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Estonia to build military medicine center in Tartu

Estonia to build military medicine center in Tartu

The Estonian Defense Investment Center (ECDI) has announced a tender for the design and construction of a new military center and a disaster medicine center in the military camp in Raadi on the outskirts of Tartu. The new center will unite the medical center of the Estonian Defense Forces (EDF), its central medical base, as well as the premises necessary for training in tactical and disaster medicine.

The planned new center should significantly improve the conditions for military medical training. Peeter Karja, project manager, said that the new center will have simulation rooms that will allow participants to simulate first aid for seriously wounded patients in combat conditions.

Such training is currently taking place in the assembled container city in Raadi.

Right now, training is taking place, figuratively speaking, in classrooms built from shipping containers. This is the current level. The new level will mean that we will have over 1000 square meters of warehouse space where we can create water, light and sound effects for the most realistic simulation possible.

Karya said.

The ECDI representative noted that the proximity of the Estonian Military Academy and the Tartu College of Public Health played a role in the location of the centre, adding that this proximity would allow medical students to also receive military and disaster medicine training in the future.

A rehabilitation center and an EDF medical warehouse will also be merged in the Raadi centre, both of which currently operate either in rented premises or in poor conditions. Karja noted that the rehabilitation center is currently located in the Seli manor in Raplamaa, which is expensive to maintain.

In addition, on the Raadi campus, next to the new medical center, an administrative building will be built, the decision to build which has already been made recently.

Over the next few years, the state plans to invest more than 35 million euros in the Raadi military camp.

The contract for the construction of a new military center and a center for disaster medicine is scheduled to be signed at the end of this year, and construction will begin in the second quarter of next. The center should be ready by spring 2025.

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  1. Lech from Android.
    Lech from Android. 29 July 2023 09: 40
    The planned new center should significantly improve the conditions for military medical training.

    Looks like they are preparing for the invasion of Poland into the Lviv region and Belarus ... once new hospitals are being built.
    1. Jackson
      Jackson 29 July 2023 17: 33
      On the other hand, it seems that we were not preparing for anything, since we reduced the number of military hospitals relatively recently.
  2. NDR-791
    NDR-791 29 July 2023 09: 55
    Well, that's understandable. "Chefs, drivers, an orchestra" will also be trained there.
  3. Arkady007
    Arkady007 29 July 2023 10: 46
    Raadi center - the territory of our former military camp in which the long-range aviation division and the military aviation regiment were located.
    Which were shamefully abandoned at one time, and the withdrawal of troops and families from Tartu was more like a flight.

    An illustrative example of the attitude of the country's leadership and the Ministry of Defense to military personnel from a past era.
    Involuntarily, a comparison arises in today's situation.
    1. dandy
      dandy 31 July 2023 04: 29
      He served in Tartu in 1986-88. In 87, Dudayev transferred to us, then 22m3 began to arrive. And, unfortunately, fermentation in the republic had already begun in the same period. But even in my thoughts it was not that in some couple of years there would be no country. And that time, nevertheless, I remember with pleasure.
  4. Fangaro
    Fangaro 29 July 2023 11: 15
    A doctor, even an Estonian soldier, that's good. Obviously, it's better for them. But it's good for us too. Because medicine saves people. His - always. Strangers - if possible, but also saves.
    Because we are strangers to them, if possible.
    I hope that among their physicians there will be no new Mengele.