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Russia is building new arsenals for weapons

Russia is building new arsenals for weapons

It seems that the Russian government has seriously tackled the problem of explosions in ammunition depots. Thus, the Ministry of Defense announced that by the year 2015 construction of new, remote from settlements and more secure arsenals for storage will be completed. weapons and ammunition. In addition, it is planned to abandon the disposal of ammunition by detonation.
Confirming this thesis, the other day, the Deputy Minister of Defense of the Russian Federation, Army General D. Bulgakov, made a statement that by the end of the current year it is planned to complete the construction of two new arsenals for storing ammunition. They will be located in Mozdok and Kedrovka. According to the minister, next year it is planned to build seven more such arsenals. He also noted that according to the approved departmental program it is planned to build a total of fifteen new arsenals. In 2014, it is planned to build 6 arsenals, and in 2015, to bring the parameters of all the repositories to the corresponding parameters. All new arsenals, just like those that are to be reconstructed, will be equipped with security perimeters, video surveillance and fire extinguishing systems. At each arsenal there will be a small staff of military personnel who will be 375 people, including an 172 officer. Reconstruction are also subject to workshops specializing in the assembly and disassembly of ammunition.

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  1. RBXize
    RBXize 21 December 2012 09: 41
    Bravo, well, finally. I remember I worked at one of these warehouses, so the wooden box rotted to the point that during loading the shell fell out of the box and fell into the Kamaz body, and from the body to the ground. It's good that nothing happened. Alive, I returned home.
    1. talented villain
      talented villain 21 December 2012 19: 26
      I served in the arsenal for my service and saw everyone. We had less than a hundred officers and soldiers in our unit. I can say that the military owes most of the "cases" to themselves. There is nothing terrible in this, but there is enough nonsense. For example, we knew very well what awaits us if we suffer like garbage on the PRR.
      By golly guys! Open your eyes. What was intended for the armada of the USSR in the vast majority went to rake Russia. There can be no simple solution.
      Spend most shells on exercises? Have you seen statistics about accidents during exercises? Stocks are always needed, otherwise experience will be impossible to realize.
      "Fear the enemies who bring gifts" - this is about the Americans. They also helped to dispose of the Tu-160.
      1. Zynaps
        Zynaps 22 December 2012 01: 13
        Quote: talentedvillain
        What was intended for the armada of the USSR in the vast majority went to rake Russia. There can be no simple solution.

        here Belarusians, for some reason, have set up an ammunition disposal facility (they wash explosives with molten paraffin) and have a profit in the form of metal and explosives suitable for processing. chemical raw materials are extracted from old explosives to produce new materials, as well as materials for the production of new explosives.

        Quote: talentedvillain
        Spend most shells on exercises? Have you seen statistics about accidents during exercises?

        Excessive emphasis on this very circumstance allows you to do nothing at all and, most importantly, to justify your doing nothing. it's like the former President Medvedev, rolling his eyes, admitted that in the USSR in the 30s they built an army and industry, "but at what cost!" pharisaism and hypocrisy, in short. in the style of a psychiatric hospital doctor, in which they built a swimming pool, but they did not refuse to pour water until the crazies learn to swim and dive.

        Quote: talentedvillain
        Stocks are always needed, otherwise experience will be impossible to realize.

        supplies, clear stump, needed. but the basics of chemistry would also be nice to know. because there is a danger of corrosion of ammunition metal, decomposition of detonator substances, as well as a change in the composition of explosives. therefore, the process of disposal and disposal of old - the production of new ammunition should be adequate.
    2. Ghenxnumx
      Ghenxnumx 23 December 2012 14: 08
      Quote: RBXize
      so the wooden box rotted to the point that during loading the shell fell out of the box

      This is the fault of the warehouse manager - a clear violation of the storage order.
      Here, statistics were also given on the pages of the forum - during the existence of the USSR there were 2-3 bombings of ammunition depots and everything before the Second World War due to sabotage of German saboteurs, fires occurred in peacetime, but without explosions, with corresponding penalties. Enough eloquent statistics, the conclusion suggests itself - the current explosions in the arsenals are not accidental.
  2. DmitryDmitry
    DmitryDmitry 21 December 2012 09: 41
    At last!!! We had complete mess on Zugol! They traded shells almost openly. Some booze and stuff ... local stall with a blue near the training ground. Anarchy generally reigned supreme.
  3. Footmansur86
    Footmansur86 21 December 2012 10: 07
    The main thing is to use ammunition and competently set up logistics, and without major exercises and firing from these depots, you will get the same thing as from the previous ones.
    It’s easier to shoot ammunition during exercises and receive dividends in the form of experience, rather than wait until you have to dispose of it, and this again is a waste of money.
  4. Sinbad
    Sinbad 21 December 2012 11: 51
    Ammunition should be spent on training personnel. So it was in pre-perestroika times. And American aid and cost savings are free cheese in a mousetrap. This "mousetrap" slaps at us.
    1. Zynaps
      Zynaps 22 December 2012 01: 17
      Quote: Sinbad
      Ammunition should be spent on training personnel.

      These are only suitable, for which the guarantee has not yet been issued. letting out expired ammunition through the barrel is an almost sure Darwin Award nomination.

      and where, for example, to put the bombs produced before 1943? you don’t even attach them to a donkey
  5. PPL
    PPL 21 December 2012 13: 46
    "... to get rid of expired samples like that, and didn't bother to learn."

    Planned disposal at arsenals and bases was carried out at all times. Technology has improved and equipment has been updated whenever possible. There were accidents before (no one is insured against this), but they did not have such a scale. First, underfinancing, then thoughtless dismissal of civilian personnel, servicemen, and, finally, "Stakhanov's" (but what can we hide - Serdyukov's) plans for disposal.
    Yes, I almost forgot, because they stole money not only from the sale of real estate. Ammunition is not only gunpowder and gunpowder, but also steel, and brass and tungsten, etc. There were plenty of those who wanted to make money!
  6. Papakiko
    Papakiko 21 December 2012 13: 46
    The Northern Fleet has an arsenal called the "500 Merry". So, according to the stories of friends and acquaintances, there were all sorts of things (collapses, falls, fires of stacks) BUT NEVER RAPPED.
    From here the conclusion:
    After all, if the stars are lit -
    means - it is necessary for someone?
    So - someone wants them to be?
    (Mayakovsky V.V.)
  7. Kir
    Kir 21 December 2012 14: 43
    I dare to hope that under the new Minister, not civilian-own foolishness will be involved in the design of arsenals and cellars, but professional teams, and besides, the theft was bloomed by many here, it was most likely covered by supposedly by accident, and with regards to the relocation of arsenals, it may, on the contrary, be forbidden by civilians to be built near these objects, because, as you know, one relocation is akin to two pazharas.
    And I also hope that chemical weapons will not be disposed of, but processed, the same IPRIT is an intermediate product in the synthesis of paints and varnishes, it is asked why use raw materials, there is a "semi-finished product" !!!
  8. Volkhov
    Volkhov 21 December 2012 19: 39
    The shells blew up so that at unusual times the Russians would not get it, but the resilience of the Syrians, Cadaffists in Azawad (Mali) and prospects for the future require new mass supplies, and now it’s clear that everything will go to democracy or be undermined by its opponents, like in Donguz, and unnecessarily blow up ...
    "Arsenal" in the photo is a shitty field warehouse, it can only be an accumulation base before further delivery. The term "construction" is inappropriate here, and there is no need to build much - so many strategic bunkers have been thrown that it would be quite possible to hide the remnants of the army in them, but then the Russians will not be defenseless, so the open area is forever.
  9. not good
    not good 21 December 2012 21: 44
    Near Baltiysk there are warehouses built by the Germans, semi-underground storages, below the average height of trees. An internal railway network was laid between the storages (under the Germans, the railway went to the pier with a crane, our part of the road was ruined). Even today, a role model. To date, none of the arsenals can do without open storage areas, namely open areas pose the greatest danger, especially since they often store ammunition that cannot be stored openly and naturally, when a fire occurs on one site, as a result of explosions of ammunition, the fire is transported to other sites. Until arsenals are being built in secure storage facilities, with minimal access to stored ammunition stock, automated fire extinguishing systems, according to urgent safety requirements, and not the bosses' desire to save on everything, Arsenals will burn and explode, unfortunately.
  10. pag-uralmir
    pag-uralmir 22 December 2012 02: 46
    All this foolish divorce reminds. Disposal of ammunition - they were silent, they were silent then they suddenly came to their senses, caught on and let the shells be destroyed. For what? To the Russians there was nothing to fight? And how did it happen that the expiration date of the shells at one time came out? What the Communists in creating weapons pig planted their children! Do they lie? Serdyukovsky harem grandmother wrote off, and maybe the State Department performed the installation? Sit roofing steal. He divorced his wife, offended Zubkov, no problem. Here is Vasilyeva, a cousin of the tobikes of Medvedev’s wife. But Medvedev has everyone who gets up all the goat before 7 in the morning .. sir, the milkmaid at 5 in the morning got up there, the peasant stood with the first rooster the same .... After all, Russia waking up should not stop Muscovites from resting.
  11. sergey05
    sergey05 22 December 2012 11: 04
    Maybe I'll write nonsense. But to mine the surplus of ammunition must be disposed of in exercises.
  12. I think so
    I think so 23 December 2012 00: 15
    The explosions in the arms depots are not from a bad depot or bad premises - the depots in which too much have already been stolen explode ... And no hangars, boxes and other crap will help against this ... only shooting can help ...
  13. Kurchan.70
    Kurchan.70 25 December 2012 19: 19
    It’s time for a long time. And then half burned, the other exploded.
  14. pamero
    pamero 12 January 2013 19: 29
    it is necessary to build in buildings and in the forest is not interesting!