on the air defense infrastructure of Ukraine”: the Lancet drone destroyed the P-18 radar of the Armed Forces of Ukraine

“Strike on the air defense infrastructure of Ukraine”: the Lancet drone destroyed the P-18 radar of the Armed Forces of Ukraine

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One of the most important components of Ukrainian air defense is the Soviet P-18 radars, capable of detecting and tracking air threats, including missiles, at distances up to 300 km, with the ability to identify targets flying at altitudes up to 35 km.

Prior to the start of the NMD, the Armed Forces of Ukraine were armed with several dozen radar data, and the loss of each of them reduces the anti-aircraft potential of the enemy. Russian troops regularly hit P-18s, but Western observers have only recently begun to pay attention to this.

The Lancet kamikaze drone struck at the air defense infrastructure of Ukraine, destroying the P-18 Malachite radar station near the village of Chuguyevo in the Dnipropetrovsk region. The massive use of "Lancets" by Russian troops led to the fact that the airspace of Ukraine turned out to be "mined"

- says the publication Army Recognition.

Regarding the equipment of the Armed Forces of Ukraine with Soviet early warning radars, it is noted that after the collapse of the USSR, Ukraine received 5 radio engineering brigades, consisting of 30 battalions and 56 separate companies. They were armed with P-12 and P-18 radars. After the reduction of troops, the P-12s were decommissioned, and the P-18 Terek, developed in 1970, underwent selective modernization (transition to solid-state transmitters and receivers, anti-jamming equipment and advanced signal processing systems).

As a result, such improved radars as P-18MA and P-18MU appeared in Ukraine. On the basis of the latter, the P-2012 "Malachite" was developed in 18, which provides increased accuracy in determining the target's coordinates, resistance to interference, greater reliability, extended service life, digital signal processing and automatic data transmission.

The Malachite radar is noticeably smaller than its predecessor: it is equipped with an antenna mounted on a single KrAZ vehicle chassis, two compact diesel power plants and a hardware station on a car trailer, unlike the P-18MU, which requires two trucks and two trailers.

"Malachite" can track objects moving at speeds up to 1000 m / s and process up to 256 targets in automatic mode. Air targets, such as aircraft flying at an altitude of about 10 km, can be detected at a distance of about 300 km. Objects at lower altitudes can be detected from a distance of 100 km. Deployment of the station with a crew of five takes about an hour.

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  1. -13
    August 28 2023
    I hope that this is really a radar station and not its "copy", of which there are a lot of vuks now.
    1. +8
      August 28 2023
      Quote: Thrifty
      I hope that this is really a radar station and not its "copy", of which there are a lot of vuks now.
      To make an imitation of readiness "number of times", with arrows turning on a high unzha? I belittle you. It’s easier to roll out, somehow like a working P-12, turn on 50 microwaves for bliss and voila - the layout is ready. And according to the video, they really banged the battle station
      1. +2
        August 28 2023
        Turn on as many microwaves as you can. They have a frequency of 2,4 GHz and a continuous mode of operation with an unmodulated "carrier" :) And the P-18 has 150-170 MHz, a pulsed mode with a repetition rate of 360 Hz. Distinguish for once. Another thing is that she can be silent at this moment. How this "mother-in-law's fence" is spinning under the net. And if it does not spin, then this is already a question for the "Surgeon with a Lancet", and if it does not spin and does not radiate, the question is even greater.
        1. +1
          August 28 2023
          Quote: Zamkadysh
          this "mother-in-law's fence" is spinning under the net.

          Vascheto, the P-18 does not have a net, but arrows
  2. -6
    August 28 2023
    And once again, I would like to understand those commenting here and putting minuses and pluses... Do you support a strike with tactical nuclear weapons on Ukraine or do you support the death of our soldiers? Who do you support at all, are you brainwashed at all? Do you support the Russian army or Skaklov? In short, there are more jumpers here than people. And I left here. Good luck in slandering the Russian army, which it was not. You can not write me answers, I will not hear them.
    1. +2
      August 28 2023
      Quote: Sergey Averchenkov
      You support a tactical nuclear strike against Ukraine

      I don’t put minuses in principle, unless the interlocutor is rude. And so. I fully support strikes on railway lines and airfields
      1. +1
        August 29 2023
        I don’t put cons in principle

        If we are to be principled, then there is no need to put +.
        But in general, and + and - is an expression of the attitude / degree of approval for a thought, and not a personal insult.
    2. +2
      August 29 2023
      I do not support a strike on the territory that will go to Russia.
      In Lviv - as much as you like.
      Good riddance. Most importantly, don't go back. Be a man.
  3. -2
    August 28 2023
    “Strike on the air defense infrastructure of Ukraine”: the Lancet drone destroyed the P-18 radar of the Armed Forces of Ukraine

    Is the lancet much cheaper than the P-18? And how many radars does the air defense infrastructure of the Armed Forces of Ukraine consist of?
    I jerk.
    Here's some news...
    Due to corruption, in Ukraine, all air defense systems are forced to use liquid fuel generators.
    1. +3
      August 28 2023
      Quote from Fangaro
      Is the lancet much cheaper than the P-18?

      The lancet is much cheaper. And this byaka could see even the first modifications for 220 km. So they banged, it's easier for flyers to thresh evil spirits
  4. 0
    August 28 2023
    Another good result of the Kalasnikhov Lancet drone, without a doubt, the weapon that gives Russia the best results.
  5. -3
    August 28 2023
    The massive use of Lancets by Russian troops led to...

    Come on, pump it up .. It will be massive when 100 sorties a day go, at least. It's high time to increase the attacks multiple times!
  6. -6
    August 28 2023
    Galima crap from Konashenkov and KO. Nobody will put P-18 in the forest. This radar requires an open area, and even better, a hill.

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