World War I, Eastern Front, 1914-1917

Kutepov led the 2 Battalion of the Life Guard Preobrazhensky Regiment. 1916

World War I, Eastern Front, 1914-1917

Medical Officer of the 17 Infantry Division. Xnumx

The officers and soldiers of the 95 Infantry. Krasnoyarsk regiment celebrate the first front-line Easter

Attack of the 1 Battalion of the 14 Grenadier Georgian Regiment during shrapnel fire. 1915

The headquarters of the 255 th Akkerman regiment of the 64 division in positions in the Carpathians in the area of ​​the town of "Bryazy"

Caught Deserters

Two hundred twenty fifth battalion of the Russian army

Spare at the assembly point

Two cooks and a company. (Soldier's Ball). May 1915

Camp shelf

Pilot Kutovoy.

Moodzund, 1917

Shooting an airplane. Xnumx

Railway bridge completely destroyed by the German troops in Riga. 1917.

Painter. (Scout Alekseev and his sculpture of raw sand). August 1916 g

With a bomb on a crucian carp. Dr. Grannikov. April 1916

Russian battery during the siege of Przemysl

Russian soldiers write home while serving on the Eastern Front around 1915

Russian soldiers at Marconi wireless station

Russian (?) Soldiers in a trench with a post pigeon

Russian prisoners in Poland

Russians catch deserters

Russian Cossacks on the march.


Machine gun crew of the 303-th Senno regiment in the Grodno region. 1914

Killed during the failure of the June offensive. Xnumx

Austrians in captured Russian trenches of Galicia

Austrians in Russian captivity

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    1. AK-47
      21 December 2012 11: 03
      There are no such people at all, but we moved in time, as it were, look at them, present their problems, life. Interesting.
    2. borisst64
      21 December 2012 11: 29
      In the third photo, officers and soldiers communicate in a fraternal way. And we were told from childhood - the officers beat the soldiers on the cheeks with kid gloves. I remember the film "Chapaev", the general at the piano and the soldier rubbing the parquet.
      1. +1
        21 December 2012 15: 07
        borisst64 "And we were told from childhood - the officers beat the soldiers on the cheeks with kid gloves."
        -What is there that the Soviet era was then mythologized, how. And here is the first world war. Although ... Zhukov has in his memoirs about the assault when he was young. Then Gorbatov has it. Not everywhere officers, felbelies loved to wave their fists. This is so offhand. So that everywhere was different. Everything depended on the fathers of the commanders.
        1. +1
          9 February 2013 00: 57
          Sometimes it’s better to go to the soldier’s face rather than give it to the tribunal. There are different situations, maybe the servant knows what, and the court only breaks your life.
      2. 0
        21 December 2012 16: 06
        Yes, maybe the officers beat me, I’ll even say the others probably beat. Those were pure nobles. In the photo, most likely, lieutenants and second lieutenants who received ranks at accelerated courses and themselves, not far from the soldier, left.
      3. +1
        21 December 2012 18: 02
        "nachristosavolis" in the morning, and in front of the camera no one will dissolve
      4. Kortik
        21 December 2012 20: 41
        This is a brotherhood at the front, for a monster-officer can get a bullet, who will understand why he died in the bustle of battle. Moreover, the danger of death on the front line involuntarily brings both a soldier and an officer. Well, at headquarters and in peacetime there was everything, including assault. He was lying with a retired colonel (an Afghan veteran) and put us in a ward with conscripts. His indignation knew no bounds. Me an officer and conscripts in the ward ?! The same was true for eating. When a couple of conscripts were transferred to the dining room for counter and officers to save us, and they sat down with us, the colonel almost choked on such arrogance, and then said that he had eaten along with the fighters in Afghanistan on a campaign, and now let me. By the way, he told how the soldiers fawned, but this is a necessary measure, because until you slap them on the forehead they do not move and listen to the father-commander. Good things are impossible with them. At first, only after school I stopped all manifestations of assault and hazing, and after a while I realized that it was a mistake, because the young people felt impunity and completely unbelted. They scored on everything and everyone. And in the conditions of military operations this is very fraught. I had to revive the recent foundations. So I think then everything was. And fiends, and normal officers, and conscious soldiers, and those without a pistol, like without a carrot.
    3. xan
      21 December 2012 15: 06
      recently stumbled upon Solzhenitsyn's "In August 14th", I liked it very much. Solzhenitsyn definitely loved Russia and was an ardent patriot.
      Since tsarism led the WWII, you can’t fight, but this was already a systemic flaw that cannot be eliminated.
      one thing pleases, the Russian soldier, as always, is beyond praise, and this is fucked up, I consider it systemic, plus
    4. Lech e-mine
      21 December 2012 17: 23
      Why the hell RUSSIA needed to climb in this meat grinder.
      1. Evgan
        21 December 2012 19: 16
        Because of the Slavic brothers, I remember ...
      2. Baboon
        21 December 2012 23: 02
        Well, read about the geopolitical interests of the leading countries of that time, everything has long been painted and dismantled. It’s just that, as always, our people went on the offensive when Paris was hanging by a thread, but when Germany delivered the main blow to us, they wanted to spit, sat in the trenches and said they were not ready for the offensive. And so, the Russian army by knockout method, in general, made Austria-Hungary incapable, and the Turks were also driven.
      3. +1
        22 December 2012 16: 20
        Because of the Dardanelles and the geopolitical interests of tsarism.
    5. +1
      22 December 2012 11: 53
      Great selection. History needs to be known as it really was. Without embellishment and fiction ...
    6. +1
      23 December 2012 00: 28
      Why Eastern Front? On whose side did the author of the material fight? Was it possible that these photographs were collected by a German?
      1. Baboon
        24 December 2012 16: 16
        Since, in the Russian Empire, a revolution began, and then a civil war, the Western Allies simply wrote off our country from the list of victorious countries, so it was like some kind of eastern front and that’s it, And our old allies answered with an intervention, and the interventionists are not red they didn’t finish it, they didn’t help the whites; in general, they were only happy to bring chaos and collapse and confusion into the former Russian empire even more. Well, turn into an underdeveloped country.
    7. Andrew-53
      23 December 2012 01: 12
      Unfortunately, not all photos have been opened for me.
    8. Dikremnij
      25 December 2012 01: 59
      Photos are cool, especially a naked woman from raw land, what can I add, boys always remain boys laughing
    9. The comment was deleted.
    10. Shatea
      30 March 2014 14: 11
      judging op helmets - the French

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