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Ultra VOGO Submarines

Founded in 1966 year, the South Korean company VOGO, famous for its patrol boats and diving equipment, has been producing subtle boats since 2005. In recent times, the company is also engaged in the development and production of ultra-small submarines. It is noteworthy that the company has just 21 people!

Ultra VOGO Submarines

The exact number and models adopted by the South Korean naval fleet mini-submarines are not reported, which is not surprising, since their main user is special forces. All VOGO products are exported.

Mini-submarines are designed for carrying out secret operations in coastal waters, intelligence and sabotage activities. Among other products of the company, including dual-use products presented at the exhibition, were the submarine models SDV 340, ASDV 800, SDV 1000W and Midget 200.

SDV 300

Crew: 3 man, including two scuba divers
Length: 7.66 m
Case diameter: 0.8 m
Height: 1.24 m
Displacement: 2345 kg
Maximum surface speed: 5.5 nodes
Cruising speed on surface: 4.16 knot
Submerged cruising speed: 3.5 knot
Navigation range: 45 miles
Operating depth: 40 m (maximum 160 m)
Equipment: GPS, OAS, Depth Sensor, INS, DVL, Electronic Navigation Maps (S57 ENC)

SDV 340

The mini submarine SDV 340 has been in service with the South Korean Navy since 2005 and is the first such product of the company. Another five such devices are in service with the naval special forces brigade of the country (Naval Special Warfare Brigade). The crew is in the "dry" case of the boat.
Crew: 3 person
Length: 7.9 m
Navigation range: 45 miles
Speed: 3.5 node
Immersion depth: 40 m
Body: stainless steel
Direct electric drive
Lithium polymer batteries
Equipment: GPS, OAS, Depth Sensor, INS, DVL, Electronic Navigation Maps (S57 ENC)

SDV 1000W

The SDV 1000W combat swimmer transport was developed using some of the SDV 340 mini-sub systems. The autonomous breathing mixture support system allows combat swimmers to stay under water for up to three hours at a depth of up to 18 meters without the risk of decompression and oxygen poisoning. The crew itself, being in wet suits and engaging in breathing apparatus, comes into contact with the external environment (wet-type submarine). The purchases of SDV 1000W for the Navy of the Republic of Korea will begin next year.

Crew: 10 people
Length: 13 m
Cargo capacity: 1.5 tons
Navigation range: 25 miles underwater or 150 miles on the surface
Speed: 35 nodes in surface position
Immersion depth: 40 m
Direct electric drive for underwater movement and diesel-electric in surface
Lithium polymer batteries

Midget 200

This boat was created under the KSM-500A program to replace the super small Cosmos submarines. To date, orders for Midget 200 have not been placed.

Length: 30 m
Height: 4.3 m
Displacement: 180 tons
Navigation range: 1500 miles
Crew: 4 + landing
Immersion depth: 150 m
Speed: 10 nodes (1500 miles) / 16 nodes (300 miles)
Armament: two external torpedo tubes, as well as passive and active countermeasures
Lithium-ion batteries

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  1. ICT
    ICT 24 December 2012 10: 07
    quote: The crew is in the "wet" hull

    interesting to get a transcript of this term
    1. Professor
      24 December 2012 10: 27
      I confess I am sinful. I forgot how it is correctly called in spite of its main military specialty in past Soviet life. feel
      The point is that the fighters are in a case filled with water and, accordingly, experience pressure according to the depth of immersion. Tell me how to call it right and I will fix it.
      1. mga04
        mga04 24 December 2012 21: 41
        This is called a "wet-type submarine".
  2. gregor6549
    gregor6549 24 December 2012 10: 39
    For example, I like the boats of the 865 Piranha project much more of the project_865_ Piranha »
    It's just a pity that they appeared when there was no one to evaluate them, except for the director of the film "Peculiarities of the National Hunt". But the boats were unique in their performance characteristics and could swim in such shallow water that others never dreamed of. Moreover, they had a very solid autonomy.
    1. Professor
      24 December 2012 11: 02
  3. AK-47
    AK-47 24 December 2012 12: 35
    Mini-submarines are designed for covert operations in coastal waters, reconnaissance and sabotage activities.

    During the Second World War, mini-submarines were used by Italy, Germany, England, Japan, the results of their use are more than modest.
    Perhaps that is why they are now not widely used.
    Here's how the Japanese Navy's mini-submarine base ended in 1945.
    1. Professor
      24 December 2012 12: 41
      They had a lot of boats, but there was less use for them.
  4. Nechai
    Nechai 24 December 2012 12: 38
    Quote: TIT
    : The crew is in the "wet" hull

    The crew directly, while in wetsuits and included in breathing apparatus, is in contact with the external environment.
    On the equipment of the Soviet special forces there were also special helicopters manufactured from TA for one person. Designed by Kamovsky Design Bureau. Providing a landing in general, where it is, for conventional means is impossible in principle. And as an option in depth from the coastal strip.
    1. Professor
      24 December 2012 12: 44
      Thank you, corrected.
    2. ICT
      ICT 24 December 2012 16: 42
      Quote: Nechai

      Quote: TIT

      thanks for clarification, just one more question as applied to
      SDV 1000W this applies only to the landing party or to the entire crew
      1. Professor
        24 December 2012 16: 44
        Everyone is wet there fellow
        1. ICT
          ICT 24 December 2012 17: 17
          I realized (just the look of her vip class and drove there, well, no matter how not in diving equipment)
          1. Professor
            24 December 2012 17: 18
            So she does 35 knots on water and it is not always necessary to dive.
  5. Simple
    Simple 24 December 2012 15: 07
    Good day to all.
    A bit in topic:

    Photo Shoot:
  6. postman
    postman 24 December 2012 15: 35
    Quote: Author
    Established in 1966

    Koreans, in my opinion, themselves cannot decide when they were "founded".
    Whether 1972
    1. postman
      postman 24 December 2012 15: 36
      Quote: Postman
      Quote: Author: Founded in 1966

      Koreans, in my opinion, themselves cannot decide when they were "founded".

      or 1981
      1. postman
        postman 24 December 2012 15: 47
        Their site is of course "peculiar"

        This boat is not bad

        They write on "stealth" technology: a fast attacking sabotage boat. Even the Hawna rocket launcher is supposed to be placed (if I understand everything correctly) ...
        1. Professor
          24 December 2012 16: 32
          Take a look here too: Vogo
        2. Kir
          Kir 24 December 2012 18: 56
          In the second picture, if you didn’t get a boat of this type called the Zodiac-board, the bottom is fiberglass bottom, and was first developed by someone from the Cousteau team, but with regards to the year of foundation, it cannot happen that there was either a reorganization or a change of ownership, otherwise shyness by years of foundation is difficult to explain well + 2years according to the old Korean tradition, when many children died before the year they began to add 2, I don’t know how much it helped, but it certainly was.
          And to the professor the question is, what is this Lithium-Polymer battery? And in general, the first apparatus looks like a second World War II. I just don’t remember Germany or Italy.
          1. Professor
            24 December 2012 21: 31
            And to the professor the question is, what is this Lithium-Polymer battery? And in general, the first apparatus looks like a second World War II. I just don’t remember Germany or Italy.

            You correctly noticed. The authors of this unit were guided by its creation by the Italian Cos.Mo.S.

            Lithium polymer battery (Li-pol or Li-polymer) is a more advanced design of a lithium-ion battery. A polymer material with inclusions of a gel-like lithium-conductive filler is used as an electrolyte. Used in mobile phones, digital technology, etc.

            just liked the picture
    2. Professor
      24 December 2012 15: 39
      I checked it in 1966, although the founding date of 1981 is on their website.
      VOGO ENGINEERING LTD. was established in 1966 as Woojungsa,
      a mounting climbing equipment retailer in downtown Seoul, Korea.
      In 1972, present owner and president Sungki Lim started the first
      diveshop in Korea to promote scuba diving, then a very rare and
      special sport.
      In the '80s, diving market expanded together with our market
      share Woojungsa further expanded market to commercial and
      military diving, and registered at DPA, SAROK (Supply
      Administration the Rep. of Korea) and various local military and
      government procurement offices as a qualified supplier to be able
      to participate in tender.
      In 1986, Woojungsa started diving suit production line.
      In 1997, we took the opportunity of our 25 year experience in
      diving market, to develop military diving suits in cooperation with
      DPA (Defense Procurement Agency) and DQAA (Defense Quality
      Assurance Agency). Few more products were developed by ourselves
      to be supplied to military divers through DPA and local
      procurement offices.
      Another business opportunity we have had was in 1995, to be
      invited to participate in navy's rigid inflatable boat procurement
      tender at DPA.
      As there was no small specialized speed boats nor builders in Korea,
      we not only tried our best to get the contract on RIB as Korean
      agency of Delta Power Services in UK but also made technology
      transfer agreement to be able to build in
      Korea with the same company. Unlike most diving equipments,
      customer required continuous service on boats.
      In 1997 came the economic crisis giving every Korean hard
      time but this was another opportunity for us.
      As Korean won was devaluated suddenly almost to half, many of
      foreign procurements were either canceled, postponed, or replaced
      with possible local products.
      Maritime Police who have been operating an imported 3ton alloy
      vessel looked for local builder.
      We made another technology transfer agreement with Sensation
      Yachts Limited in New Zealand, and our people were sent to
      Sensation for training.
      We delivered 5 alloy patrol boat to Maritime Police in 1999 autumn.
      Addition to the alloy boats, in 1999, we built 20 rigid
      inflatable boat with totally enclosed wheelhouse for self-righting
      purpose at patrol boat to Maritime Police, and 10 rigid inflatable
      boat for navy.
      In 2000, two more 3 ton patrol boats of max. speed 40 knots were
      built and delivered.
      Another accomplishment we made before the end of the
      century was being certified IQ NET ISO-9002 on diving suit and RIB
      building to improve quality of our products for better customer
      We were also acknowledged as Venture Company, by KangWon
      Regional Office of Small & Medium Business Administration, a
      Certified issued by government organization to acknowledge the
      technology and to support small business firms doing good.
      As our 3 ton police patrol boat introduced in major news
      program several times, we felt the need to separate the boat and
      diving business. Woojungsa was a familiar name in the diving industry
      but not in the boat industry.
      The boat division got a new name taken from our boat brand
      name VOGO, meaning treasure-house in Korean language, based on
      our belief that sea is our treasure-house since Woojungsa first
      In 2002, VOGO contacted 2 x swimmer delivery vehicles will be
      operated for the ROK special forces. It will be delivered on Dec. 2003.
      As Woojungsa was the first of the kind in the beginning, VOGO
      ENGINEERING LTD. will keep up the reputation with challenging
      1. postman
        postman 24 December 2012 16: 35
        Quote: Professor
        checked, in 1966, although the date of foundation of the company 1981 hangs on their website.

        In the 1972 catalog (I stuck it)
        in another 1966 for sure.
        They themselves are confused, it seems
  7. crambol
    crambol 24 December 2012 17: 15
    And here is another sample. He shot in Kiel (Germany) in 1967. She was dragged to sea trials from the shipyard. Pay attention to how diligently the workers close the side number and bow of the wheelhouse!
    1. Professor
      24 December 2012 17: 21
      Here is another: Ultra Small Submarine
  8. Foamas
    Foamas 24 December 2012 18: 12
    Our answer to Chamberlain smile
    Primorsk, October 2008