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Pentagon: US does not want war with Russia, we have no military capabilities in the Black Sea

Pentagon: US does not want war with Russia, we have no military capabilities in the Black Sea

The US military department comments on numerous statements that the constant pumping of Ukraine by Western weapons, a course of confrontation with Moscow could lead to a global war. This development is also predicted by major American politicians, including the 45th President of the United States Trump and the presidential candidate from the Democratic Party Kennedy Jr. According to them, it is necessary to abandon the course of war against a nuclear power, since this war is in no way in the interests of the American people.

Commenting on such statements, the Pentagon said that they "do not seek war with Russia."

Separately, the issue of the participation of American warships in "unblocking Ukrainian ports on the Black Sea" was considered. Ukraine calls on the United States to "participate in the organization of safe corridors for the export of Ukrainian grain."

Kyiv regime:

After the situation with the vessel, which sailed under the flag of Palau to Izmail, NATO should decide on the creation of military convoys to ensure the safe export of Ukrainian agricultural products.

The US Department of Defense announced that they would not send their ships to the Black Sea:

There are no military solutions for Ukrainian food exports, for the reason that we do not want war with Russia and we do not have military capabilities in the Black Sea.

This statement sounds like cunning, since the United States is already waging a proxy war against Russia, including by providing intelligence from aircraft constantly appearing over the Black Sea area. After the appearance of NATO reconnaissance aircraft, a Ukrainian strike follows either on one of the ships of the Black Sea Fleet of the Russian Federation or on the Crimean bridge (at least an attempt at such a strike).

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  1. dmi.pris1
    dmi.pris1 16 August 2023 06: 17
    That is, if there were opportunities, would you like war ??? Cephalopods
    1. Egeny
      Egeny 16 August 2023 06: 34

      ... arthropods ... but essentially true.)
  2. Amateur
    Amateur 16 August 2023 06: 27
    the Pentagon said they "do not seek war with Russia."

    The Pentagon does not want to fight Russia. He wants Ukrainians, Poles, Kurds, Al-Qaeda and many more to fight with Russia with American weapons and those European ones that are to be replaced with American ones.
    That's all they want.
    1. Nexcom
      Nexcom 16 August 2023 06: 29
      Yes, this is the supply of American weapons = the injection of funds into the Amer military-industrial complex, its development.
      Well, at the same time clean up the population of the Slavs with their own Slavic hands. Simple and brilliant...
      "This is such a primitive and impudent plan that it might even work" (c) - I don't remember which Amer movie the quote is from, I forgot ...

      In general, everything is in the American cowboy style - "break into the bank", raise the dough and dump, profit!
      well, if the guards and visitors shoot each other while they clean the safes, it will be generally wonderful.
  3. Nexcom
    Nexcom 16 August 2023 06: 28
    The US does not want war with Russia, we do not have military capabilities in the Black Sea

    I translate: we, the United States, would be happy to spoil and fight by proxy with Russia there, but so far there is nothing special. Therefore, while we tryndet that we do not want to fight, maybe we will be able to breed again.

    It's like with NATO's non-expansion to the East (c) - like "it wasn't NATO itself that expanded, it was the countries themselves who asked to go there to protect them from aggressive Russia" (c).
  4. Bear
    Bear 16 August 2023 06: 31
    "Svinoreikh" will still not give up trying to attack the ships of the Black Sea Fleet and our civilian ships, but without the support of reconnaissance UAVs and NATO aircraft, this is very difficult to do. In my opinion, it is high time to bring down mattress UAVs.
    1. Escariot
      Escariot 16 August 2023 06: 53
      UAVs fly far enough and are unlikely to be used directly for attacks. Rather for radio intelligence
  5. LeutnantTom
    LeutnantTom 16 August 2023 06: 31
    mmmm, if you believe that, you also believe the earth is flat. It's just a trick.
    1. Escariot
      Escariot 16 August 2023 07: 06
      If you have evidence of your position, then do not deign to present them to the public
  6. rotmistr60
    rotmistr60 16 August 2023 06: 54
    The Pentagon said that "they do not seek war with Russia"
    In words, but in deeds, they are happy to fight with proxy, knowing full well that in such a situation Russia will not use nuclear weapons.
  7. tralflot1832
    tralflot1832 16 August 2023 09: 12
    To be honest, I was afraid that the US Navy would block our ports for at least a few weeks by March 2022. The most painless option for them is that there will be no nuclear war, Russia has no right to unleash it. It turns out that this is not so Manhattan costs more than all of Ukraine. And somehow all the economic power of NATO plays a role, but it is leveled by the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation. Isn't it time for the Negro to recognize our peace proposals?
    1. Serg65
      Serg65 16 August 2023 10: 35
      Quote: tralflot1832
      I was afraid that by March 2022 the US Navy would block our ports for at least a few weeks

      How so?
  8. All_Good
    All_Good 16 August 2023 19: 52
    Meanwhile, the Slavs will kill each other for now. Maybe somehow we need to unfold this situation already