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Is the Russian education system reformed blind and deaf?

Recently, a series of scandals flared up around the Ministry of Education. This time, corruption scandals have been relegated to the background, but the situation with the ongoing education reform has taken the lead.

An amazing thing comes out: according to public opinion polls, as well as the opinions of specific representatives of the educational process (students, students, their parents, teachers, veterans of the teaching profession), the reform option that is being carried out today does not suit the overwhelming majority of respondents, and the ratings telling about the fall the level of quality of modern education, appear with enviable regularity not only in the domestic, but also in the foreign press. However, apparently, supporters of the reformation manner taken as a basis are absolutely not going to reckon with the majority opinion or the published indicators today.

Is the Russian education system reformed blind and deaf?

The State Duma literally the other day at the request of the Ministry of Education and Science adopted a very controversial law on education. Moreover, information about the adoption of this document was in passing somehow mentioned in the federal media. Like, what is there to tell, what to discuss? This is not such hot cakes as, for example, the resignation of Serdyukov or house arrest Vasilyeva. Of course, the pies are completely different here ... But it depends on the adoption of such a law, no less, the fate of our whole country, the fate of future generations, no matter how pathetic it may sound.

The bill itself, it should be noted, has been trying to go through the State Duma for a long time. His foundations were born when the ministerial post was headed by a man like Andrei Fursenko, whose name among those familiar with educational problems is not hearsay, has become consistently associated with the generation of new and new difficulties in the Russian educational sphere. No, it’s impossible to say that the draft law was adopted without discussion. The Ministry at the time announced that it was ready to listen to suggestions and wishes from practicing teachers and all those who are somehow related to the field of education and training. Special sheets for submitting their proposals were sent to educational institutions, it was possible to leave your comments in the course of improving the bill on a special service. At the same time, more than half a million (!) Changes were proposed that professional teachers and students themselves considered necessary to take into account for the real modernization of education. The Ministry of Education and Science, which today is headed by Dmitry Livanov, received about 40 thousands of collective appeals about which items need to be revised to make Russian education more efficient.

However, what was the surprise of those who advocated making effective amendments when the final form of the law on education remained virtually unchanged. The ministry took into account only some not the most significant proposals, and the “skeleton” of the law itself remained in the form of a “skeleton of a lizard”, which was either somewhere dug up, or created artificially in the ministry even while managing that Mr. Fursenko.

The main points of the new law are: the elimination of the system of primary vocational education (that is, all vocational schools and colleges will instantly become technical schools or they will be attached to technical schools or simply disbanded); the system of the Unified State Exam (USE) remains unshakable, which, of course, gives the graduate more opportunities for admission, but at the same time does not reflect either his real knowledge or objective abilities. The law on education considers a system of distance and even family education, which, on the one hand, seem to expand the range of opportunities for education as such, but can become a completely uncontrollable link in the preparation of students. There is information about the conduct of business activities, which, perhaps, will bring the necessary funds to schools, technical schools and universities, but whether such profits will at least fit in with the educational activity itself is a big question.

The situation with the priorities in education also looks very complicated, if it is appropriate to define them at all. At one time, Dmitry Medvedev, while in the presidency, said that in Russia there is a substantial surplus of educational institutions of higher professional education, which conduct educational activities of a humanitarian nature. He indirectly identified the technical vector of higher education as a priority for the development of an innovative economy. Of course, the army of pseudo-humanitarians, who after graduation from high school can not answer questions about literature, stories, law, social studies, which, by definition, must respond, the country does not need. You need an optimal number of specialists in the humanitarian and technical professions.

However, we have such words of senior government officials are often perceived as a go-ahead in order to quickly change the guidelines: if the leader said that “there are too many humanitarian universities,” then it is time to “fix” the situation as a matter of urgency. How to correct? Well, of course! Enter a list of "ineffective", according to which you can quickly fit to one size as universities that grew mushrooms after rain in the last 2 decades, so those who have a single story more years than Messrs. Fursenko and Livanov combined ...

Much has already been written about what today is needed to recognize the effectiveness of a Russian university. Judging by the recent criteria of the Ministry of Education, a university can be effective if it is a half-empty building with huge squares, where students from Kenya or Vietnam study only and a couple of 100 points from the North Caucasus, for example ... However, in most Russian universities (of any profile) and with areas, and with foreigners, and with 100-balloons on the exam, the problem. But this does not mean that to solve it, state universities with 50-100-year history and traditions can be carefully covered, translating under the auspices of more “effective”, but dozens of non-state universities that prepare for whom it is not clear and not clear what purpose, judging by A new law on education, to provide additional guarantees ...

The situation with the reformation of the Russian education and worried at MSU. For several years now, this university has been discussing the fact that the reform is being carried out on the wrong track, but so far the vision of the problem solving by university staff in the Ministry of Education and Science is ignored. In particular, the academic council of the philological faculty of Moscow State University has attended to a sharp decline in education in Russia, not only in general, but also specifically in the humanitarian sphere. Teachers say that, despite the presence of a huge number of universities with a humanitarian focus in Russia, the level of students' training itself is poor. A formal approach to both learning and assessment, sometimes just goes beyond all reasonable limits.

Moreover, the schools decided to follow the path of a strange optimization of humanitarian subjects: they cut back hours of literature and history, and now they also want to combine the first one with Russian into one subject. Why? Economical! Why should the country be educated and literate people, because it is not useful to them in their “technical” work. I learned how to write “pas-ruski” “Hello, shrimp!”, Well, okay - you can use it as an advanced manager. Does an advanced manager need to know when there was a Russian-Japanese war or, for example, the Battle of Neva. Does he need it? ..

The most amazing thing is that the younger generation itself unwittingly spurs on the fact that “it does not need him”, because you can take and mark the correct answer in the tablet, and if you wish - get a smartphone and “google” everything you need ...

The role of the teacher? I'm sorry, what? Yes, in the field of our education today, even such a concept is not politically correct. After all, the fact is that for some time, the STUDENT has been at the head of the whole system. Lump! And this lump must necessarily be protected in rights, free from teacher claims and certainly be certified in all academic disciplines, even if the teacher last time saw the lump when she asked to add her as a friend in social networks, “to find out what's new at school (high school). " The teacher, it turns out, should neither teach nor educate the learner ... According to the new concept, he must ensure that he himself is brought up, developed and trained: he was looking, so to speak, for ways to educate himself. But not everyone, forgive me, the nedoros is not ready to receive a “fish”, but a “fishing pole”, so that she (fish) can be caught with her mind and with her own hands. Such "fishermen" - units.

In modern consumer society, we ourselves realize that it is easier to buy than to manufacture, make, develop. Planting potatoes or cucumbers - what a delusion, but why then supermarkets ... To draw the details of the scheme yourself? - here they laugh - you can download ... With this approach, the role of the teacher falls to a historically low level. If in pre-revolutionary Russia, in the Soviet Union, the teacher was positioned as an unconditionally respected person, today respect for the teacher is often measured by the cost of an hour of his rehearsal services, and even does not play any role ... But we, you see, build an innovative economy in the image and likeness western.

And after all, the developers of the new education system are not embarrassed that neither the UK, nor the United States, nor France, or Italy are among the world leaders in terms of education. The first places, according to the recently published international rating of educational systems Pearson, today belong to such countries as Finland, South Korea, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Japan. Russia in this ranking takes a modest place 20. As can be seen, most of the leading countries in education represent a region of Southeast Asia. Here, as in Finland, our own educational system is practiced, which, oddly enough, has absorbed certain segments of the Soviet system of training and education. Here they do not try to make high-profitable companies out of schools, technical schools and universities, the effectiveness of which is evaluated precisely by the level of profit ... Universities that graduate the unemployed do not breed here. But a system is built in which, if you get a specialty, then you work in a specialty (well, or close to it), and do not sit out your pants in the next educational institution that emerged into the world, which prepares for a whole series of professions: from a ufologist to a manager screwdriver assembly.

For comparison, with the population of 130 million people in Japan (12-13 million less than in Russia), about 2,5 million students in 720 universities receive higher education here. We have this figure is just phenomenal: 7,5 million people almost in 1500 universities! Some get a second, or even a third with a fourth higher education, doing the most real “collecting” diplomas collecting dust on a shelf. Such a record, which, frankly, is extremely difficult to be proud of. It is difficult to be proud because of 7,5 million people, three-quarters go from university to nowhere: graduates have to look for work, which often has absolutely nothing to do with the received specialty. Moreover, quite a few students of Russian universities admit that they study not for the sake of education, but for the sake of “crust”, or simply because everyone is learning. A peculiar option "Everyone ran, and I ran."

But this is a higher education. But there is also an open source system in which, according to new educational standards, training for a whole range of technical professions is 2,5 ... Not two, not three, but 2,5. That is, someone apparently wanted very much to “optimize” funding, but he didn’t take it into account, but what will the staff of these educational institutions do after graduating from their pets in January, if the majority of teachers leave on vacation only in July ... Perhaps, the Ministry of Education and Science is going to send everyone to 8-month holidays - from January to September. But you have to pay for vacations ... And where is the optimization here? ..

In general, while it turns out as in the proverb about what they wanted as best ... The law is literally in an emergency procedure adopted, the majority of deputies vote with all limbs “for”, and what this reform will lead even in the medium term, the legislators do not try think. And you have to think ...

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  1. baltika-18
    baltika-18 24 December 2012 08: 44
    The reform of education is carried out by the blind and deaf ??? No reform is carried out by the CHANGE OF THE MOTHERLAND. TO JUDGE AND SHOOT.
    1. EropMyxoMop
      EropMyxoMop 24 December 2012 09: 39
      I helped my niece do geometry lessons, read the topic in the new textbook three times, but didn’t understand what the authors of the textbook wanted to say. I took the Soviet textbook Pogorelova, read the same topic, everything is clear, intelligible, sensibly described. better mind is not enough? Or maybe the bad but the reformed?
      1. Armata
        Armata 24 December 2012 09: 51
        Quote: EropMyxoMop
        Attention, the question is why rewrite Soviet textbooks if there is a better mind to do better?
        You see, the point here is not in the mind, but in the development of finance. Imagine how much it costs to prepare a textbook for publication? How much money can you squeeze out of this? In general, I immediately remembered the 2 GDP election when the ballot papers were already printed and here Zhirik withdraws his candidacy from the election. That was a profitable business.
        1. crazyrom
          crazyrom 24 December 2012 18: 40
          Not blind and deaf, but the most ordinary agents of the West. They have a specific task, to ruin education in Russia, so they are trying.
      2. Gur
        Gur 24 December 2012 15: 56
        Well, it's stupid not to know, "why?" The comrade below writes from Russian reality. In Kazakhstan, everything is much simpler, national politics, which implies the presence of their own "gifted" books of textbooks. Then the nat devil, admiration and veneration, and it doesn't matter what Muru wrote, but honor and respect, and from this and to someone else, the thread will fall, and the earthenware will retire with the title. So from year to year all new editions and new books, with different authors. I do not remember for all the years of study in the Sov. time to change the edition. Books passed from class to class, and used them for at least 5 years, now it is a year and can be thrown away, the impression is that Kazakhstan is ahead of the rest of the world in paper production and we have endless forests.
      3. Egoza
        Egoza 24 December 2012 19: 45
        But what about! After all, this is a SOVIET TEXTBOOK! Therefore - down! Anything, but not Soviet.
    2. igor.borov775
      igor.borov775 24 December 2012 12: 46
      Hi, There are no blind people at the top, There are normal liberals who don’t need budget financing with mouth foam, the market will do everything, They don’t have to work up to reasoning, according to our laws they are not responsible, They all blame it on mistakes and there are no problems, Next we’ll see what’s going to happen to the engineer at the enterprise, nothing, In the created system there is no elevator for engineers, he cannot become the head of the enterprise, Managers with rare exceptions come from the side, Many industrial enterprises work at their full capacity, If already the old higher education institutions are on the black list a label means it was planned a long time ago, The same situation at school, How many textbooks have been spawned, One is worse than the other, If there used to be a single textbook for the school, now the parents have a headache, but the printing industry is just busy typing them, And the presentation of the material in the textbooks suggests them who wrote them have poor preparation in their native language, Chemistry, physics, biology, computer science and much more is no longer mandatory, Ska if he’s a foreigner, he simply won’t believe. Children are trained by poorly informed, undereducated
      1. Anti
        Anti 24 December 2012 20: 09

        Vladimir Zhirinovsky decides the fate of education.

  2. zstalkerzz
    zstalkerzz 24 December 2012 08: 47
    indeed, our reform of education is not carried out by very good people, to say the least. but we always wanted to take something from the West. in particular, the government took a sample from the English system, which by the way works very well there. thanks to that system in England, universities can receive everything according to scores in tests. but we have everything from one extreme to another. USE unconditionally drowns the people, but it is not necessary to remove it, but to reform!
  3. Vadivak
    Vadivak 24 December 2012 08: 48
    supporters of the reform-based manner taken today are absolutely not going to reckon with either the majority opinion or the published indicators.

    Yes, everything is already clear, at the Gaidar forum a shortage of 25 million workers was voiced, and future business owners will receive appropriate education in private schools and over the hill, everything is clear about the exam in Dagestan, as you know, the best results of the exam in Russian were in Russia, despite the fact that these "excellent students" barely know the Russian letters,

    But in general and in general
    “In general, a person needs to be taught only the most necessary. Everything else will only interfere with him! .. At school you need to give only general knowledge, which will serve as the foundation for special knowledge. I will reorient education to learning the main thing. Events are piled one upon another. What kind of head should a child have in order to master the history of his native land, the history of the country as a whole, and even the history of the Reich? .. The brain is not able to absorb all this into itself ... There is no point in teaching all children in high school two languages ... Why does a boy who wants to make music have geometry, physics, chemistry? What will he remember from all this? Nothing. Any detailed exposition should be discarded ... If someone shows a pronounced talent in any field, why require any more knowledge from him? Let him continue to work in his specialty! ... I basically taught only 10 percent of what others taught. I very quickly dealt with the lessons ... "

    From a speech by Adolf Hitler:

    : “For the non-German population of the East, there should be no higher education than a four-year public school. In this public school they must teach only a simple account of up to five hundred, the spelling of their name and the fact that God requires the Germans to obey and be honest, diligent and decent. I consider the ability to read redundant. There should not be any other schools in the East. ”
    Himmler - “On the treatment of foreigners in the East”
    1. Krasnodar
      Krasnodar 24 December 2012 10: 10
      Yeah! It is very likely that Livanov is Hitler's next emanation, at least with regard to Russian education and science!
      1. vadimN
        vadimN 24 December 2012 11: 47
        Quote: Krasnodar
        It is very likely that Livanov is Hitler's next emanation, at least with regard to Russian education and science!

        Respected! It is not necessary to hang everything on Livanov. He just appeared in this post. And the "reform" of education has been going on for many years. The odious Mr. Fursenko is honored and respected by our government. Safely from a ministerial post, he crawled into the rank of adviser to the president, where, presumably, he continues to "advise" how to further debilitate the country's population, making it obedient and stupid.
        And all this enjoys the support and patronage of our reusable president / prime minister.
        ... amazing, and yet this our two-headed Siberian Crane the eagle publicly declares the need for technological modernization of Russia, a scientific breakthrough, etc. ... Apparently, he knows some kind of top-secret and supernova (probably nanotechnological) way of a sharp scientific and technological development of the country with simultaneous total dulling of the population ...
        1. ivachum
          ivachum 24 December 2012 15: 20
          ..... but how he (Livanov) zealously began to implement his (Hitler's) ideas .... Fursenko is quite pleased with the activities of the "receiver".
          For this, I apologize, "educational activity" execution - an act of mercy - for this you have to go to the stake, in public and with a demonstration on TV. am
        2. Krasnodar
          Krasnodar 26 December 2012 00: 51
          Dear VadimN! What do you mean "just appeared"? He was in this post all the time, Fursenko was in his team, and I would not be surprised if he really led it. And Furs was needed as a public person, a kind of "zits-chairman of the Pound", whom everyone kicked for their policies and eventually left. But with the arrival of Livanov, the policy has not changed AT ALL! It only got worse, at least in universities. Now, for example, they have equalized the cost of training in law and agronomy. Don't you think that the profitability of the profession and its prestige in modern society are somewhat different? And who will raise bread or pigs now in 20-30 years? And the Unified State Exam is just an absolute crap in the form in which we have it now! What about salaries ?! If you believe the government slogans from the rostrum about the income of scientists and teachers, then you are a damn naive person! And the transition to this two-level education system is complete nonsense! This is simply the commercialization of universities, not an improvement in the quality of education! And from the last, this rating of universities, where the "average" parameters began to compare incomparable things! Yes, a lot more ...
  4. zstalkerzz
    zstalkerzz 24 December 2012 08: 49
    in general, as Zadornov said, officials are reforming the Russian language so that they would not go with portfolios, but with portfolios :-)
  5. Apollo
    Apollo 24 December 2012 09: 11
    I was confused by one circumstance that prevents the State Duma from developing its own alternative draft law and considering both options. There is a profile committee, but it is not clear what they are doing.
    1. baltika-18
      baltika-18 24 December 2012 09: 19
      Quote: Apollon
      I was confused by one circumstance that prevents the State Duma from developing its own alternative draft law

      Neither the State Duma nor the President will do this. They are not independent in this matter, there is no room for maneuver. A person is a vessel, what you fill, it will be, and it will be borne. And education is the basis of personality formation. they need truly educated people, they need a herd that can be controlled, an electorate.
      1. Vadivak
        Vadivak 24 December 2012 09: 32
        Quote: baltika-18
        Those in power do not need truly educated people; they need a herd that can be controlled, an electorate.

        I’ll add it was and it will be so, remember Rome, panem et circenses) of bread and circuses, and you will be happy,
    2. Vadivak
      Vadivak 24 December 2012 09: 28
      Quote: Apollon
      One circumstance confused me,

      And me still this

      A list of 100 books required to be read at school is currently being approved.

      why exactly 100 books? Because Putin said so. I remember Khrushchev said that corn will replace bread, and what has replaced? A summary of these one hundred super books will be published in a month, and on the Internet will appear in three months, and again forward on the rake
      1. Apollo
        Apollo 24 December 2012 09: 46

        Dear Nikolai and Vadim, I welcome you.! hi

        The more I read, the more I am amazed at the actions of an official! am
        This is the extent to which you need to hate your homeland where you live. I classify their actions as wrecking. It seems that the country has given them everything. But no, destroy everything and destroy.
        1. Vadivak
          Vadivak 24 December 2012 10: 11
          Quote: Apollon
          It is to what extent you need to hate your homeland

          To whom the motherland is, and to whom the stepmother, One of the authors of this reform, German Gref, who hates everything Russian, for example, is afraid of a thinking people, it will be difficult to rob,
          1. Lavr75
            Lavr75 24 December 2012 10: 59
            It is interesting, but as a person with the name and surname German Gref can generally reform something in Russia, eh, it is a pity to cancel the settled line ...
            1. Vadivak
              Vadivak 24 December 2012 11: 03
              Quote: Lavr75
              x sorry for canceling the Pale of Settlement ...

              Gref ethnic Germans, were sent from a permanent place of residence during the Second World War from sin away, that’s revenge
        2. baltika-18
          baltika-18 24 December 2012 13: 33
          Quote: Apollon
          I classify their actions as wrecking.

          Correctly classify: wrecking and betrayal. They fulfill the task: to create a personality aimed at the fulfillment of a certain task. I will exterminate something like this: they taught you how to twist, twist, you don’t need anything else, you taught 1C accounting to use everything. They remove what is laid down in childhood and adolescence the basis for the person’s further desire to acquire knowledge and strives for self-perfection, the desire to be diversified, to understand many phenomena of nature and life in general.
    3. AndreyAB
      AndreyAB 24 December 2012 09: 39
      To develop a Duma and something worthwhile, provided that far from educated people are sitting in the Duma, judging by the situation in defense, education and the economy, do not tell me how much the Duma lasted under the tsar? This is because the king was an educated person, and how many thoughts exist now?
    4. ivachum
      ivachum 24 December 2012 15: 23
      And you try the pigs happily champing in the State Duma ... in the barn explain that they are fed only in order to slaughter and eat ...... and not for the love of the animal kingdom .... laughing
  6. viktor_ui
    viktor_ui 24 December 2012 09: 29
    It’s interesting ... that it’s necessary to soak the top of the education administration ... so that they can be brought out under white handles from the OFFICIAL warm places and put, well, at least, under house arrests (very tolerant and humane) ???
    Almost the whole country is spinning around the temple about their activities, and they have everything OIL ..., or maybe this is a tricky move such that we kind of will no longer prepare high-class specialists for the world ... a good plan and there is something wassat
    1. Vadivak
      Vadivak 24 December 2012 09: 35
      Quote: viktor_ui
      we type will no longer cook for the world of high-class specialists ...

      It's not gonna go. Talents need to be helped, Mediocrity will break through themselves.
    2. Lavr75
      Lavr75 24 December 2012 11: 01
      They don’t need specialists, they need a servant and a servant ... And four classes are enough for their preparation.
    3. vadimN
      vadimN 24 December 2012 11: 59
      They will not withdraw them from their homes and plant ... They will not! Never! Whatever they are numbed there. And here's why: Education is the root of everything! Everything depends on the educational level of the population! And this ALL needs to be managed.
      It is easier to manage a dull herd, for which it is enough to give a piece of bread with synthetic oil, "Dom-2" and "stability". And that's it! A strong electorate is ready for ever and ever ...
      The goal of the current education system, coupled with the system of culture and science, moral education, and art, is to get a calm, obedient, stupid population without abstruse education, with a minimum of initiative and creativity, in order to serve the "pipe" for supplies "over the hill" and a screwdriver assembly for domestic consumption.
      Both Fursenko and Livanov are fully consistent with this strategic objective. And according to this, while the current two-headed creature is in power, nothing will change.
  7. AndreyAB
    AndreyAB 24 December 2012 09: 35
    Another Serdyukov invented, after some time they recognize everything is not right, they will begin to redo everything again, and one or two tingling of uneducated businessmen, or unfinished engineers will lead the country to another capitalist future collapse? I understand everything, the president has no time to deal with such trifles as education, and the fact that many universities graduating undergraduates is also understandable, but no one has yet canceled the right to choose competent specialists from the masses, at least it would not be necessary to send the best to Russia’s open enemies of the worst, based on the current Duma educational policy. In general, no one will argue that the level of education in tsarist Russia and the USSR was very high, so why not take these principles as a basis? But this is if the State and the president at the head are interested in an educated people.
    1. Vadivak
      Vadivak 24 December 2012 09: 50
      Quote: AndreyAB
      educational level in tsarist Russia

      I have nothing against it, however, I have at home some kind of textbook combined in one book, of those times it contains in a very truncated form History, Geography, Natural History and its something, in general knowledge for the poor, or maybe a Himmler’s textbook knows
      1. AndreyAB
        AndreyAB 24 December 2012 10: 41
        I don’t know about the textbook of those times, especially according to Gimler, but in the USSR education was at the highest level, and about the tsarist time I take gymnasiums and not parish schools, forgive me.
  8. Volkhov
    Volkhov 24 December 2012 09: 35
    And why are you so worried - their bet on fooling has already failed, other cultures are mastering the country, but self-training is possible - whoever wants to, will learn.
    1. Vadivak
      Vadivak 24 December 2012 09: 54
      Quote: Volkhov
      other cultures are exploring the country,

      What's true is true

      December 17, Izvestia - Moscow authorities have given the go-ahead for the construction of three mosques, they will be erected in Yuzhnoye Butovo, Lyublino and the vicinity of the Shosse Entuziastov metro station.
    2. Krasnodar
      Krasnodar 24 December 2012 10: 13
      "but self-training is possible - whoever wants to learn. "Unfortunately, there are not so many Lomonosovs in life as we would like ...
      1. Volkhov
        Volkhov 25 December 2012 00: 44
        What is lost is a surrogate anyway, with 0 even better, from my own experience - as I got confused in an official lie, I had to get my system out - it's quite interesting and fits in with one another.
  9. predator.3
    predator.3 24 December 2012 09: 55
    Is the Russian education system reformed blind and deaf?

    no enemies!
    1. ivachum
      ivachum 24 December 2012 15: 26
      ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
      + + + + + + + + drinks

      It’s impossible to say more and better! good
  10. vladsolo56
    vladsolo56 24 December 2012 10: 01
    Our country today does not need thinking people, there is a well-founded order for a poorly educated and obedient citizen who will not ask unnecessary questions, but only comply with the idiotic laws of the authorities. Yes, and to praise and fight for this power with everyone who dares to resent
  11. taseka
    taseka 24 December 2012 10: 08
    " and a couple more "100-point" from the North Caucasus " - there’s little attention to this, although everyone understands what kind of bribes they are, but these 100 balnicks from the Caucasus come and go to our universities every year, pushing our youth away from budgetary places, sending them to enter a contract for a lot of money, continuing to "impoverish" Russian parents and beyond! How long?
  12. Yoke
    Yoke 24 December 2012 10: 30
    He studied at MGUPB (former meat and dairy), a university with 80 years of history. In 2010, under the program of the Ministry of Education, there was a merger of MGUPB and MGUPP, as a result of which my university ceased to exist, there was only one software center. His rector, Comrade Edelev, at the age of thirty-something, already has 2 doctoral degrees. After a summer corruption scandal with his participation and the discovery of heaps of money and empty diplomas at his university under his control, he was recognized as the rector of the year) And you are here about education ...)))
    1. Vadivak
      Vadivak 24 December 2012 11: 00
      Quote: Iga
      thirty years with something, already has 2 doctorates.

      This daddy made a warning, colonel-general of the police “Today in the North Caucasus, explosions day after day, attacks by bandits, terrorists day after day,” Viktor Ilyukhin assessed the activities of Edelev senior, and the son was trampled from the Stavropol Duma with the wording of an ineffective manager guilty of the imbalance in the work of the Duma and the lack of control over decision-making. "

      as a result of a search in March of this year in the apartment of daddy Dmitry Arkadich,
      among other things, gold, weapons, money, documents were found. In particular:

      8 million rubles;
      gold bar;
      a few Swiss watches;
      documents (relating to a university where the son of a searched person works as a rector);
      carton boxes;
      11 weapons;
      several phones;
      about 10 different certificates in the name of Dmitry Edelev (deputy of the Legislative Assembly of the Stavropol Territory, etc.);
      blank forms of certificates of state diplomas of graduation with stamps.
  13. Z.A.M.
    Z.A.M. 24 December 2012 10: 35
    "I learned to write" pa-ruski "" Hello, shrimp! ", Well, okay - you can use it as an advanced manager ..."
    "... The most amazing thing is that this involuntarily spurs the young generation itself to the fact that" he does not need it ", because you can take and mark the correct answer in the plate, and if you wish, get a smartphone and" google "everything you need ... "

    Here are similar "clever", and to our site, sometimes brings. Recently, I tried to teach one to reason that it is NECESSARY to write correctly, even on the Internet. We are all Russians, and we ought to honor the language ... His answer:
    Cold December 21, 2012 13:01 ↑ ↓ 0
    I support Putin and I think that in many respects he is right. You are anti-Putin. it turns out you need to be treated for the disease. otherwise bile will come out of all the cracks. Unlike you, I write on the clave (I emphasize it on the keyboard for your microscopic mind), I write blindly and don’t bother with comma-dash caps (sometimes other spelling errors). Why? because it’s a comment, and not a scientific dissertation! Deer laughing

    Article "plus", that's right. Only again, all the indignation - "in the sand" ...
    1. Armata
      Armata 24 December 2012 10: 40
      Quote: Z.A.M.
      I support Putin and I think that in many respects he is right. You are anti-Putin. it turns out you need to be treated for the disease. otherwise bile will come out of all the cracks. Unlike you, I write on the clave (I emphasize it on the keyboard for your microscopic mind), I write blindly and don’t bother with comma-dash caps (sometimes other spelling errors). Why? because it’s a comment, and not a scientific dissertation! Deer

      Greetings to you Anton. And you pay less attention to such frames. After all, from impotence they begin to slide into insults.
    2. Vadivak
      Vadivak 24 December 2012 11: 08
      Quote: Z.A.M.
      You are anti-Putin. it turns out you need to be treated for the disease.

      Well, Anton would answer him with his own terminology - - Tin. Afftar burns, I’m on the trap. what else do they have there - kill yourself a clown?
    3. vadimN
      vadimN 24 December 2012 12: 20
      Deer Quote: "I support Putin and I think that in many ways I am right. You are anti-Putin. It turns out that you need to be treated for an ailment. Otherwise, bile will come out of all the cracks. Unlike you, I write on the keyboard (I emphasize on the keyboard for your microscopic mind) I write blindly and I don't bother myself with capital commas (sometimes other spelling mistakes). Why? Because this is a commentary, not a scientific dissertation! Deer."

      He is not a Deer ... He is a ram. And there are more and more of these ...
  14. Sinbad
    Sinbad 24 December 2012 10: 52
    Soon, a diploma of higher education will be like a stigma of mediocrity. Already today, graduates of higher education institutions with general education lower than a graduate of a school of the Soviet period are not uncommon. It comes to the fact that a third-year student is not able to perform division and gets confused in the multiplication table, and this is already an elementary school. With all this, it is impossible to expel negligent, lazy and illiterate. So teachers with a similar contingent are tormented, instead of teaching those who really need it. And besides the above, there is still a mass of pieces of paper for higher education officials. These papers are necessary to justify the existence of this horde of officials and their assistants and assistants, but they take away a lot of precious time from those who should be taught, not scribble reports.
  15. 120352
    120352 24 December 2012 10: 59
    Yes, not blind and deaf, but quite focused people. Their task is to destroy Russia and populate it with illiterate Basurmans, which they do with success.
  16. sanyabasik
    sanyabasik 24 December 2012 11: 01
    The Russian education system is being reformed by the blind and deaf

    And it seems to me that not blind and not deaf, but smart, calculating and cynical enemies of Russia. Cossacks, damn it, mishandled .. angry
  17. Magadan
    Magadan 24 December 2012 11: 06
    Yes, to hell with two, that they will. Our people will not grow dull! There are we, there is an older generation, and we are capable of filling this gap.
    Young people believe that we were taught better. Young people know what they want to make an uneducated electoral mass. And youth itself seeks knowledge as it can. According to my observations, our Russians have turned on their self-defense mechanisms. And we, more adults, will be enough for another 20-30 years.
    To destroy the brains of the nation, the enemy will need more than Livanov with the unified state exam. And the traitors will be punished. Such is their fate among traitors.
  18. qube4
    qube4 24 December 2012 11: 14
    In my opinion, all this is quite controversial ... the reform of education is of course a slag, but there is no need to forget that if a person does not want to study, then no matter how wonderful the education, he will not study anyway ...
  19. IlyaKuv
    IlyaKuv 24 December 2012 11: 22
    To shoot deputies, confiscate property, their families to Siberia to hard labor ... Is it cruel? So much national money was stolen, so much blood of a person drank, it would be time to pay the bills ...
  20. Bob
    Bob 24 December 2012 11: 43
    We will destroy the old world to the foundation, who was nothing, that will become everything ...
    The current reforms are being made on this principle, only the principle remains the same - revolutionary, unfortunately not evolutionary - we will do something, and then we'll see ...
    They have already done this in the military education system, and understood what it (the Balon education system) leads to, at the time they refused thanks to S. Shoigu, they returned the old one, tested for decades.
    Unfortunately, only military education, because S. Shoigu is not the Minister of Education and Science of the Russian Federation, but the Minister of War. It seems that the education sector in the Russian Federation is doomed to tests of revolutionary resilience, when finally, as a result of these pseudo-reforms, "smart" people in ministerial and parliamentary seats will not understand what they have done, what harm they have done, and will finally start thinking in the place that is intended for this.
    It is a pity for real teachers, who will probably soon join the ranks of countless sellers of all kinds of "garbage". The same thing happened not so long ago with the military sphere, where there was "optimization", and in fact getting rid of "ballast", which became an exorbitant burden for the plundered budget, now the turn of education has come. "Hurray" comrades, we are going the "right" way .... Well, the Russian does not need higher education, and secondary education should be cut in order to form a new personality - a consumer (Homo-eater) of all kinds of services and goods, and for this to have a lot of convolutions harmful. And there is nothing to have so many people with higher education, factories still do not work, new assembly shops of foreign companies do not require a lot of people. This is already a question for the structure of the Russian economy, which, with a significant preponderance of the resource-extracting industry, does not require large labor costs, all the more highly intellectual. In short, everything is to one thing - "cut, cut and cut again" educational institutions, at first by 20% (where this figure came from is not clear) then by another 20% or 50%, depending on how the process goes .... It's a pity that they have just been born, it is not the teachers who are being taken away from their work, but the future is being taken away from these children, as not so long ago in the 90s kindergartens were closed, and today there are thousands of queues, new kindergartens are being built individually, and the old ones are not equipped technical means, or decent personnel with a proper salary (today the kindergarten teacher receives, I'm not joking - 4-6 thousand rubles, depending on the category), they will teach and educate the new progressive generation of the country ????
  21. Oleg14774
    Oleg14774 24 December 2012 11: 52
    I also type on the "keyboard" by the "blind" method. In the Russian and English layouts, but I try to write without mistakes and with punctuation marks, as I remember the proverb: "They meet by their clothes, they show them according to their minds." And in this case, as it is customary now to express knowledge of the Russian language and the correct writing are two in one.
  22. abc_alex
    abc_alex 24 December 2012 12: 41
    The role of the teacher? I'm sorry, what? Yes, in the field of our education today it is not even politically correct to use such a concept. After all, the fact is that for some time now the STUDENT has been at the head of the entire system. Lump! And this lump must necessarily be protected in rights, relieved of teacher claims and certainly certified in all academic disciplines, even if the last time the teacher saw the lump when she asked to add it as a friend on social networks, “to make it easier to find out what's new at school (university) ". The teacher, it turns out, should neither teach nor educate the student ... According to the new concept, he must ensure that he himself is brought up, developed and trained: he was looking, so to speak, for ways of self-education. But not everyone, forgive me, is not ready to receive a “fish”, but a “fishing rod” in order to catch it with his own mind and hands. There are very few such "fishermen".

    ... and what the reform will lead to even in the medium term, legislators try not to think. But you need to think ...

    Yes, in fact, you don’t need to think anymore. Sadly, everything has already happened. In our city, 100 km from Moscow was teacher training college. And such that, on September 1, schools would not have staffed teachers - never happened. It was an emergency. Which, however, was easily eliminated. But this year, the staff of teachers has remained unfilled. Even despite the fact that retired military and laboratory assistants of the SES are taking on teaching positions, and the owners of perfumery shops are putting on directors.

    Gentlemen, in Russia the teachers END.
    1. Egoza
      Egoza 24 December 2012 19: 53
      Quote: abc_alex
      Gentlemen, in Russia the teachers END.

      Sorry, I do not agree. An example is Balashikha, Zemsky Gymnasium, there are very good schools in Krasnoyarsk, TEACHERS work just the same underground, but still continue to bring light to children, contrary to the Ministry of Education ..
  23. IRBIS
    IRBIS 24 December 2012 14: 33
    And sociologists continue to wonder why more and more Russian citizens speak of Stalin with warmth. Why many turned away from the face of democracy. Yes, because we are trying to look our power in the eye and nothing happens. After all, the ass that she turned to us has no eyes. They are not blind or deaf there. They just don't care at all about our children and their future. In Russia they only "feed", they live from learning in other places.
  24. tank64rus
    tank64rus 24 December 2012 14: 37
    Cooks and cooks rule the state. Smart "friends" are in charge of all this from around the corner. Military education was destroyed, the truth was theft, but friends will ransom anything. Then, too, everyone said and wrote that the "reform" of Serdyukov would destroy military education, but did not give a damn about it .And on the advice of foreign "friends," military education "is now optimized there ruins. Now it's civil. The Bologna system, the Unified State Exam, the priority of commercial activity over educational is enough to completely destroy education in the Russian Federation.
  25. vezunchik
    vezunchik 24 December 2012 17: 12
    In Saratov, policemen dispersed the Communist Party, which opposed reforms in education. There were mostly elderly people. So the former teacher was snooped on the asphalt .... This video was on YouTube.
  26. crambol
    crambol 24 December 2012 17: 26
    The ministry took into account only some of the not very significant proposals, and the "skeleton" of the law itself remained in the form of a "lizard skeleton"

    There can be several reasons for such a bacchanalia (I would call it stronger, but damn intelligence!) Firstly, the absolute lack of professionalism of ministerial bureaucrats. Secondly, if they correct it as required by the masses, then why the hell is the ministry in general? This means that the clerks will lose the feeder. And thirdly, I would not rule out the possibility that the Ministry of Education is fulfilling the Western order to fool Russia.
  27. TekhnarMAF
    TekhnarMAF 24 December 2012 17: 32
    I, a scoundrel, have not read the article to the end, Alexei, forgive the scoundrel, "I am not to blame!" As for modern education, an overly negative attitude. A neighbor brought me an assignment for 6th school students - bullshit! At school they play "whoever wants become a millionaire "? I have strange associations?
    1. Volodin
      24 December 2012 18: 27
      Nikolai, to be honest, did not understand what you mean about "forgive the scoundrel"? Anyway.
  28. Nechai
    Nechai 24 December 2012 17: 42
    Quote: baltika-18
    1C taught accounting to use everything.

    Yesterday, on ORT, it seems that there was a film on this topic. "Bugaltera", a graduate of the Baburinsky Moscow State Technical University, is asked - root of 100? - NOT REMOVED ... What is the income tax in the Russian Federation? - DON'T REMEMBER ... What is the difference between a flat taxation scale and a progressive one? - FORGOT ... Who wrote "Capital" Karl Marx? - I DO NOT REMEMBER...
    Quote: IRBIS
    And sociologists continue to wonder why it is more and more Russian citizens who speak with warmth about Stalin

    Then LOGIC was taught IN OLDER CLASSES, the basics of rhetoric ... And the training was separate. What made it possible to cultivate a CARE attitude towards WOMAN in boys. For the purpose of life, to become the HEAD FAMILY in the future and its SUPPORT and DEFENDER! And the girls do not become tears ...
    Does the current elite want to teach their people logic? Rhetoric? No way! The sequestration of education, proclaimed by a lady, lies in the same outline of DESOVETIZATION ...
    1. baltika-18
      baltika-18 24 December 2012 20: 20
      Quote: Nechai

      good + + + + +
  29. Comrade1945
    Comrade1945 24 December 2012 19: 40
    Is the Russian education system reformed blind and deaf?

    - Dumb !!!
    1. Dilshat
      Dilshat 25 December 2012 00: 06
      yes no not stupid but agents of influence or just traitors
  30. Terminator
    Terminator 24 December 2012 20: 25
    Any obscure universities in Russia like cockroaches. It is not clear what they are teaching, it is not clear what diplomas they give out. In general, you need to cut back. Leave only the old established universities.
  31. AlexMH
    AlexMH 24 December 2012 20: 54
    I am a teacher, and lately I don't feel like going to work. The bureaucracy in the education system has completely gone mad, the system is devouring itself. If earlier we met bad instructions from the leadership at meetings in the dean's office with disapproving silence, now we laugh together, and the dean tolerates this, because he himself sees that it is idiocy, but he is obliged to bring it to us. An example - today they gave an instruction to CONSUDE students who are still graduating as specialists, to go after the defense of the diploma, and even in the masters for 2 years. This is despite the fact that the respite from the army is lost and they are not given a hostel. And why? Because the Ministry is going to plan in the future the percentage of masters from bachelors "from the achieved", and now we must retrain engineers to masters, so that later we will be allowed to teach bachelors and as masters. Well, not nonsense? Or an idea with a citation index. We write articles that are missing, any nonsense is published in our electronic journal of Moscow State Technical University, as long as it is not worse than the given indicators in the number of articles per 1 teacher. "Writing a bad book is like spitting into eternity." We are ashamed to write nonsense, the article has to stand, but ordered to "Write," - we are writing. They promised to raise salaries in accordance with Putin's orders. Increased by 3 ... 8 thousand. Then the assistants and senior teachers out of 8 thousand 6 were taken back according to the order of the rector that only young specialists should receive a salary increase. Young people saw these pennies in a coffin, in Moscow, and everyone else was insulted twice - with a "promotion" and that they were unworthy of him either. And so in everything. They said "you have to earn money on R&D yourself, there is nothing to hope for the state!" Forgot to add where to get so much research and development work with the industry lying on its side. I am an assistant professor, I am not a percentage sales manager. I’ll earn 3 times more elsewhere. A teacher of students should teach, this is his main job, and not like in the anecdote about the cop "they gave a pistol and spin as you like." About students - a separate conversation, I will not write, remembering that the first recorded complaints about young people date back to the times of Ancient Egypt. But the quality of schooling fell below any criticism. Sorry to write a lot - it hurts.
  32. Harleone
    Harleone 24 December 2012 20: 56
    The state does not need educated people. Educated is harder to manage. Everything is logical
  33. Strategia
    Strategia 24 December 2012 22: 14
    Quote: Bob
    They have already done this in the military education system, and understood what it (the Balon education system) leads to, at the time they refused thanks to S. Shoigu, they returned the old one, tested for decades.

    If possible, in more detail, please, what specifically Shoigu did in military education, I do not know. What exactly was returned from the old?
    Here's an interesting one:
    o-reforme-obrazovaniya-philolmsu2012 / Why were our military "educators" silent and silent?
  34. pag-uralmir
    pag-uralmir 24 December 2012 23: 15
    Not blind, not deaf, not stupid, but SENDED to destroy education and all Russian.
    Public Enemies!
    Pido ... aces!
  35. Dilshat
    Dilshat 25 December 2012 00: 13
    Where does counterintelligence and political intelligence look? Or do they not exist? Many of the government, after checking with a polygraph, can be put immediately to the wall.
  36. Flooding
    Flooding 25 December 2012 15: 40
    Aleksei, I think that people deprived of hearing and sight, give them such an opportunity, would bring much more benefit to the Motherland at the posts of the Ministry of Education and Science.
    They have the main thing - conscience and love for their native land. What is completely devoid of the snickering herd of officials.
    Therefore, I propose to change the title of the article.
    Deaf and blind people did not deserve this.
  37. Dendi
    Dendi 25 December 2012 23: 10
    If a teenager is really drawn to knowledge, the Ministry of Education is powerless!
    1. Strategia
      Strategia 26 December 2012 21: 34
      It's not about the Lomonosovs, but about the educational level of the entire population!