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Weserflug P.1003 / 1


This vertical takeoff and landing aircraft project - VTOL (Vertical TakeOff and Landing) - from Weserflug is dated 1938. The fuselage of the aircraft is very traditional and is equipped with a standard tail unit. The original design decision in this project were the wings. Approximately half of the cantilevered part of each wing could rotate relative to the center section on special hinge nodes. At the ends of the wings was supposed to install a nacelle with gearboxes equipped with large diameter propellers. Since the wing was mounted on a high-wing type, the propeller could be turned both forward and down.

It was installed by type vysokoplan, propeller could be deployed both forward and down.
The only Daimler-Benz DB 600 engine that drives both screws was to be located in the fuselage behind the crew cabin. An air intake was introduced into the nose of the fuselage to supply the engine with air. The chassis of the traditional tricycle scheme was removed in the fuselage. The crew consisted of two people.
Despite the fact that it was a revolutionary idea at the time, the project never went beyond the drawing board.

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