Polish armored personnel carriers KTO Rosomak in Ukraine

Polish armored personnel carriers KTO Rosomak in Ukraine
Ukrainian militants and the Polish armored personnel carrier Rosomak, autumn 2022. Photo by Telegram / Dambiev

The Kiev regime has already received a large number of armored vehicles from Poland, and such deliveries are planned to continue. In accordance with the existing agreements, in the foreseeable future, the Polish side will transfer to Ukraine 150 newly built KTO Rosomak armored personnel carriers. As follows from the latest News, the first batch of such armored vehicles has already been manufactured and transferred to the recipient.

Plans and rumors

In the spring and summer of 2022, issues of providing military-technical assistance to the Kyiv regime were actively discussed in Poland. In particular, they decided which armored vehicles from the presence of their own army could be transferred to an ally. In this context, along with vehicles of other types, the existing armored personnel carriers of the KTO Rosomak type (Kołowy Transporter Ożarony Rosomak - “Wolverine Wheeled Armored Transporter”) were discussed. However, last year the supply of such machines was not approved, limiting itself to obsolete Soviet-style products.

However, in October there were rumors about the appearance of "Wolverines" in Ukraine. So, a photograph of Ukrainian militants against the backdrop of a Polish armored personnel carrier got into free access. Apparently, the picture was taken during the training of Ukrainian personnel in Poland. At that time, the Ukrainians had no other opportunity to approach the Rosomak product.

It should be recalled that the Polish "Wolverine" is a modified version of the Finnish machine Patria AMV and is produced under license by Rosomak SA (part of the state group Polska Grupa Zbrojeniowa SA). The current production agreement expires at the end of 2023. In October last year, Poland and Finland agreed to extend the license for five years. In accordance with the updated agreement, the release of KTO Rosomak will be able to continue until the end of 2028.

Wolverines in Ukraine, July 2023. Photo by Telegram / BMPD

It is quite possible that the extension of the license was connected not only with plans for their own rearmament, but also with the intention to help Ukraine. However, the situation cleared up only a few months later, when the Polish leadership announced that they had received a new order.

Supply contract

On March 30, Warsaw and Kyiv signed a contract for the construction and supply of 100 Wolverines. The cost and timing of the transfer of such products were not specified, but they revealed the features of financing the contract. According to the Polish leadership, the Ukrainian side will pay for armored personnel carriers from funds received from the US and the EU as assistance. It was noted that at the current pace of work, without forcing production, the Rosomak SA plant is capable of building a hundred armored personnel carriers a year.

Already on April 5, during the visit of the Kyiv leadership to Poland, the terms of cooperation were clarified. A protocol of intent was signed in the field of supply of armored vehicles. According to this document, the Polish side will transfer to the Kyiv regime not 100, but 150 Rosomak armored personnel carriers. In addition, the delivery of 24 M120K Rak self-propelled mortars on the Wolverine chassis was planned.

Given the pace of work at the Rosomak SA enterprise, it could be expected that the first batch of armored personnel carriers would go to Ukraine in the coming months. And so it happened: the first unconfirmed reports of the appearance of such equipment in the combat zone date back to the beginning of July. At the end of the month, the first video appeared showing the passage of a pair of Wolverines as part of a mechanized column with other imported equipment.

KTO Rosomak of the Polish Army. Rosomak SA Photos

Obviously, the number of KTO Rosomak products at the disposal of Ukrainian formations will gradually increase. A total of 150 armored vehicles are scheduled to be delivered. While maintaining the current pace of production, their assembly requires about a year and a half, and the delivery of the latter will take place in the fall of 2024. It is possible to accelerate production with a reduction in delivery times. However, in this case, the last armored personnel carriers will go to Ukraine next year, although a few months earlier.

Licensed Products

History KTO Rosomak products date back to the beginning of the 360s, when the Polish Ministry of Defense held a competition for the supply of new wheeled armored personnel carriers. Several foreign organizations participated in the tender, including the Finnish company Patria Vehicles Oy. Her AMV armored vehicle in the XC-2022P modification showed the best performance and compliance with customer requirements, and in December XNUMX this model was declared the winner.

In April of the following 2003, the customer and contractor signed a contract for the production and supply of 690 armored vehicles in several versions. According to the terms of the document, the Finnish side was supposed to produce only 90 units. technology. The rest were planned to be built under license at the Polish plant Wojskowe Zakłady Mechaniczne (since 2014 - Rosomak SA).

Under the first contract, the Polish Armed Forces ordered more than 310 armored personnel carriers / infantry fighting vehicles with an Italian-designed OTO Melara Hitfist 30P turret (some of the turrets were assembled under license), as well as 125 vehicles with machine gun weapons. Later, the latter were abandoned in favor of the cannon version. They also ordered Rak self-propelled mortars, command, ambulance and other vehicles.

View from a different angle. Rosomak SA Photos

Deliveries under the first contract were completed in the tenth years. In 2013, Patria extended the license, after which an additional order appeared. To date, Poland has built for itself about 900 Wolverine armored vehicles of all versions. Now it is planned to assemble one and a half hundred for friendly Ukraine.

Technical features

The Polish Rosomak armored vehicle is built on the basis of a welded armored steel hull. Rolled sheets up to 8 mm thick are used. Overhead modules of steel and ceramic armor are mounted on top of the hull; Inside there is a Kevlar anti-fragmentation lining. For the frontal projection of the machine, resistance to 14,5 mm bullets is declared, and protection from 7,62 mm rifle bullets is provided at other angles. The Hitfist 30P turret is only protected from 12,7mm bullets. Also, the crew will remain alive when a 6-kg explosive device is detonated under the wheel or bottom.

Part of the Polish armored vehicles subsequently received additional overhead modules that improved protection performance. With them, as stated, the crew and units are protected even from 30-mm projectiles from the front corners. It is possible to install lattice screens to protect against anti-tank grenades.

The chassis is equipped with a 1 hp Scania D12 56 03A490PE diesel engine. and an automatic transmission that provides all-wheel drive. An independent hydropneumatic suspension with wishbones is used. The car is able to move off-road and overcome obstacles. To move through the water there are two stern propellers in the annular channels. With a combat weight of at least 20-22 tons, depending on the configuration, the armored personnel carrier shows good mobility characteristics. The maximum speed on land is 100 km / h, on water - 10 km / h.

Rak self-propelled mortar on Rosomak chassis. Rosomak SA Photos

In the armored personnel carrier / infantry fighting vehicle configuration, the Rosomak product carries a Hitfist 30P turret with a 30-mm automatic cannon and a machine gun. Also in service are vehicles carrying the Spike LR anti-tank missile system, 120-mm Rak self-propelled mortars, etc.

In the variant for transporting infantry, the crew of the Wolverine includes three people. The aft troop compartment accommodates eight fighters. Access inside and disembarkation are provided by hinged doors and upper hatches. The possibility of firing from under the armor is not provided.

Clear perspectives

In terms of the combination of performance characteristics, the Polish KTO Rosomak armored personnel carriers differ little from other protected vehicles for infantry that Ukraine previously had or was transferred by foreign armies. Accordingly, the Kyiv regime should not place high hopes on such equipment. In addition, problems of a quantitative and tactical nature are to be expected.

It is easy to see that the Polish "Wolverine" has a limited level of protection. Even with the installation of all available booking packages, the vehicle is protected only from 30-mm projectiles in the frontal projection of the hull. The remaining sections of the hull and turret are less protected and exposed to known risks.

In addition, it must be remembered that during the Special Operation, the Russian army uses a wide range of means against enemy armored vehicles - from anti-tank mines to loitering ammunition. In fact, any such sample can destroy an enemy armored personnel carrier immediately or disable it, simplifying further defeat. Even modern foreign weapons cannot cope with such threats. Tankswith a higher level of protection.

Rosomak in the version of the anti-tank missile system. Rosomak SA Photos

In terms of firepower, the Polish BTR is comparable to the Russian BTR-82 or BMP-2. The difference in such characteristics can only be provided by the Spike missile system - provided that it is included in the delivery set. Other armored vehicles, starting from the BMP-3, "Wolverine" is inferior in fire performance.

Judging by the latest news, Poland will transfer ready-made armored personnel carriers to the Kyiv regime in batches of several pieces, as they are produced. The resulting equipment is likely to be immediately sent to the war zone, and the consequences of this are not difficult to predict. Due to the illiterate organization of the “counteroffensive”, the lack of full-fledged reconnaissance, preparation and cover, the Ukrainian side suffered heavy losses in armored vehicles, incl. foreign production. The received KTO Rosomak have every chance to add to the list of senseless losses.

Production and losses

Thus, the Kiev regime began to receive foreign armored vehicles of another model and has high hopes for it. His optimism is based on financial assistance from the United States and the European Union, which actually pay for a new order, on Poland's willingness to produce the necessary armored vehicles, and, probably, on advertising for AMV and Rosomak products.

The first Polish-made armored personnel carriers have already arrived in Ukraine and seem to have ended up in a combat zone. In the near future, we should expect the first episodes of their combat use - and the first losses. Obviously, in the future, the Polish "Wolverines" will become familiar targets for the calculations of our firepower. It is very likely that they will be systematically destroyed as they arrive from Poland and enter the battlefield.
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  2. -4
    2 August 2023 06: 50
    in the future, the Polish "Wolverines" will become familiar targets for the calculations of our fire weapons.
    If the vaunted German "Leopards" and the American Bradley infantry fighting vehicles have become, then these will certainly become.
  3. -4
    2 August 2023 07: 44
    Poles suckers, could give away their used ones, and update their fleet at the expense of 404
    1. +4
      2 August 2023 08: 41
      Quote from voffka
      Poles suckers, could give away their used ones, and update their fleet at the expense of 404

      All junk has already been raked out and not only from Poland.
      1. +1
        2 August 2023 13: 10
        Ryabov writes that they printed 900 pieces for themselves, gave all 900?
  4. -5
    2 August 2023 08: 50
    About protection from 30 mm from the front - it's doubtful to me.
    How much cast iron should be hung if the base holds only CPV (T)?
    1. +1
      2 August 2023 11: 43
      On the same BMP-3, this is ensured by a Water Shield, a steel plate, aluminum, a solarium tank and aluminum (partition).
    2. +8
      2 August 2023 11: 47
      And why cast iron, ceramics rather. Plus, the distance is not indicated - most likely 14.5 at close range, and 30mm from 300 meters.
      But since the car is, in principle, not bad, especially since the transfer of almost 5 battalion kits is serious and without spikes.
  5. +1
    2 August 2023 12: 07
    If the distribution of cluster munition hits, there will be at least no move and with beaten surveillance devices.

    There is also an AWR - option:

    "However, the uniqueness of the AWR is proved by special equipment, including the TacFlir 280-HD optoelectronic head and the SR Hawk radar, which form the Airborne Surveillance and Reconnaissance Complex (PZOR), which is the main intelligence subsystem. Both components were placed on a four-high Will Burt mast SR Hawk provides target detection at a distance of up to 48 kilometers and simultaneous observation of five hundred objects.It provides the location of artillery shell explosions, as well as the detection and tracking of large vehicles from a distance of 32 km and smaller (for example, unmanned vehicles) from a distance of 21 km Detection of infantry soldiers is possible from a distance of up to 12 kilometers.
  6. +9
    2 August 2023 12: 16
    Well, I have no doubt that these armored personnel carriers will burn. But when compared with our BTR82. Here I have cultural words sorry come to an end. I'll say it diplomatically. I do not discuss the monuments of armored vehicles. laughing That's when the "Boomerang" will enter the troops. Then I will compare. ZY I physically in armor can only squeeze into this armored personnel carrier 82 into the troop compartment wassat For the design of the latter is not something that is morally obsolete. It was not even made under yesterday's wars ....
  7. +2
    2 August 2023 19: 21
    I miss the useless and obsolete phrase. However, as far as I know, the basic version of the wolverine is protected at level 3 of stanag 4569. I don't know that the BMP version mounts additional armor to reach level 4 of stanag 4569.
  8. 0
    2 August 2023 22: 57
    Poland supplies Ukraine with a facility. And Ukraine accuses Poland of not having enough equipment, not enough ammunition, not buying grain. And in general ... Where are the Polish military? Why are so few ready to fight for the blue and yellow Ukrainian flag? Volhynia must have been forgotten.
  9. -4
    2 August 2023 23: 06
    Also, the crew will remain alive when a 6-kg explosive device is detonated under the wheel or bottom.
    This is the weight of explosives in a Soviet / Russian anti-tank mine. So this is, IMHO, a dream.
    "A drop of nicotine kills a horse. A hamster just vomits to pieces" ©
    1. +3
      3 August 2023 20: 10
      The crews of the Iveco-Lynx survived after the explosion on the TM-62, without serious injuries. And here the machine is more impressive.
  10. +1
    3 August 2023 12: 41
    The car is good, even closer to an infantry fighting vehicle than to an armored personnel carrier, at least in terms of security. I wonder how much it costs, is it more expensive than our Boomerang?
  11. 0
    2 October 2023 19: 57
    6 kg. This is most likely about an improvised explosive device. V-shaped bottom. It won’t hold up against something like PTM-3 or PTM-4 with 1.5 kg of explosives. The legs of someone in the carriage will be torn off, like in that Bradley. There is no need to talk about protection against TM-72 or TM-89. They don’t attach dynamic protection to the bottom. laughing