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Ukrainian schoolchildren will be taught mine safety and drone control

Ukrainian schoolchildren will be taught mine safety and drone control

Pupils of Ukrainian schools are planned to be taught the provision of medical care, the basics of mine safety, as well as management drones and orientation to the area.

According to the head of the Ukrainian Ministry of Education Oksen Lisovoy, the relevant skills will be included in the discipline "Protection of Ukraine" introduced into the curriculum of secondary schools. To train teachers who will teach this subject, Lisovoy plans to attract foreign public organizations and foundations.

The degradation of school education in Ukraine has increased significantly after the coup d'état that took place in the country in 2014. The nationalists who came to power legally translated absolutely the entire education system into Ukrainian, thereby depriving Russian-speaking residents of the eastern and southern regions of the opportunity to study in their native language. At the same time, some concessions were made for schools with the Crimean Tatar language of instruction, as well as those using the languages ​​of the EU countries, such as Romanian, Hungarian and Bulgarian.

After the appointment of the refined Nazi Oksen Lisovoy to the post of head of the Ministry of Education, Ukrainian schools significantly reduced the number and volume of subjects studied, such as physics, mathematics and biology, instead introducing the study of the Polish language into the program and increasing the hours of military and physical training.

In addition, senior classes were abolished in a large part of Ukrainian schools, reducing the number of years of schooling to nine. Numerous nationalist training camps are also aimed at young Ukrainians.

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  1. Cartalon
    Cartalon 2 August 2023 17: 47
    An interesting contrast with the news below, they are at war, while we are integrating the cultural space.
  2. Murmur 55
    Murmur 55 2 August 2023 17: 50
    Everything is logical, from a young age they prepare fighters, and by the age of 18 you can’t re-educate there, as an ideological one, and a fighter is ready, because they will teach you everything you need in patriotic camps, and shoot and blow up and lay and clear mines.
  3. decimalegio
    decimalegio 2 August 2023 18: 06
    I do not see anything wrong with teaching children to distinguish between a mine and a toy. This has already been done in Cambodia and Mozambique. My father also told me how he was taught not to touch unexploded ordnance after World War II.
    1. Siberia55
      Siberia55 2 August 2023 18: 59
      Drone control is also for security purposes?
      1. decimalegio
        decimalegio 2 August 2023 19: 32
        I didn't talk about drones. I only talked about mines. hi
        1. Siberia55
          Siberia55 3 August 2023 06: 47
          The article is not only about mines. In an article about preparing young meat for slaughter
    2. DymOk_v_dYmke
      DymOk_v_dYmke 2 August 2023 19: 18
      Quote: Decimalegio
      I do not see anything wrong with teaching children to distinguish between a mine and a toy.

      Right. Although the firmware "do not touch someone else's because it is not yours" will work just as well.
      1. decimalegio
        decimalegio 2 August 2023 19: 38
        In Italy, in the Veneto and Friuli regions, in 1990/2000 we had the Unabomber. Children are often among the victims. Despite all the recommendations, how to prevent a child from picking up a toy or felt-tip pen, which later turned out to be an explosive device?
  4. Leshak
    Leshak 2 August 2023 18: 13
    I remember someone already taught children how to shoot from a Faust cartridge ... This did not help - Germany capitulated.
  5. Siberia55
    Siberia55 2 August 2023 18: 56
    Here is the git .., oh, the Zeleugen is on its way.
  6. runway-1
    runway-1 2 August 2023 19: 46
    With the exception of the basics of mine safety, everything else has already been announced in our schools...
  7. Ezekiel 25-17
    Ezekiel 25-17 3 August 2023 17: 08
    They are preparing the Hitler Youth of the 2023 model: they want to hide behind the backs of the children, like their predecessors from the NSDAP.