Gold and the "end of the world"

The American people and members of the US Congress have long had doubts about the fact that there is something left in the storerooms where the official gold reserve of the USA is stored, and if there is something there, then this “something” is gold. In 2012, a series of publications was held in the world media, in which it is irrefutably proven: a large number of fake bullion appeared on the world gold market, where the “yellow metal” was replaced by tungsten having the same specific weight as gold that banksters have long since launched a hand into the gold bins of the American Treasury (the official gold reserve is on the balance sheet of this department with 1933 of the year).

The last time the American “people's choices” saw with their own eyes the gold bars of Fort Knox (the largest repository of the official reserve) in the early 1950s, i.e. six decades ago. Under the pressure of irreconcilable criticism of the Fed by Congressman Ron Paul in the outgoing 2012, they managed to make a decision on randomly checking the US gold reserves.

Details about the just passed the test is very small. Something leaked to the press about the verification of the treasury gold located in the basements of the New York Fed in Manhattan. About half a dozen employees of the Mint, the office of the Inspector General of Finance and the Federal Reserve Bank of New York participated in the process. As well as employees of the Office of Public Responsibility (the investigative body of the Congress) The repository is located near 530 000 gold bars of which 34 021 belong to the US Treasury (the remaining bars are gold from other countries). The team of auditors selected more than 350 ingots from the cache, which they verified by drilling. It is surprising that the test is very “selective”. Approximately 1 of 100 ingots were tested. But the main reserves of gold treasury are in other vaults - Fort Knox, West Point, Mint in Denver. I personally did not find any information that similar studies of ingots were carried out in these vaults. Those. the actual proportion may not be 1: 100, but 1: 1000.

It is rather strange that the auditors reduced the entire audit to the identification of fake (tungsten) ingots. Experts believe that ultrasound testing methods are quite suitable for such detection, there is no need to drill. With the help of an ultrasound scan, it would be possible to quickly and cheaply check the entire stock of the treasury. In my opinion, the American authorities are playing a play that can last for decades and cost a lot of money (each drilling operation involves gold losses and other costs). Generally speaking, drilling or ultrasound is an important, but not the most important part of this audit. The main thing is working with documents and identifying what financial and commercial transactions were done with state gold. However, nobody stutters about this. Even Ron Paul.

Well, what is the connection between the said "limited" audit of gold and the "end of the world"? It is said that the play on drilling ingots was completed in the summer, and the results have not yet been made public. Then the phrase flashed in the American media: “The Ministry of Finance has so far refused to disclose what has been established by the audit. He says that the results will be announced by the end of the year ”... Let's pay attention: not in the autumn, not in January of the 2013 of the year, but at the end of the year, that is, in December of the 2012. Could this mean anything?

* * *

About the fact that the German authorities decided to transfer their gold reserves from foreign repositories to their own territory, in the fall of this year a lot was written. Currently, Germany ranks second in the world in official gold reserves - 3,4 thousand tons (more precisely - 3.396 tons). However, most of the "yellow metal" is outside the country. 31 percent German gold is stored in Germany, 45 percent in the USA, 13 percent in the UK and 11 percent in France. The question was raised in the Bundestag in January of this year, but the plans for the repatriation of gold unexpectedly ran into a dull opposition. Someone really does not want gold to be returned.

The first line of opposition was the central bank of Germany - the Bundesbank, on whose balance sheet the official gold reserve is listed. The authority of the parliament of Germany was not enough to force the Bundesbank to begin a repatriation operation. The country's central bank began reluctantly to act only after the decision of the German Federal Court, which obliged the Bundesbank to conduct an audit of foreign gold, moving small batches of metal from abroad and conducting research and melting of gold bars on German soil. Total 150 tons over the next three years.

The second line of opposition to the authorities of Germany was the Federal Reserve, in the basement of which German gold is stored. At first, the resistance was verbal. In particular, CNBC news agency close to the Federal Reserve was used. CNBC’s chief editor, John Carney, released an editorial that contained an extremely intriguing statement: “It really doesn’t make any difference whether the Fed of New York is holding the gold of the German central bank or whether it is clean. If the Fed says it is there, it is just as good for all practical applications for which it may be needed. It can be sold, lent, used as collateral, used to cover liabilities and taken into account as bank capital, regardless of whether it exists or not ... For almost every conceivable operational goal, the actual existence of gold in Fort Knox or in the Fed's vault irrelevant. The value here is record keeping. So while the Fed says that the Bundesbank has an amount of gold equal to X, the Bundesbank can act as if it owns gold, even if it miraculously fell into a galactic black hole, which absorbs gold. ” And further: “I am sure that the Bundesbank understands this well enough, even if the German court does not understand it. There is nothing that could be gained from inspecting gold. If it is there and it is pure, knowledge of this will not change anything. And if there is no gold, well, the result can be chaos, because the credibility of the gold depositories of central banks will evaporate instantly. ”

After such a "rebuke" the Germans could not continue to insist on receiving gold, then more weighty arguments were put into motion. Namely the forces of nature. In October of this year. America’s east coast has been hit by Hurricane Sandy. New York is also in the hurricane zone. Conspiracy theorists immediately began to hint that the hurricane was “man-made”, that someone really needed it and this “someone” - the Federal Reserve. Allegedly, one of the main events related to Sandy's hurricane was either destruction, or destruction, or flooding of the underground storage of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York in Manhattan. US media reports on this subject are very inconsistent. For example, a message dated 30 in October 2012 in the electronic edition of The Daily Bail, part of the CNBC empire: “Stunning news from Washington, DC - At a hastily organized press conference on Monday night, Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke announced an explosion at Con Edison station in New York City, which led to the complete destruction of the entire underground repository with gold reserves in Germany, thus negating all efforts Germany to repatriate gold ... It is reported that gold reserves were not insured. "

However, according to some experts, there was no hurricane. And the media, controlled by the owners of the Fed, simply created an “informational image” of the dispersed element. Actually, in New York at the height of the hurricane on Monday, in the evening, there was only a gusty wind, in some places it was raining heavily and at times a little rain — that was all. On the Internet there are a lot of funny photos taken by the Americans themselves, showing the “sweep of the elements”. According to official reports, 13 people died as a result of a hurricane in the US and Canada. Try, check, especially if another country is taken into account! By the way, in one of our little Krymsk, according to official data, from 150 to 170 people died. As for the explosion at the Con Edison transformer station, which left several million people without electricity, there are serious signs that this event was “man-made”. Something like September 11 in "thumbnail."

Unfortunately, no further clarification of the Manhattan gold deposit followed. The Fed did not even come up with the usual reassuring assurances: that, they say, everything will be fine, the vaults will be restored, gold will be returned, etc. An ominous silence. Germany also remains deeply silent. There was a scandal in the air. Bernanke is clearly not going to return the gold to the Germans. However, maybe already nothing to return?

What further "natural disasters" may follow? It seems that someone in America has become adept at creating such “disasters”. What is, for example, 11 September 2001 of the year. This event may indirectly relate to the theme of German gold and all gold in general, located in the basements of the New York Fed. First, after the collapse of the skyscrapers of the International Trade Center, in a strange way, several tons of gold disappeared from the basements of the ITC (it was not official, but private gold). Secondly, also under the rubble of skyscrapers, some documents related to the investigation of illegal operations of the FBI and the CIA with gold mysteriously disappeared. After the disappearance of the documents the investigation was terminated.

And the last. A year after the tragic 11 events of September 2001, the German edition of the Neue Züricher Zeitung quoted the legendary American billionaire Warren Buffett, who predicted that in the next 10 years it would reach the first terrorist attack using nuclear weapons on american land. It turns out 2012 year, to the end of which there are a few days left! If such a device explodes in New York, then the gold reserves stored there will become radioactive and Germany will lose the desire to repatriate them. Buffett's forecast will find some meaning. If not for the whole of humanity, then for the residents of New York the end of the world can be quite real. Being near a Federal Reserve repository becomes physically unsafe.
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  1. +25
    20 December 2012 15: 55
    The next machinations of the Illuminati ... but seriously, what the hell keep your gold reserves in another country? What are you, morons?
    1. humanist
      20 December 2012 16: 20
      Everyone "quieted down" in anticipation of a big nix laughing After the Second World War, using the rights of the winner, the United States and England "took for safekeeping" German gold ... Like, after a fight of gopniks, one takes from another "for temporary use" a mobile phone, "vilifies" the watch and "then give it back" money. .. Here it seems to me the same racketeering, but at the state level. I remember De Gaulle was able to exchange dollars (amerskie) for gold, but partially, and as they say, "he finished badly." Let's see how the next "scandal" with the "golden bubble" breaks out and how much the price of the yellow metal will rise after it winked
      1. humanist
        20 December 2012 18: 32
        Here is from the French media from the article "Has globalization made the dollar a fictitious currency?"

        ... we want to say that they use the dollar too actively, that it is exhausting itself in the desire to establish itself and to continue to exist as a currency. Its use more and more speaks of his true status, the status of usurper, false god. Internal contradictions undermine the position of the dollar as a currency, and its use ce alienates it from the vital minimum that is necessary to pass for a real currency ...

        ..In contrast to what happened 30 years ago, now the world does not unite at all. It breaks into pieces, fragments of mosaics. System parts lose their lubrication and friction becomes stronger. Everywhere the atmosphere is heating up. Crazy craving for a fictitious currency can only lead to the destruction of the mechanism that produces this same equivalence, the currency mechanism.

        Our radical analysis allows us to understand:

        • What happens when the global public and private bubble finally bursts.
        • What will happen when they try to squeeze out all the juices from the currencies to maintain this bubble.
        • What will happen when any major player (Germany? China?) Decides to stop playing the game of equivalence, destroy the false consensus, and allow to reveal on the surface what is hidden behind illusions and vague signs, namely reality, power and history.

        Totally here:
    2. +5
      20 December 2012 17: 07
      This is a question for our government ???
      1. +1
        20 December 2012 18: 14
        Quote: vezunchik
        This is a question for our government ???

        Yes, it seems like recently the noise was in the Duma about sending dollar / treasury currency reserves home.
        1. sleepy
          21 December 2012 03: 22
          "... What happens when they try to squeeze all the juice out of currencies to maintain this bubble ..."

          This is a hint of Russian financial reality,
          after joining the WTO, directly subordinate to the top of this world pyramid.
          Are you planning another financial crisis?
    3. david210512
      20 December 2012 17: 34
      but what if lol wassat wassat wassat lol
    4. +7
      20 December 2012 18: 58

      The next machinations of the Illuminati ... but seriously, what the hell keep your gold reserves in another country? What are you, morons?

      Well, you are a colleague! What a moron. Since the formation of the Fed in 1913, a branch of the Fed was created - the Bank for International Settlements, with headquarters in Switzerland. And according to a preplanned plan, all countries of the world had to hand over all the gold to the Fed for storage, which has been happening since 1929. Are you not surprised by the author’s phrase?
      employees of the Office of State Responsibility (Congressional investigative body). The vault contains about 530 000 gold bars of which 34 021 belong to the US Treasury (the remaining bars are gold from other countries).

      Around the world, more than 3 million tons of "foreign", mainly Asian gold, have been collected in the Fed's vaults in exchange for FRS bonds. Now the countries are the owners and are trying to return their gold, but the bankers - you see for yourself.
      In 2001, on 11 of September, the Fed promised some Asian bondholders to transfer about a trillion dollars worth of gold in repayment of the latter. But this is bad luck, they were stored in the basements of the 7 building of the international shopping center, next to the twins. Remember what happened to this mysterious building on September 11? Draw your own conclusions.
    5. S_mirnov
      20 December 2012 20: 39
      "The American people and members of the US Congress have long had doubts about the fact that there is still something left in the pantries where the official US gold reserve is kept, and if there is something there."

      I’m interested in something else, but did the Russian people, or rather the government and the GDP personally, have no doubts that the RF Stabilization Fund in American banks is safe?
      1. +3
        20 December 2012 22: 13
        Very good question! Bravo!
    6. 0
      20 December 2012 23: 23
      why the hell keep your gold reserves in another country? What are you, morons?

      this is a diagnosis
  2. +15
    20 December 2012 16: 12
    I will easily believe the author. The Yankees will not even bother, they will throw everyone and business, and whoever starts to rock the boat will immediately find out that democracy is not enough there, and the recipe for democratization has been known for a long time. Our financial geniuses from the Ministry of Finance and the Central Bank should also think about the place and method of storing the stabilization fund.
    1. +8
      20 December 2012 16: 47
      We can safely state that the Germans were caught ... And the Americans, too - if the scandal reaches the international level (not under Merkel, of course, but later), it will be possible to forget about American "securities" for a while. So for 50-70 years.
      1. sleepy
        21 December 2012 03: 27
        Our financial geniuses from the Ministry of Finance and the Central Bank have long thought about the place and method of storing their finances.
        and attached their children closer to this place.
  3. +17
    20 December 2012 16: 16
    I would like to ask the same question to ours, which do not store money with us.
    This is to the status of morons. But I think that here the Germans relied on Anglo-Saxon decency. And such, by definition, simply cannot be. The entire British empire is based on drug trafficking, deceit, forgery of betrayals. This is a race of moral freaks, and our youth is trying to imitate them. It is annoying, however.
    1. S_mirnov
      20 December 2012 20: 42
      Are you talking about the Russian government and our stabilization fund? Or about the officials who were outraged by the Magnitsky list? Here is an example of "successful" storage of Russian money abroad.
      All OK! It is more reliable to store there if you steal here.
      1. +4
        20 December 2012 21: 09
        Quote: S_mirnov
        All OK! It is more reliable to store there if you steal here.

        Absolutely right . You speak the truth S_mirnov .
        Here is just a nuance that began to reach even our most stupid ones: First of all, money will be protected from the type of its owners.
        They buried their money and wait for the money tree, while they themselves are far, far away. Well, why do all our thieves believe that they steal only in Russia? And there is everything like an honest democratic ?!
        Yeah, a vivid example of this honesty is considered.
  4. +5
    20 December 2012 16: 16
    It is clear that they are "muddying" with gold ..... But still, where can you put such an amount, money is not minted from it, well, they did not gobble it up (in the literal sense)?
    1. ZKBM-BUT
      20 December 2012 17: 11
      slowly sold and all that is incomprehensible. sales from the stock were covered up, for example, with gold mining posts. they got a kilogram, and wrote 1000. I hope you’re not sure where you got it.
      1. +1
        20 December 2012 17: 31
        slowly sold and all that is incomprehensible. sales from the stock were covered up, for example, with gold mining posts. they got a kilogram, and wrote 1000. I hope you’re not sure where you got it.
        Have you sold it? To whom? Exchange for your own $? Why spend gold when they print $ world money themselves? And what could they get in return for gold, which could not be obtained for their $? Something here does not fit ...
        1. ZKBM-BUT
          20 December 2012 18: 05
          as an example to us or to China. Yes, you never know the countries buying gold. and for a long time. Turks, for example, to buy oil from Iran. gold to Turks is very good. Why didn’t paper money be printed? no one needs them. wake up! There is no more dollar and for a long time! all that you see now looking at economic indicators is a screen. all sorts of postscripts and other frauds. unless the mercenaries in Syria accept the dollar and the like. all these dollar bells are bank frauds. they use the dollar only because of hopelessness. those who can refuse for a very, very long time. who can’t take it without a dollar just enough to provide for it. when the states collapse - Putin honestly admits that there was no dollar in our bins at the time of the donation; it was sold out in a panic. do you think you will be warned about the collapse? no. you will be hammered into the head to the last that the dollar is unshakable and there is no reason for panic. so you buy it. and those who understand the situation will not buy a dollar.
        2. ZKBM-BUT
          20 December 2012 18: 28
          Well, if at all to be reduced to a simple one. in the states, unemployment is increasing every year. and the economy is also growing. Well is not this nonsense? Now, if you stop going to work, will your family’s budget grow? I think the answer is obvious - no. and in the states there is such a paradox - the more unemployed the stronger the economy. What else can I say and I don’t know.
        3. Sardanapalus
          20 December 2012 19: 31
          Quote: Vladimir 70
          Sold out? To whom? Exchange for your own $? Why spend gold when they print $ world money themselves?

          Or maybe they are preparing for default? .. And they hid the little gold until better times!
    2. +5
      20 December 2012 19: 03
      Vladimir 70,
      The Illuminati consider themselves the descendants of the Annunaki Gods (did they read the bible?).
      They are waiting for the return of the latter. If anyone has read Sitchin - "12 planet", then the Annunaki (according to the records of the Sumerians) were engaged in gold mining on all planets of the solar system. To this day, ancient gold mines in Africa and America (more than 200000 years old) have survived.
      1. sleepy
        21 December 2012 03: 32
        Still engaged in the extraction of copper and genetic material for their needs.
  5. +5
    20 December 2012 16: 23
    What's this? Joke?
    All this sounds implausible, because if it’s true, then it means the dollar and the US Federal Reserve.
    1. +8
      20 December 2012 16: 29
      Quote: Old Rocketman
      What's this? Joke?

      The article is greatly shortened, in the original everything is described in more detail, so this is not a joke.
      1. Kaa
        20 December 2012 18: 03
        Quote: Alexander Romanov
        this is not a joke.

        "Our reality is even sadder ..."
        "... directly Fed does not own goldat least it is not reflected on the balance sheet ... the major reserve holder of gold reserves is the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, which operates the largest gold depository located in Manhattan. In 2008, the Federal Reserve Bank kept 216 million troy ounces of gold, which at a market price of $ 1776. per troy ounce (as of September 30, 2012) is $ 383,6 billion, or 22% of the world's official gold reserves. The main part of the gold reserves is stored in the Mint created in 1792, which is part of the Treasury. The amount of reserves owned by the state is about 262 million tr. ounces of gold, or 8133,5 tons. The main repository is Fort Knox, a well-fortified Kentucky military base. Other repositories of official reserves are Mint's offices in Philadelphia, Denver, West Point, and San Francisco.As of September 30, 2012, the U.S. Treasury Department verified the deep gold and silver reserves in the Mint's offices, and a positive audit report was issued confirming the following figures: $ 435. If the gold security of the dollar were returned now (Gold Standard), then for $ 586 of the monetary base (amounting to $ 905 143 billion in October 1), ~ 2012 troy ounces of gold of official reserves would have to correspond, which corresponds to the price of a troy ounce in 10 000 $, or security of the dollar with gold at its current market price at 17%.http: //
        1) Counterfeiters !!!!!
        In short, the Germans cried your money crying By the way, what about ours ????? belay
        1. Sardanapalus
          20 December 2012 19: 36
          Quote: Kaa
          In short, the Germans cried your money

          But what about the Germans? ..
          Until Merkel is replaced, no one will open his mouth. And it will be too late there. Yes
          Classic kidalovo!
  6. +4
    20 December 2012 16: 24
    People die for metal. The world shadow government is playing its game. Peoples, countries - only pawns. What will happen next?
    As soon as humanity exceeds the critical point of quantity, everything will collapse at once. Therefore, diseases, epidemics, wars, disasters, same-sex relationships will only grow. Weight, which leads to a decrease in the population of the planet - everything will be put to use.
    Apocalypse is not a natural cataclysm. This is a man-made action, pursuing certain goals.
    We see what is happening today. What will happen tomorrow?..
    1. +5
      20 December 2012 16: 34
      it would be better to write about NORNIKEL. Unlike previous years, all the profits go to pay dividends. Why would it? wink
      1. +1
        20 December 2012 17: 54
        Quote: Thunderbolt
        Unlike in previous years, all profits go to dividends.

        Although it’s interesting to whom? Although Potanin himself became the head of the NN, after Strzhalkovsky and Muravyov shook him on the lure of the Eureks under the guise of redemption of shares. While Vladimir Olegovich and Oleg Vladimirovich butted from under the ass, they took away such a piece that Rum Abramovich had to call for help .Let's see what policy the plant will have right now, although copper prices have already been said, nickel is not rising, the situation is uncertain. in the 2013 year, do not particularly count on a salary increase.
        1. +3
          20 December 2012 18: 09
          There is no national large and medium business in Russia. That is, it is forbidden to have large objects in private business in Russia. All private business in Russia, except for small and medium-sized businesses, is required to register in a foreign jurisdiction and be controlled by the United States. You will not name a single major Russian businessman who would be a Russian businessman de jure. The official status of any of them is "the property manager of a foreign company in the Russian Federation", although he may have a Russian passport. So what's the difference ....
  7. +6
    20 December 2012 16: 36
    Well, the Americans can even tear if not a military atom, then it’s dirty for a sweet deed, because you don’t have to look for an scapegoat for a long time!
    1. Fox
      20 December 2012 17: 02
      dirty do not smell 100% ... military, they can ... and for 50 years everyone will forget about the little gold, and there it is again clean.
      1. Sardanapalus
        20 December 2012 19: 42
        Quote: Fox
        dirty do not smell 100% ... military, they can ... and for 50 years everyone will forget about the little gold, and there it is again clean

        Well, why be shy? .. September 11 rolled with a bang! And this time a ride!
        And the whole free world, stand still, will line up to express my deepest condolences !!! crying
        With such a civilization, you can do anything you want ...
  8. +3
    20 December 2012 16: 58
    Guys, there is a crazy idea that our submariners were often accompanied by underwater objects of unseen sizes and unprecedented speeds, there was even a big nix at the Nords. They even accused the USSR, hunted, threw depth charges. I won't talk much about UFOs and pilots, more has been written than this site can accommodate. The pyramids were clearly not built by the Egyptians. What makes you think ?! And the fact that some Egyptians, even let them be the priests of the technology of manipulating the consciousness of people, are rather the same "Egyptian" as the "Egyptian" pyramids themselves. And if you consider that this gold has not even been on the planet for a long time.
    A crazy idea, but we understand that we are not alone in the universe and that we are not the most advanced civilization in this world.
    Brad, but explains a lot, albeit paradoxically.

    If tomorrow something happens, one hundred pounds is man-made. Look, if these Mayans were so smart and calculated everything, then what for they needed a calendar until 2012. if they themselves disappear almost 200 years before the end of their calendar. They were unlikely to worry about the Anglo-Saxons, who would erase them from the face of the Earth and looked at them he wanted to warn them.
      20 December 2012 18: 25
      Quote: Oleg147741
      Guys, have a crazy idea

      I think that the idea expressed by you, like every member of the forum, has the right to exist !!!!
    2. +2
      20 December 2012 18: 27
      Quote: Oleg147741
      Crazy idea

      Why, more than once already voiced. REN-TV or TV-3 movie chased more than once.
      Rђ RІRѕS,
      Quote: Oleg147741
      If something happens tomorrow

      Is not a fact !
      The humor of the situation is that if something happens, even man-made, there will be a small-town bottling. Such a mini Armageddon.
      There is a selection of facts that suggests that the world has been on the edge more than once, but ...
      Everything was always minimized.
      Interesting by whom and how is it not?
      Opponents of this argue that otherwise there would be no one to talk about it.
    3. +1
      20 December 2012 19: 02
      Crazy idea

      Bormental, do not read Bolshevik newspapers before breakfast.
      1. Sardanapalus
        20 December 2012 19: 45
        Quote: Botanologist
        Bormental, do not read Bolshevik newspapers before breakfast

        This is no longer relevant. Compared to the free press, Bolshevik newspapers are a source of truth! Yes
        1. +1
          20 December 2012 20: 24
          Well, that's me, allegorically ... lol
          1. sleepy
            21 December 2012 03: 40
            Quote: Oleg147741
            "Guys, there is a crazy idea .."

            Who is warned is stocked up.
            Stew, pasta, buckwheat ...
  9. Atlon
    20 December 2012 17: 01
    Yes ... Yesterday just a movie in the subject!

    1. sleepy
      21 December 2012 03: 49
      Here's another movie. With
      How much is a dollar or financial collapse.

      You can watch immediately from 32 min.
  10. +5
    20 December 2012 17: 02
    "Decency" of the Anglo-Saxons on the face. Several tons of gold is one of the reasons for the events of September 11, 2001 and the alqaida is not the organizer at all.
  11. Roomata
    20 December 2012 17: 02
    Well, for those who do not know the US Federal Reserve, a private cantor, even if there is no gold, nothing will happen, their green all-terrain vehicles have not been provided with anything since 70
    who prints the loot and orders the policy
  12. +2
    20 December 2012 17: 04
    Hint in the article - no gold! I understand that Russia during the years of great upheavals: the Revolution, the Great Patriotic War, the collapse of the USSR - Russia was forced to pay with gold reserves, plus "allies" were stolen. But where, in modern conditions, the United States (FRS) could put such an amount of gold? What versions are there?
    1. +1
      20 December 2012 17: 27
      Rabinovich put in his teeth, gold ...
  13. +2
    20 December 2012 17: 09
    Germany and other countries that store gold in the United States, congratulations. It was necessary to so vryuhsya, to deposit the huckster their savings.
  14. +1
    20 December 2012 17: 09
    wrote a little higher is about where you can put gold.
    1. +2
      20 December 2012 17: 34
      wrote a little higher is about where you can put gold.
      Well, this is one version, fantastic of course.
  15. +3
    20 December 2012 17: 21
    America’s campaign will still end in the world, the printing press will collapse and ... shit will be shorter wassat
  16. predator.3
    20 December 2012 17: 23
    And where is the gold reserve of the Russian Federation interestingly stored? Do we have a Russian "Fort Knox"? request
    1. humanist
      20 December 2012 17: 30
      Quote: predator.3
      And where is the gold reserve of the Russian Federation interestingly stored? Do we have a Russian "Fort Knox"?

      Could google on the internet, but if asked, then
      Two-thirds of our country's foreign exchange reserves are located in Moscow at the Central Bank of Russia on Pravda Street. Basically, the gold reserve of Russia is stored in standard bullion, which are placed in 6 boxes. A standard gold bar weighs between 100 and 10 kilograms. Measured ingot - from 14 grams to 100 kilogram.

      Today, Russia's gold reserve is a certain stabilization fund, which in case of economic shocks can be used to solve financial problems.

      True, from this information I personally have a question "Where is the third?" belay
      1. Sardanapalus
        20 December 2012 19: 49
        Quote: humanist
        True, from this information, I personally had the question "Where is another third

        Boxes, ingots ... and what is the total weight? .. And who saw all this wealth? .. request
        1. +1
          20 December 2012 20: 44
          "Where is another third?" I suppose it was there.
  17. +5
    20 December 2012 17: 32
    a camp created by bandits and scammers and scammers led by
    1. +4
      20 December 2012 18: 40
      Quote: andrei332809
      a camp created by bandits and scammers and scammers led by

      It’s bad that these are very smart scammers
      1. +1
        20 December 2012 18: 45
        [quote = Stormbreaker] It's bad that these are very smart scammers
        this cannot be taken away from them. but they don’t surrender voluntarily.
        1. +2
          20 December 2012 18: 57
          Quote: andrei332809
          but they don’t surrender voluntarily.

          And why should they give up, their candy wrappers are in demand. America will deport, they will move to China .... And what? Easy !!!)))))
          1. +1
            20 December 2012 19: 01
            Quote: Thunderbolt
            America will disappear, they will move to China

            I think in China they will not be so comfortable. there the authorities will not tolerate competitors
            1. +1
              20 December 2012 19: 18
              Quote: andrei332809
              power will not tolerate competitors

              not competitors, if ... PARTNERS. These leeches have no homeland, no nationality, no ordinary human pity. Pure business
  18. +3
    20 December 2012 17: 39
    The Fed are used to issuing candy wrappers that the whole world calls dollars, in return for receiving real assets: factories, enterprises, precious metals and gold. It is normal business to buy gold for "air".

    I assume that they disposed of the gold of Germany for their own purposes, understand that they have bookkeeping which has never been verified by anyone and NEVER. And no one will check, I'm sure you know why.
  19. +3
    20 December 2012 17: 49
    After the war, Germany was simply stupidly raped as the winners, one USSR did not take part in this brazen freebie distribution, because Germany treats Russia and the Union with respect before. There is an interesting article at the link: http: // /rossiya_i_mir/nezavisima_li_germanija_452.htm
  20. scientist cat
    20 December 2012 17: 50
    Another "expert" on conspiracy theories. ...
    The author, you want to say that WORLDWIDE are just the naive suckers that the Federal Reserve is manipulating?
    By the way, they forgot to mention that the Federal Reserve is also guilty of the death of Kennedy and Gaddafi, Fukushima and the earthquakes in Iran and China.

    Dear moderators, has the Military Review website already begun to publish alternative history and fiction?
    Dear moderators, isn't it better sometimes not to publish various articles instead of commenting that "The site administration may have an opinion different from the opinion of the authors of the materials?
    1. sleepy
      21 December 2012 03: 57
      The global financial crisis is fraught with wars or even a new World War.
      The study of fiction in military planning broadens the mind:
      like Pitris flew from the moon or gray men from Mars - what to do?
      But such something was considered in terms of fiction.
      Someone did not believe that Georgia would use military measures, such as science fiction.
      But planning for this was already at the level of command post exercises.
      So the fiction on this site is also in the subject, as well as patriotic education in the study of alternative history.
  21. +3
    20 December 2012 17: 52
    Oh, Fritz, Fritz ... It’s good that you asked the question for yourself like this: I don’t want to return SOMETHING to someone (well, gold), because if the question was posed like this: I don’t want to return something TO SOMETHING, then it is still unknown where the skyscrapers would collapse and hurricanes raged (here, of course, I exaggerate a little, but not much) ... You just need to remember ..
  22. +3
    20 December 2012 17: 55
    And where do you think the gold reserves of Russia are stored?
    No, about two-thirds can be found in any source. And you find something about the third third.
    I'm afraid neither you, nor we, and no one will find.
  23. +3
    20 December 2012 18: 15
    At a hurriedly organized press conference on Monday night, Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke announced the bombing at Con Edison Station in New York City, which led to the complete destruction of the entire underground storage facility with German gold reserves

    I liked the article most of all. Gold evaporated.
    20 December 2012 18: 18
    The Fed is the treasury of world Zionism! They will never return anything to anyone, never, they better start a war !!!
  25. +2
    20 December 2012 18: 19
    Gold has been mined for more than 1000 years and there should be a lot of it. I have doubts about where it goes, for what purpose it is concentrated in one place (region) and why it opposes the return to the owners. Are the Illuminati and Anunaki really thinking that they should be empty? cherish?
  26. 46bob46
    20 December 2012 18: 23
    Gold is a very strange thing -
    If he is in the States, then him right away .... no. lol
  27. +1
    20 December 2012 18: 36
    By the way. Congratulations to members of the forum with the End of the World, if anyone did not notice.
    1. 0
      20 December 2012 18: 45
      Quote: chehywed
      who did not notice.

      Tomorrow at 10.00 in the morning.
      It’s not clear what time zone, but: Tomorrow!
      1. 0
        21 December 2012 17: 26
        Tomorrow has not come yet!
    2. 0
      20 December 2012 21: 22
      But in the subject -
  28. +1
    20 December 2012 18: 43
    It’s a pity that the factual base is, to put it mildly, soft! laughing
    Too good article to be true! Alas.
  29. 0
    20 December 2012 18: 49
    People die for metal rights was old man Mephistopheles
  30. +3
    20 December 2012 18: 49
    Someone from the famous said the phrase, I don’t remember exactly, but the point was that if all the people, including the ordinary soldier, knew why, why and why they were fighting, and that they would be used as someone, did not have.
    But to think about it, ordinary citizens have no questions for each other. Whether it’s Muslim, Orthodox, Catholic, Buddhist and this is all over the world, we all live peacefully, communicate, go to visit each other in different countries. We live peacefully until someone comes up with the criminal idea of ​​war, extremism, terrorism.
    You come to the simple conclusion that the Z00 Committee, the Bilderwer Club (or whatever it is), all sorts of lodges are real criminals, not Hitlers, not Mussolini. All this is trite, it is understandable, they wrote about it, talked about it, but here we are people like I do not know who are watching this "advertisement" of life on TV and constantly step on the same rake. This is me about large-scale manipulation of consciousness. Something it does not give me rest, a hedgehog by his leg.
      20 December 2012 19: 02
      Quote: Oleg147741
      You come to the simple conclusion that the z00 committee, the bilderver club (or whatever it is) all kinds of lodges are real criminals, not Hitlers, not Mussolini.

      You are absolutely right!
    2. +3
      20 December 2012 19: 23
      All people knew that EBN was an alcoholic - and what helped?
      And different people seem to have no questions for each other, but when a hacker imposes his ideas, a lot of questions arise.
      So, in addition to a peaceful mood, do not discount national archetypes, religious dogmas and cultural differences.

      And do not exaggerate the ability of people to analyze information and their own interests. In a normal situation, why should I bother with the gold reserves of Germany or the USA? Yes, I did not think about it. But the topic arose - I'm sitting, analyzing. And all people do the same - they procrastinate in the subject, guided by their beliefs and authoritative opinions. And they are different for everyone, so there is no general agreement. One minus, the other puts the pluses.
      Dialectics, her mother is a child.
      1. sleepy
        21 December 2012 04: 18
        Quote: Oleg147741
        "Some of the famous said the phrase, I don't remember exactly, but the point was that if all people, including a simple soldier, knew why, why and what they are fighting for, and that they are being used as someone, then not a single war But to think about it, ordinary citizens have no questions for each other ... "
        1. sleepy
          21 December 2012 04: 50
          However, scientists are different, it happens that physicists smile
  31. +1
    20 December 2012 18: 52
    Here's another interesting link about Fed gold: http: //
  32. +1
    20 December 2012 19: 06
    Guys, at least mark the minus.
    The third part of our gold reserve is in the same place.
  33. +1
    20 December 2012 19: 24
    This is some kind of madness. Europeans do not seem to be people, but zombies. They are obviously thrown at their own gold, and they are silent. Ghyr with them with the governments, but if we read, then they read. No one cares, not people but pigs. In the sense of eating and sleeping. They are not interested in looking at the rest, only at the stall and at the feeding trough.
  34. 0
    20 December 2012 19: 50
    Are we not silent? Whose Sberbank? And that many questions arise about this. The opposition, which stands for "fair" elections, does it raise what questions ?!

    And what are the disadvantages to put to you ?! Does anyone have any other suggestions ?!
    1. +1
      20 December 2012 20: 09
      Quote: Oleg147741
      The opposition, which stands for "fair" elections, does it raise what questions ?!

      What are the questions, Lord !?
      Why are people feeling bad? Why do we not have democracy?
      So in the midst of the OPASITION, you can’t see anything for the people, but from the invoked Western democracy, God forbid
  35. Mr.Fox
    20 December 2012 21: 05
    why the hell do you keep your gold reserves in another country?

    And did anyone ask the Germans ?? Do not forget that there is gold that belonged to the FRG, which was de facto controlled by the United States after the end of World War II. And then they left it "out of habit". 30 years after the war, no one could have imagined that the US gold reserves could "fall into a black hole."

    Actually, as you can see from the second comment (I skipped it right away), I don’t think so alone :))
  36. Khan Kuchum
    21 December 2012 00: 14
    “Yes - was there a boy, maybe there wasn’t a boy yet?” And where does Germany get so much gold? And why did a very organized and punctual nation entrust the possession of its gold (if it was) to thieves and fraudsters?
  37. 0
    21 December 2012 02: 06
    Once again, the fact is confirmed that all NATO states are no longer sovereign, but are ruled by their true shadow masters. And since the shadowy owners wanted gold for themselves, then so be it. And if their chancellors, presidents and premieres rock the boat, they will shoot them, wretched, as they shot four American presidents.
  38. georg737577
    21 December 2012 03: 00
    The next issue of the American program will be an imitation of an alien invasion - the question of gold, the dollar, etc. will go by the wayside ... And when earthlings (led by the United States, of course) heroically defeat and force insidious reptilians to fly away (in this case, a billion people die, other earthlings, especially Muslims), then it turns out that the world is united under a single command and no one is going to lift martial law ... And if you do not like it, you are an accomplice of reptilians, a terrorist and an enemy of the people. And we are forced to kill you - self-defense ...
  39. eugenekerch
    21 December 2012 03: 16
    everyone thinks coolly - and as no one did anything and nowhere, the theater continues and will not end
    people are too lazy

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