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“Submarines need to make noise”: the US press proposed the concept of submarine forces against Russia and China

“Submarines need to make noise”: the US press proposed the concept of submarine forces against Russia and China

American strategists are trying to solve the problem of submarines penetrating the coastal regions of Russia and China to carry out missile strikes deep into the territories of these countries.

The US submarine force will not be able to rest on its laurels as the best in the world for long. Soon they will need new approaches to operate in the native waters of China and the Russian Federation

- says the publication Defense News.

Thus, in order to get closer to the mainland of the PRC, it is necessary to overcome the sonar network deployed by Beijing, similar to the American SOSUS system of the Cold War. It is complemented by powerful low-frequency active sonar on Type 056 corvettes. It is also likely that the PLA will lay mines in strategically important areas, for example, in the Taiwan Strait.

Previously, during the confrontation with the USSR, US submarine forces relied on their stealth to monitor the enemy in the Far North or on the open ocean.

With regard to China and possibly Russia, this approach no longer makes sense. American submarines will likely need to launch missiles or torpedoes near enemy coasts

- the author believes.

According to him, after the first volleys, the enemy will start hunting for submarines, they will have to go on the run and thereby get out of the battle. To avoid this, it is necessary to confuse the detection tools of Russia and China:

U.S. submarine forces will need to use jamming, decoys, and deception to infiltrate disputed areas underwater.

According to the author, marine drones, which, being launched from the coast, aircraft and ships, will be engaged in the installation of acoustic jamming devices, radar and sonar decoys, as well as the destruction of underwater detection equipment and mines of Russia and China, the location of which must be studied in advance, for example, using such large reconnaissance UAVs as Snakehead or Remus 6000.

The chaos created in this way will exceed the potential of the anti-submarine defense of the Russian Federation and China, which will enable American submarines to enter positional areas and strike deep into enemy territory or engage in the destruction of ships, and not evade the enemy pursuing them.

This concept assumes that instead of serving covertly, the US submarine forces will need to create noise and hide in the resulting chaos.

- the conclusion is made in the American press.


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  1. Arzoo
    Arzoo 27 August 2023 00: 57
    Even suppose they can hear other frequencies and distinguish them from their interference. That will allow you not to stun your boat. Suppose. But we are not idiots, such interference will immediately attract the attention of missile defense forces and fighters. We will understand where to expect the launch of missiles.
    1. Shurik70
      Shurik70 27 August 2023 08: 47
      Quote: Arzoo
      We will understand where to wait for the launch of missiles

      Yep, from the ocean.
      "Zerg Rush" is unstoppable in principle. No country has weapons capable of withstanding a massive attack by thousands of cheap drones.
      Another thing is that no matter how cheap the drones are, when there are thousands of them, the attack becomes by no means cheap. If the war drags on, the drones will be knocked out.
      In the very first, most effective shock attack, this is a very useful technique.
      But not against a large country with nuclear weapons. Because, when we spot numerous missile launches, we won’t begin to figure out whether these targets are false or not, but we’ll fire back with nuclear missiles, at full strength. There will be a reciprocal "zerg-rush" of a missile attack.
      1. knn54
        knn54 27 August 2023 12: 26
        Against scrap ... scrap reception, which prevents the creation of marine shock drones that will destroy "noise sources".
        1. Shurik70
          Shurik70 28 August 2023 19: 02
          Not every boat of fishermen and tourists has a friend or foe identifier.
          Such drones will aggro on them.
  2. ZIF122
    ZIF122 27 August 2023 01: 43
    And why should they come close, the range of missiles allows you to work from afar!
  3. Constantine N
    Constantine N 27 August 2023 01: 44
    when you strike the first massive blow, what prevents you from swimming to where you need to go without making noise at a very slow pace?
  4. bayard
    bayard 27 August 2023 01: 52
    They (USA) have been working on this for a long time. And if China still has anti-submarine aviation and numerous anti-submarine forces (not to mention the numerous ... many thousands of Volunteer Fleets, consisting of even tens of thousands of small and medium-sized fishing vessels with their own sonar, which can search not only for fish, especially when they a lot), then the Russian Navy cannot boast of this. We do not have a new PLO aircraft, and no one is even working on this. The knights of the Moscow Region simply did not order this. We don’t even have just an aircraft that can be used as a base for such an PLO aircraft. And our PLO surface forces are extremely small in number, which they can hardly provide simply by bringing our SSBNs on duty. And we still don’t hear about the PLO light corvette.
    But it was possible, when drafting the purchase program for RTOs "Karakurt" ("Buyan" is less suitable here, it was designed for rivers), to provide for BUGAS, "Packet-NK" on it and the possibility of installing UKKS PLUR in cells. The project would become more expensive by some 1-1,5 billion rubles. maximum, the VI would be slightly increased ... And by today we would have received a decent series of not RTOs, but light PLO corvettes, which would have been at their best in strike operations. In UKKS, after all, you can install any missiles, you can PLUR, or you can also Caliber, Onyx, or even something else intricate. But at the same time, ALL the time free from attacks on ships and the coast of the enemy, they would carry out VERY useful services, providing anti-submarine defense of our water areas.
    With aviation, the circus is also goofy - there was just a wagon, and it would have been enough to develop an avionics kit for an aircraft (and helicopter) PLO based on new principles - radar along a water hump and lidar. Very interesting and promising areas , and we had experience in this area . New drop sonic buoy... And low frequency sonar.
    Where is it all?
    What did the General Staff do and what did they think (because the main commands of the armed forces were dispersed)?
    Who is responsible for all these failures?
    There are considerations of what can and should be done right now ... but I'm afraid that it's too late. All polymers are "glorious" Knights already about ..... loved. It remains only to reward.
    1. Ross xnumx
      Ross xnumx 27 August 2023 04: 08
      Quote: bayard
      Who is responsible for all these failures?

      Most likely, I suppose, in accordance with the concept of defense, it may be possible to shift the responsibility to EBN ... lol
      Who-who? Grandfather Pikhto ... Who is the guarantor of everything in our country? He must carry ... As Volodin said there: “Putin is our everything!” On the surface, it seems to be so ... Wherever you throw it, he is everywhere, but dig deeper - there is no one: neither right nor guilty, only defective managers from the HSE ...
      1. bayard
        bayard 27 August 2023 20: 58
        Quote: ROSS 42
        maybe it will be possible to shift the responsibility to EBN ...

        It is impossible for him, he is also a Monument. Like the Yeltsin Center.
        And the check appointed to evaluate his activities firmly showed - "Yeltsin is a Saint". Like the "holy 90s".
        Quote: ROSS 42
        "Putin is our everything!"

        It’s also impossible - he said that he doesn’t know how to go to war and only Shoyga is responsible for everything.
        And even Wagner didn’t have enough resources to call Shoigu to account - how the Tuvan Knight of the highway went to bomb, dig up roads, blow up bridges and burn tank farms ... He defended Moscow ... Such a hero is always beyond suspicion. And he has a wonderful son-in-law.
        Quote: ROSS 42
        Grandfather Pihto..

        But this is an option. good This bastard has been on suspicion for a long time. As soon as you ask: "Who shat", you immediately hear: "Grandfather Pihto!" .
        Yes bully
    2. VALERIK_097
      VALERIK_097 27 August 2023 07: 16
      PLO based on new principles - radar on the water hump and lidar. Very interesting and promising areas , and we had experience in this area . No matter how nice it sounds, but we already went through this in the 80s with the Reagan SDI program.
      1. bayard
        bayard 27 August 2023 13: 28
        Quote: VALERIK_097
        PLO based on new principles - radar on the water hump and lidar. Very interesting and promising areas , and we had experience in this area .
        No matter how nice it sounds, but we already went through this in the 80s with the Reagan SDI program.

        In general, these systems have long been routinely used on American, Japanese and Chinese PLO aircraft. And lidars capable of detecting targets under water at a depth of up to 300 m, and a side-looking radar of the appropriate range and signal processing software. All this has LONG been implemented in metal on serial samples. And this despite the fact that submarines were discovered with us by the radar method back in the 80s. Experiments were carried out in the Far East.
        We are hopelessly behind in the PLO from the modern armies and fleets of the world. It is in terms of airborne detection tools and the quality of the dropped buoys.
        Who is the mod?
  5. The Siberian barber
    The Siberian barber 27 August 2023 02: 23
    Probably, this also applies to China, because, with the OVR, the situation is deplorable, to put it mildly. Well, the concept itself asks a number of questions, starting from the "portrait" and continuing with the application
  6. Thrifty
    Thrifty 27 August 2023 06: 07
    It has already been written a hundred times that the Yankees in our waters are already bossing with impunity! So, instead of full-fledged fleets, we have essentially coastal flotillas !!! Pre-reformed .....
  7. rotmistr60
    rotmistr60 27 August 2023 06: 58
    Soon they will need new approaches to operate in the native waters of China and the Russian Federation
    But that ballistic missiles aboard American nuclear submarines do not allow hitting targets in the territory planned for strike from long distances? Do you need to get closer?
    instead of serving covertly, US submarine forces will need to create noise and hide in the resulting chaos
    There are clearly "big experts" working in the American media on the use of nuclear submarines in a possible war. Designers are constantly fighting for noiseless boats, and these ones suggest making more noise to hide behind this noise.
  8. 27 August 2023 07: 27
    For the submarine forces of Russia, this should also be interesting.
  9. sub307
    sub307 27 August 2023 08: 19
    Quote: bayard
    Who is responsible for all these failures?

    I boldly answer NO ONE!!! At the same time, I fully share your indignation.
  10. DenVB
    DenVB 27 August 2023 09: 03
    It seems to me that even American intelligence does not believe how bad things are with PLO. They probably think that the Russians are leading them by the nose. It is even difficult for them to imagine that such a level of incompetence and sabotage is not a strategic disguise, but an everyday reality,
  11. The comment was deleted.
  12. Mister22408
    Mister22408 27 August 2023 22: 45
    Spectral analysis - no, they haven't heard ... that's the AGC and the ADC screaming in numbers - which one in Norfolk ordered these Conders through Fashington in China? They always flatten the second harmonic at this frequency ... :-)