The big press conference of Vladimir Putin

The big press conference of Vladimir Putin

Vladimir Putin held a big press conference on Thursday, during which he answered the 62 question. The press conference lasted 4 hours 35 minutes. The live broadcast was conducted by "Russia 1", "Russia 24", Channel One, Vesti.Ru website.

Magnitsky Act and the ban on adoption

The first two questions - from the Snob magazine and the Argumenty i Fakty newspaper - dealt with the Russian response to the adoption of the Magnitsky Act in the United States. According to Putin, it is poisoning Russian-American relations, pulling them into the past. “This is certainly an unfriendly act in respect of the Russian Federation,” he said. According to Putin, the matter is not in officials who are forbidden to have any accounts or to control real estate. “We ourselves believe that our officials, especially of high rank, people involved in politics should have accounts in Russian banks,” Putin recalled. “There are many banks in the Russian Federation with 100-percent foreign capital, their reliability is beyond doubt. If our colleagues help us identify those who violate, please, we will be grateful to them. "

But the matter is completely not in the officials, but the fact is that “they replaced one anti-Soviet law with another,” the head of state emphasized. “They can’t do without it, everyone is trying to stay in the past. This is very bad. That in itself poisons our relationship,” the president concluded.

Regarding the ban on adoption of Russian children by Americans, Putin said that it is necessary to support those who adopt children within Russia. "As far as I know, the overwhelming majority of citizens of the Russian Federation have a negative attitude to the fact that foreigners adopt our children. We need to do it ourselves. We need to encourage children to transfer to their families without parental care,” said the head of state. “In this regard, I think that Dmitry Medvedev’s proposal yesterday was absolutely correct. We need to develop this activity within the country, remove barriers, support even more families that take children. "

As for the American side, then, according to Putin, the matter is not about the specific people who adopt our children. “There are tragedies there, and we know about it,” he said. “But the vast majority of people who adopt our children behave adequately. The reaction of the State Duma deputies is not to this activity, but to the position of the American authorities.”

Putin believes that this position is that when crimes are committed against adopted Russian children, most often the American Themis does not react at all and frees people who have clearly committed a criminal act against a child from criminal responsibility. Russian representatives are actually not allowed even as observers to these processes.

“We have now concluded an agreement between the State Department and the Foreign Ministry on how and what Russian representatives can do during the occurrence of crisis or conflict situations. What has happened in practice? In practice, it turned out that this area of ​​activity is referred to US state level,” President is perplexed. - And when our representatives come to fulfill these obligations under the agreements, they are told: this is not a matter of federal authorities, but of states and at the state level you have no agreement she doesn't have one. And why such an agreement? A fool is just included and that's all. "

Putin once again returned to the topic of foreign adoptions, answering the question of the Dozhd TV channel later. "Many thanks to the Americans for adoption, but the question is in the attitude of the American authorities," the president said. According to him, there is a "scornful attitude to joint documents." "Where this is good if our representatives are not allowed to go to court," Putin concluded.

19 December 2012 of the Year The State Duma approved the draft law "On Measures of Influence on Persons Involved in Violating the Rights of Citizens of the Russian Federation." The document prohibits the entry into the territory of Russia of US citizens who have committed crimes against citizens of the Russian Federation who are abroad, issued unfounded and unjust sentences against Russians. In addition, the project implies the arrest of financial assets in the Russian Federation and a ban on any real estate transactions for US citizens - persona non grata in Russia. The deputies also introduced a new retaliatory measure - a ban on the adoption of Russian children by US citizens and the denunciation of the Russian-American agreement on cooperation in this field.

The work of the government and the opinion of Kudrin

Vladimir Putin said that he was generally satisfied with the work of Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev and his government. He said this in response to the representative’s question. ITAR-TASS. “I myself know how difficult this work is,” Putin said. “This is direct responsibility for the decisions made, and this responsibility is tangible: I took it, signed it, and the consequences immediately follow.”

Speaking of recent layoffs, Putin remarked: “Not so much has been dismissed.” The President recalled that the former head of the Ministry of Regional Development of the Russian Federation, Oleg Govorun, was dismissed of his own accord. “The minister, who was dismissed, expected it to be a slightly different job. The Ministry of Regional Development is an economic work,” Putin said. Govorun resigned, but the man is “quite capable, experienced and can be used in other posts,” Putin concluded.

The president also said that former Finance Minister Alexei Kudrin, despite his resignation, remains on his team. “A team is such a conditional name,” the president noted. “If I consult with them, then in this sense he is on the team,” Putin said. “Mr. Kudrin has not disappeared anywhere, hasn’t moved to permanent residence, he is here, with us, he works in a completely different capacity, but I regularly meet with him; not often because of workload, but regularly,” the president said. "And I listen to his opinion, it seems to me, as before, important," - he admitted. At the same time, supplementing the opinion of the journalist that while working in the government, Kudrin was distinguished by an alternative opinion and often said “no” when everyone said “yes”, Putin noted: “And now he continues to do that.”

Putin recalled that Kudrin was twice recognized as the best finance minister in the world. "He is a good expert," the president believes.

Speaking about other experts, to whose opinion he is attentive, the head of state did not unequivocally answer. “There are many authoritative, competent, experienced people,” he said. “I can mention, for example, Mrs. Lagard (IMF Managing Director),” Putin said.

Health, the end of the world and a passport for Depardieu

LifeNews journalist asked a joking question about the end of the world. Putin picked up the joke and said that he knew when it would come — exactly four and a half billion years later.

When asked about his health, Putin replied that rumors on this topic were beneficial to his opponents. “They are beneficial to political opponents who are trying to cast doubt on the legitimacy, the capacity of the authorities,” he said. Putin commented briefly on his well-being: “Do not wait!”

“Russia has very good relations with France, and we value them very much,” Putin said, answering the question that the famous French film actor Gerard Depardieu had applied for Russian citizenship. France "has a special place" for Russia, he continued, specifying that this applies to the economy, the social sphere, and the political sphere. “Although France is a NATO country, we more often find mutual understanding with it,” Putin said. In this regard, the President of the Russian Federation expressed the hope that "no decisions in this area will affect our relations." According to him, "high-ranking French officials did not want to offend Depardieu, and this is most likely just an annoying misunderstanding." However, as you know, "the artist is easy to offend."

Territorial division

Putin believes that the issues of integration of the regions can not be solved without the regions themselves. So he commented on the possibility of changing or renaming Russian regions. “We need the least tension, and any decisions in this area can only be taken as decisions of the subjects themselves,” the president stressed. He recalled that such decisions, according to the law, are taken either by referendum, or it should be a decision of parliament.

The current functioning of the subjects of the Russian Federation suits the president. "In general, everything that functions today, functions well," said Putin. “You cannot act here like an elephant in a china shop,” he concluded.

In accordance with the administrative-territorial division, the Russian Federation includes 83 constituent entities of the Federation, including 21 Republic, 9 territories, 46 regions, two cities of federal importance - Moscow and St. Petersburg, 1 autonomous regions, 4 autonomous districts. The territory of the country is divided into 8 federal districts.

De-offshore economy

The de-offshorization of the economy should be carried out carefully, in civilized ways, Putin said. He said this in response to a question from a Bloomberg correspondent. The President noted that “it is necessary to strive for de-fshrization, but carefully, in a civilized way” and named several directions in which the Russian authorities are doing such work today.

"The first is administratively. Many countries are seeking to sign an agreement with offshore zones in order to disclose final information. It is quite civilized," said Putin. “The second direction is more difficult, but more important. It is necessary to improve the legislation so that it is effective,” the head of state pointed out. "Thirdly, - according to the president, - the investment climate needs to be improved." “These are our tasks that we are already solving today, including with business representatives,” Putin said.

"We have developed a whole plan for improving the investment climate," he said, noting that we are actively moving ahead in some areas. As an example, the president cited tax revenues in recent times. "This suggests that the tasks that we set for ourselves, we realize and we must continue to work," the head of state concluded.

Authoritarianism, Trotskyism, and Successor

Vladimir Putin categorically rejected speculation that during the years of his rule he built an authoritarian regime in Russia. "I believe that we have provided stability, as a prerequisite for the development of the country," he said. "I consider this extremely important. I cannot call it an authoritarian regime. I do not agree with that." In support of his words, he recalled his decision to go to second roles after two presidential terms. “If I considered the totalitarian regime the most preferable, I would simply change the constitution,” the president noted. “It was easy to do then: it was enough to hold the decision through parliament.” Putin added that we are talking about the implementation of laws, and these are completely different things. “Democracy is the fulfillment of laws,” he continued. “Democracy is not Trotskyism and not anarchy. We do not need anarchy.” Anarchy 90-s, according to the president, led to the discredit of power and market laws as such. “I believe that order, discipline and following the letter of the law do not contradict democratic forms of government,” the head of state emphasized.

Vladimir Putin wants future leaders to be even more successful. Responding to a press conference on the question of his successors, Putin noted that he did not “trust the country, but the citizens” who come to the polls. The last 10 years have been “far from the worst, one of the best” periods in the life of Russia, Putin said, recalling the main socio-economic achievements during this time.

“I’ll say without any irony: I want future leaders, the future president to be even more successful,” he said, answering journalists ’questions at a press conference. “Because I love Russia,” Putin added to the applause of the audience.

Family and time

President Vladimir Putin has admitted that he is proud of his daughters. He spoke about this at a large press conference at the World Trade Center. The journalists were interested in how the lives of the two daughters of the head of state are made. “Everything is in order with my children. They are in Moscow. They study, in part - they work,” the president said. “They are doing well both in their personal lives and in terms of professional growth. I am proud of them,” Vladimir Putin stressed.

Vladimir Putin still believes that the government itself must determine what to do with winter time. "The government should determine in the course of the monitoring, which is now being carried out by government agencies, and a final decision will be made on the results of this monitoring," he said.

According to him, the current time system in the Russian Federation raises questions from international partners. “Of course, there are problems: you get up - it's dark, you lie down - it's dark. There are also more systemic problems related to sports competitions, like, say, the World Cup, the Olympic Games, the Universiade in Kazan - they are related to the broadcast,” he explained .

“When the difference is big - three hours, four - the competition begins, and a significant part of the audience is still at work,” Putin said. “Representatives of international organizations already point this out to us.” “But we, above all, should be guided not by these considerations, but by the interests of our own citizens,” the president stressed. "Therefore, the government monitors and a final decision will be made on the results of this monitoring," he assured.

At the same time, Putin recalled that “when Medvedev made this decision, he proceeded from the mood of a significant part of our citizens.” “But when he did it, it turned out that there were even more dissatisfied with this decision,” he admitted.

In the spring of 2011, Russia switched to constant summer time, and the traditional conversion of the watch hands in the fall was no longer held.

For which they fired Serdyukov

Anatoly Serdyukov in the reforms of the army as a whole was moving in the right direction, but there were questions to the leadership style of the former Russian Defense Minister, said Russian President Vladimir Putin. “As far as reforming the Armed Forces is concerned, Serdyukov was moving in the right direction. The question is in the external forms of manifestation, in relation to people. These are separate issues,” said the head of state. “A man in uniform deserves respect,” Putin noted.

“But he was not fired for this,” the president continued. “And for the fact that the investigating authorities had reasonable doubts that the work related to the sale of property was built correctly. And on some other issues.”

The investigation and the court will be extremely objective in the proceedings at the Ministry of Defense, Putin assured. "Yes, there are doubts about the correctness of behavior in the decisions made by the former Minister of Defense. But they have stolen or not stolen - only the court can decide," he said. “And what I can assure you of is that both the investigation and the trial will be extremely objective,” the president emphasized. “There is no desire to block anyone. Nobody will be engaged in this.”

Governors Election

Vladimir Putin expressed support for maintaining the procedure for direct elections of governors] for most regions. The federal law on direct elections came into force in July, and the first elections were held on October 14 of this year. “I am personally in favor of direct elections,” the head of state stressed, answering a question at a major press conference. But in the national republics, people must "make their own optimal decisions" on the election procedure, he said.

For a direct election, "Russian society has long been approached, right when people choose their own leaders, it means they are responsible" for
the results of their work, Putin said.

But recently, the leadership of national republics within the Russian Federation, where one of the nations is titular, raised the question of choosing a procedure, since other nations — those in the minority — fear that they will never be able to elect a representative.

As an example, the president cited dramatic events in the elections in Karachay-Cherkessia. “People from the national republics, understanding these problems, and fearing for such adverse developments, raised questions themselves,” the president explained.

As a positive example, Putin cited the Republic of Dagestan, where, according to him, “for many years there has been a system where a representative of one ethnic
the group was the president, the other was the head of the government, and the third was the parliament, and they then changed places. "" We don’t have to take this right away from people, but the boats living in the national republics should be given the right to make optimal decisions that would not lead to national conflicts ", - said Vladimir Putin.

Khodorkovsky's fate

Putin categorically denied speculation about his influence on the court in the case of Mikhail Khodorkovsky. The head of state also denies the personal or political nature of the persecution.

“As for Mikhail Borisovich himself, there is no personal persecution here,” the president said. “Everyone is trying to present some kind of political affair here ... And what, Mikhail Borisovich was involved in politics, what was he, a deputy, headed the party? Nothing of the kind there was no mention of it! This is purely an economic crime. "

Putin recalled some high-profile economic crimes cases in the United States, where convicts sometimes receive 100 years in prison. "Do not politicize this issue!" - He called. "I am sure that, in accordance with the law, everything will be fine and Mikhail Borisovich will be released, God bless him!" - Vladimir Putin added.

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