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Assault groups of the 6th Army of the Russian Armed Forces took two new oporniks of the Armed Forces of Ukraine near Kupyansk

Assault groups of the 6th Army of the Russian Armed Forces took two new oporniks of the Armed Forces of Ukraine near Kupyansk

Russian troops continue their offensive in the Kupyansk direction, occupying new positions. According to the latest information received from the press service of the group of troops "West", the assault detachments managed to take two more oporniks in the Olshany area.

The assault groups of the 6th Combined Arms Army, operating in the Kupyansk direction, during the battle managed to drive the enemy out of two strongholds, capturing them, despite the fierce resistance of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. The enemy, knocked out of position, rolled back, but then launched two counterattacks in order to return the strongholds, but to no avail. In addition, attempts were made to dislodge our positions in the area of ​​​​Sinkovka and the Mankovka tract, where intense fighting has been going on for days.

During the fighting in the Kupyansk direction, assault groups of the 6th Combined Arms Army captured two strongholds, three observation posts and defeated an infantry platoon in the area of ​​\uXNUMXb\uXNUMXbthe settlement of Olshana

- said in a statement.

The situation for the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the Kupyansk direction was difficult, this was also recognized in the Ukrainian General Staff. In the middle of this week, Syrsky, Commander of the Ground Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, visited the Kupyansk region, who, following an operational meeting with the commanders of units and subunits, requested the input of fresh forces from the Zelensky office, fearing the fall of the front. Apparently, some reserves were transferred, there was no breakthrough of the front, but the offensive of the Russian army of the Armed Forces of Ukraine could not be stopped.

Meanwhile, the enemy tried to attack our positions in the Krasno-Limansky direction at night, but to no avail, all attacks were repulsed. According to the Ministry of Defense, they wanted to strike the main blow of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the Svatov direction, throwing the forces of the 68th Jaeger Brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine into battle. Our positions were held. Whether there is progress in this direction is not yet known.

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  1. Vladimir Vladimirovich Vorontsov
    Vladimir Vladimirovich Vorontsov 13 August 2023 06: 26

    — "Work, brothers!" ...

    1. Kojote21
      Kojote21 13 August 2023 06: 37
      Quote: Vladimir Vladimirovich Vorontsov
      "Work, brothers!"

      Good luck to you in military affairs!
  2. Vladimir Nizhegorodsky
    Vladimir Nizhegorodsky 13 August 2023 06: 37
    Beat the fascist reptile everywhere, like our grandfathers and fathers beat!!!!!
    Drive all the way to the English Channel!!!!
    Victory will be ours!!!!
    Work brothers!!!!!
    God is with us!!!!
  3. rotmistr60
    rotmistr60 13 August 2023 06: 42
    asked the office of Zelensky for fresh forces, fearing the fall of the front.
    We are forced to gradually introduce strategic reserves, which were saved for the "decisive strike" (it is not known what number). Reserves are not infinite and tend to deplete first and then run out. Gaps can be plugged with new mobilized ones for a short period, but this will again increase the number of losses. What the APU and wish.
  4. Ezekiel 25-17
    Ezekiel 25-17 13 August 2023 07: 34
    More Victories, more successes: "Work brothers."
  5. Vadim S
    Vadim S 13 August 2023 07: 37
    What is it, the counteroffensive has now gone back, from us ?! Did they expect this
    1. NickShel
      NickShel 13 August 2023 17: 52
      Well, while we took two oporniks near Kupyansk, we took Robotino and Harvest for good. Such an exchange, for an amateur.
      1. Grancer81
        Grancer81 14 August 2023 05: 55
        Hooked on the outskirts, but did not take completely ...
  6. satellite24
    satellite24 13 August 2023 09: 28
    somehow it’s not clear - two oporniks are two trenches?
    1. nik-mazur
      nik-mazur 13 August 2023 11: 51
      Quote: satelit24
      two oporniks are two trenches?

      Enlighten yourself, since you have been banned on Google:

      Platoon stronghold
      A strong point is a piece of terrain, part of the defensive positions (defense area), a motorized rifle platoon consists of positions of rifle squads (main and reserve positions), a command and observation post (COP) of a platoon, positions of full-time (BMP, BTR) and attached units (fire weapons ), the location of a group of combat vehicles (infantry fighting vehicles, armored personnel carriers). It can occupy up to 400 m along the front and up to 300 m in depth.
      Depending on the terrain, the gaps between platoon strongholds can be up to 300 meters, and between squad positions - up to 50 meters. They must be under continuous surveillance, covered by fire and engineering barriers. Vehicles of a motorized rifle platoon on vehicles are located behind the second echelon (reserve) of a motorized rifle battalion together with a support unit.

      Stronghold of a tank platoon consists of the firing positions of tanks, and when reinforced by a motorized rifle squad, its combat position. In the stronghold of a motorized rifle (tank) platoon and on its flanks, anti-tank weapons and tanks that are not subordinate to the platoon commander can occupy firing positions. The platoon commander must know the tasks of these assets and maintain close cooperation with them.

      Company stronghold
      A company strongpoint is defended by a motorized rifle (tank) company and consists of platoon strongpoints, positions of fire weapons of regular (infantry fighting vehicles, armored personnel carriers) and attached units. It can occupy up to 1500 meters along the front and up to 1000 meters in the depth of defense. Company strongholds prepared for all-round defense form the basis of a battalion defense area. The reserve is located in a separate strong point. Between company strongholds, ambush sites are being prepared. During the defense, false company strongholds are also set up to mislead the advancing enemy. The command and observation post of the commander of a motorized rifle (tank) company is located behind the strongholds of platoons at a distance of up to 800 meters from the front line. It also provides for the main, reserve and cut-off positions, trenches for infantry fighting vehicles (armored personnel carriers), positions (trenches) of fire reinforcement and support means (attached funds), all kinds of obstacles, minefields (anti-personnel and anti-tank), a medical center, ammunition and water supply points, passages messages, places for means of communication and the like.
      1. Fan-fan
        Fan-fan 13 August 2023 19: 38
        The stronghold is a dugout with trenches nearby. Soon there will be articles dedicated to the capture of two sheds.
        1. Prokop_Pork
          Prokop_Pork 14 August 2023 04: 43
          The very fact that they do not retreat is presented as a victory. Skillful regroupings and scraps will soon win.