Russian space has become a means of "gutting money"

The “ambitious projects” of the authorities in the space sphere (such as plans for flights to the Moon and Mars and the construction of the Vostochny cosmodrome), the outstanding designer of rocket and rocket and space technology, the honorary general designer of the Military-Industrial Corporation NPO mechanical engineering "(" Chelomey firms ") Herbert Efremov.

Russian space has become a means of "gutting money"

"Everyone wants to go to the moon!"

“We do not have gas in the villages, there are no roads, and the villages themselves become less. The Chinese, Hindus need rovers and moon rovers, they are milestones for them. For us, a repetition of the past, we have long taken these tops, ”he explained his position in an interview with Rossiyskaya Gazeta.

“We must deal with everything that works for urgent tasks, gives practical results. Namely: we need remote sensing satellites, both for civilian tasks and for the military. Topography, navigation is needed, I would especially note with the creation of domestic electronic maps, because so far GLONASS works without Russian maps. It is important to develop communication services, mainly through geostationary satellites. Or, say, weather satellites - the cat wept for them now. These areas should be strengthened, ”the veteran of the Russian defense industry is convinced.

“And on Mars and on the Moon our positions cannot be strengthened, there are no pragmatic tasks for us,” explains Herbert Efremov. - There are more pressing issues. For example, does everyone know that during the five-day war of 2008 of the year (in Georgia) we were forced to receive satellite images of the situation in Tskhinval from Israel? There were problems with the aerial survey of aircraft, there was no domestic system of intelligence from space. I still can't tell, but it is. ”

Meanwhile, our modern officials are "not interested" in low-budget projects that the domestic defense complex offers. Often, they now give preference to the purchase of foreign equipment - after all, "the cost of acquiring domestic products, by the standards of officials, is relatively small, and the responsibility is higher." “The 500 million rubles program is not interesting for our officials,” says a veteran of the national defense industry. - Interestingly? For example, a long-term project of a base on the moon at a cost of, say, 50 billion is yes! And even better is even more expensive. ”

As a confirmation, the illustrious designer gave an example using (more precisely - not using) the UR-100 combat intercontinental missile (according to the NATO classification - “Stilet”), developed at the time by “NPO Mashinostroyenia” and still in service with the Strategic Missile Forces to launch into space of various satellites. To do this, NPOmash began work on the creation of the Svobodny space center — at the location of the mines of the UR-100 combat missiles (the Vostochny space center is now being built there). “It was just suggested that one mine should be altered for launches of“ weave ”with satellites, including with“ Condors ”(satellites also developed by NPOmash. - KM.RU),” says Efremov. - To convert a combat missile into a space carrier, a minimum of work is required - the warheads and the complex of means for overcoming the enemy’s missile defense system are removed, a satellite and a new fairing are installed. That is, our program is not financially costly for the country. ”

And why didn’t this project go to the leading authorities, asked Rossiyskaya Gazeta?

“No one is interested in a cheap rocket. Instead, on the basis of "weave", Rokot was developed (it was already done by the Khrunichev Center. - KM.RU) - with an overclocking unit instead of the third stage and a new control system. But it is several times more expensive than the "weave"! - Efremov tells. - I was handed over from the customer: learn to manage money. I, as upholding projects without kickbacks and cuts, was not needed. They called him the righteous, they approved the project, but they did not accept it ... Everyone wants to go to the moon! ”

"What to do with the cosmos"

Herbert Efremov, I must say, did not even reach into his pocket before the words of criticism of the leadership of the space and the entire defense industry, defending its principal position - the domestic space must be pragmatic. In early October. For example, he wrote for the newspaper “Vedomosti” an article “What to do with space”, in which he sharply argued with Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin, who oversees the government of the military-industrial complex of Russia.

Of the many problems of the rocket and space industry, the designer wrote, first of all it is necessary to deal with the two most important ones. The first is the restructuring of the work of Roskosmos as the only agency legally responsible for space issues, as well as for intercontinental ballistic missiles, including combat ones. The second is the prioritization of work on space issues. And on the first, and on the second problems, Efremov has his own opinion.

Referring to the first problem, he wrote: “I, who worked for a long time as the head of a large rocket-space association, JSC MIC NPO Mashinostroyenia, clearly see that often the interests of the directors of space industry enterprises are reduced to knocking out the maximum scope of projects and maximum implementation time. I want to note that at the same time, Roskosmos is interested only in works in which the department acts as a customer, i.e. manages cash flow. In particular, the agency is indifferent to projects where the customer is another agency - the Ministry of Defense. Therefore, in fact, a failure has been formed in the organization of industry work related to combat missile themes and military space. ”

“I will give some examples from the practice of the NPO Mashinostroeniya,” continued Efremov. - After the first annual final board of Roskosmos in 2004, my question was why the combat missile theme was not affected at all at the meeting, they explained to me: the Ministry of Defense is the customer, let him (the enterprises) do it. Or when, in 2006, I officially addressed Roskosmos from the council of heads of cooperation enterprises on the current issues of creating the Condor remote sensing system (Earth remote sensing), the answer was similar - let the Ministry of Defense take care of you. ”

According to the famous designer, it was because of Roskosmos’s failure to fulfill its main tasks and, as a result, the quality of products declined, and the leadership of the country decided to radically reform the agency. “Analyzing the events, we can say the following,” Efremov noted. “The attempt to accelerate the privatization of rocket and rocket-space enterprises turned out to be untenable and untimely. The inclusion of Roscosmos in the structure of the Ministry of Industry and Trade does not give the desired effect due to the excessive commercialization of the latter’s approaches. ”

“Got” from Herbert Alexandrovich to Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin and for how he outlined the priorities for the development of the rocket and space industry. Dmitry Rogozin, noted Efremov, arranged them as follows:

- a fantastic project of a base on the moon or something similar as the supposedly breakthrough element of the space program of Russia;
- defense space work;
- scientific space works;
- pragmatic tasks of space systems and devices.

“It seems to me,” Efremov argued, “that the desire of Dmitry Rogozin in the first place to put some kind of fantastic task such as creating a research base on the moon is really debatable. It is generally accepted that all the world achievements in space exploration are obtained by automatic devices. And work on near-earth manned space stations, including the ISS, are of a nature associated primarily with the hassle of the human body, its safety. The developers of the idea of ​​creating a base on the moon are clearly trying to repeat for many billions of rubles passed under Sergey Korolyov and Georgy Babakin in 1960-1970. And no breakthroughs in high technology from the repetition of the past will not follow. ”

“It seems to me quite obvious,” continued Herbert Alexandrovich, “that solving pragmatic tasks (communication services, television, cartography, etc.) is the main priority of the space industry in Russia. Although not fanfare, but economical and efficient. After all, it is known that the space group of Russia contains only three Earth remote sensing satellites, two meteorological satellites and is inferior in capabilities now not only to the United States, but also to the EU countries, China, Japan, India ... and to recreate the domestic electronics industry. ”

In the second place, according to the veteran of the Russian defense industry, defense space works should really be. “It is amazing,” he writes, “that even the adoption of the impressive national security strategy in space by the NSSS in the USA for the NSSS, as I see it, did not cause any concern to the Russian Space Agency or the Ministry of Defense. And it would be worth worrying about how Russia, when implementing this strategy, will be able to secure its defense interests in space. ”

Third place in the priorities of the domestic space Herbert Efremov assigns (we note, like Dmitry Rogozin) fundamental research in space with the help of automata. And only in the last place in the list of priorities appear in his "flights to Mars and to more distant areas." Moreover, the scientist believes that they should be implemented with the involvement of private investors.

Here is a picture of the state of the domestic cosmos presented from the story of Herbert Efremov. A sad, admittedly, picture - especially against the background of the indisputable achievements of Soviet cosmonautics and rocket science.

Of course, as a true patriot of his company, NPO Mashinostroenia, from the city of Reutov near Moscow, Herbert Alexandrovich could not resist in his story from elements of libism. After all, almost all the specific projects advertised by him, which were hacked to pieces by the former leadership of Roskosmos and the Ministry of Defense, are the fruit of the work of the Chelomey firm’s collective.

In addition, some of the criticisms expressed by him are far from indisputable. Take, for example, the project to create the Vostochny cosmodrome. Yes, while Russia has an alternative to it - time-tested, well-proven Baikonur. But this is not ours, but Kazakhstan’s territory. What if, after the aging Nursultan Nazarbayev had retired, Moscow would not have a relationship with the new leadership of this country? Where will Russia be able to launch heavy rockets from? But Herbert Alexandrovich himself reminds our military of the "impressive national security strategy in space" adopted by the United States, which has not yet caused "no concern" in our military department ... And if the Defense Ministry is finally puzzled by this challenge - from what launch pad can Russia does space launch the necessary cargo?

And yet, the testimony of the person who gave 60 years of life to the design work and the leadership of the renowned Chelomey company, which beats the alarm about the kickbacks practice that hit the Russian defense industry, the incorrect alignment of the original priorities of the development of the national space, deserve The management of the industry and the country listened to them in the most attentive way.
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  1. +3
    24 December 2012 07: 38
    "Gutting money" called the current "ambitious projects" of the authorities in the space sector.

    With such, skinning officials, it seems to be true.
    Without changing the staff, managers, at ROSCOSMAS, from the old, thieves,
    let's hope for new ones, honest and thinking about the prestige of their homeland, and not about their prosperity.
    1. +3
      24 December 2012 08: 25
      Quote: Bulls.
      With such, skinning officials, it seems like the truth

      My respect, Alex hi
      The article, unambiguously, is a plus for reasons of importance to the topic, and for the signal about the emerging danger of squandering state dough, and for the designation of urgent primary tasks. But!
      As noted below sergo0000,
      Quote: sergo0000
      I don’t agree with everything, but sensible offers are being received.

      There is such an attitude - to set the bar for your goals as high as possible. Then, successes achieved on the way to the main goal and giving impetus to further movement will be quite significant and tangible.
      For this very reason, to sweep aside the strategic directions of space development. branches in the plane of further space exploration (from which, in fact, the author is trying to dissuade), it seems to me - not entirely correct. This, probably, would be very true if Russia now completely gave up on practical projects (GLONASS, telecommunications, etc.), and rushed forward in pursuit under the slogan "Overtake America at any cost in the development of distant worlds!" But if you look at it, then no one sets inconsistent tasks. Preparation for all sorts of lunar and Mars programs is carried out slowly, taking into account financial and technological capabilities.
      Here we have the opportunity to see actions under the motto - "Move quickly, but not in a hurry."
      1. +3
        24 December 2012 08: 38
        Quote: esaul
        This would probably be very true if Russia now completely scored on practical projects (GLONASS, telecommunications, and so on),

        hi I agree.
        Of course, the presence of corrupt officials in power is not a reason to refuse advanced and very necessary projects for the development of the country.
        Rather, it is an occasion, for the beginning of an uncompromising war, with them.
      2. +2
        24 December 2012 11: 15
        Greetings Valery!
        With all the naturalness about a sober approach to spending in space, you probably need to have the fact that progress is needed in this industry. On some old technologies you will not enter into the future. If the race for the exploration of the moon begins, then we would not be too late. It reminds me of Antarctica. Well, that we all seem to know everything about her, but there is a base on Antarctica.
        1. +2
          24 December 2012 19: 16
          Quote: Ross
          On some old technologies you can’t drive into the future

          Greetings, Eugene hi
          Yes, everyone understands this, buddy! You probably already know about the site "Made by us". So there is evidence that from parasitism on the backlog of past years we are moving on to the creation of new technologies in many (including science-intensive) areas - it is full fellow
          With regards to space and other areas, here are a couple of links

    2. +6
      24 December 2012 08: 28
      The problem is not that they steal. The problem is that no one catches thieves, and even if they accidentally get caught, no one punishes them. No seizures, no landings. And this is a signal-theft !. The bureaucrat will sopret millions of 20-2 years conditionally + a fine of 100 tr) A man drunk will sopret on the collective farm of a pig- he has 3 years of real term. Judges are absolutely unpunished. They judge how it will hit your head ... or in your pocket. While all this will flourish there will be no cosmos. There will be expensive cut projects. And nobody thinks about the Motherland from bureaucrats .. alas.
  2. +3
    24 December 2012 07: 41
    "Meanwhile, our modern officials are "not interested" in low-budget projects " - I agree with the author, but not in everything! You first find someone who rested 6,5 billion from Roscosmos !!! You need your own spaceport - this is both defense and business! Is it difficult to create a department of your own financial security there? Under the control of independent audits from the West (these will not be taken on the "paw"!) And they are under the control of the FSB.
    1. +2
      24 December 2012 08: 46
      Quote from taseka] Under the control of independent audits from the West (these are not taken on the "paw"!) And they are under the control of the FSB.

      Well, you give ?! Or such a joke? Give the West financial control
      Roscosmos! ! !

      As for the western "paws" - they take no less than ours. Remember:
      Selling Lockheed to Japan and South Korea, Mercedes, yes any deal on
      international market without "give it a paw" is not produced.
    2. wax
      24 December 2012 12: 07
      Financial control is also subject control, i.e. total in skilled hands.
  3. +5
    24 December 2012 07: 45
    Why only space? The feeling is that all significant projects financed from the budget are a source of not sickly income for officials "looking" for the budget. And the larger the project, the more people who want to cut it. This is already a clinic and this disease can only be treated with surgical methods, for example, with a guillotine. And starting with what the fish rots from
    1. +2
      24 December 2012 21: 29
      Quote: gregor6549
      Why only space? The feeling is that all significant projects financed from the budget are a source of not sickly income for officials "looking" for the budget. And the larger the project, the more people who want to cut it.

      Here they are constantly shouting about insufficient funding, the absence of large breakthrough programs, etc. Since the beginning of the 2000s, the financing of the Russian Space Agency has been increasing, and only for civilian spending on space (excluding secret targeted military programs) Russia shares 3-4 places with China as a standard (ahead of Japan, France, India and only second only USA and the European Union). Just comparing the economies of Russia and China is enough to understand that the Kremlin does not neglect cosmonautics at all. Therefore, the question is logical, but where is the guarantee that having received $ 15 billion a year, popovkin, koptev and other space bureaucrats will cope with these programs? And the money will not go into the sand and not be stolen? Or are they such irreplaceable specialists and industry professionals? There is Efremiev under 90 years old and he says the right and reasonable things.
      Unfortunately, no one asks Vladimir Popovkin questions about why Roscosmos stores and rolls taxpayers' money, that is, its entire budget, in the private FundServicebank OJSC, who was repeatedly caught in fraud and money laundering through one-day firms. ? From what such merits do the top managers of "ENERGOMAASH" do not hide at all, like all their brethren in status at other Russian enterprises in the rocket and space industry, assign themselves impressive salaries and "dismissals"? To understand, the salary of a design engineer at these enterprises varies from 6-8 to 15-22 thousand rubles (depending on the location of the plant or research institute), now it may be higher, but not by much.
      Here is from the materials of the Audit Chamber for verification for 2010
      Deputy Head of the Federal Space Agency (Roscosmos) V.P.Remishevsky, who was the chairman of the board of directors of NPO Energomash OJSC until April 2011, repeatedly initiated amendments and additions to labor contracts with individual managers of Energomash in 2009-2010 in order to the increase for them of various types of cash rewards in the amount of 50 times their average monthly wage.

      I even have such a version that "Phobos-soil" is actually an ordinary dummy "canned" sent into space in the hope that it will get away from the Earth and safely disappear in the depths of the Universe. But money is naturally plundered and no Americans have anything to do with it. ...
      All these large projects and allocated funds are an excellent occasion for the endless overseas voyages of the top leaders and the elementary pumping of money from the budget, Well, for buying houses in Spain, of course with registration on dummies .. Rumors, of course, rumors, God forbid ...
      1. +2
        24 December 2012 21: 30
        Over the past 15 years, not a single high-ranking official of the space agency or top manager of this or that enterprise has incurred any punishment for fraud and theft. Roskosmos is a structure closely integrated into the military-industrial complex, all of its enterprises are focused on the production of dual-use products, and the federal agency is only a litmus test of the degree of degradation, African savagery and rampant theft this industry has reached. to put things in order, there money is spinning such that the wife of Serdyukov "turns green" not from dollars but from envy. And the activities of Popovkin and Perminov also cause discontent worse than the activities of Serdyukov in the army. It's just that this office is not in the public eye and they remember about it only after the next space accident, which, despite the funding, have not decreased for some reason. So Efremov is right, right.
  4. fenix57
    24 December 2012 07: 47
    The more expensive the project, the less controlled it is. Well and accordingly ...
  5. +1
    24 December 2012 08: 01
    How pleased such articles on the Internet. It means that our leading designers have gunpowder gunpowder and the ability to criticize and suggest the right directions in space exploration and rocket science.
    I don’t agree with everything, but sensible offers are being received.
    And I do not think that the same Rogozin does not listen to them!
    With Roskosmos this is generally a separate conversation!
    If this continues to be the case, then it is worth thinking about attracting private capital and space projects. Why not!?
    Amer has already launched and put the first private ship into space!
    And why is Russia worse? By the way, a private trader will not squander his money!
    1. +3
      24 December 2012 08: 45
      Quote: sergo0000
      By the way, private traders will not squander their money!
      Of course, there will be no Sayano Shushenskaya hydroelectric power station, an example and money were saved and electricity did not become cheaper
      1. 0
        24 December 2012 10: 03
        tambourine 2012,
        Absolutely incorrect comparison!
        The operation and maintenance of an existing project and the creation and development of the future. Yes, it is not necessary to understand an individual as a private individual. This can be a holding and a corporation with its own funds, the money for which will be allocated only for existing and developed models. And R&D carried out by the company itself.
        1. +2
          24 December 2012 13: 08
          Hello, Sergey.
          As usual - everyone is right. And wrong at the same time.
          Of course, the bar needs to be set high ... and higher in the posts it was just so noted.
          And what's the point that we will set the bar at 3 meters? And for pole vault - 16 meters?
          Who really needs lunar base? How is it better than, say, the same ISS? This is how the ISS is rolling around "free space" technologies. And what will the lunar base run in? Technologies of subterrestrial gravity? Technologies of a hot desert and wild cold?
          So PRACTICIAN - he is a practitioner.
          The desire to work in the long run - please .. Berezovsky, Potanin, Abramovich - create a holding company .. we will work on a flight to the Asteroid Belt. We will find there a diamond asteroid - we will pay off.
          That will be ... holding - CONCERT.
          And when all the transport ... municipal ..., gas station in Gazprom - is transferred to the GLONASS geo-control system - but at the same time there are no maps of our own ... what can I say?
          The project was developed, the modules were put into cars ... but they cannot work. Wild error, then the satellites are not caught at all. That card ... the wrong system.
          It would be a CIRCUS ... if it weren’t overlooked - a simple theft. Cut, Rollback. Name it whatever you like.
          But not statehood.
          For these .. idiots who consider themselves great statesmen .. what's the trick?
          It is simply accepted that the larger (monetary content) a project is, the longer it takes, it means - STATE. Large scale.
          Some granny in the village to carry gas? Xy.
          We better get the Shtokman field.
          No one needs anything for nothing. Because - it is unprofitable.
          You steal a lot - you are a statesman.
          You steal a little - "... learn to manage money."
          And all business.
          1. 0
            24 December 2012 17: 17
            Greetings Igor!
            I don’t know how about a diamond asteroid, but there really is something there that haunts neither our scientists nor the Western ones. In particular, the Americans.
            Some kind of superfuel for nuclear reactors at a price more expensive than gold like
  6. andrey903
    24 December 2012 08: 02
    It seems that this scheme is headed by Ivanov
    1. +1
      24 December 2012 13: 49
      Quote: andrey903
      It seems that this scheme is headed by Ivanov

      can't believe in the voiced role of "terpily"? ... wink
  7. +2
    24 December 2012 08: 11
    Indeed, Moscow has taken over virtually everything ... the enterprises of the rocket and space complex, starting from the Urals and to the east on a starvation diet. But we all have the opportunity to contemplate the fruits of such "integration-reformization" ... multibillion-dollar deep-sea spacecraft.
  8. +2
    24 December 2012 08: 30
    Yes, the deputy prime minister turned out to be a dreamer, indeed, let them not touch state property with their dirty hands, these oligarchs have stolen money of a cosmic scale, let them create a base on the moon and prove their worth, and state enterprises that provide for the country's needs will remain untouched. Indeed, as the commander-in-chief said, the private trader is an effective owner, but he will not give his money to the moon, he is efficient, and he’s happy to get the money from the budget and always with a long development period, as in Skolkovo. - the results are not visible and not heard, only 6 km of the road for 6 billion rubles, and something is not visible results from the friend of all progressive humanity and the eternal injured red-headed family member, only one collapse.
  9. +2
    24 December 2012 08: 32
    You listen to the "box" - IDYLL !!!! Left the house where the machine gun is .... !!!!!!!! ???????? am
    1. +1
      24 December 2012 12: 45
      The Potemkin affair lives and thrives!
  10. +1
    24 December 2012 08: 47
    There were recently at the Vostochny cosmodrome so there for half-year hard workers there the salary is delayed and salaries are not a fountain
  11. +1
    24 December 2012 08: 51
    Good morning to forum users! hi

    In my opinion, the author touched upon very urgent problems, for example, this attracted my attention
    quote-For example, does everyone know that during the five-day war 2008 of the year (in Georgia) were we forced to receive satellite imagery about the situation in Tskhinval from Israel? There were problems with aerial photography, there wasn’t domestic intelligence system from space. I can’t still tell, but it is so. ”

    This clearly shows the level of defense.
    I can imagine what will happen if the author talks about the rest. belay

    quote-For example, a long project of a base on the Moon at a cost of, say, 50 billion - yes! And better - even more expensive. ”
    apparently officials forgot what country they are citizens of. am Apparently it would be worth recalling through the investigation and the courts. Although considering investigative approach to suspects in the case of "Oboronoservis" they (officials) are clearly not frightened. Raspil dough will continue. am

    Summarizing the statements of G.A. Efremov (note I am more inclined to trust him, this is definitely), I want to note that the situation is really depressing, and if the accumulated experience of the Soviet cosmonautics continues to continue, it will simply be lost. am
  12. +2
    24 December 2012 09: 01
    In light of all that has been said, it would be very useful to bring Serdyukov to trial. He could tell a lot. But this is unlikely to be allowed to be done. Too many he can give up. Therefore, either he will not be handed over to the court, or, if they are handed over, then in a coffin and white slippers.
    1. +1
      24 December 2012 12: 48
      Quote: gregor6549
      bring Serdyukov to court

      This is how to cut off part of yourself.
  13. +8
    24 December 2012 09: 29
    with the creation of domestic electronic cards, because so far GLONASS works without Russian cards. You need to understand that GLONASS and the young and old system at the same time. It began to be created back in the USSR, and the first satellites were from those years. We lagged behind GPS, and while this system was developing and capturing the markets, we destroyed the Union and made defaults. When they woke up, the train left.
    1. +1
      24 December 2012 12: 45
      In many respects, one of the "fathers" of our astronautics is right! The other day on the radio "Mayak" I listened to a program where it was clearly announced that the Ministry of Defense refused to use GLONASS (in favor of GPS) for defense purposes !!! And they clearly explained why: there are so many "holes" in it that when launching a rocket one cannot be sure where it will fall (maybe even on one's own head). And what a nafig defense using the system of a potential enemy, where all coordinates and ground level change with one command! am ! Therefore, the first is the pragmatic use of space, and in parallel everything else!
  14. +1
    24 December 2012 10: 30
    I have long been saying that it is necessary to stop financing the ISS as a dead end branch of development. Not our satellites plow open spaces of the solar system, not our orbital telescopes explore the depths of space, but should.
  15. AndreyAB
    24 December 2012 10: 35
    All this is understandable, cuts, kickbacks - including kickbacks of the rocket and space industry back, but forgive this where the investigative committee, the anti-corruption fight, the FSB in the end, or how with the MoD until they build up capital, some kind of preventive action is what ? State policy in the field of space, defense, educational, etc. What do government officials not see this outrage?
    1. 0
      24 December 2012 10: 45
      Everybody sees everything, but when it comes to taking action, there is a command to "close your eyes" and everything returns to normal. So it’s not the "snoopers" who need to be blamed, they know their business very tightly, but those who hide the results of their work "under the cloth", but the "sleds" themselves in the ground and other secluded places where visual acuity is not so harmful
  16. zemlyak
    24 December 2012 10: 54
    The old man is right, this applies not only to space but also to other industries. There is a legalized theft of folk money. When will it all end?
  17. +1
    24 December 2012 11: 16
    I am becoming more and more convinced that it is necessary, from people like Herbert Efremov, to create real Stareshin Councils, which will have the right of veto on decisions of officials. Let bureaucrats work for themselves, but the Council of Elders can convene at any time if they see any global threat from official decisions. And the same advice is needed in the Army, Science and the Education System.
    These people now need to unite, create their online communities and, if something happens, write appeals to the President, or even the people. In the appeals it is obligatory to indicate the names of those officials who, in their opinion, are engaged in direct sabotage, or stuffing their pockets.
    Of course, there is a state secret, but people like Efremov probably know in what mode and on these issues to communicate
  18. 0
    24 December 2012 11: 40
    Advice is good, but never anywhere such advice and other forms of collective gatherings did not solve anything and did not answer for anything. Responsibility must be personal, and the thought that the state and his personal are two big differences and the misunderstanding of this simple thought, like a rake, of thought can be incompatible with freedom and even life, must be firmly driven into the head of a responsible person. It is very useful to go to Singapore for experience. There they were able to introduce this idea into the minds of officials. Tight
  19. +1
    24 December 2012 12: 05
    For example, does everyone know that during the five-day war of 2008 (in Georgia) we were forced to receive satellite imagery about the situation in Tskhinval from Israel? - Nevermind, is it true or what ?! Well that's it, brought to the handle!
  20. wax
    24 December 2012 12: 19
    It smells of war in the air, so we need to prepare for war. Those. space should digitize the whole earth in the shortest possible time, create communication systems and protect them, provide total control of the entire earth and water surface at any time, anywhere (i.e., orbital vehicles are needed that can change the trajectory at the right time). Well, etc. Those. Efremov is by and large right. As for the spaceport, yes, it needs its own, modern, capable of expanding. And it is better to have two full-fledged spaceports. The moon, Mars should also interest us, but pragmatically, like a testing ground for automation. Only in preparation for a war against a united world can we prevent a war.
    1. +1
      24 December 2012 12: 54
      Within the framework of the Federal Space Program of Russia for 2006 - 2015, in the section "Space Facilities for Fundamental Space Research" to solve the problems of this scientific area, the following projects are envisaged:


      A fundamentally new space complex with a returning spacecraft for conducting microgravity experimental research

      It is intended to provide fundamental knowledge about the processes taking place in melts and solutions, as well as in biological structures under ultra-low (below 10-7g) levels of microgravity, with a view to their subsequent use in organizing the industrial production of new materials and biological products on Earth, and using the OKA-T-ISS space complex. The active life of the spacecraft in orbit is 1 year

      The launch of the spacecraft is scheduled for 2015.


      A space complex based on an automatic spacecraft serviced in the infrastructure of the ISS, designed for the integrated solution of problems in the field of microgravity and applied technological and biotechnological research.

      It will provide: manufacturing at a microgravity level of no worse than 10-6g using nanotechnologies of semiconductor epitaxial structures for nanoelectronics (pilot samples of these structures); obtaining cartilage structures (small batches for use in medicine); production of cadmium-mercury-tellurium single crystals for next-generation sensor equipment; obtaining biologically active substances and other drugs and samples with properties that are significantly better than the properties of terrestrial analogues

      The active life of a spacecraft in orbit is 5 years.

      "Spectrum - RG"

      Astrophysical observatory providing the results of research on astronomical objects in the x-ray and gamma ranges: 0,08 keV - 10,0 MeV

      The launch of the spacecraft is scheduled for 2012.

      A space observatory and an interferometer operating on its basis with an angular resolution of up to 30 nanoseconds of arc, which provides unique information about the global structure of the Universe; about the structure and evolution of galaxies, their nuclei, stars and planetary systems, as well as about organic compounds in outer space, objects with superstrong gravitational and electromagnetic fields.

      The launch of the spacecraft is planned after 2015.
  21. 0
    24 December 2012 12: 46
    And really, how does GLONAS work now? Has anyone encountered her in practice?
    1. 0
      24 December 2012 13: 28
      It doesn’t work at all.
      "Squeak - squeak ... but the cart is unlucky .."
  22. +1
    24 December 2012 13: 05
    Gamma - 400
    A space observatory to determine the nature of “dark matter” in the Universe, to develop the theory of the origin of high-energy cosmic rays and elementary particle physics.
    The launch of the spacecraft is planned after 2015. Astrometry "

    A space astrometric complex that provides the construction of a fundamental system of celestial coordinates in the optical range, the measurement of parallaxes of reference stars with an accuracy of 10-6 arc seconds and the solution of applied problems of space navigation.
    The launch of the spacecraft is scheduled for 2018.
    The space complex, which provides studies of the parameters of the processes of low-frequency wave propagation in the magnetoactive plasma of the Earth’s magnetosphere, studies of the mechanisms of resonant interaction of waves and particles in near-Earth space, recorded using a ground-based short-wave heating bench and an artificial Earth satellite. The results of the control of technogenic impacts on the Earth's magnetosphere and geophysical processes.

    The launch of the spacecraft is scheduled for 2012.


    A space complex for studying the parameters of the electromagnetic radiation of the Sun at close distances (30-40 radii of the Sun) with high sensitivity and resolution in the optical, ultraviolet, x-ray and gamma ranges, as well as the parameters of the solar wind to solve the problems of heating the solar corona and accelerating the solar wind , the origin of solar flares and coronary plasma emissions.
    The launch of the spacecraft is scheduled for 2014.

    "THERION - F2"
    The space complex (SC), which provides the results of studies of the parameters of the ionosphere and thermosphere, as well as mechanisms forming thermospheric and ionospheric communications on a planetary scale based on direct and remote measurement methods from the low-orbit spacecraft at an altitude of 300 km.
    The start of work on the creation of the spacecraft is scheduled for 2014.

    "Bion - M"
    A space complex that provides the study of the parameters of the physiological state of biological objects under the influence of outer space factors during an orbital flight of up to 45 days in order to provide effective biomedical support for long manned flights in space.
    The launch of the first Bion-M spacecraft is scheduled for 2012.

    Space complex for microgravity research in space technology and biotechnology
    It is intended to provide new knowledge on the physics of zero gravity; spent technological processes for the production of semiconductor materials, biomedical preparations (with a microgravity level of 2 · 10-6g) with improved characteristics. The active life of a spacecraft in orbit is 30 days
  23. +1
    24 December 2012 13: 15
    Efremov is right! And with villages without gas, and with bases on the moon, and with priority tasks.
    Yes, there was a time, they were ahead of the rest, but these were different times, different relations between the authorities and the people.
    Now the people are not the same, if many still understand the need to strengthen the defense, then with surprise, if not angrily, they discuss the projects of "acquaintance with the Universe", and even in the light of the latest "tricks of the thieves officials." Space should really become practical, oriented towards the needs of the state.
    Russia is not yet in that "dawn" to "show off" by improving life and solving its eternal problems ..........
  24. +1
    24 December 2012 13: 35
    The scientist is absolutely right. Sorry for him. Nothing good awaits him.
    1. +2
      24 December 2012 13: 53
      Quote: homosum20
      The scientist is absolutely right. Sorry for him. Nothing good awaits him.

      something tells me that not his one ... request
  25. Andof odessa
    24 December 2012 15: 10
    What can I say after reading the article and comments.
    1. Space is a strategic important area. Both an object of industrial application (an endless market - the space industry, in principle, cannot have overproduction than it is important for the development of the economy), and psychologically-patriotic (if you can’t send a man into space, for example China, which brought them more respect in the world is that they 3 independently sent a person into space or our Varangian?) but the authorities do not have this understanding.
    2. At present, Russia (as well as Ukraine) does not have a patriotic elite, and there are no reserves that could be replaced.
    3. Private investment in space will be possible only if the state gives guarantees for the purchase of products. which means that private sawmills will be added to the same "state" sawmills.
    4. For great achievements great goals are needed that will be accompanied by great difficulties. that is, a megaproject of moon exploration is needed! but it should be clearly step by step thought out and registered. and we need the Ministry of Environment of the USSR, a structurally structured and oriented state structure. with supreme responsibility for non-fulfillment of plans.
    5. Attempt to switch only solving problems close to the body will lead to endless modernization of the same "teapot" without looking for a new one.
  26. satellite
    24 December 2012 15: 20
    "Destruction in the heads, not in the closets"
  27. 0
    24 December 2012 17: 03
    The author is right. Unfortunately, in our country, not only space has become a means of "making money" for officials. Great goals are costly and bureaucrats like no other have passed it by. But this is our future and theft must be punished mercilessly. And work in this area should be carried out not by "private traders" and other riffraff, but by the state with the appropriate state acceptance. These are high technologies, jobs, and much more, useful for the development of the economy as a whole.
  28. -1
    24 December 2012 20: 55
    We need a structure that is independent of anyone, subordinate only to, let’s say, the president. The goals of this organization are as follows - all projects worth> 500 million rubles are taken under the most severe control. The powers are the broadest. To bring this legislative base. And we will not have Serdyukov, nor Luzhkov ... etc. etc. ...
    1. Misantrop
      24 December 2012 21: 16
      Quote: hoot
      We need a structure that is independent of anyone, subordinate only to, let’s say, the president. The goals of this organization are as follows: all projects worth> 500 million rubles are taken under the most severe kontrol. The powers are broad. Subject to the legislative framework.
      The arguments were almost literally the same when ... the appointment of Serdyukov with his "women's battalion" in the Ministry of Defense. The results of this purifying the activities of the "rotten and thoroughly corrupt MO" before everyone's eyes. Same rake, second approach? wink
  29. 0
    24 December 2012 22: 48
    "..... an outstanding designer of rocket and rocket-space technology .." :
    "We must do everything that works for urgent tasks, gives practical benefits ........."
    - the designer is missile, but judges satellite tasks, i.e. for example: a satellite can also be created in a student design bureau in Vietnam, but dropped into orbit, so you must first send it to Russia.

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