Greece was offered Swiss tanks to replace the Leopard 1A5 transferred to the APU

Greece was offered Swiss tanks to replace the Leopard 1A5 transferred to the APU

At the disposal of the Swiss company RUAG are previously purchased from Italy Tanks Leopard 1A5 (96 units). Germany wants to acquire them in order to then transfer the Armed Forces of Ukraine, but Bern blocks the deal, citing the country's neutrality. In this regard, Germany came up with a workaround.

As reported in the Greek edition of Flight, Athens was offered to transfer its Leopard 1A5 GR to Berlin (with their subsequent delivery to the Armed Forces of Ukraine), and in return to receive tanks belonging to RUAG. It is alleged that this scheme was discussed on August 21, 2023 during the visit of Volodymyr Zelensky to Greece.

Previously, Athens, providing assistance to the Armed Forces of Ukraine, evaded providing the Kyiv regime with tanks, referring to the need to protect their own country (meaning the Turkish threat). However, in view of the proposal received, this argument becomes groundless: in any case, the troops remain with the Leopard 1A5 tanks.

Considering that Athens has already handed over the BMP-1 to the Armed Forces of Ukraine, it is likely that they will agree to a new proposal. However, the last word still remains with the Swiss authorities, since despite the appearance of a new player in the face of Greece, it is ultimately about the transfer of tanks to the Armed Forces of Ukraine.
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    1. -1
      August 28 2023
      Everything is on fire!! Burn burn bright
    2. +1
      August 28 2023
      Once Greece was a great country, but now it's all in the past, now it's just some place on the planet...
    3. The comment was deleted.
    4. +1
      August 28 2023
      It turns out that someone still pays for Zelensky's banquet ?!
      What's so Berk Scholz herr Liver Sausage straight harnessed ....
    5. +1
      August 28 2023
      It turns out very logically - the Greeks give away their apparently working tanks, and in return they receive Italian decommissioned ones. We call it "give your wife to your uncle, and go to ..." And they apparently have this defense of democratic Ukraine
      1. 0
        August 28 2023
        The bureaucracy of the burghers is actually very serious. If there is a piece of paper that prohibits something, then take it and go ahead, violating the order - this is not realistic. Therefore, there is a search for loopholes in the law. The Swiss company bought the tanks, but they immediately fell into Swiss jurisdiction and stood up.
    6. 0
      August 28 2023
      over time, they will receive a hat, but unfortunately a simple German will pay, just like we kept silent about the collapse of the USSR, we eat the result with a full spoon
    7. 0
      August 28 2023
      Just like the proverb - to change the hell for the hell, only to lose time ...
      And the Greeks, with their cunning breech, seem to have run into even more cunning ones from the same side.
      They played out in "wave without looking", as a result, they were thrown, which, by the way, is quite in the style of a gigemon, they throw EVERYONE.
      1. 0
        August 28 2023
        Quote: Romanenko
        And the Greeks, with their cunning breech
        Yes, in this sense they were tolerant, advanced, and politically correct back in those days when there was no such word as "political correctness". Unconventional relationships have always been the norm there.

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