The creative class has turned into a dull bunch

The creative class has turned into a dull bunchOpposition rally last weekend. Does the opposition hear the people? Where is her forte? Vladimir Soloviev and Anna Shafran discussed this and much more with the Vesti FM radio listeners.

Solovyov: For some reason, many people ask me about my attitude to what was on the Lubyanka. My attitude is this: terribly ridiculous looks everything happening. Look, several media outlets worked in the announcement mode of inflating hysteria and public surge. That is, "Gazprom's echo" just every time said: "Here, soon it will start!" That is, it is no longer newsThis is an announcement.

In parallel with this, an action of communists took place in Moscow, to which about the same number of people came without any promotion, without any hysteria. The Communists ’action was covered only, probably, by the All-Russian State Television and Radio Broadcasting Company; At the same time in any election, the Communists are gaining many times more votes than any representative of the "swamp". At the same time, notice how interesting it is that our press, as it was from 90's, is ultimately liberal at its core and, of course, not objective at all, and it has remained so. I am not talking now about power, I am talking about communists, who are also against power.

What was in the Lubyanka - in principle, an absolute failure. Why? There was no idea. It was uncreative. That is, people claiming to represent the interests of a certain creative class turned out to be a dull and boring, mediocre gathering. Besides, where did the people go all? Where to share those who were interested to listen? Where is Yavlinsky? Where is Ryzhkov? Now who came out at all? A number of former.

You see, when Ponomarev and Udaltsov, whose parents during the Soviet era were big-big figures, are trying to talk about something, then for me it is such a dream of the politburo offspring of a happy past. Such, you know, genetically incorporated memory of the party nomenclature, back to tear into places heated by grandfathers. Sobchak and Yashin? Well, what revolutionaries? "We are now in Morocco, then to the Lubyanka, because somewhere else." What revolutionaries, who once again declare: "And we have New Year's holidays! We are all abroad." No, please, this is the right of any person. Go, rest, flag in your hands. But it’s funny when you consider yourself as fighters against the regime, being yourself an absolute and natural part. It’s just that within the political stratum they were marginalized, but they never became politicians.

Who went out? Where are all gone? That is, people come out, they say, and less and less around iconic ones. Where among those who have come out are all those who so recently called for the Lubyanka? And most importantly: where are the people simply, where are the people? Where are those that should support?

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  1. +2
    20 December 2012 15: 25
    The creative opposition can only talk and knows how, without showing with its concrete achievements the model of further movement towards the welfare of the state.
    1. +1
      20 December 2012 17: 24
      This is not a creative opposition, but a cryogenic one ...
      1. S_mirnov
        20 December 2012 21: 03
        "The creative class has turned into a dull gathering" - creative means creating, but what did Udaltsov create? They were never creators, here Stakhanov is a creative class, although if you called him that, he would have kicked in the face laughing
        1. Homer
          20 December 2012 23: 56
          Quote: S_mirnov
          The creative class has become a dull gathering. "

          What the fuck class ??? Glamorous gopa !!! belay
  2. +11
    20 December 2012 15: 29
    The opposition, what kind of opposition it is, are fabulously yapping, useless parasites of Russia. It is disgusting to look at this bunch with a liberal mindset.
    1. Atlon
      20 December 2012 15: 54
      Quote: Fantomac
      The opposition, what kind of opposition it is, are fabulously yapping, useless parasites of Russia. It is disgusting to look at this bunch with a liberal mindset.

      Why are you doing this? People earn money ... Nothing personal, "Such a job!" (FROM).
      1. Adrenalin
        20 December 2012 22: 09
        it’s a bad job - to sell your homeland
    2. +3
      20 December 2012 16: 05
      Quote: Fantomac
      It is disgusting to look at this bunch with a liberal mindset.

      In my opinion, by their recent actions, they have already convinced everyone that they have no mentality, for lack of intelligence as such.
      1. Atlon
        20 December 2012 16: 17
        Quote: Bulls.
        for lack of mind as such.

        The presence of the brain (as an organ) does not indicate the presence of the mind (as a cognitive-analytical ability of a person) ...
        1. 0
          20 December 2012 16: 56
          The presence of the brain (as an organ) does not indicate the presence of the mind

          + "I thought I was thinking request "
    3. +3
      20 December 2012 17: 03
      these are fabulously yapping, useless parasites of Russia

      As for parasites, I completely agree.
      On the other hand, the upsurge last winter of the "middle class" against Sakharov forced the authorities to stop their Kremlin cash registers and at least start some action. Well, there, to expel Serdyukov, choose governors through a filter.
      And about the liberals - they threw a bone in the form of free registration of parties. And believe me, liberals are people who for a thousand years will not be able to agree, the glass is half empty, or half full. Now look - they will spawn parties, then before the elections they will begin to tear each other's shirt fronts for the amusement of the public, trying to unite in a coalition, they will not be able to because of "fundamental differences" and will waste everything and everywhere.
      But there will be something to do.
      1. Homer
        20 December 2012 23: 58
        If such revolutionaries were in the 17th, what a revolution Russia would not know today! Yes
  3. +1
    20 December 2012 15: 30
    In the photo he mustache to paint on - Hitler one to one!
    1. +5
      20 December 2012 19: 27
      I wish he could paint his conscience.
  4. Ares1
    20 December 2012 15: 39
    Any opposition is someone's "brainchild". Come from outside or created by the authorities inside the country. This so-called opposition in Russia does not evoke any emotions, except disgust ... There is no hatred, no love, no sympathy, no antipathies ... Namely, at the sight of these people and gatherings, a feeling of disgust arises. And not because most of them are torn off from the feeding trough or just a little did not reach it. But because they appeal to the people as a bad psychiatrist to his incurable patient. That is, the doctor knows that the patient is bad, but what will he tell him? That the Bastille will be returned to the sick tomorrow, without fail. Yes, and a doctor needs to get a salary too ... That's the same with our "opposition". And the quotes confirm the nature of its appearance - this very "opposition" is very beneficial to set off the power ...
    1. Homer
      21 December 2012 00: 01
      Quote: Ares1
      Any opposition is someone's "brainchild"

      Not a brainchild, but rather an abomination! good
  5. Atlon
    20 December 2012 15: 52
    The article needs to be renamed:
    "The creative class has turned into a dull Mr."
    1. Kaa
      20 December 2012 18: 16
      Quote: Atlon
      "The creative class has turned into a dull Mr."

      Discouragement probably occurs when "finances sing romances":
      "The preparations for organizing riots in Russia were financed by the former head of the Georgian parliamentary committee on defense and security Givi Targamadze. These results were reached by the Investigative Committee of Russia during the preliminary investigation of the case against the oppositionists Sergei Udaltsov, Leonid Razvozzhaev and Konstantin Lebedev, REGNUM reported in the press - to the ICR service on December 11. According to the Investigative Committee, in the spring of 2012, a group of Russian citizens from various regions to Lithuania was organized to participate in a seminar on the seizure of power by the example of “color revolutions.” These seminars, according to the investigation, were also attended by Taisiya Aleksandrova, Anna Kornilova and Yuri Nabutovsky.http: //
      "Georgia has become a link for American assistance to the Russian opposition, which is trying to overthrow Putin. In March, Georgia organized a conference with funds from the CIA, Soros and MI6 entitled" Invisible Peoples, Continuing Crimes: Circassians and Peoples of the North Caucasus Between Past and Future. " Georgia and its CIA, Soros, and British intelligence allies channel money and provide other support for separatism among ethnic minorities in Russia, including the Circassians, Chechens, Ingush, Balkars, Kabardians, Abazins, Tatars, Talysh and Kumyks.
      The EU also sends money on behalf of European intelligence services, including MI-6, to Russian dissident groups through grants to Georgian non-governmental organizations. The money goes through the EU Commission on Enlargement and the European Neighborhood Policy, which is headed by Stefan Fule, the Czech diplomat who was the Czech ambassador in London and NATO, who studied at Moscow State University of International Relations in Soviet times and made a number of acquaintances, which are now active in today's anti-Putin movement.
      With the adoption of the law on NGOs, the situation became more complicated - the "Protestants" self-destructed ...
  6. +3
    20 December 2012 15: 55
    For such, if I may say so, "opposition" you can vote only in delirium. What exactly do they want? How do they want to do this? The fact that they are yelling about oligarchs and corruption is well known to everyone, so what's next? What is against Putin, and who is instead of him? Udaltsov, Sobchak, Navalny, Kasparov? That's the alternative, be healthy. Start again a bloody redistribution of property, fight with our own, plunge into chaos? No, thank you, there are enough enemies abroad who are waiting impatiently for when we will finally build such a democratic society so that US senators can vote on how many planes the Russian army should buy.
    1. -1
      21 December 2012 08: 02
      I agree that the opposition could have taken a serious stand if they had nominated a single candidate in the elections - they would have played very well against those "who are against" Putin and those who are for a single cadidate, but they were pissed off - because they understood that they would lose anyway
  7. +4
    20 December 2012 15: 59
    It’s a swamp! All sorts of Udaltsovs, Navalny, Sobchazhki and other trash have long turned into swamp slurry, Russian liberalism is contraindicated, where liberals are always a mess there, anarchy, pederasty and other miasms, which are the main attributes of liberalism! angry
  8. +3
    20 December 2012 16: 00
    Everything, it seems the opposition was blown away. Angry citizens let out their steam whistle.
    Although, judging by the smell, it burst in another place, stinks.
  9. BAT
    20 December 2012 16: 18
    This so-called opposition is simply laughable. As the donkey Eeyore from all of us beloved cartoon said: "A pitiful sight" ...
    But seriously, it’s not even funny anymore. Just fed up like annoying flies. Everyone is pushing, pushing, pouting, pouting, and instead of a loud bunch a quiet but fetid zilch is obtained.
  10. +2
    20 December 2012 16: 35
    Yes, what is the opposition? They themselves have declared themselves as such, and they are also trying to make leaders out of themselves. Bought, paid mongrel, and traitors in Russia have never complained.
  11. 120352
    20 December 2012 16: 45
    Is that Udaltsov or a creative class? Minor provocateur! Hooligan yard! The creative class was taken out on two philosophical steamboats from the Kruzntstern embankment (it is also called the children of Lieutenant Schmidt's embankment). Leave this terminology. She is completely inappropriate! Better join the nobility as a Na-Na or June group. Both that, and another - a complete chatter!
  12. +5
    20 December 2012 16: 45
    Somehow, one deputy explained to me what creative is. According to his version, Creative is when x..y grew on the forehead !!!!!!

    This bunch of corrupt mongrels does not dare to call the language opposition. After all, they pursue only personal financial goals. In general, it’s time to stop paying attention to them (after having put everyone in the isolation ward for trial)
  13. +1
    20 December 2012 16: 49
    All right. Neither take away nor add ...
  14. +6
    20 December 2012 16: 53
    Creative class ...

    Creative (meaning of the word) - associated with creativity, creation, engaged in creativity.
    I don’t understand how can any Sobchyakov, Udaltsovs and others like other swamps be attributed to the constructive, creative people? What they do, build, it’s not clear at all, while their desire to destroy, rebel, but there is no real thing ... Rather, they can be called a destructive class, I think this is the softest name for these shocking ...
    1. Atlon
      20 December 2012 19: 36
      Quote: Rebus
      Creative (meaning of the word) - associated with creativity, creation, engaged in creativity. I don’t understand how any Sobchyakov, Udaltsovs, and others like other swamps can be attributed to creative, creative people? What they do, build, it’s not clear at all, while their desire to destroy, rebel, but there is no real thing ... Rather, they can be called a destructive class, I think this is the softest name for these shocking ...

      Well, they called themselves that ...
  15. Grenz
    20 December 2012 17: 49
    The creative class, liberalism and the opposition should in no case be used to characterize this group of renegades.
    Thus, we recognize their legitimacy.
    This is just abandoned to us (Navalny studied in America. Graduation work - non-violent overthrow of power in Tunisia) or prepared here (seminars in Lithuania) or crazy on their own (paranoids who are not able to accept any power) - TAGS.
    In order to be a class, one must have an ideological platform, structure, leaders and support from the masses.
    So these are most likely PUPPETS in the hands of the "rulers of the world"
    They work exclusively for money and in their own selfish interests
    1. Glory
      20 December 2012 19: 19
      Aptly and simply formulated definition of a SHAIKE of selling SKINS! Thank you, grenz! good
  16. +1
    20 December 2012 17: 52
    The opposition is Kvachkov.
  17. +10
    20 December 2012 18: 18
    Well, what kind of revolutionaries? "We are now in Morocco, then to the Lubyanka, because somewhere else." What revolutionaries who once again declare: "We have New Year's holidays! We are all abroad." Type vip opposition. Well, on kuya such a people. The people slowly understand that there’s no one to follow (and there’s no reason) No....
    1. Atlon
      20 December 2012 19: 40
      Quote: anfreezer
      The people slowly understand that there’s no one to follow (and there’s no reason) ...

      Come on! People are not du-cancer, from the very beginning! Where did you see that the people would go after them ?! A couple of thousand office-Internet hamsters and a glamorous party do not count! Their brains are swelling from iPhones! And from the red caviar and mink coats, the remnants of the mind evaporated. Well, sometimes I want adrenaline! After all, life is so boring ...
  18. +3
    20 December 2012 18: 50
    Well done Vladimir Rudolfovich! A year ago, I did a very good analysis of the situation with the performances of all this riffraff, and laid out everything in detail.
  19. Don
    20 December 2012 18: 55
    How tired of this so-called opposition, that is Russian, that is Ukrainian. Take them and send them to uranium mines with shovels and picks, at least there was some sense.
  20. Nymp
    20 December 2012 19: 05
    Swamp is a failed project of color revolutions! Everywhere it rolled, but on Russia it stumbled and limped (in this sense, pride in Russia takes) And the money has been paid! What should the grand-eaters do? It is necessary to somehow work off Uncle Sam's money, so they are puffing the victims of the regime, and they themselves are bullshit in Courchevel, but they drive around the Bahamas, whether they see Russian frosts alien to them. Sobchak is a revolutionary woman, Yoshkin's cat shouted all over the country not so long ago that she had been sitting in her arms since childhood, and now she shit into those hands, and also for self-advertising. The article contains a question; - Where are the people? And the people will not follow this shushara - glamorous.
  21. +2
    20 December 2012 19: 32
    Creative layer? Creator in translation creating. And what did they create? They should be called a degrading layer, the dying tissues of a renewing and growing organism. Skin tapering after tanning what benefits does the body have? None. Although no carries. She leaves this organism. Damn the old skin, even more benefits than them .... Maybe they are excrement? Damn Mr. but also leaves. Who are they then? Sorry, not so ... THEY ARE SUCH?
    1. Atlon
      20 December 2012 19: 46
      Quote: Tatarus
      Who are they then? Sorry, not so ... THEY ARE SUCH?

      Quote: Atlon
      The article needs to be renamed: "The creative class has turned into a dull Mr."
      1. 0
        20 December 2012 23: 23
        Yes, it can’t be nastier.
    2. Misantrop
      20 December 2012 19: 47
      Quote: Tatarus
      Maybe they are excrement? Damn Mr. but also leaves. Who are they then? Sorry, not so ... THEY ARE SUCH?
      You almost guessed, they are shit. But ... sticky ... laughing
  22. igor12
    20 December 2012 20: 06
    They are traitors, to deprive them of citizenship and all
  23. +1
    20 December 2012 20: 29
    The creative class has turned into a dull bunch

    Maybe someone will explain to me popularly somewhere that created this very creative class? Where are the benefits that they have created and which can be proud of? - There is nothing , because they do not creative nifiga but only PR and pi-dyat ... :)))
  24. +7
    20 December 2012 21: 17
    Roth Front, comrades.
    I will present you my attitude to this issue.
    When this whole company, which now looks more like a big top, started, everything was very good and interesting (yes, perhaps this is the key word): fresh ideas appeared, bright personalities who were not afraid to speak the "truth" and talk on very sensitive topics (of course, I mean Navalny and Co.). A fresh stream, so to speak. And the "march of the million"? "Yes-ah-ah", - Vanya thought, - "this is something very interesting ..." The ice has broken, gentlemen ""

    To quote one famous book by Burgess, A Clockwork Orange:
    “Well, now what, huh?”

    And really! What now, comrades?
    I’ll tell you that ...
    I personally have the muzzle (namely the muzzle) of these clowns (namely the clowns) now cause emetic, excuse me, urges. I will not go into details now regarding the activities of these comrades, for all this is absolutely audible now, but I will say only one thing:
    I'm certainly not a fan of the current government and the current president in particular, but LET ME NOW BEAT WITH A LIGHTNINGif hells like Navalny or Udaltsov really care for the fate of RUSSIA - Our Mother and you. I do not believe, even kill!
    Thank you for the attention. Good luck to all!
  25. ekzorsist
    20 December 2012 22: 02
    But is it not time to start just shooting quietly, calmly and without any bluffs of these ghouls (let's honestly say - saboteurs, pests).
    After all, they are not only brains to people, but they deliberately foment various conflicts. No, of course I understand that they simply work off the grandmothers who paid them the Americans, the British, etc ...., well, at the end, collect them in batches and ... send them to the same owners ... by mail, postal parcel.
    1. Misantrop
      20 December 2012 22: 13
      Now they are less than nobody. And the people have already had the opportunity to be convinced of this more than once. And the very first execution will make them "martyrs for the idea", an icon for the duped youth. Is it necessary?
  26. +1
    20 December 2012 22: 13
    At the same time, notice how interesting it is that our press, as it has been, since the 90s, was ultraliberal at its core and, of course, no objective, and still has.
    Maybe in the 90's it was ultra liberal, and in the 21st century it was divided into those who honestly and conscientiously fulfill their duty and those for whom journalism has become not a way of providing information and expressing a certain worldview, but a way of earning without honor and conscience .
    Some are reporting from hot spots, others only from Bolotnaya Square.
  27. fenix57
    21 December 2012 00: 13
    An interesting question: "where are the people?" Yes, the PEOPLE are working, there is no time to go to gatherings of "creativity", heh .... to do it.

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