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The Degtyarev Plant has developed a new Kord-338LM sniper rifle in .338 Lapua Magnum caliber (8,68 × 70 mm)

The Degtyarev Plant has developed a new Kord-338LM sniper rifle in .338 Lapua Magnum caliber (8,68 × 70 mm)

The Russian Kord sniper rifle received a new caliber, the Degtyarev Plant at the Army-2023 international forum presented a new Kord-338LM rifle in .338 Lapua Magnum caliber. This was announced by the head of the design bureau "ZiDa" Vladimir Lezov.

ZiD designers have developed a new Kord-338LM sniper rifle chambered in .338 Lapua Magnum (8,68×70 mm). For development weapons it took two years, the rifle is being prepared for serial production after the stage of experimental military operation. According to a representative of the plant, the rifle was tested in Syria, and it was also used in the special operation zone, where it received positive feedback from the military.

The rifle was developed in two years. It has already passed experimental military operation by Russian special forces, including in combat conditions in Syria and during a special military operation. Positive Feedback Received

- leads RIA News Lezov's words.

Cord-338LM in .338 Lapua Magnum early sample

The rifle has Picatinny rails, which allows you to install any optics, thermal imaging, night sights, and the rifle can also be equipped with various silencers.

Previously, Russian troops received a Kord sniper rifle in 12,7 mm caliber. Army KSVK 6V7 "Kord-M" caliber 12,7 mm was put into service in 2013, modified to reduce weight, increase the service life up to 4500 rounds, a more efficient patented muzzle brake was introduced, which reduces the recoil force by 2,5 times and masking the flash of fire at night, an adjustable cheek piece made of aluminum, an adjustable butt pad, and it also became possible to adjust the trigger pull. A five-shot magazine rifle with a longitudinally sliding rotary bolt, a "free-floating" barrel. Regularly installed optical sight 1P88-2 variable magnification. Included in the equipment "Warrior".

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  1. Murmur 55
    Murmur 55 14 August 2023 18: 50
    In a sniper rifle, the main quality of the barrel and the quality of the ammunition is if it’s simple and about iron.
    1. dmi.pris1
      dmi.pris1 14 August 2023 19: 05
      Only the lazy one didn’t remember about the quality of ammunition for sniper rifles. The Magnum caliber, the Lobaev rifle is a wonderful thing. In the video, attempts to shoot a pack of cartridges are continuous misfires
    2. Igor1915
      Igor1915 14 August 2023 19: 24
      Plus optics without it you won't see anything
      1. Murmur 55
        Murmur 55 14 August 2023 19: 34
        lgor1915 hi, it’s easier to get optics (a little bit) than a high-quality barrel or cartridge, our optics rarely complained, but often about cartridges and barrels.
        1. Igor1915
          Igor1915 14 August 2023 21: 14
          Maybe so, but my Zeiss sight came out as much as the Mannlicher, and without it, why would I need a Varmint barrel? For me, it’s not necessary to invent new ones, but to saturate them as much as possible with those already worked out, and then systematically replace them.
        2. alanery
          alanery 15 August 2023 09: 18
          VPO-114 in the Lopatin box. 308Win. Sight Athlon 6*24-50. The barrel is very thick, made in Vyatskiye Polyany. This makes the weight heavy. Laid down at 300m in 0,1 MOA. At 430m at 2 MOA. But I just started using this scope. Cartridges BPZ with a chiseled bullet in brass.
          1. alanery
            alanery 15 August 2023 10: 44
            Error - refinery cartridges with a chiseled copper bullet for 175 rubles / pc.
      2. Prapor-527
        Prapor-527 14 August 2023 21: 09
        Plus a trigger mechanism, without it you can’t shoot. lol
    3. nepunamemuk
      nepunamemuk 14 August 2023 20: 07
      Quote: Murmur 55
      In a sniper rifle, the main quality of the barrel and the quality of the ammunition is if it’s simple and about iron.

      it was important even in Katyusha
      until the quality of the ammunition was raised and the shooting was inaccurate and even posed a danger to the calculation sad
  2. Rumata
    Rumata 14 August 2023 18: 51
    Included in the equipment "Warrior".

    If anyone saw the Warrior and the Constellation at the front, nothing will happen to him.
    1. WapentakeLokki
      WapentakeLokki 14 August 2023 19: 18
      .... apparently, the kit also includes the ''invisibility generator'' STEASLS ... you see a warrior .. and I'm not vizhk .. but he is ..
  3. hhurik
    hhurik 14 August 2023 19: 11
    And who is the manufacturer of domestic sniper .338 Lapua Magnum?
    1. dmi.pris1
      dmi.pris1 14 August 2023 19: 14
      Are you asking about rifles, or cartridges?. Lobaev makes rifles, and the same ZiD, what is the article about? Cartridges are made by Novosibirsk.
      1. faiver
        faiver 14 August 2023 19: 17
        he asks about cartridges, of course about cartridges ....
    2. AntidipresaHt
      AntidipresaHt 14 August 2023 19: 43
      The Tula cartridge mastered the entire range of calibers, even our rare 375 cheytak for orsis
      1. Castro Ruiz
        Castro Ruiz 14 August 2023 20: 50
        375 Holland & Holland
    3. Ingenegr
      Ingenegr 14 August 2023 22: 08
      Quote: hhurik
      And who is the manufacturer of domestic sniper .338 Lapua Magnum?

      Novosibirsk and Ulyanovsk make civilian cartridges. Plus a line of PFO PS and BP cartridges produced by Ulyanovsk for security officials. Yes, and on their own, many collect decent parties. Mostly on the set of components that is available at any given time.
  4. faiver
    faiver 14 August 2023 19: 15
    Cord-338LM in .338 Lapua Magnum (8,68×70 mm)
    - Sounds like oil. I would be very surprised if the rifle with the name "Kord-338LM" was in caliber 7,62x54 or 12,7x108 .... hi
  5. Ross xnumx
    Ross xnumx 14 August 2023 19: 24
    Lobaev... Degtyarev... Chukavin... Dragunov...
    It's time to set priorities. Lobaev has been working in Russia since 2013 ... Is there something new in the Degtyarev rifle or is it based on the principle: everyone fled and I ...?
    Some strange trend: airplanes, helicopters, armored vehicles and other “Coalitions” are being developed in a narrow circle of design bureaus, and here such close attention is paid to piece goods ... I don’t understand ...
    * * *
    What about the development of communications and means of command and control? There are new types of flags and flashlights...
    1. Murmur 55
      Murmur 55 14 August 2023 19: 37
      Ross xnumx hi, healthy competition is very important, I repeat HEALTHY, otherwise some concerns are so bronzed that they don’t rush to move and are in no hurry, why they say they will buy it anyway.
      1. A2AD
        A2AD 14 August 2023 19: 59
        Worse. They won't buy. But, the development has been carried out, a sample for the exhibition has been made, the budget has been mastered. And the fact that the same AK turned out only for the outdated and useless NATO caliber. So there are picatinny.
        Kord-338LM has at least a promising caliber. More precisely the most optimal at the moment.
        And the fact that we do not have an appropriate cartridge in the 8,5-9mm range is certainly not a problem for private manufacturers of sniper rifles.
    2. larsikkot
      larsikkot 14 August 2023 20: 39
      you still don't understand? here the task is to announce projects - so that the people rejoice at the military and sofa - and it will go into series and in what quantities is the fifth thing .. I remember since 2006 we have been trending on the first channel about here projects laid down by aircraft carriers yeah ..
    3. Zadok
      Zadok 14 August 2023 21: 11
      There is no connection and never will be. how to hold the wires in the 41st teeth and run with the coil
  6. Ingenegr
    Ingenegr 14 August 2023 20: 19
    The author of the article even hesitated to name himself. The number of blunders brings this text into the category of feuilletons:
    The rifle has Picatinny rails, which allows you to install any optics, thermal imaging, night sights, and the rifle can also be equipped with various silencers.
    silencers, judging by the text, are also installed on Picatinny rail)));
    Army KSVK 6V7 "Kord-M" caliber 12,7 mm
    mixed up in a bunch of horses, people ... Everything is collected, and everything is wrong, and incomprehensible,
    what exactly are you talking about. The 6V7 ASVK and 6V7M ASVKM rifles were put into service. And the 6V7 KSVK "Kord-M" rifle does not exist. Yes, and that's right KORD-M, in capital letters;
    trunk "free-floating".
    and pass again. The trunk is freely posted there, without quotes.
    The level of writers, of course ...
    1. vadimtt
      vadimtt 15 August 2023 07: 30
      But I’m wondering, according to the article, the cheek is aluminum (why not aramid?). And how in winter, the cheekbone does not freeze?
      Really interesting, because I always had everything wooden.
  7. Castro Ruiz
    Castro Ruiz 14 August 2023 20: 55
    Cal. chose excellent.
    Ammo quality is questionable.
  8. KSVK
    KSVK 14 August 2023 20: 55
    Quote: hhurik
    And who is the manufacturer of domestic sniper .338 Lapua Magnum?

    The refinery has been doing it for a long time. I can't speak for the quality, I haven't used it. After the rupture of several shells in the 308th, I bypass the products of the refinery by the tenth road.
    PS and the trunk is not "free-floating", but freely HOSTED.
  9. Obstacle
    Obstacle 14 August 2023 21: 23
    The "free-floating" barrel is set so that it does not come into contact with other parts of the rifle along its entire length. The barrel has an effective active-reactive muzzle brake-compensator. It reduces the recoil force by 2,5 times, and also masks the flash of fire when fired at night. --- from the description of ASVK.
    1. agond
      agond 15 August 2023 08: 45
      When the admiration for everything Western stops, why do we fervently repeat the names given to ordinary things, in fact, the gear rack has the fashionable name "picatinny bar" or the same cartridge, the so-called "Lapua Magnum" is not a discovery or even an invention, but a proper name has, and our cartridge 5.45x39 is nameless, although it is higher in importance, why not just a cartridge of 8,68 × 70 mm
      1. Escariot
        Escariot 15 August 2023 09: 05
        Because the "gear rack" (and in fact the "rail mounting system") can be different, but the "Picatinny rail" is one of the varieties of this rail mounting system and has strictly defined parameters.
        Well, Lapua Magnum is part of the official name of the cartridge. Lapua is the name of the company that developed the reinforced ("Magnum") cartridge chambered for .338
        It is also worth noting that 8.68x70 does not necessarily mean .338LP, because no one forbids you to make your cartridge with a dimension of 8.68x70, but with a different groove shape or some other feature that will make it non-interchangeable with .338LP.
        So it's better to use the original name
  10. Dedok
    Dedok 15 August 2023 11: 14
    regular "victorious" reports and nothing more:
    We produce quite a lot of rifles - according to models and manufacturers, but there is trouble with cartridges for them, also trouble with sights, both optical and night
    as already noted above, the cost of an optical sight (good) is the cost of the weapon itself, and it must also be night, and you won’t get anywhere else with high-quality cartridges for this rifle ...
    therefore, these are "victorious" reports
  11. Zaurbek
    Zaurbek 15 August 2023 11: 22
    I watched an interview with Kiril Fedorov a sniper (a guy without legs, after a tank shot). he has a Mannlicher .308 and SVD. So in 95% of cases - I worked with SVD. There were no ranges for Mannlicher.
  12. Observer2014
    Observer2014 16 August 2023 10: 20
    It would be nice to work with one. In general, I don’t see much problems with sniper rifles. One Lobaev firm is worth something. Although talking with snipers, I hear their opinion. Different opinions. As for me. That my favorite weapon is the PKK. With minor modifications. I consider the infantryman's best weapon. Adapter from dovetail to picatinny + collimator and cap magnifier. Assault handle. Afterburner. Yes, this is a weapon for all cases of war, so to speak. At night, a night light in your pouch is a must. You don’t need to cling to the trunk, but it’s necessary for observation. Well, here everyone chooses his own. I don't like underarms. I think we need a separate left-wing type six-charging grenade launcher. In general, something like this. This is my personal opinion and my favorite weapon. The machine is weak. And the PKK is just right for me.