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Marine exercises: in the cold and under the supervision of bloggers

Despite the anomalous frosts, the troops of the Eastern Military District conduct several large exercises at once. Given the weather conditions, the soldiers were dressed in coats, felt boots and fur mittens. And every half hour they rest in the heating points. On the coast of the Ussuri Bay at the Ermine range these days, marines conduct exercises.

Closed area on the shore of the Ussuri Bay. Blank cartridges here do not shoot. Maximum precautions. On land - the cordon, on the sea, in the direction of which the fire is fired, navigation is prohibited. People in white camouflage coats take positions at the firing line.

- Sailor Blazhko ready for battle!

At the Marine Corps near Vladivostok, the first in this winter season, fire training classes take place in extreme conditions - with minus 20-ti. Now black berets perform fire exercises from a Kalashnikov rifle with single shots from all positions: standing, lying down and from the knee.

Weaponsay marines, works flawlessly. Barrels of automaton burn hands even at such a low temperature.

"When you do the exercise, it is very warm, one can say hot ... When there is a lot of opponent, you need to shoot accurately and clearly," says Denis Bushuev, commander of the engineering corps company of the marine brigade.

Conditional enemy landed. These are plywood targets built along the coastal strip. Experienced shooters turn them into a sieve, beginners get criticism from commanders.

“There were two“ fives ”and one“ milk ”... This means that I shot myself that way,” says senior sailor Pavel Zakharenko from the marine brigade. “I would like better, we will try, correct, learn!”

Black berets are trained by a group of people with cameras. This is Vladivostok bloggers. News with exercises on land and at sea the first to appear on their web pages. This patronage relationship between the online community and the Pacific fleet already more than a year.

“For some time now, the military has been interested in what people outside of ideology think, unbiased, completely impartial. It’s just that a person came, looked, shared,” says blogger Dmitry Dvinsky.

The Marines performed fire exercises with a preliminary overall rating of "good." In the coming days, already fired recruits will be taught ways to survive on the snowy seashore.

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  1. fenix57
    fenix57 20 December 2012 11: 22
    Let the guys study. Good luck in battle.
    1. sv-sakh
      sv-sakh 21 December 2012 04: 10
      They need to pray for the inhabitants of the Arctic as idols!
      At two and three times lower temperatures, they hunt and live!
      But what am I, the hunter myself, and what is a week in the Sakhalin taiga, at minus 30-40, in fur boots and snowshoes, I know not by hearsay, but the humidity on the island, not lower than the humidity in the coastal region.
      On the news, yesterday, I saw this plot, it became already funny! And so proud in the interview!
      Well, the sissies put them reporters ...
  2. Sergg
    Sergg 20 December 2012 11: 52
    The military field exercises of our military or just training, especially in extreme conditions, is always perceived positively.
    Soldiers and officers should always improve their military skills.
    1. pogis
      pogis 20 December 2012 12: 04
      I’ve been serving 21 for a year! MENTOR! But all the same, I’m constantly learning something new from various sources! And how paradoxically I’m still studying! For a year of service in the infantry with constant combat training, you can become a good infantryman! In artillery and in the navy (and in other branches of the armed forces) hardly!
      1. tolan_petrovich
        tolan_petrovich 20 December 2012 13: 31
        Live and learn! Keep it up!
        1. sv-sakh
          sv-sakh 21 December 2012 02: 07
          "Extreme minus 20" in a country where in most of the territory the norm is minus 40 and below is somehow not even funny ...
          It turns out that ordinary wipers we have extremes !! They work at minus 45 !!
          In World War II, in severe frost, they did not take breaks. And we won the war thanks to our endurance in the fierce Russian winter.
          Minus 20 extreme damn ... no words ... they show off ...
  3. vladek64
    vladek64 20 December 2012 14: 46
    "A group of people with cameras are watching the training of the black berets. These are Vladivostok bloggers. News from exercises on land and at sea is the first to appear on their web pages."

    Are these "Vladivostk bloggers" not from the CIA for an hour? Or is this a special Marines ad? It's all somehow strange ...

    "This patronage relationship between the Internet community and the Pacific Fleet is over a year old."
    Who is sponsoring whom? And what is this patronage expressed in?
  4. TekhnarMAF
    TekhnarMAF 20 December 2012 15: 12
    "An aggravated feat!" Probably amnesia in the media, look at materials 70-80 years old, and this is "Zarnitsa" in uniform.
    1. sv-sakh
      sv-sakh 21 December 2012 02: 30
      I mean the same thing!
      "Abnormal frosts" are frosts that came a month earlier. And only 5-7 degrees below the climatic norm for December. In January January, the norm will be minus 25 minus 35 laughing And then these "snow white" will freeze the poor ?? laughing
      And if you take Siberia and some other regions, even central ones! Where is the norm minus 50 !!
      And how did the Arctic gather to defend ???? !!!! It's incomprehensible!! am Here everyone yells that the Russian Serer and then de sympathize with the snow white at minus 20 in all!
  5. peter-tank
    peter-tank 20 December 2012 20: 02
    My son is a lieutenant in this brigade. But this is so, by the way.
    On this topic. The fact that they shoot in a 20-degree frost (and in the seaside climate is strong pipenz) is well done, but something looks strange. For example, an exercise being performed. This is an AK-3 sports exercise. It is carried out at military sport shooting competitions, but not during planned combat training. Who cares, the conditions for the exercise are here:
    Although, from my own experience I know if the shooting range is not equipped with anything (which is actually visible in the video), then this will work.